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JPII mound

"You are my son, today i have beggotten you. I will be father to him, and he shall be son to me". These are prophetic words. They speak of God, who is the father in the highest and most authentic sense of the word. Isaiah says: "Lord, You are our Father we are the clay, and You are our potter; we are all the work of Your hands." Zion said: "The Lord has forsaken me, my Lord has forgotten me". Can a woman forget a baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has born? Though she may forget, I will not forsake you."

Jean Paul II

I will not forsake or forgett them, my fathers, both of them. How could i do? How could you do, dear catholics and others, forsake and forgett such a holy father and crime, real crucifixation done on him and his great dream? In our country, in my Warsaw, people do a war for some wooden cross and without asking owners, they has put a plate on Radziwill palace. Yey another palace that has been lawlesly squoted in PRL and changed now into so called Presidential Palace. They put it there to remeber 'victims' of Smolensk flight. But if they are authentic Poles, whatever of what orgin and faith, they should throw this wooden cross to the fire and forget about it. There is another cross that will be there forever. And instead of making yet another war for cross, they should start something different. Something that we was always doing after tragic lose of great leader...

It is our long tradition that after such a lose that we has experienced with Jean Paul II we are digging a mound's to honor them. In his beloved Krakow, you can find two of them. It is Jozef Pilsudzki one and another, even bigger mound of Tadeusz Kosciuszko. Somebody that people has named prince of penesants, a hero of two continets, as he was beside Casimir Pulawski one of leading figures of American Revolution. Among others, his achievment's was fortification of Philadelphia and Wespoint, fort that has been later named key to America, as played key role in defense of American Revolution. It is very sad in this context to observe aims, goals and where Robert Gates has lead this symbol of independence. The debt that america owns to our family, has even growed through the centauries.

Why it is so shamefull to Robert? Because, Kosciuszko was serving under General Gates and was considiered, as one of his top officers and bigest advocat of liberation of black slaves. In this context, Robert achievments and status quo is doubly shamefull. And instead of changing it, he has once again threatned to remove truth, to remove this writings and teachings, as they 'convey information about tactics, techniques and procedures that would help the Taliban and al-Qaeda'. Indeed, they are like Nixon tapes, even better, as they are describing fully Teutonic technics and goals, at same time teaching our culture, religion and history. Realy, make your backup, crush Empire. Very British one, as once...

Tadeusz Kosciuszko

Andrzej Tadeusz Bonawentura Kościuszko ([taˈdɛuʂ kɔɕˈt​͡ɕuʂkɔ] ( listen), Belarusian: Тадэвуш Касьцюшка, Lithuanian: Tadas Kosciuška; February 4, 1746 – October 15, 1817) was a Polish–Lithuanian[2][3] [4][5][6][7] general and military leader during the Kościuszko Uprising. He is a national hero in Poland, Lithuania,[8] the United States and Belarus.[9][10][11] He led the 1794 Kościuszko Uprising against Imperial Russia and the Kingdom of Prussia as Supreme Commander of the National Armed Force (Najwyższy Naczelnik Siły Zbrojnej Narodowej).[12]

Before commanding the 1794 Uprising, he had fought in the American Revolutionary War as a colonel in the Continental Army. In 1783, in recognition of his dedicated service, he had been brevetted by the Continental Congress to the rank of brigadier general and had become a naturalized citizen of the United States.

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What is realy worring me is why people of so called III Republic of Poland did not yet started digging such a mound to honor our great Holy Father? In the spiritual sense, thanks to people of good will we started such an monumental work but we do not see it beign build psychicaly? Dear brothers and sisters in Poland, why you did not strated such a project yet? We are appreaciating Wilczura Platform spiritual contributions but they do it in wrong way, providing smoke screen for people that should realy visit the God Judgment that we has established on this planet. And thus they and many others are delaying testimonity of people realy involved in his crucifixation? Dear polish people, i must then ask you, by almost signing our forbriden psalm: What Jean Paul II did to you? In what Karol Wojtyla has saddened you or where is his fault, that you do not want to honor his shatered life and dreams in our traditional way? In the way that we used to honor our great leaders...


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