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Messiah on Błędowska desert

NATO "needs to cut fat, not muscle"

Anders Fogh Rasmussen
NATO Secretary-General

Today inspired by one of anti jews posters from the III Reich, that i cannot find at this moment, Israeli cabinet has announced that Israeli ministers weigh easing Gaza blockade. On this old poster you could figure out some jew that is weighting from one cage a mountain of gold on the other side somebody. The concept was that it is quite jewish behavior, some kind of escape from the raising accusation of the Nazi driven ideology. But the history has gave them quite clear answer and in contrast what they in Israel are promoting is just old Nazi slogan: 'Nicht spending. Opfern.', sacrifice. Somebody that was on this poster about which they was thinking, was just my grandfather that has been put in similar situation. The point is that the jewish resistance has never gave up him even under such pressure that they was experiencing in the time of Adolf Hitler. It was just matter of honor. Moreover, he has been able to lead our soldiers to the miltary victory over this Nazi regime for what they should be thankfull to him through centauries, becous otherwise there would be no one of them on this world.

But while he has lived almost 100 years, Israeli has never payed him a respect they should that they are obligued by the Thora and Word of the God. And now my dear Israeli ministers the historical weight has even growed, while my personal one is close to the inhabits of Auschwitz. Thanks to your errors and mistakes. Yitzhak Shamir has once criticised Beniamin Nethanyahu for ' being too indecisive in dealing with the Arabs'. In his wording he was thinking about our Arabs from Poraj, our aliens. Nowdays he can be more that happy, as you can see Beniamin cabinet through more that year has did even too much in solving Arab question. While final 'decision' is still up in the air and our 'british Napoleon' Sarkozy is continuing to explain Belgian people that he did not loose his Waterloo. And i must admit that he is quite successfull in this. Mainly thanks to White House.

Yesterday, when i was coming to my tent to sleep, President of the United States was assured that it will be Fidel Castro people that will help them solve this arab question. He was goign to make his afterward speech with the problem solved. He maybe has missunderstood Fidel rethoric and quite braight and correct criticism of Israeli policies or as some dainty Israeli says 'lack of policies' in this Middle East peace negotiations. Well, the policy of Israeli leaders is quite simple: 'Nigger will fix it' and i must say that they can be quite right in this. But is this making them anyhow better? We all see this fat errors and Maltan infection not only in White House but almost everywhere.

Some are resisting it, some are just falling to it. The Fidel people i had meet here was the first one. I meet them on my route 66, instead of killing me, as some has suposed they was there, as once the Warsaw uprisers, waiting on the barricades. We has exchanged greetingz and they has even gived my a bit of hashish. They was waiting there for yet another wave of your Maltan furry. You in Israel in reply to Castro criticism has said that "Che Guevara must be spinning in his grave”, acctualy it is rather Nathan Birnbaum but also founding fathers of United States that are spinning there. Well, formaly there is still david star or rather magen david as you call it in Hebrew, that you bear but you do everything to change it for swastika. Jews are nethier blind nor stoopid, what you has saw already in Antwerpen during elections.

The planed blown has not come and Obama needed to say something to Americans. Many has taken his word for good coin but was it so? Listen: “Make no mistake. We will fight this spill with everything we have got for as long as it takes. we will make BP pay for the damage that the company has caused. The tragedy unfolding on our coast is the most painful and the powerful reminder yet that time to embrace the clean energy future is now.” Yes, our innovative President of United States has once again tried to kick me to Kobierzyn Mental Home to obtain his 'clean energy'. What can be clearly seen by the locals, as realisation of Sarkozy 'annexation'. We and social democrats are facing a real error there.

Sarkozy can only laught from thier cretinism, while he is nothing different beign just a Maltan poodel realising his British Orders, as they do in Israel and White House. No, it is not the time for paing a swasitka on the Eagel it is rather time to kick somme asses in both houses, especially if it comes to our Rassial Tzarica Clinton, our Nixon daughter. It is time for moral healing. At least, it should be...


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