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Key Bebes

"There is only one way..."
Adolf Hitler
Triumph des Willens

The night has once again proved that i was right and once again has showed you for first bestiality and prefidion of our Eugenic Master Race, for second that i am not commanding anything but i am just a subject of this big game. If I would be commanding then Chancelor Merkel would listen to me and instead of shooting our Hitler Jougen 'scauts' would rather send Federal Police to organiser of this preceder german bishop Zoolish to cancel his Hitler jougend activities. Instead on the next day Chancelor Merkel and many others leaders was calling for Triumph. Eugenic Triumph just as Hitler and his architects was doing with my grandfather, producing a litte bodies to shock the nation, but who was faulty for it? Do not call me muetter because this kids will take you to the Supreme Court. No, there is not only one way to solve this jewish or rather arabic question...

Well, the effect of Merkel policy has taked one head just on next day. It was our famous mayor Ole from Hamburg that has been forced to resign. I told you that Chancelor does not know how to play this Kulturkampf and you see it again. If she would listen to my advice today it would be Zoolish and Benedictus that will be in the trouble. This way she has lost one more pawn on the cheasboard. Not only in Lutheran community but even in Merkel own camp the pressure is growning, as many of this old laydies would like to see rather Prussia that IV Reich are just surprised because of Merkel solution and her constant calls for the Eugenic Triumph. They was thinking that with this 300 billions of euro that Germany has put on the table to solve this arab question, they would rather see something like a story of 'Prince and pauper' with biblical ijob like happy end with the House of Judah restored and returned into rightfull hands. Not an Nazi Eugenics and Iranian donation. KEINE EXPERIMENTE, as Konrad would shout in thier faces!!!

Instead of this they are expanding thier Maltan play and this British Standard that is visible not only over the White House but also in Israel. As i could expect after the Hitler jougend sturm next day was full of revenge seekers. Just, as like on the Nazi poster that advertised this organisation. No, you are not alone litte victim of system. They was sturming seeking usual revenge. Revenge in proceder that aims only at producing more bodies to later blame me, a victim of thier powergames. It is interesting that one of this revenge seekers asked by my friend what he is looking for has replied i am going for a key. Not fully understanding what it does mean. Thier masters has just sent him to be killed in my defense. He was going for a key for me. Eugenic key. He was dead already, while he could return from this infamous route at any point. If he would be not motivated by the scorn and greed. 'Everybody can decide about his fate... If you does not want to be a victim of the system you need to start decide for yourself', as we was signing in 1987 at the occassion of another such a race in Kabacki forest. Race that in efect has crashed Soviet Union...

And today i had spooted on the streets yet another group of revenge seekers. This time they was not scouts but some homosexual pairs in thier pinki tshirts. Well, this color is not choosed by some Nazi minided people from White House to not point my fingers on Hilary Clinton and Izcak Shamir ally Ysrael Rahm Emanuel. Pink sounds just like peak. So we are yet again facing a sturm this time of homosexuals that will be going for a key and probably sacrificed to call tomorrow for my sperm. Yet another wave of our Iranian chariters. As you can spot on the posters that has been put there by our B'nai B'rith International, or rather Bnai Birth. The movie is called Bebes and no it is not Eugenic horde that our buisnessmans would be asking tommorow. On the Belgian Independence Day, to yet again split not only in americans faces but also here, well everywhere you will find our symbols Eagel and Lion, Lion of Judah.

We are just starting to discover face of national socialism that again will try eat spirit of social democracy. Dear homosexual firends, just like even kids you should be aware that this bootle claims is just false accusations that has been before used against not only me but also my grandfather and this bootle you can find even on Nazi poster of Winston Churchil. This time they call it Kaballah vodka, but is this realy Kabbalah? If thier objective is just to destroy core of Zionism to replace it with Eugenic fakes and just Nazi heresy? Tomorrow, is day of the Independence of Belgium and thier Bebes call is just a split on the face of this nation. Nation that my grandfather forces was liberating from the Nazi during our II World War campaign. What are you doing?

I had once mentioned that while my grandfather, as the Prime Minister of the Polish Goverment in Exile was one, very symbolic and key person in wining the second world war we never participated in the vicotry parade. Well, he was living behind Berlin Wall and never allowed to leave the country, as he would be crashing danger to the soviet regime. Tommorow i am going to see thier parade together with him. Moreover in his name, with others from our enviroment. No, you will not tame me. I am sure of Belgian nation but what Polish soldiers are doing there? Generations was fighting for this crown on the eagel, also in this time when we was liberating this country and Netherlands. Where it is, what you has did with such a symbol? Is this realy Polish army that will be there?

I and others have a serious doubts spoting different Eagel on thier hats. Spooting swastik, symbol of Nazi eugeny. From the crown that you can find on the National Security Beauro logo thier Israeli commando has made just an ashtray. Yesterday they was extinguishing the cigaretes on my penis. I am not joking, with all the police car that some has sent to me, they was just inducting such a pain on it from once us military radio. Almost every quter. 'You must care for workers' , uncle Klemens has once said. What are you doing Einsatgroupe? What do you want to achieve? No, there are many ways but maybe for you there is realy only one..

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Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

Yesterday they has called me from so called Polish Security Beauro to tell me that Sara is no longer interested in bearing Nazi eugenic bastar but they are others, they has said. No comment, Beniamin...