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Summer of Dutroux's

"The young generation of our people follows after you. Just as you demonstrate the highest self-sacrifice in this Nation."

Tirumph des Willens
Nurymberg, 1934

This carton is from the 2004 but it ilustrate one of most perfid and depraved method that our Izak Shamir and Benedictus XVI are using to throw me to so called L'oreal clinc for animals about which our Teutonic Platfrom Minister of Finance dreams. It is one of most perfid methods as it is something that is done with full premeditation and cooperation with the use of childs, mostly innoncent. The Belgian police after Chrisitan Degenerats has lost an elections due to Benedictus XVI leadership has closed here this pereceder some time ago, but Benedictus is not giving up and is using all his powers, also this one in White House to replay it. I do not want to see yet another information about suicide bomber in Iraqi childernhood or some stabber stabbing litte childs in Benedictus native Germany and I ask local police for intervention and closing this network of 'pedophil' scaut instructors that has just arived in our Danzing. Network that will send less or more innocent childrens with the bootle into night. Because Benedictus XVI has asked them to go on such mission.
I am also appealing to all families that has sent thier childrens in good faith, to call thier instructors and check if thier pupils will be not sent with the Amsterdam bootle to kill this unarmed jew. Because Benedictus has asked them to do so, again falsyfi accusing him for something that they accuse us every generation. Falisifily accuse. I am also asking all catholics to make an intervnetion in the Holy City to stop this Benedictus XVI Hitler Jugend practicies and impeach him. The source of this evil is just in the Vatican on top of it. And everytime Benedictus XVI will speak about 'phedophile scandal' just remeber that he is the source of it and the bigest pedophil in the Catholic Church. Ever.
What they are doing, often with Clinton support is just Hitlerjugend. Perfid tactic knew to us since at least Benedictus XVI youngnes with one simple aim: accuire eugenic version of this Eagel or anihilate tim. The Nazi Triumph of Will that in thier greed and foolishnes both Mrs. Chuma of South Africa and Benjamin & Sara Netanyahu still dreams. Something that will not solve this jewish question, as the product is just shamefull Nazi eugenic bastard, similar to this that Herman Goering was.

Also bearing this fameous beatuy mark but belonging to different Teutonic family and having no rights, beign just geneticaly improved but only a lawless clone. With completly different legend and legacy. Your stupid, greedy assholes. If he will be a Messiash, he will be Messiash of Nazism just like Goering was, somebody that bears no rights at all, that will be just a shame to all jewish people. That will be just an product of Nazi Eugeny. You are going to destroy your legitymacy, to opfern it with your greed and foolishnes setting whole Israel machinery for my anihilation and whortless clones, instead of putting whole pressure on restauration of the House of Judah to fulify the Old Testamento, to fulify Thora, to bring the Age of Messiash, Messianic Age, as promised by God himself. For what generations was fighting and what will be for good of all political forces, races and religions. Something that will bring powerfull alternative to the Romanov House, something that will be much better partner for future of us all.

There will be no Free Palestine withouth Messiash. Messiash that will kick of some of Nazi asses on both sides of the Racial Wall. The alternative is only the Germanization of the Occupied Land and Teutonisation of both Judaism and Prophet Mohamet faith, to drown it in the further lies and Teutonic heresy. To remove truth of the God from the people minds and hearts. Something that Adolf Hitler was also trying to achieve, exterminating 6 000 000 of my people. Something that he has failed to achieve, falling to the God himself. The God and his allies. And what Israeli cabinet is actualy trying to achieve is just like outcome of First Crusade: after capturing Jerusalem to kill all muslims and jews. This time at least to kill the common core of our faiths, to erase it. To replace it by Bavarian fakes and false God. Just like Adolf Hitler was trying using this same metchods and technics, aiming for this same...

Smears grow as Cardinal questioned

There is one place in Belgium where Cardinal Godfried Danneels can still feel appreciated: inside the Sint-Salvator Cathedral in Bruges, where last Saturday the Cardinal, formerly the primate of the Catholic Church in Belgium, was given a standing ovation by a congregation come to witness the installation of Jozef De Kesel as the new bishop of Bruges.

De Kesel replaces the disgraced Roger Vangheluwe, who resigned after admitting he had sexually abused a family member over a period of years. That blow is still felt among the faithful in Bruges, but their shock has since spread to the rest of the Catholic congregation in Belgium, thanks to growing concern that the Cardinal himself may have knowingly covered up cases of sex abuse by clergy.

Last week Cardinal Danneels, by prior arrangement, was brought to the prosecutor’s office in Brussels for questioning on what he knew about cases of abuse and when he knew it.

A commission set up by the Church to look into abuse allegations amassed, before it was closed down, a pile of some 450 dossiers of abuse complaints. In many cases, victims alleged the Cardinal had been informed at the time or later. Danneels claims he never engaged in any sort of cover-up.

The purpose of last week’s questioning was to find a way through that apparent muddle. The Cardinal was questioned for ten hours in all. He was not accompanied by a lawyer, although he had initially asked if he might need one. He was being questioned, officially, as a witness, and not as a suspect in any sense. Nevertheless the length of the interrogation led to a feeling something more was going on, as did the fact that at one point he was placed in confrontation with child psychiatrist Peter Adriaenssens, who chaired the ill-fated commission, and who had personally taken testimony from abuse victims who claimed the Cardinal knew what was going on.

Anyone who was in Belgium in the years 1996-1998 will agree with justice minister Stefaan Declerck that “We are living through a period of catharsis just like the summer of Dutroux,” referring to the the hysteria surrounding the case of child rapist and killer Marc Dutroux and the events that followed Danneels’ questioning. First it was revealed that police had found a pornographic image of a child on the Cardinal’s computer. Then it was claimed he was also in possession of autopsy photos of two of Dutroux’s victims.

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PS. I would not be surprised if one of this pair will try to deny thier obviousl aim of Eugenic bastard, as this National Socialism pair is named Euthanasy and Eugeny...

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