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La Yiddishe Mama

"The era of extreme Jewish intellectualism is now at an end. The breakthrough of the German revolution has again cleared the way on the German path...The future German man will not just be a man of books, but a man of character. It is to this end that we want to educate you. As a young person, to already have the courage to face the pitiless glare, to overcome the fear of death, and to regain respect for death - this is the task of this young generation. And thus you do well in this midnight hour to commit to the flames the evil spirit of the past. This is a strong, great and symbolic deed - a deed which should document the following for the world to know - Here the intellectual foundation of the November Republic is sinking to the ground, but from this wreckage the phoenix of a new spirit will triumphantly rise."

Joseph Goebbels
Speech to the students in Berlin

I was going to finish you translation of our KOP anthem and write you more about Brothers of Christ but i think that Beniamin Nethanyahu cabinet has magnified once again what revisionism is. When i was on Gare du Midi searching from old song from the January Uprising, the song i had mentioned at different ocassion i had discovered another releated video clip. It is called 'Meine Idishe Momme'. What has realy wondered me that after some time returning to listen it once again, i could not find it.

I did found orginal performing by Hanna SKARŻANKA or shrtcutted version in German from 1931, french or in Russian but i could not find this one that has been ilustrated by the beatifull jewish photograpies and the David Star. The same stare that i bear on my face, famous beauty mark. Later, on the evening i found it again, so you can watch it below. I do not think it was accident but i must admit i am not 100% sure. Somebody in Jewish State should check and stop such barbarian acts of vandalism and tactics. Whenever they see "this mole, the reminescence of the pearl, illuminating my face, as the star", as Muhammad Ibn Rasul al-Husseini al-Barzanij was decribing it, they are 'scared and are announcing a state of The Plague', as Camus was writing. It is solution that they was serving to same jewish question at end of thirtiess and fourties. Also without too much success in realising revision of history. Thanks God and resistance, some books, few people and memories survived even such catastrophe...

Whatever it was my halucination or it was for real, as such 'removal' are not first time (for instance i still cannot find prewar video with our embassador meeting with King ibin Saud) such thinking and strategy is same syndrome, cause and ideology that Revisionist was trying to enforce on us by the Adolf Hitler hands in times of my grandfather. To rewrite history, to replace truth about God by the fake, maybe even at that time, by the son of Ben Zion that could be then announced, as the true Messiash, while he would be nothing but Dajjal, a clone of me or my forefathers. While it is true that there are in fact many of them, it is true also that bigest one sits down in Great Britain.

I wonder if Revisionist will try now, as Nazi Germany to burn Holy Books, librairies and synagoges, as Nazi did during Kristallnacht. I had saw many of Professor Wilczur pupils that was turning thier eyes away when spoting my face, turning it in very obstinate gesture. With the hope that they will be able to remove the truth. In the way and with consequences, that maybe this time will not be so psychical and on such sacle, as once thier desire has leaded mainkind but what they are trying to enforce on jewish nation in spiritual terms is merly the same. As it is desire to rewrite history and replace truth by fake.

Through past decades, they has already produced a number of worthless clones, lawless bastards, one of them. When i look at the picture beside, i think that maybe he is one made from my Yiddishe Tate in 1984, somebody that has already named himself Messiash and signs to polish youth thier Wolfishe tunes. Maybe just waiting for my crucifixation to replace me immidietly and takeover my broadcast. So you could even not notice such replacement. He bears same mark i do, in same place that suggest close relationship but he is not true one and i do not see possibility of brothership, something i had already observed also at the case of King of England and his childs.

Where is authentic, does not even ask, better listen to King of Yiddishe Songs and think. Is Professor Wilczur sick? Yes, he is, as sick and ungodly, as are his teachings about another gospel, Martin Luther would add. We was warning you before. Before of Shoah and II World War, already. Is not biggest jew hater sitting right now at the seat of Prime Minister of Israel? Why he hates you so much, dear God choosen people, that want to crucifix jewish nation and falter jewish law? It is nor Judaism, nor Zionism, as it is not Magen David that your leaders and thier followers bears. Do not belive, then listen to thier 'great reconstruction' but beware Leo english version, this wroten in London that maybe you know and that starts from words 'My Yiddishe Mama, I need her more than ever now', is completly different. This orginal one, also know before II Revision, as the 'Polish tango in the Soviet Union' is pure, true and sad, very sad...

