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Sarkozy Waterloo

To the last drop of blood in our veins
We will defend our Spirit
Until unto dust and ash
falls the Teutonic whirlwind.
Every doorsill will be our fortress.

So help us God!
So help us God!

Rota (The Oath)
Maria Konopnicka, 1908

This Sunday has bringed real erthquake for the Belgium. The PPS amid internal problems and Maltan plots has scored huge victory, as the parties that was defending this famous flamish lion (polish. lew). While at same time, the spiritual and political leaders of Israel and Catholic Church has leaded thier followers on the very bottom of Sekwana, Warta, Jordan or just an Oder. The prometeism that my forefathers was always carried has once again brightened the European sky. The sun has come glemed from the sky, that has been for so long dominated by the Moon. Bringing a hope for a better days, for comming of promised Messianic Age.

The Maltatzar with all his powers, has fallen down, at least for a moment. And in our litte alchemist laboratory, they has started to realize our concept of Prometheism and the nature of Malta opression that once has dominated Tzaris Russia. The difference is that this time it is not only Russia that has caught this dangerous Maltan virus. So dangerous, as it is now fully birtish one. Supported and acting in name and interest of Buckhignham Palace in the heart of Catholic Church has gathered Teutonic ellite from all over the world...


Prometheism (Polish: "Prometeizm") was a political project initiated by Poland's Józef Piłsudski. Its aim was to weaken Tsarist Russia and its successor state, the Soviet Union, by supporting nationalist independence movements among the major non-Russian peoples that lived within the borders of Russia and the Soviet Union.[1]

Between the World Wars, Prometheism and Piłsudski's other concept of an "Intermarum federation" constituted two complementary geopolitical strategies for him and some of his political heirs.[2]

Piłsudski's elaboration of Prometheism had been aided by an intimate knowledge of the Russian Empire gained while exiled by its government to eastern Siberia. The term "Prometheism" was suggested by the Greek myth of Prometheus, whose gift of fire to mankind, in defiance of Zeus, came to symbolize enlightenment and resistance to despotic authority.[3]

The creator and soul of the Promethean concept [wrote Charaszkiewicz] was Marshal Piłsudski, who as early as 1904, in a memorandum to the Japanese government, pointed out the need to employ, in the struggle against Russia, the numerous non-Russian nations that inhabited the basins of the Baltic, Black and Caspian Seas, and emphasized that the Polish nation, by virtue of its history, love of freedom, and uncompromising stance toward [the three empires that had partitioned Poland out of political existence at the end of the 18th century] would, in that struggle, doubtless take a leading place and help work the emancipation of other nations oppressed by Russia.[5]

The Promethean movement, according to Charaszkiewicz, took its genesis from a national renaissance that began in the late 19th century among many peoples of the Russian Empire. That renaissance stemmed from a social process that led in Russia to revolution. Nearly all the socialist parties created in the ethnically non-Russian communities assumed a national character and placed independence at the tops of their agendas: this was so in Poland, Ukraine, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia and Azerbaijan. These socialist parties would take the lead in their respective peoples' independence movements. While all these countries harbored organizations of a purely national character that likewise championed independence, the socialist parties, precisely because they associated the fulfilment of their strivings for independence with the social movement in Russia, showed the greater dynamism.


Throughout the years 1918–39, according to Charaszkiewicz, the Polish Promethean leadership consistently observed several principles. The purpose of the Promethean enterprise was to liberate from imperialist Russia, of whatever political stripe, the peoples of the Baltic, Black and Caspian Sea basins and to create a series of independent states as a common defensive front against Russian aggression. Each Promethean party respected the political sovereigny of the others. Any disputes between Promethean parties were placed in abeyance pending the liberation of the several parties from Russia.

More: Wikipedia

The bigest winners of this elections was the Flamish NVA that was defending on our field this prometheus and therefore has gained a huge public support that has not only eclipsed Letreme but mainly initiator of this snap pool and our Israeli cabinet. They has started from signing thier anthem: "Nothing will tame a Flemish lion" and this way has won people hearts and minds. If they will continue maybe such hard stance maybe we will be able to spread this moral healing in whole Europe? Maybe we will win at the end. If so i would be more that happy to give them one of my castels to form on our land some Protestant chapel, just like in time of our First Commonwealth, multireligious and multicultural. Similar parties and movements was in past a driving force behind our Prometheism, leading to the liberations of most of Eastern Europe. And the Israeli? Maybe they should also start to listen to thier own anthem: Hatikva, The Hope instead of constantly directly or indirectly trying to crush it...

The other one is Socialist Party that are and will be facing internal threats comming from the overmaltan White House but most of them was playing just like Social Democrats in the Weimar Republic: to everybody equaly. Inspired by our PPS Revolutionary Fraction. If they will not fall to the internal and external threats and will not change thier character for the National Socialism, maybe better days will come. If they will, after such driving character and victories in France, Slovakia and other coutires, they will crash themself, very loudly. What will be memorised by the people for very long, for decades. The problem is that with such White House they will probably fall, as Democrats was doing in past and i had already saw a prelude of this suicidal behavior. The Belgium will probably have after 20 years a French speaking Prime Minister but afterwards, they can face another such period if this White House threat will not be eliminated and they will not clear themself from Maltan puppets. Puppets that are everyday in thier suicidal drive are trying to blow our 'Gordon redoubt'.

The other party that maybe has not gained anything but also has not scored heavy defeat, as our Antwerpen Israeli community or followers of Benedict XVI teachings was MR, that name sound quite like Merh Ressistance. The error that they are facing in Israel is quite similar to same that Socialist are facing in the White House. It is quite optimistic that they did not fallen down amid the pressure that our happy Israeli cabinet has put on them. I hope that they will continue this traditional Belgian Ressistance and will fix internal error, mainly in Synagoge...



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