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Independence Day

"Long live Prince Charles. Messiash of Israel. Ruler of United States" crowd was shouting this year. "Somebody silently has asked "And where is Prince Radziwill? Prince of Judha? What is doing Pilsudzki? Did anybody saw Mickiewicz? What is doing Witkacy?".

He? He is on the way for dog funeral, living like animal near fenece of Nethanyahu villa. In same time in the Kingdom of Poland vassals was preparing themself for great ball in Radziwillowo, ball at the Palace of the God, as our bard would sign...

After losing an election to Merkel friend, my favorite candidate an Lutheran pastor did not gived up and i hope will win at the end, already having support of German social democrats, Greens and 40 rioters of Chrisitan Soap Union. The truth is that he should be put forward from the CDU, as the Germany is mainly Lutheran country. Anywya, one of his supporters has come few days ago with nice gift an real tent, small but realy usuefull thing. Now, especialy on the Independence Day of United States that would not be won if not support of my family and such figures as County Pulawski or Tadeusz Kosciuszko, i am percived by the american public, as the Abraham Linocoln that is making this time maybe not North South war but just independence war against the British crown and the Malta Order that has been eted by Queen Elisabeth. Straight from his Linocol tent. Our participation in this war was already highlighted by puting our White Eagel, an symbol of Almighty God and the Sandomir flag, as the symbols of this independence. Something that has been lost by the americans some time ago, maybe during George Bush rein. Something that is so visible as the status quo and the living conditions. You would not treat this way a dog. A dog Sharik, in reality not only County but in english just a Prince, that has made Hussein an President of United States and was leading them and other supporters towards victories in so many countries...

County Casimir Pulaski

Casimir Pulaski, or Kazimierz Pułaski in Polish (Polish pronunciation: [kaˈʑimʲɛʂ puˈwaski] ( listen); full name in Polish: Kazimierz Michał Wacław Wiktor Pułaski) of Ślepowron coat-of-arms, (March 6, 1745[1] – October 11, 1779), was a Polish soldier, member of the Polish nobility and politician who has been called "the father of American cavalry".[2][3]

A member of the Polish landed nobility, he was a military commander for the Bar Confederation and fought against Russian domination of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. When this uprising failed, he emigrated to North America as a soldier of fortune. During the American Revolutionary War, he saved the life of George Washington[4] and became a general in the Continental Army. He died of wounds suffered in the Battle of Savannah. Pulaski is one of only seven people to be awarded honorary citizenship to the US.

More: Wikipedia

The Beniamin Nethanyahu order of 'Pianist for 1000' has already gave first effects of this 'internal bleeding' and it is something that sadness me and many of Mahometans. It is better to resist this order, haste is not good way. What you would do if they would ask for live of King of Saudi Arabia or Supreme Leader of Iran? Anyway, i am happy that you at the Middle East are keeping calm. The best way to hit this pigs in Israel and even overthrow them, is just to keep this memories alive. They think that through ordering this bloody baath they will silence you. If they will fail with this Germanization effort, this memory is something that will crash them, as it did before with Shah of Iran that was also participating in similar Teutonic crusade against my parents in 1979 or Soviet Union in 1989.

I hope and pray that they will solve thier Maltan infections in face of this time real inner threat to legitymacy of the State of Israel, once jewish state. Turing for better wage, as social democrats would say. They think that they will whitewash themself but what they has did was just like asking for raison from the jews of Warsaw ghetto, for one of them. This time for messiash what can quickly turn deadly to them. It is tactic that Nazi was also practicing in thier bestiality in jewish ghettos. Do not fall into this devilish plot and racial hatred. Keep calm and do not haste, as some, maybe also inspired by Malta Order and the crimes done on my family, on your side, has already did...

But lets go back to modern United States and the status quo. On the independence day newly nominated for this 'Afghanistan' war General David Petraeus has made an extraordinary meeting in Afghanistan embassady but also here on the ground. Well, in this war theater many of military crusaders shoot there in my defense against false accusations and other inspirations are reported as comming from Afghanistan. Many of them British ones, what in context of my grandfather and his soldiers contribution in the Battle of Britain is just shamefull. I am respecting Petraeus similar fight that, as i, he need to often take up against the inner enemy that is occuping White House. Inner enemy that is represented here if not by Barack Hussein Obama directly then for sure by the Miss Hilary Clinton, that many in jokes are just calling British Secretary of State, as her function in the White House is just to propagate Malta Orders that aims only for my crucifixation. It is bigger enemy that not only America is facingu but mainly it is enemy of the European Social Democrats. It was very visivle with the election that we had in United Kingdom, where Labors has lost but thanks to heroic efforts of Brown and some of more conscious people has undertaken. Efforts that has been constantly pacified by David Cameroon through his Maltan FRA and idiotic pawns like Hilary Clinton. The Malta Order has changed just into the Teutonic Order, with one aim crucifixation. Thier crosses are not Red but just Black. Black Iron Crosses...

