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Tora, tora, tora

When you see a generation ever dwindling, hope for him [the Messiah], as it is written, "And the afflicted people thou wilt save."[II Samuel 22:28]

When thou seest a generation overwhelmed by many troubles as by a river, await him, as it is written, when the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him; which is followed by, And the Redeemer shall come to Zion

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When i was today looking at the continued Kissinger like run of White House for my sperm or Euthanasia, what Kadima has surprisley advocated, i was thinking about what are my 'Camp David' godparents doing. The photo above is good example of the better way for this unique and common Piast dynasty. It is also example that Israeli-Arabs peace Oslo initatives can not only bring an evil, what some are trying to do these days but can also be something good. At least it was so in not so distant past. It is photo of people that has made an alliance that has succesfully defended us in one of hardest time, during the soviet occupation. An alliance formed just before my birthday. Something that adds a sense to the standards and symbols under which they stand every day, something that improves morale much better that Teutonic crusades do. How they has degenerated these days...

The Israeli cabinet is continuing thier soaping pla, pla, pla and jews are just shoked by my mistreatment what has been once again overvisible in television at the occassion of weading of swedish crown pair. What thier prince is doing and how he is living thanks to insanity of both White House and thier cabinet should force them to think. But it seems that in Likud they have yet another better idea, as the Lebanon humanitarian flotila has just departed.

Seems that they has gived up with provocations against Hamas in the Gaza Strip and now not only Turkey but at priori Lebanon is on the spot. The idea seems to be quite simple: yet another summer war. So B’nai B’rith will again raise some funds, just like during the Second Lebanon War. What is good ilustration of motivations of some of German politicans and weapon makers. After my last post Nethanyahu told Livni that he understands importance of peace process. However, I am not so sure if he realy do, in this sense the situation with him and Itzak Rabin is quite opposite. This time danger is emmanating from Israel cabinet for real. And again things on Middle East seems to be quite serious, so that even Sarkozy has made quite interesting comment on this German war machinery and Israeli 'Japanes' tactics...

Thora, thora, thora

Beirut, 19 Jun 10, 08:32

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has reportedly asked his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu for guarantees that the Jewish state would not launch war on Lebanon prior to informing Paris.

As Safir daily on Saturday quoted a source in Paris as saying that Sarkozy also urged Netanyahu to shield UNIFIL's French contingent during a possible aggression. The demand was made during their last meeting in Elysee on May 28.

The newspaper said the French request was a reflection of Sarkozy's declining confidence in Netanyahu despite recent assurances that Israel would not attack Lebanon.

Paris believes that the Israeli premier and his government have already made the decision to launch war but were awaiting the appropriate timing, according to As Safir.


The stance that Ashkenazi IDF commander supported by German diplomacy is presenting is just 'opfern' then strike with 'Tora, tora, tora' on mounths. Well, while he was just like on the photo observing tonight visitor: Mohammad Hassan Arabi that 'fought the last authoritarian monarchy in Iran' to the end, but has missed correct addreses. I must say that again, as in case of Klemens poisoning in 1935, that in fact has opened a way for II World War; our Japanes would be just like then quite right blaming America and in particural DuPont corporation for our common and personal tragedy that has claimed over 6 millions lifes of our citizens.

But would it change anyhting if it comes to the status quo of Israeli regime? What they has presented and achieved? What they would sacrifice? I will not comment Iranian regime, this body can be quite good example of how they are following Germany Nazi model or maybe it was again Rydz Smigly? I am just lacking words and Imam Khomeinin that was saying that he has been 'sent by God' to estabilish Iran, at this night has become bald, i hope for moment. Follow Wolfgang and our Nazi Tzar at Kremlin and wait for our Israeli shouting 'Tora, Tora, Tora'. Btw. Alatoylah Khomeinin was quite right and not joking, grandfather has sent him, as Shah was our deadly enemy since decades. What this people was trying to do with faith of thier fathers in spite of upcoming 'american congressional campaign' is just 100% bestiality and stupidity.


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