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Commission at Myszkow presbitery

"The next generations will study how governments and leaders handled themselves during this time of crisis."

Beniamin Nethanyahu
Prime Minister of Israel

Today i had again letter for Prime Minister of jewish state Beniamin Nethanyahu. Yesterday in Israel they has started a commission that as he has showed after leving it is nothing but a empty laught from the jewish nation. Few houers after he has made his concession, on cocaine high our Maltan Hetchman has ordered an ambulance to take me to my father home. Something that cannot be seen in other terms like taking Eternal Jew to the gas chamber in Auschwitz Birkenauen. Before ambulance has come, some Malta emissary has come to my beging place and standed there waiting.

I told him it will be cheaper for them to put in my hat his British FRA, then we can even become a friends. He is bigest shame in the Malta Order history. An Order that we, my family has hosted when they was in trouble and was looking for a hosting country. To remeber this fact in Poznan we has established so called Malta Park. British have enough, they was ruling this Order through two decades, at same time poisoning Protestant England with Bavarian Teutonism and it is a highest time for a change, so we will again be living in frienship and peace. After they has crucifixed our Holy Father it should be obviousl to pay this old debt. Otherwise they will live in total shame. It is better for them and the world to change FRA. It will be also better for the United Kingdom that has degenerated so much.

When Nethanyahu has failed, he has tried again. And again has received kick into the bull from the Saudi Arabia, ambulance did not stoped. It is great that they are countinuing our common struggle, our true faith, it is true that i am still alive thanks God and OPEC but at same time it is shame for American nation. Such request should stop in Congress or in Deutche Bundestag but it was not so. Through this two decades of British domination they has realy lost a spirit of true Republicans. We had through this time only McPatton's, there was nobody like a man of hour, a man of family w, like was Ike.

Our Irish McCain to often fall into track of Malta Order and his Canadian friends and it would be better for Republicans to find somebody like Ike was, somebody that to defend national symbol will be even able to shoot out General Patton that betrayed us because of our stolen gold. For what american nation was just loving him and for what (among other great achievments) he has recived many orders, including British, French and even PRL Grunwald cross, when he has come to my country to prepare our traditional 'health path' for Nazi and also, some of Allied betrayals...

But lets go back to the Israel, once jewish state. What i had today for Nethanyahu is not only information about his moves after leaving this commission. It is again piece of history that i hope will change this commedy, this Germanisation commission into true Tribunal of the State. Otherwise, as once Soviet Union, Likud will fall for long. This puppet of Malta Order and his blind followers must be kicked out of office, if he is able to play such way after leaving the comission, he will do it again. I belive that there is somebody else, somebody that Mietek Biegun was, somebody that will respect hundreds of years of our common struggle and will fix what Nethanyahu cabinet has fixed. Otherwise, dear Likud you will lose your people, maybe forever. You was blamed for beign a Nazi for so long that you at the end has belive into it. Ask, then people of Auschwitz, people of Majdanek, people of Treblinka if they want to have such a jewish state. Maybe some of your youths and realy corrupted ones will want but majority will reject such idea. As they are doing everywhere...

I will refresh you memory of my Stryj and another commission, much more serious that we hold in 1920 when country was facing Bolshevik invasion and when some of people has decided to betrayal the state and together with them take up the power. I will present you my accusation to Nethayhau cabinet, two are from this Bolshevik commission, two others history has wroten later at the time of Watergate. Today please look at me as the postman from the video bellow that want to inform your commission in same words made at 29 August 1920 from order of the chief of Army of II Commonwealth : 'General Jozef Haller orders the field court of I Army to make an investigation in case of Bolshevik goverment. That consits of Mr. Nethanyahu, Mr. Katz, Mr. Ashkenazi. This man cannot be consideried in other terms that as common criminals, betrayals of fatherland and nation.' I am expecting that you will kick them out of office, if not just execute. I and nation expect that this comission will change from circus to serious one that will change the status quo and will lead to renewal of jewish identity and Nazi Free Midle-East, what is a wish of both people living between separation wall.

My 4 Accusattions for Nethanyahu cabinet


PS. It is 10 August 2010, 22:58. I think that life has wroten annother heavy accusation. Quater of hour somebody from the Malta Order has stolen my backpack with the sleeping bag insite (with sperm, as everyday they SS Einsatcommando from the tower are raping me). As i know our Malta hentchman his people has come out with annother great idea. I would not be surprised if tonight they will rape somebody and will kill she, droping my backpack there. I would not be surprised if tonight or somwhere in future they will produce yet another false accusation, as they are already overpaniced.

I am informing our dear Germanisation Commission about this fact. It was black backpack with purple sleeping back that has been just stolen. I do not know where i will sleep, as it is heavy raining and thanks to such efforts i do not have any place to stay. Thanks to such efforts i did limited my contacts with other people to minimu, living like in prison cell, staying out of them to avoid such provocations, sometimes affraid about touching something on the street. I am waiting for deportation from Pawiak to just gas chamber in Auschwitz. They should be just kicked out of thier positions. STOP THIER LIES AND COVER UPs. Dear Israeli, they has lost thier minds completly...

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