Mein Idishe Momme

Polish Tango in Soviet Unition
Words: Zenon Friedwald

In Ghetto lane it is great flurry today
Because Rose Kranz, this one that is selling hot broad bean
Received coverage from her son in America
So it has been spreaded through city by accident
What Icełe was writing...
Everybody is happy, joyfull, merry
Halvah they bring, Rose they kiss
And she sits like queen
Silent tears are heading on letter words
And shaky lips in silent joy
are reading words full of love

Meine Idishe Mama, here it is so bad without you
Meine Idishe Mama, i want return to you soon
It will pass year, maybe two before you will see me
Please pray for blessing and success
Ending letter i am kissing you strongly
Mame, Mame Mein

Long time has passed, not a year, not a two
And again joyfull day has come for Rose Kranz
She is his mother, such son she have
Such are grundig Sara and Berta Glanz
Again everybody has gathered and was long debating
Everybody had some good advice
Only she sits calm, looks in dignity
on letter that she just received

Mein Idische Mame, i am returning to you in six days
Mein Idische Mame, during nights i dream our house
I have money, will bought a shop, this one on cornent
So i will come, stay healthy, rest i will tell you myself
My ship is named Lincoln
Mame, Mame Mein

And this joyfull day has come, when her son was going to return
With dawn she come before doorstep, from happines silently sob
Street buzz has waked up and news-boy voice
Burst into every chinks, announcing fate of the world

Great ship's catastrophe!!! Lincoln drowed!!!
Terrible thing
Great ship's catastrophe!!! ...Gossipe will buy
Get out
She run immidietly to Berta Glanz and ask if it can be
that her son... Icełe... God.

Mein Idishe Mame, no, it is not true, she know
Mein Idishe Mame, her son not parted with her
He will come today, maybe already waits for her there,
Needs run, fast run, so he will be not alone
Her Icełe, that was writing Mame...
Mame Mein

You can always meet her on Gare
When she welcomes all incoming train
Runing after it, unwary
When you will sometimes spot her questioning sight
Do not say that Icełe has died
Not much of life has left for her
As you do not know, where she lives, what she eats
You can meet her on Gare, lamenting
that her son is late, or his letter words
is ready to repeat through whole day.

Mein Idische Mame, i am returning to you in six days
Mein Idische Mame, during nights i dream our house
I have money, will bought a shop, this one on cornent
So i will come, stay healthy, rest i will tell you myself
My ship is named Lincoln
Mame, Mame Mein

PS. If you do not have yet enough of Yiddish, take few minuts and listen to this record of Marek Weber Orchester recorded in 1933 in Berlin, Berlin that was just going to change. The record is entitled Jüdischer Tango: Ich hab' kein Heimatland', what means 'I have no Motherland - Jewish tango'. What i should add about 'opponents' of Chassids from Lelow, as Revisionist was naming themself before the Great Revision???

I do not have photos of Henya, but by accident i had found photoset of another Henya, made by familly of political correct 'escapers' that has fleed together with German jews before the Revision has been started. Her life does not different much from that time, while it should, as Poland and our Eagel has regained independence and crown in 1989. No, we was not poor people before Great Revision and, as usual, we has played central role in events that has lead to regain of 'independence'. Instead, we has been named cyanide Austrain waste' by the people that has gained thier power bearing at thier breast, a fameus icon of Solidarity: Black Madonna of Jasnagora. Moreover, we then would be maybe removed, if not our Uncle...


Mighty KOP

After past events, 'Our Teuton recline defeated and we cannot alow him to stand'. If we will resist to the end, he will lose everything and we all, whatever in Europe or Middle East will see better, promised days. Belgium this days is just like a barricade, our litte Poland from old days (en), from the Warsaw Uprising or maybe even from time in which my grandfather needed to face similar Teutonic crusades. Well, he was in much better position having our Stryj, as the Marshal of II Commonwealth and our Palace standing proudly, offering harbour for people of any ointment and confession, still i do not lose a faith to see our total victory, as Ike would say.

