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Ottoman dream

As work of destruction,
in good case is just holy, like the work of creation:
God has said 'and become', God can say 'and die'
When from the people faith and freedom will flee,
When Earth will be pured by despotism and mad pride
Bathed, like Moscals Ordon Redoubt:
Will panish tribe of winners poisoned by thier crimes,
God will blast this planet, just like they thier redoubt;

A. Mickiewicz

Today after completing thier boat of St. Paul provocation Israel and our United States President was counting very much that the Turkish goverment will execute Mickiewicz what for sure would make Turky closer with the European Union. Of course he did not and instead has ordered deutche disco for participants of yet another Maltan provocation. But it was not only Turkish plot they has prepared in this pre election days. A plot that instead of leading Turkey to Ottoman ideology maybe will remind them days when we was fighting arm to arm in the Crimear war against the Russian Tzar to who another Russian Malta lover Medvedev could be similiar if not his lack of honor and respect to his fathers Orthodox faith. In time when under Turkish flag Sadyk Pasza has created polish army in Adampol or Polonezköy.


Polish-Turkish relations have been good since the 18th century, and the Ottoman Empire was the only major power in the world which never recognized the dissolution and partitioning of Poland between Austria-Hungary, Russia and Prussia, while Constantinople (Istanbul) remained as the only capital city in the world to maintain a "Polish Ambassador" until the end of the First World War and the subsequent re-creation of Poland.

Polonezköy (Adampol) was founded by Duke Adam Czartoryski in 1842. He was the Chairman of the Polish National Uprising Government and the leader of a political emigration party. The settlement was named Adam-koj (Adamköy) after its founder, which means the "Village of Adam" in Turkish (Adampol means "Town of Adam" in Polish).

Duke Adam Czartoryski wanted to create the second emigration centre here (the first one was in Paris, France.) He sent his representative, Michał Czajkowski, to Turkey. Michał Czajkowski, after converting to Islam in 1850, became known as Mehmed Sadyk Pasza (Mehmet Sadık Paşa). He purchased the forest area which encompasses present-day Adampol from a missionary order of Lazarists. Plans were made to establish Adampol on this area in the future.

At the beginning, the village was inhabited by 12 people, but there were no more than 220 people when the village was most populated. In the course of time, Adampol developed and was flooded by a lot of emigrants from the rebellion in November 1830, during the Crimean War in 1853, and by runaways from Siberia and from captivity in Circassia. The first inhabitants busied themselves with agriculture, raising and forestry. After Polish independence in 1918, many returned to Poland. Before World War II, the first tourists already began to arrive to the village. The remaining inhabitants of Adampol (Polonezköy) took Turkish citizenship in 1938.

Adampol's town chronicles registered the visits of famous people such as Franz Liszt (1847), French writer Gustave Flaubert (1850), Czech writer Karel Droz (1904), the first President of the Turkish Republic Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (1937), Pope Nuncio Angelo Roncalli - the future Pope John XXIII (in 1941 some children received confirmation from him during his visit) and the first Polish diplomat after the Second World War, Adam Rapacki, then the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PRL, accompanied by Turkish dignitaries (1961).

More: Wikipedia

At the morning our radio listernes could like in PRL listen to the interigation of Pries Popieluszko that every day was called by Milicja Obywatelska to make his confesion in never ending investigation about the White Eagel in the crown that he holded in lapel. Well, if he would like I observe what was real source of his opression and who was oredering this SB investigation he would probably convert to some other faith. Yesterady German police has made an interviev whit one of my liftemie opressors head of the German Catholic Church. In the revenge he has sent his friend from Turkey to help our Israeli in thier every morning interigations. I think he has meet this Ankara bullet that he has helped to shoot in our Pope, trying to induce hatred between Chrisitians and Muslims, just as they are trying with me.

After 29 years, but on the Sunday we will observe his mourning and the justice done; in our every week teachings about Sanation and Jean Paul II. I hope that Turkish catholics will choos somebody better as thier next head and maybe it would be better to not pickup this one that will be pointed by Benedictus. It should be somebody that in difference to previous one will be able to build on our common past not trying to destroy it and blame Mahometans. Anyway, this incident on the night of beatification of brother George should show you some mechanism of saint producers inside of Catholic Church and the real source of opression that brother George has meet looking for a truth about my father...

The other visitor was some BritishIsraeli connected judge (through mer of Brussels), that has thought that because of her social poistion he can kill me by our mystical Amsterdam bootle. Well, it was yet another provocation and in the effect Chrisitan Democrats has almost throwed me out. The reescue has come out from unusual side, the Buddha has warned them that they can take me but it will pay them in Seul by war about which they dream so much. They also has noticed yet another sheep that has complicated litte bit situation in Belgium. Thank you for memory and such strong solidarity.

But the sheep has provoked also direct revenge attacks from our Israeli soldiers, pointing by the way to a source of her inspiration. While in Knesset Beniamin Nethanyahu was painting me as the Israel with brave IDF SS mans defending me from Turks. His people from IDF, on the ground has tried two times to kill me. If they does not see the problem in thier decision making process maybe they should call psychiatrits for themself. This same is true for German cabinet ledade by Cancer Merkel, so blooded that should shoot up instead of calling us Iran and trying to send to gas chamber to solve thier jewish problem and financial claims, at same time putting from the German taxpayers almost 300 billions Euro to 'fix' economical crisis. With everything they did to us through 70 years Merkel is just a Nazi cancer that is direct insult to the Lutheran faith and real danger of Nazi takeovering this religious community and Germany, maybe even biger that Helmut Khol.

