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"In the hour of Jasna Gora appeal i want to call every people, from all over the world... Madonna of Jasna Gora, do not stop to be with us. Do not stop to repeat to us this words of Cana Gallilea 'whatever i say do it'. Maria, Queen of Poland, i am with you. I vigil."

Jean Paul II
Jasna Gora, 1983

Today i was wake-up by some officer of BBN, that i see in my mind just like daughter of our Prime Minister Donald Tusk. She has told me that my mother is at the intensive care unit in heavy state. Some from Israeli Prime minister has made yet another very bad joke and told her that i am already dead. Our 7th Division 'Prinz Eugen' from the tower has scared and intimidadet her, so in fear and despeir, she almost has killed herself. Thank you for this Swedish joke and your criminal ideology. Better pray, my dear joker, for her to survive. But then i am asking you, pray but to who??? Mother, will i see you again? Warszawo ma?. The point is that in New Poland this swedish joke is quite true and they whatever goverment or oppositiona, are realy since long time signing again old song: 'Mother you will not see your son again' Is this still Poland, look at our symmbols and think...

My familly life and persecution by Sluzba Bezpieczenstwa during Soviet Occupation was not easy. But bestiality of current regime is simply not comparable. I hope that one day i will describe you what I and my mother has survived during this time. Now i will simply quote pharaphrase of our great Uncle that symbolise it well: "Motherland is our earthly mother. Poland is very special mother. Her history is not easy, especialy in past century. She is mother that suffered a lot. Because of this she have a right to very notable love".

How our goverment has honored her, you can read above what our Uncle was preparing for her, you should be already aware. I must say that never before jewish leader, and we count it through 5770 years, never crucifixed Mother of God. Again i need to sign forbriden words: 'What she did to you? In what she saddened or where is her fault?' What an ideology, my choosen people? Is not this just Teutonic Order tradition, Order that was slaining in this way, Order that was hunting and crucifixing us through centauries, one after another, whole families, cutting off like a tree??? Is this Judaism, is this Zionism, to stand against Holy Family and the God, the Creator himself???

Mother of God

First Polish Anthem

Oh Mother of God, Oh Virgin,
Maria, blessed by God,
Your son, our Lord,
Maria, chosen Mother,
Return to us, bestow upon us.
May the Lord have mercy.

For the sake of thy Baptist, oh Son of God,
Hear our voices, fulfill mankind's thoughts.
Hear the prayer which we offer
And grant us what we ask of him:
A prosperous stay on earth
And paradise in the hereafter.
May the Lord have mercy.


In Black Madonna, prayer of nations, we sign that there is backwater to which everybody wants to return. If you will check my address, then you will see where it realy is. But today in some other beauty spot they has heard roaring of Lion of Judah again. And they has saw fire and fear in thier camp. Have you felt, dear God choosen people, that your world begin to shake? Do not you see biblical error in your cabinet? This action, as usual, was not planned by me but i take it as great solidarity gesture, while i see that organisers of this provocation are just from Malta Order thus same that orchiesterated her crucifixation. After such disclosure of Black Madonna, you should not wonder why it was like this. Instead you should start to think where your cabinet is going to take you. Is not this just New Sweden that you start to observe behind the window? Poles see it since years, already.

Still we do not lose spirit and we are realy happy when not only Mahometans but also black people, in authentic spirit of Benedictinism, not this Pius poison, are signing about our Black Madonna of Jasna Gora and Ostrobramska. But at the end of this sad post about Henryka Kadosh and our family i am going to teach you, dear Israeli, litte bit of hebrew. It is some old prayer that you are reciting since almost 6 000 years. It is Opwekking 496, as Dutch speaking peopole would say. Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh, you say, sign and pray.

Do you realy understand what are your leaders want to achieve, against who and what you stand? I wonder what feel real survivors, not this one that was just washed in concentration camps but people that was sent there to make revision of history; to remove truth about YHWH, what they feel in face of your goverment Teutonic crusade against the Holy Family?

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