In my grandfather old, almost forgoten time, one of our primary defense against Bolsheviks was K.O.P the Guards of Polish Borders and our independence. After soviet invasion this unit has been disolved but we still hear this same anthem in the air of modern Brussels. Kind of good pattern for every independent state. K.O.P was very special force that was defending us through 15 years, without even single set-back. Maybe also thanks to thier beatifull anthem that has been silenced in Katyn but first they needed to come on tanks. Thanks God the music and words had survived on single copy of record made by Syrena in 1936 (that is why some of words are missing and marked by 'x', as we are not able to decript them)...

At Polish Gates: K.O.P hymn

At gates of Poland,
I have to keep the guard
Keep vigil on my fathers soil.

Today patrol here,
trap there,
Heat or cold, or gale hooks cheek.

In day or darkness,
Straining my eyes,
Looking on borderline incursion.

My hand catches,
God's arm on enemy,
when he looms somwhere hidden.

I sworn to defend polish borders
So get out evil intentions.
I will never betrayal my motherland,
As i am soldier of Ka-O-Pe.

And if spy,
would wait even century,
will not cross border from any side.

I know every trace,
where reptile crawl,
For sure he toil for nothing.

Even by last forces,
i will fight,
Even if brigand will put bayonet in my breast.

And muffling pain,
by traces of my missiles,
x into head and bloodstained eyes.

I sworn to defend polish borders
So get out evil intentions.
I will never betrayal my motherland,
As i am soldier of Ka-O-Pe.

And always enemy,
will tumble down from feets,
When he will want to
intrude into my spirit powers.

It is not possible to crush,
My honor, reverence,
And none of forces will crash it.


Nobody will snach, nobody will take.

Enemy will not intrude,
through polish doorstep,
As it is guarded by chain of soldiers breasts.

I sworn to defend polish borders
So get out evil intentions.
I will never betrayal my motherland,
As i am soldier of Ka-O-Pe.

KOP: Border Protection Corps

Border Protection Corps (Polish: Korpus Ochrony Pogranicza, KOP) was a Polish military unit created in 1924 for defence of the eastern border against armed Soviet raids and local bandits.

On August 30 1939 the KOP was formally mobilised. General Wilhelm Orlik-Rückemann became its commander. According to the Polish plans for the forthcoming war, the KOP was to become the backbone of reserve divisions formed behind the Polish lines.

In the fight against Germans, KOP units took part among other battles in the battle of Węgierska Górka. After Soviet invasion on 17 September, Korpus Ochrony Pogranicza which had 25 battalions[1] were unable to defend the eastern border and were further ordered by Edward Rydz-Śmigły to fall back and not to engage the Soviets. This however did not prevent some clashes and small battles, including Battle of Szack (29–30 August) and Battle of Wytyczno (1 October). Most of soldiers and officers of KOP among Sanation intellectuals, artists, journalists and other opponents of Bolshevism and Revisionism has been sent to Katyn and bestialy exterminated in insane drive to rewrite history and silence the truth...

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"In the hour of Jasna Gora appeal i want to call every people, from all over the world... Madonna of Jasna Gora, do not stop to be with us. Do not stop to repeat to us this words of Cana Gallilea 'whatever i say do it'. Maria, Queen of Poland, i am with you. I vigil."

Jean Paul II
Jasna Gora, 1983

Today i was wake-up by some officer of BBN, that i see in my mind just like daughter of our Prime Minister Donald Tusk. She has told me that my mother is at the intensive care unit in heavy state. Some from Israeli Prime minister has made yet another very bad joke and told her that i am already dead. Our 7th Division 'Prinz Eugen' from the tower has scared and intimidadet her, so in fear and despeir, she almost has killed herself. Thank you for this Swedish joke and your criminal ideology. Better pray, my dear joker, for her to survive. But then i am asking you, pray but to who??? Mother, will i see you again? Warszawo ma?. The point is that in New Poland this swedish joke is quite true and they whatever goverment or oppositiona, are realy since long time signing again old song: 'Mother you will not see your son again' Is this still Poland, look at our symmbols and think...

