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Towards pure race

Palestinians 'would would be crushed like grasshoppers ... heads smashed against the boulders and walls'

Yitzhak Shamir
The New York Times
April 1st, 1988

On this sabbath it was again very loudly in local synagoge because of this famous Radziwill mole. In Israel our ubereffective cabinet has decided for 'easing of Gaza blockade', what Hamas has called a propaganda gesture. If it comes to our 'Gaza' that in this diplomatic dialogue is played by me, the way to solve this arab question that our Likud cabinet has propsed is merly a propaganda and nothing new. It is based on the claim that i am 'blooded jew' and the race need to be cleaned. By the offspring, in best case.

Well, i am, as my grandfathers, blooded since embryo and i am quite proud of this. Beign at least since the Judha and my grandfather in particural, jewish king from the King David line, on 24 March 1933 has declared a never ended war against the Nazi, the Lion of Judah, the old battle symbol of Jewish defiance. In this context, what Likud has proposed is what i could hear from the Adolf Hitler regime; racial purification. Literary. And this time it has also come from the Germany, as the way to move away our Shoah claims for another 25 years, another generation. Becouse, he is 'blooded jew'. Koszerny, some would say...

Judea Declares War On Germany

Below is a facsimile of the front page of Britain's Daily Express, March 24, 1933. Bear in mind that this was some six years before the start of WWII (1939-1945)!

The appearance of the Swastika symbol of a new Germany has called forth the Lion of Judah, the old battle symbol of Jewish defiance.

Fourteen million Jews, dispersed throughout the world, have banded together as one man to declare war on the German persecutors of their co-religionists. Sectional differences and antagonisms have been submerged in one common aim - to stand by the 600,000 Jews of Germany who are terrorised by Hitlerite anti-Semitism and to compel Fascist Germany to end its campaign of violence and suppression directed against its Jewish minority.

P l a n s F o r A c t i o n M a t u r i n g
I n E u r o p e A n d A m e r i c a

World Jewry has made up its mind not to rest quiescent in face of this revival of medieval Jew-baiting.

Germany may be called on to pay a heavy price for Hitler's antagonism to the Jews. She is faced with an international boycott in commerce, finance, and industry.

The Jewish merchant prince is leaving his counting-house, the banker his board-room, the shopkeeper his store, and the pedlar his humble barrow, to join together in what has become a holy war to combat the Hitlerite enemies of the Jew.

Plans for concerted Jewish action are being matured in Europe and America to strike back in reprisal at Hitlerite Germany.

In London, New York, Paris, and Warsaw Jewish merchants are waiting for a commercial crusade.

Resolutions are being taken throughout the Jewish business.

24 March 1933

The 'relaxing blockade' by our Deutche cabinet in the context of the genocide like living conditions is nothing more but bad pre election joke. The achievments of Beniamin Nethanyahu cabinet and the proposed solution can be only treated as the joke from the jewish nation and the faithfulls. They, Chrisitan Democrats leaded by the Israeli Monetary Fund has put almost 3 billions dollars on the table while in my palaces, nationalised in 1946 you can find a museums, created there in time when Sluzba Bezpieczenstwa was taking my father from me. Please, dear jew compare how are living British Princes and how your, jewish prince has been mistreated and demolished by your Deutche cabinet. It is effect of Beniamin Nethanyahu calamity policy - OPFERN. There are no explanation for it other that a lies...

The author and the source of this ideology in the Israel is our 'Hassidic' weeding specialist and my father gosser Yitzak Shamir. Yesterday i had found on the internet a beatifull photo of him with bride, very clear and symbolic one. But today i had spend over hour looking for it and cannot find it. The photo has been deleted over the night. And the problem with this 'Hassidic' weeding is that the bride is long time dead. Murdered by this same people that was accusing for such act bridegroom and trying to finish thier 'weeding ceremony'. I had wroten on this blog that some my friends has been poisoned. Some like Zbigniew Religa, Van Miert, Tedy Kennedy or many other that you can find on the list of Smolensk flight.

