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Merkel gate

You can wonder why on 7 days i did no post but i just wanted to give Cancelor Merkel into muzzle for what she and our newly elected President of IV Reich has did on the independence day of Kingdom of Belgium. It is not easy to coax this Aryian pigs into our gettho but we did it. Why? Through all the time when we are defending from this Teutonic crusade on the battle field there was almost no civilian causaulities. Almost no one, if you will not count Germany provocations. Nobody, whatever British, Americans or even Israeli is shooting to civilians that was not involved into our conflict.But Merkel Germany do and they has just did it again on the Independence Day spliting into our face. Of course, I do not count participants of Military Order of Malta crusade as the civilians. Well, the name of this Order says everything...

When i was going to sleep after yet another night sturms i did small walk around our Eurozone and did spooted Wulff unit near tramp stop. When i waked up exacly on 5 pm on morning i spoted there ambulance coming and just after them police car that was taking victim of Wullf Danzing like provocation. He was just innocent wayfarer murdered by them, to later claim that i was leader of this unit. I am not, i am just subject of this insanity while yes many are happy having me on thier side, as i am happy that they are defending me from this Teutonic crusade. I must say that Germany for long time was not murdering our jay-walkers, while yes they did such things in past, at few ocassions that i also reported on this blog.

For few days i was silent on the blog, observing how Chancellor Merkel will behave. Last time when we reported such murders to the Bundestag they has removed Chief of Staff of the Bundeswehr. As no other army has did such offence like murdering bypassers. Of course our Mad Cow was panicing to the end trying to paint Swastik on the front of Federal Eagel set in Bundestag to remeber about us. Even when i was entering internet caffe to write you this post, she was trying to stop me. This time it was a police car sent here just when i was going to enter internet caffe, suposed to arrest me but she also sent other more deadly units. I was wondering how she will later present them to the nation. Would it be just some sentimental mourning in Bavaria, as it was last time? I wroten that i am going in name of my grandfather to the parade. It was quite prophetic.

Koch parade

Why? That is the question the whole of Germany is asking the day after the Love Parade went so horribly wrong.

How could 19 revellers be killed and more than 300 others injured, some seriously, at one of Europe’s most popular dance music festivals?

Security measures have been criticised at the event in Duisburg near Dusseldorf. As a result of the disaster, the long-running techno party, first held in 1989, is now a thing of the past.

“Always a peaceful event and a happy party, the Love Parade will forever be overshadowed by yesterday’s tragic accident,” the event’s organiser Rainer Schaller told a news conference. “Out of respect for the victims, their families and friends, we will discontinue this event. This means the ‘end’ for the Loveparade.”


The point is that the 'victims' of the crowd panic was just bodies 'putted' there to make yet another mistification and try to induce hatered against my person in the homosexual communities. The panic was real but it was panic of this squotters at Whilhellmstrasse and the bodies was just bodies of 'silencers' they has sent here. And if you still wonder 'Warum'? The answer is quite simple: Because Radosz will write to Bundestag and they will kick me out of office. What should be done long time ago, i would add, Ms. Merkel.

And you, in German homosexual communities instead of taking up this very wrong coin and defaming you futher. You should rather think more about what we, whateve I or my grandfather has did to advocate your case. He also had very similar romance that i did with Melanie. Think what Benedictus and Chancelor Merkel camp did to harm me and your case. If you look for good patron, you should rather turn to my grandfather instead of glorifing Rudolf Hess. And no, it is not mayor of Duisburg that should be overthrown it is Chancellor Merkel that should be blamed for such outcome of your 'Love Parade'. Sacrificing you to call for their Trumph. Something that also Adolf Hitler was trying to achieve with my grandfather. I had observed this tactics so many times during this 7 days of Merkel gate. Calls comming not only from her but in pairs also from other eugenic clone: Mr. Obama. Well, eugenic is the essence of Nazism, so it does not surprise me. Simply z NOI...



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