My familly life and persecution by Sluzba Bezpieczenstwa during Soviet Occupation was not easy. But bestiality of current regime is simply not comparable. I hope that one day i will describe you what I and my mother has survived during this time. Now i will simply quote pharaphrase of our great Uncle that symbolise it well: "Motherland is our earthly mother. Poland is very special mother. Her history is not easy, especialy in past century. She is mother that suffered a lot. Because of this she have a right to very notable love".

How our goverment has honored her, you can read above what our Uncle was preparing for her, you should be already aware. I must say that never before jewish leader, and we count it through 5770 years, never crucifixed Mother of God. Again i need to sign forbriden words: 'What she did to you? In what she saddened or where is her fault?' What an ideology, my choosen people? Is not this just Teutonic Order tradition, Order that was slaining in this way, Order that was hunting and crucifixing us through centauries, one after another, whole families, cutting off like a tree??? Is this Judaism, is this Zionism, to stand against Holy Family and the God, the Creator himself???

Mother of God

First Polish Anthem

Oh Mother of God, Oh Virgin,
Maria, blessed by God,
Your son, our Lord,
Maria, chosen Mother,
Return to us, bestow upon us.
May the Lord have mercy.

For the sake of thy Baptist, oh Son of God,
Hear our voices, fulfill mankind's thoughts.
Hear the prayer which we offer
And grant us what we ask of him:
A prosperous stay on earth
And paradise in the hereafter.
May the Lord have mercy.


In Black Madonna, prayer of nations, we sign that there is backwater to which everybody wants to return. If you will check my address, then you will see where it realy is. But today in some other beauty spot they has heard roaring of Lion of Judah again. And they has saw fire and fear in thier camp. Have you felt, dear God choosen people, that your world begin to shake? Do not you see biblical error in your cabinet? This action, as usual, was not planned by me but i take it as great solidarity gesture, while i see that organisers of this provocation are just from Malta Order thus same that orchiesterated her crucifixation. After such disclosure of Black Madonna, you should not wonder why it was like this. Instead you should start to think where your cabinet is going to take you. Is not this just New Sweden that you start to observe behind the window? Poles see it since years, already.

Still we do not lose spirit and we are realy happy when not only Mahometans but also black people, in authentic spirit of Benedictinism, not this Pius poison, are signing about our Black Madonna of Jasna Gora and Ostrobramska. But at the end of this sad post about Henryka Kadosh and our family i am going to teach you, dear Israeli, litte bit of hebrew. It is some old prayer that you are reciting since almost 6 000 years. It is Opwekking 496, as Dutch speaking peopole would say. Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh, you say, sign and pray.

Do you realy understand what are your leaders want to achieve, against who and what you stand? I wonder what feel real survivors, not this one that was just washed in concentration camps but people that was sent there to make revision of history; to remove truth about YHWH, what they feel in face of your goverment Teutonic crusade against the Holy Family?


Tapes of Zion fools

"They have created ideology to take over life of human. Because he have such ethnic group. Because he is jew. Because he is gypsy. Because he is Pole..."

Jean Paul II
About Europe and Europeanes, 1991

Yesterday Israel was shakedup, as I and Itzak Rabin was expexting. The roof has collapsed and Israeli Defense Forces chief has been dissmised. Of course, it did not stopped nethier Beniamin Nethayahu, nor Gabi Ashkenazi from thier daily routine. routine that because of Scientology meeting in Brussels was even more intense. The IDF has been left without chief and i guess that Gabi counts of quick avans. Well, the hope is not yet lost but our tiny mutt is doing everything to lose it. Soon, the day will come when jews will be realy thankfull to Arabs for thier defense of Mossiasch. They respect thier Holy Book and teachings much more that Israeli do with Thora and thier own identity. For now i can only appeal to IDF for keeping thier loyalty to Thora and King David.