The point is that this 'poison' was just Nazi lies about what has happend in the Amsterdam and that they would never take up bootle in thier arms to 'crush me as the grasshopper', if they would be told whole truth about events in Amsterdam. And the source of this plot and mastermind of this 'transition' strategy is Yiztzak Shamir that sits down just behind Beniamin Nethanyahu observing how he is commiting suicide and using his influence and persons like Ashkenazi that has long time ago confused the Eagel he bears with the swastik and of course our cocaine lover, Israle Katz.

This persons should be long time ago removed from the power, if the trust is going to be restored. Similary to Clinton or our Middle East specialist Stanley McCrystal in White House. If somebody should be punished in King Jehu style, it should be authors of this bootle plot not the victim, that is constantly hunted and false accused by them, from decades. And well, people like Shamir has already scored some of my brave defenders from Israel and all over the world, peoples like Yitzak Rabin or Jean Paul II. People that in difference to our infamous Lech Kaczynski was not killed on route 66 but has been just assasinated or poisoned for defending me and faith of thier fathers. And what our leaders from Knesset and White House are doing. They are continuing thier crazy Maltan dance that can end for them and world fataly. They say that it is Nethanyahu that is ruling but i as my father hear and feel rather Shamir and the Nazi ideology driving Israel and Likud. Driving in very Maltan style and aims...

The death of Yitzak Rabin was quite interesting one. Sometimes it is hard in this Israeli propaganda to find out if somebody was realy assasinated or has died on our route due to thier Nazi crusade. Yitzak seems to be really murdered and if you will listen to what he was saying, it seems that he was to end defending me. He has been assasinated Yigal Amir, a radical right-wing Orthodox Jew who opposed the signing of the Oslo Accords and believed he was saving the country from a dire fate. I do not think it was true, it was time of Jean Paul II and it is quite hard to belife that Rabin had similar intentions to Shamir that has also prepared such an accord in 1984 aimed at my father. What has happened was just false accusations and claims, rumor that has been used by Shamir to motivate some strong beliver. He was almost like this famous 'polish bullet' that has killed General von Frich, but this time it was shoot out not in the person it should be. And just few days before i had observed similar situation, here on Gare. This is how people like Shamir are using this religious, patriotic jews, misleading them and manipulating...

Yitzak Shamir is not only specialist from Nazi marriages but also from the divorces. In time of recent EU summit Israeli cabinet has prepared some joke that has almost come out of the control or maybe even was designed to be so by our Demiurg Nethanyahu. They has told them that will kill me in revenge what has induced very interesting comments or rather condolences, like this one that has been expresed by Van Rumpuy, somebody that we did the President of EU. When i had come there to watch the news i had noticed some young women siting down near the screen. On first i has tought that it is yet another 'manekin' from Shamir, yet another bride, separated on thier own wish, some Zebra from thier B'nai B'rith International artistic Community. She was looking exacly like this manecin that you see on the video clip, after words 'influential pair' on the video that Lyon has published just minutes after our incident entitled 'Usher releases “divorce” album'. After checking newses, I had come out for a moment and when returned some SS man from Nethanyahu was waiting for me. When noticed me he did not killed me or did anything but after a while has just left the stage.

The problem is that Yitzak Shamir and his friends has sent in meantime somebody that was going to hit me for real. He did not reached me, let say that it was Yitzak Rabin that has for a moment looked there and has just heavily hit him in the face. So instead of reaching me, he has been taken by the ambulance to hospital. The problem is that for first IDF was noticed about this action, as just after our agressor has been teached respect to thier own faith, they has hit me into eye from thier radio. Quite painfully and in quite clear declaration of the sides. For second Nethanyahu has not taked any steps to punish them and clear his cabinet from such threats that can be realy called a threats to Israel security. It seems he is quite comfortable from such 'solution' that could look just like sacrificing me by some Shamir followers just at the foots of his IDF troop. What a Likud perfidion, especialy that it could very quickly turn for him deadly...



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