It is very sad, as you can learn from the Prometeism movment Social Democrats was not our enemy but the best friend in time when we has undertaken similar independence fight in XIX centaury. Not only one but such one on which we could always count, in difference to what White House is doing with us. London was at this time a place where Jozef Klemens Pilsudzki, my 'stryj' has created PPS Revolutionary Fraction to bring liberation to our land. He was then in this Big Game been called Russian bear in Afghanistan, as some are often calling me. If I am Russian bear then Hilary is just playing Rusial Tzarica Katharina and I am, as stryj did in his Japannes letter warning you of this Russial influence that will eat you if will not be throwed out and limited in influence. By the iron, it is same that i can recommend Russian Federation having in mind recent excesses of Dimtri Mendeve and our lovly Archcibishop Kirill that is also breakin all the records trying to change Russian Orthodox Church into yet another Benedictus Teutonic stronghold of this very British Maltan Emprie. At this time, we all was signing our Rota, the Oath and we has won then and i am just asking you to do this same. My land was at that time called Kingdom of Poland. Kingdom withouth king. Kingdom where our noblemens and aristocrats has been humilitated or forced to live in exile, if they was not cooperating with partitioning powers.

Pilsudzki memorandum to Japanes goverment

Poland's strength and importance among the constituent parts of the Russian state embolden us to set ourselves the political goal of breaking up the Russian state into its main constituents and emancipating the countries that have been forcibly incorporated into that empire. We regard this not only as the fulfilment of our country's cultural strivings for independent existence, but also as a guarantee of that existence, since a Russia divested of her conquests will be sufficiently weakened that she will cease to be a formidable and dangerous neighbor.

More: Wikipedia

Just like in this days, while only few has survived Shoah and Soviet Ocupation to be so badly mistreated by our old allies. I am not enemy of ethier Democrats or Republicans and for the american people i am just a symbol. Symbol of lost independence. When they look at White Eeagel and Sandomir flag they see there face of my grandfather. At some day, i hope not anytime soon, they will see there my one. As jews will see it saying YHWE, as Mahometans will see it saying Allah. This is messiash. And they will then think how badly i was mistreated by some. Often, against thier own interests and popularity. We, my grandfather and i, will be returning not only at American Independence Day but everywhere you see symbol of God, my forefathers or just Lion of Judha on your emblems and standards.

Do not lose it if you do not want to wake up not in American Army but just in SS Waffen to what White House and Israeli cabinet in thier madness is heading you. The people all over the world want to see House of Judha restored and it is not only jews but also mahometans that want to see face of Allah with the smile. The smile with this mole, beatuty mark that is just like a Betlehem star on the Turkish and so many other Muslim standars. My person is uniting so many in our common struggle against Malta Empire. Common struggle for independence and truly Messianic era, after years of Teutonic opression and darkness of Moon, Ban Kin Moon. They want to have a leaders steping on the bright side of the force, as once between the world wars. They are happy from moral healing we provide all over the world. They see it as the oportunity to free from Maltan opression and heresy just like from the Middle Ages. It is moral healing called Sanation. But the conditions and aims. No, he is not smiling these days, at all...



PS. They are last days talking about European Family but do they realy understand who and why is making it? You can, take quick look into my new set.


Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

Obama in Maltan echo repeating his 'Sieg oder Bolshevismus' call to 'Turkey' has today mentioned European Family. I do not know if he is or even his is able to understand what European Family is and what he and Beniamin Nethanyahy that dreams about his 11 November Helmut Khol like handshake with British Gouvernor of Palestine Mr. Abas dreams, has did to this family...

You can see us here in my recent pictorial from the ghetto:

and read the notes attached here:

You could think that our British pawn want to make a similar handshake like my grandfather did during II World War with Roosvlet. But he want to have it in the Khol style at my funeral. In his litte mind this opfern like cruscifxation is something that Mahometans and Jews want. That would end some page in this longstanding conflict, as they did with my grandfather in 1984. That in reallity has started a new wave best ilustrated by the Turkey Shah of Persia based PKK. PKK was at this time shouting in my father name at Turks. Today want to do exacly same, so called Reggan solution. Sending my if not to the Gas Chamber then just to Sekwana. This is something that maybe his Berlin Jews want to see but nobody else...

Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

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