The night, as many others was full of rapes, touturs, beating and bayonet. It is routine for this bests at Tower in Warsaw, our Eisat Groupen or rather SS Prinz Eugen. This soldiers and chiefs. I do not count how many nights was like this one. That is why when i see Sara i see Ilse Koch. It is no different and our Volksdeuthes are fully allowing on such inhuman treatment wile are at same time just occupinig a place that belongs to me. They are always sure that somebody will kill me and this Nixon tapes or rather Tapes of Zion will be removed and case will dissapear from Knesset. It is so since years but the day of Judgment is comming and Beniamin Nixon will need to prepare his second speech. For Volksdeutche Parliament that we have in General Gouverment this case does not exista at all. As i do not and you are blind. It is so also because our Benedictinian leadership that you have in country that was once called United States. Realy, it is not an accident that Benedictus has once again appeared on Euronews with his call for crucifixation, so called 'liturgy'. You are blind, you do not see mark of the beast on his eugenic face...

Moreover, after 1984 when they has forced Mietek Biegun out of office once jewish state has begun to change and forggote thier identity. While i am 100% jew and well thus my social orgina i and my Kadosh Family are center of judaism, as well other religion, Revisionist like Itzak Rabin, Beniamin Nethanyahu or Ariel Sharon has declared me a Palestinian. Well, it would be true if Palestianian would say that looking at thier emblem, but it is not true from jewish mouth, especialy when they look at the Madonna of Jasna Gora.

This thinking that is not only expressed by words but also by actions. When they was trying to send my to grave together with my mother, you could hear from mouths of Ariel Sharon: "I vow that I'll burn every Palestinian child (that) will be born in this area. The Palestinian woman and child is more dangerous than the man, because the Palestinian childs existence infers that generations will go on, but the man causes limited danger. I vow that if I was just an Israeli civilian and I met a Palestinian I would burn him and I would make him suffer before killing him." What you can hear therefore, my Good choosen people is nothing but just anti-semitism, as i am beign of antisemitis, if you dare to listen to our forbriden psalm, you will understand this clearly. This is the essence of so called Protocols of Zion, published in Poland in 1920, just ahead Polish Bolshevik war. How flawed Revisionism is, how dangerous when it comes to main-stream. Dangerous, at priori for jews, as the God chosen people.


LAWA: Truth about God

On Monday Scientology are gathering here, like they was doing decades ago, to liberate us from the truth and the God. This Proffessor Wilczur tribe with thier core 'homo novis' pawns are realy powerfull nowdays. With representants not only at Wilhelmstrasse but also at Vatican, Buckhingham or White House once again they plan to sign ther thier old anthems again. We hope it will never happen. This truth about God is really terriffing, as it is exposing a core of heresy, error that is nowdays mainstream in once jewish state.

In Israel only few are laughting. They are going back to Thora to once again study it and rediscover true meaning of Messiash: Kadosh Yeshua (Holy Jesus) and how fundamentaly Revisionist Zionism is flawed. Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri is again on mouths of everybody, as he has revealed them my true name. The memory of many is going even futher to the meeting that they has hold at begining of 90's, in time when they has loudly confirmed that Messiah is not a myth but just a real person and it was printed already in the press, at that time.


Listen to me, God, and you, Nature!
Here is music that is worthy of you, songs that are worthy of you.
I am master!
Master, I stretch out my hands!
I stretch them to the sky, I place my fingers on the stars.
They are my musical glasses, my armonica.
Now swiftly, now slowly
My spirit turns the stars.
Millions on millions of tones resound,
It is I who called them forth, I know them all;
I combine them, I separate them, I reunite them,
I weave them into rainbows, into chords, into strophes,
I scatter them in sounds and in ribbons of fire.


Not from Eden's tree have I drawn this power-
From the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil-
Not from books or tales that are told,
Not from the solution of problems,
Or the practice of magic.
Creator I was born:
I have drawn my powers from the source
From which you drew yours:
You did not search for your powers - you have them;
You do not fear to lose them and neither do I!