What is the Social Europe an CDU social program is just an extermination hidden for naive under the old Hitler slogan: 'Sieg oder bolshevismus'. This is Chrisitan Europe with racism, humalitation, slavery and gas chambers. Europe ruled by Republicans, poisoned by Malta nad Nazim. Republicans that count on this british slave Obama to finish this extermination and genocide done on us. While what Israeli is doing since six years is simply beyond imagination, riding on us as the Hitler was doing with my grandfather. They even does not think about short term damages that they did to us by distributing false accusations against my person. They are just laughting from faiths of thier fathers. Counting on the extermination and behaving towards us no diferent from the British occupants of the Holy Land, at same time trying to back thier land claims by the Thora and performing real massacre of the Messiash. This should everybody show how they has degenerated, all time trying like blind slaves fullify thier British Order. Malta Order.

Some time ago he was defending right to jewish state with Thora in hands. But next time, when he or anybody from this fake state will do such thing, ask them directly into face: WHAT YOU HAS DID WITH THE MESSIASH THAT ACCORDING TO THE HOLY THORA SHOULD RE CREATE THIS STATE. At the time when they was creating Israel, Messiash has been traped in PRL, where he wanted to first recreate our country to bring promised Kingdom of God and Messiashic Era. But after they has liberated our country, they has never pay the respect they should. Morevore, they has sent his son to the gas chamber with help of thier nurses, they has put me into the genocide conditons, thier soldiers without meeting punishment are molesting me, raping, beating from the National Security Office through 6 years. Every day, every night. Making every effort to 'deliver' not the Messiashic Age but just the Age of Nazism...

Messianic Age

Messianic Age is a theological term referring to a future time of peace and brotherhood on the earth, without crime, war and poverty. Many religions believe that there will be such an age; some refer to it as the "Kingdom of God".

Terminology: "messianic" and "eschatology"

In the context of "Messianic Age", the earliest meaning of the word "messianic" is derived from notion of Yemot HaMashiach meaning "The Days of the Messiah", that is, the Jewish Messiah, meaning "related to the Messiah" (See also Messiah). Messiah comes from a Hebrew word meaning "The Anointed One", i.e., a person who s "specially appointed and empowered". Originally this phrase--the "anointed one"--referred to either a king who was anointed with Holy anointing oil as part of what might be understood to be his coronation ceremony, or a kohen. After the destruction of the Israelite kingship and Davidic line with the destruction of the First Temple in 586 B.C.E., Biblical figures began to write of a yearning for the "mashiach" to return.

Originally, however, this only meant a yearning for a return to the Davidic kingship and the just rule and (Israelite) national independence that such a thing connoted. Over time, however, as a return to independent rule became increasingly distant-seeming, hopes for a new "anointed one" to come and liberate the people from their current, dismal conditions took on a decidedly more transcendent cast, eventually morphing into the "Messiah" (that word, an Anglicanization of "moshiach") known to Judaism and Christianity--that is to say, the Divine messenger who will come and herald God's world to come/future age.

Eschatology is an area of religious scholarship that deals with prophecies about "the end of the current age" of human civilization.

Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Bahá'í

Jewish, Christian, Zoroastrian and Islamic eschatology teach that there will be a "Messianic Age" when the Messiah will come and bring peace and prosperity to the earth. Although the Hebrew Bible, also known as the Old Testament, and the New Testament both describe such a period, the term "Messianic Age" does not appear in the Hebrew Bible nor in the Apocrypha and is called the "Millennium/New Earth" in the New Testament. The "Messianic Age" in Islam is described in the Hadith. In the Bahá'í Faith, the "Messianic Age" refers to a 1000-year period beginning with the Declaration of Bahá'u'lláh in 1863. Bahá'ís believe the period of peace and prosperity is gradually unfolding and will culminate in the appearance of "The Most Great Peace"

More: Wikipedia

And today, as you could see on Maltan video clip from our famous Mars 500 amsterdam provocation they has once again offered me the room (from english: peace). They has said that it is offer of Afghan people that at the jirga called for a peace, or rather room. The problem is that West has once again offered me a gas chamber while we are talking about the room for which 4 if not 7 generations was waiting, as Jozef Beck was answering on similar Western offer in 1939. Versal room in Secesion style. Doing such offer while IMF leaded by famous Zionist family Strauss and some of Chrisitan Democrats goverment in Europe has put an ammount of 3 trilions dollars on the table is just like laughting from the people. It is how Republicans and Israeli has treated us and the nation closing by false accusations in gencoide conditions of Likud Birkenauen and doing everything to sacrifice us. But we do not belive that Obama, that plays just like british occupant, an Malta pawn is anyhow different.

Since first day in office instead of thanking us for making him a President of United States and helping us on the way to take a position in the European Parlaiament he was sturming us with the Amsterdam bottle. He also has contributed to our status quo and should do everything to change it. Bringing promised Messiasic Age instead of anihilating us or joining Maltan Mob, that like before decades want from us a sperm to create new improved classes of eugenic rulers. Something that recently Commissioner Barosso has called for comparing people to the plants and promoting Geneticaly Modifed Organisms. It they want to take somebody to account, they should start from themself. Because our only fault is that we are simply alive. That we bear the beauty mark, this same that for blind has been put on the head of Buddha. To mark sign of the God, the Creator and this holy tribe that through ages, has been almost murdered to the last, by the Teutons or Nazi, whatever you will call them...

Neo Zionsim


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