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PVV Formula

Arabs from Poraj

  • Rybeńko(60 years)
  • Mikołaj Mickiewicz/ Radosz (unknown)
  • Adam Mickiewicz (57 years)
  • Józef Pilsudzki (79 years)
  • Bronisław Pilsudzki (62 years)
  • Stanislaw Witkacy/ Mikolajczyk/ Radosz (98 years)
  • Jan Radosz (gossed 1984)
  • Artur Radosz (31 years?)

Yesterday was yet another hot day of election campaign and the PVV motor that consits from unusual eugenic connection of Malta Order, Israel and cancer Merkel has once again showed us thier true face and faith of thier fathers. The day has started when i as usual was beging on the street. Usualy they are sending a group of Zebras from Paris Samaritan Palace, sometimes raping me over the air, then the attacker is comming. But this day it was rather group of israeli shakals. An group of armored IDF troops from LVF (Légion des volontaires français contre le bolchevisme) that has come to make a jokes from me. I has left imidietly and changed a place.

Well, time has show that they was maybe not even was making a joke from me but from the Turkey goverment. As just after this LVF visit the attacker has come out and the Turkish military has gave an information about the Turkish military that has bombed PKK camp in northern Iraq. And at same time euronews has showed you an information in which Turkish leader has threatnen Israel that 'it will pay for death of 9 Turkish nationals'. This time it has collided with U.S visit and it looks that our 'nigger' is not going to fix problem that Republicans have. Anyway, acctualy it was Turkey that under Merkel influence not only has started to spread this Nazi/Teutonic heresy in the Middle East but almost helped Israel to come out of troubles that this Jewish Messiash has made for them.

If Turkish leadership thinks that after such murdering they will be welcomed by the Europeans in the EU, they should make cold turkey for themself. And if it comes to me, Turks has many times shooted to PKK relebels that was sturming our Route 66 and we are very thankfull for this, i reget thier request, as the deutche madness. Before they will make such Deutche inducted threats calling me Israel while i rather play a role of Leopoldo III, they should first pay for Armenian genocide instead of sturming our Adampol. In so Ottomanish style. Come out from this route and stop spreading this Teutonic heresy, it will be better for you and your nation. I think that Israel and Sarkozy in particural will give you enough occassion 'to pay for this deaths'. Adam Mickiewicz has been murdered in Istambul under influence of same Mahdi heresy and Teutonic ideology, that has showed full face bit later in 1940's and it is not good for you to follow such steeps. Esepicaly in time when Greet Wilders is waiting on such impulse to scream, as Reagan did after JP II shooting in Ankara: 'did i not told you that this Muslims are just a racial beasts?'

The myth is true but this particural devotion is just calculated by the Malta Order and some of Israeli to convice you to make such bestial murder. Do you think that be murdering me, a true one, 'Guided One', descendant of Muhammad, somebody that bears his blood and this 'evil gene' that you can see on my face: you will defend Islam and restore faith to its original form and eradicate moral corruption? Definitivley not. They say that you, my killer will be like Mahdi while i am Isa but this is just calculated lie. Same that has killed Adam Mickiewicz hundred years ago. Our forefathers has left you true sign in some salt cave where my soul was sleeping to be waked up. In Wieliczka...

But it is not only such a sign. Tonight when i was listening to pre election debate in our ghetto, signing our old songs including 'First Cadre Company' i was thinking about somebody that was and i think still is called 'Turkish jewish dictator'. He was called so because of beign our close ally in pre war Turkey. Somebody that like our other friends has died in suspected circumstances, just before the outbreak of II World War. He should be definitivle guide and answer, if it comes to faith of our fathers. Somebody that should be like anitdotum to this Maltan heresy. Somebody that like others forefathers of Europe is with me on our Mountian of Reich. Every night. This night has bringed a 10 killed, they say that NATO troops, but it was mainy France and Germany that was sturming on the eve of elections in Netherlands. In this context i feel litte bit like my grandfather, Judishe Messiash that was leading a goverment in exile, liberating Breda and Arnhem from the Nazi. This time, from the PVV, an unusual mix of Malta Order, Israel and Merkel...

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (Turkish pronunciation: [mustaˈfa ceˈmal ataˈtyɾk]; indeterminate, 1881–10 November 1938) was a Turkish army officer, revolutionary statesman, writer, and founder of the Republic of Turkey as well as its first president.

Atatürk became known as an extremely capable military officer during World War I.[1] Following the defeat of the Ottoman Empire, he led the Turkish national movement in the Turkish War of Independence. Having established a provisional government in Ankara, he defeated the forces sent by the Allies. His successful military campaigns led to the liberation of the country and to the establishment of Turkey. During his presidency, Atatürk embarked upon a program of political, economic, and cultural reforms. An admirer of the Age of Enlightenment, he sought to transform the former Ottoman Empire into a modern and secular nation-state. The principles of Atatürk's reforms, upon which modern Turkey was established, are referred to as Kemalism.

More: Wikipedia

I had a hope that recent security conference in Turkey will be something simillar to the conference that Allies has hold in Cassablanca in 1943. A conference entitled 'SYMBOL' and used to promote Allies between the Mahometans. Used to promote them through the person of my grandfather. However, i had observed something different and futher spreading of this deutche heresy in the Middle East. It is something bad for both of me and the Middle East. They continue to call me Israel, what in spite of Likud extermination effort is just an madness. In this context they can start to call Attaturk an Israel, what some because of his freemasonry participating are doing. I can only pray for Turkish leadership to change a mind and regain good name. The Attaturk way, Sanation way is much better for them if it comes to European public. That besid Malta and Israeli defaming efforts is staying on my side, just like the rock. Just like 'Ostaniec', as we say in my forefather land...



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