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JPII mound

"You are my son, today i have beggotten you. I will be father to him, and he shall be son to me". These are prophetic words. They speak of God, who is the father in the highest and most authentic sense of the word. Isaiah says: "Lord, You are our Father we are the clay, and You are our potter; we are all the work of Your hands." Zion said: "The Lord has forsaken me, my Lord has forgotten me". Can a woman forget a baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has born? Though she may forget, I will not forsake you."

Jean Paul II

I will not forsake or forgett them, my fathers, both of them. How could i do? How could you do, dear catholics and others, forsake and forgett such a holy father and crime, real crucifixation done on him and his great dream? In our country, in my Warsaw, people do a war for some wooden cross and without asking owners, they has put a plate on Radziwill palace. Yey another palace that has been lawlesly squoted in PRL and changed now into so called Presidential Palace. They put it there to remeber 'victims' of Smolensk flight. But if they are authentic Poles, whatever of what orgin and faith, they should throw this wooden cross to the fire and forget about it. There is another cross that will be there forever. And instead of making yet another war for cross, they should start something different. Something that we was always doing after tragic lose of great leader...

It is our long tradition that after such a lose that we has experienced with Jean Paul II we are digging a mound's to honor them. In his beloved Krakow, you can find two of them. It is Jozef Pilsudzki one and another, even bigger mound of Tadeusz Kosciuszko. Somebody that people has named prince of penesants, a hero of two continets, as he was beside Casimir Pulawski one of leading figures of American Revolution. Among others, his achievment's was fortification of Philadelphia and Wespoint, fort that has been later named key to America, as played key role in defense of American Revolution. It is very sad in this context to observe aims, goals and where Robert Gates has lead this symbol of independence. The debt that america owns to our family, has even growed through the centauries.

Why it is so shamefull to Robert? Because, Kosciuszko was serving under General Gates and was considiered, as one of his top officers and bigest advocat of liberation of black slaves. In this context, Robert achievments and status quo is doubly shamefull. And instead of changing it, he has once again threatned to remove truth, to remove this writings and teachings, as they 'convey information about tactics, techniques and procedures that would help the Taliban and al-Qaeda'. Indeed, they are like Nixon tapes, even better, as they are describing fully Teutonic technics and goals, at same time teaching our culture, religion and history. Realy, make your backup, crush Empire. Very British one, as once...

Tadeusz Kosciuszko

Andrzej Tadeusz Bonawentura Kościuszko ([taˈdɛuʂ kɔɕˈt​͡ɕuʂkɔ] ( listen), Belarusian: Тадэвуш Касьцюшка, Lithuanian: Tadas Kosciuška; February 4, 1746 – October 15, 1817) was a Polish–Lithuanian[2][3] [4][5][6][7] general and military leader during the Kościuszko Uprising. He is a national hero in Poland, Lithuania,[8] the United States and Belarus.[9][10][11] He led the 1794 Kościuszko Uprising against Imperial Russia and the Kingdom of Prussia as Supreme Commander of the National Armed Force (Najwyższy Naczelnik Siły Zbrojnej Narodowej).[12]

Before commanding the 1794 Uprising, he had fought in the American Revolutionary War as a colonel in the Continental Army. In 1783, in recognition of his dedicated service, he had been brevetted by the Continental Congress to the rank of brigadier general and had become a naturalized citizen of the United States.

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What is realy worring me is why people of so called III Republic of Poland did not yet started digging such a mound to honor our great Holy Father? In the spiritual sense, thanks to people of good will we started such an monumental work but we do not see it beign build psychicaly? Dear brothers and sisters in Poland, why you did not strated such a project yet? We are appreaciating Wilczura Platform spiritual contributions but they do it in wrong way, providing smoke screen for people that should realy visit the God Judgment that we has established on this planet. And thus they and many others are delaying testimonity of people realy involved in his crucifixation? Dear polish people, i must then ask you, by almost signing our forbriden psalm: What Jean Paul II did to you? In what Karol Wojtyla has saddened you or where is his fault, that you do not want to honor his shatered life and dreams in our traditional way? In the way that we used to honor our great leaders...