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Transporting Brudzia

"And though this world, with devils filled, should threaten to undo us,
We will not fear, for God hath willed His truth to triumph through us:
The Prince of Darkness grim, we tremble not for him;
His rage we can endure, for lo, his doom is sure,
One little word shall fell him."

Battle anthem of reformation

I was right with my prediction of the cover-up. It was a day of Gabi Askhenazi that thier allies in London was trying to paint as General Haller. Well, it is typical for Teutonic perfidion to paint themself as one of us. No, he is not like Haller, he is exacly on the opposite side. Maybe von Fritch is right comparision. The damage that this general has did to our family and to Israeli army are already great and it would be better for all, if they would find some replacment. But instead, as usual our Prime Minister together with McPaton preffered to send me to gas chamber, as again i had dangerous letter. While i wonder why his father was fleeding from Warsaw in 1920?

While during this commission we can expect real wonders here i want to make some notice to my dear readers. The timinig when they send ambulances or police cars is quite symbolic and important. If they come at quter it means that things not only in Israel but mainly in Republican Party are realy broken. Sometimes they come at :35, it means that somwhere the soul of Eisenhower has waked-up, it is from V like Nazi German vicotry. If they come at :20 it is just, as usual Free City Danzing.

Gabi Ashkenazi wording is quite important to understand what has happend there yesterday. The commission is centered around Turkish boat, that is just an pretex and everybody thinks about another boat, this one in Amsterdam. And some romance that has never ended, as it should. Some romance that reminds me another one of my grandfather and another bootle. I must notice, that while our later experiences i was not going to continue it, i wanted to talk with Melanie. And there some group of Shah people, on the order of Mossad or IDF has killed her on the way. To later blame me, start Horst Wessel like revenge, stop me from beign elected to European Parliament and destroy what has left from my life. Today these people of Shah party, among others involved are forming current goverment of Jewish State, moreover they used this bootle to get on board. So, it is good that they again returned to this case, but what Nethanyahu is doing. Well, i will left it without comment, find somebody better. Find some Mietek...

Maybe Gabi is now "ready for the violent resistance" but making such coverup about which our tit²s from Likud platform was twitter whole day, at the start of Ramadam was not very nice idea. Especialy for his Israeli-Arabs that was walking today in thier 'brown shirt' and stripped pigams that are just an symbol of Zebra. People are not stupid and i do not think anybody that did not lost mind because of big sack put for my life by some will not be fooled. I think everybody understands that it was yet another provocation and just coverup plan. It puts an new view of famous localy novel: Bruges-la-Morte that was a base for famous German oper: Die Tote Stadt , that is just illustration of this same pattern of false accussations that also my grandfather was facing. No it is not a Nazism, he would say, another sign of counter reformation or new reformation, as new britons say. And while i thank God and people for the internet, that is something that press machine was for Luther, i wonder how many people they has destroyed this way, in the past. When i look back to the novels of Adam, i hear he also was facing same.


Concerns the fate of Hugues Viane, a widower who has turned to the melancholy, decaying city of Bruges as the ideal location in which to mourn his wife and as a suitable haven for the narcissistic perambulations of his inexorably disturbed spirit. Bruges, the ‘dead city’, becomes the image of his dead wife and thus allows him to endure, to manage the unbearable loss by systematically following its mournful labyrinth of streets and canals in a cyclical promenade of reflection and allusion. The story itself centres around Hugue’s obsession with a young dancer whom he believes is the double of his beloved wife. The consequent drama leads Hugues onto a plank walk of psychological torment and humiliation, culminating in a deranged murder. This is a poet’s novel and is therefore metaphorically dense and visionary in style. It is the ultimate evocation of Rodenbach’s lifelong love affair with the enduring mystery and haunting mortuary atmosphere of Bruges.

More: John Coulthart

The Nixon like cover-up that they has prepared has been done in purpose of both 'undo us' and spread a seed of discord and dismiss this case before the Commission, that still can change from the Germanisation to real Watergate one. The technic of false accusations; that i just call 'pst' is much older that from the Nazi time and the poster that is nice ilustration of it. "It was not White Eagel, it is Jewish Vulture.", they will say, Bolsheviks would add it was 'spacz'. And i think it is not a accident that STIB has put poster of some jewish girl famous from thier advertisments, this time in stripped pigame.

Well, keep your solidarity but know that it was Malta FRA responsible and Israel regime was well informed and aware. They will release us, all the political prisoners but you cannot stay neutral in face of such injustice. I know that if such people will stay in power, not only in Israel, we can expect that they will try such thing again, some day. This solidarity that you present is just false on, the slogan of authentic one, this same to which Jean Paul II was calling was simple: "Crow will not defeat the eagel". The lies and such false accussations is what they have in face of rightfullness. In such time, when they try to divide us and threaten to undo us, it is wise to sign some old anthem: "The Prince of Darkness grim, we tremble not for him; His rage we can endure, for lo, his doom is sure" and rethink.

PS. The vido above is presenting the concept of second comming of Christ. I do not know what a solution they are presenting in following parts and if it is not just an Teutonic crucifixation, that is quite oposite to the promise of Old Testamento and The Gospel , but the first part explain, what i am facing here, through whole my life.

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