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Babylon is burning, Babylon is burning
faithfuls are happy, rings are ringing joufully
Babylon is burning

Izrael, 1984

The election day was full of plots but this time i will focus on the American one. It has started when i was baging on the street as usual. It was some heroin junki that has come to me. He has invited me to his squot but the life has teached this wild rabbit what he can expect from the people. I had replied that it is simply to dangerous for me and i prefer to stay in my camp. I told him that for some peole i am like somebody that bears on neck heavy gold chain, while i do not have even single penny. I cannot remove this chain, it is just like this mole he can spot on my face. And they, they are trying constantly to grab this chain from me to enrich themself. Therefore i am expecting such situation in his place. I am like magness for them, since the day i was born and even before, i warned him.

I was affraid, as i had already at the elections in France observed how White House is thanking for help in the election race. But we was talking. I asked him if he is doing methadone, he told me that yes, a lot around 100. I had replied him that in my region it is still a problem for heroin addicts and that i had spent a lot of my life trying to improve drug policy in my and other countries. In Russia they still have a problem with methadone but the drug use in difference to my has been depenalised. We has changed the status of most marginalised in many country, but not in my. I had presonaly spent over the month in prison for smoking a single joint. Most of it on hunger strike to change this Swedish American way of 'helping' drug users...

Well, after geting noticed that he will be not able to invite me on the squot, he has started to ask me about my place where i am going to spend a night. For me his intentions has been quite claer so i just replied evasively and has left him. I think he has joined our Route 66 at the night. And well, it was not accident, as just on next day NATO has reveals new command structure in Afghanistan.

I think that the way that our British General Stanley McCrystal group that was going to mark it was just my slaining in thier squot. To try to defame NATO, just like communists was trying to do during the Soviet occupation. While the alliance since beign enacted has put our survival, as the point of honor. That is why i am on this planet, survived even on the hostile occupied territory during PRL. The good example of such ressistance was so called Rapacki Plan - nuke free zone - that PRL side has presented to Western leader but that has been rejected by the NATO. Similar proposals has been also made at this time by Soviet Union, Sweden, Finland, Romania, and Bulgaria. They was frightening us by famous 'German military mission', but so far it was only propaganda and i hope they will never change thier uniforms. Expanding this German Group 85 submission of changing Bundeswhera and remove Federal Eagel from Bundestag or eventual put there a swastika. Mission that in fact exist will never be expanded to the whole alliance...

Today firends of our 'new command structure' leader was going to take thier revenge and the words that Obama has told to the people of America, having in mind the White Eagel that some of them need to face everyday was not a joke: "There is going to be a harmful effect on many local businesses and it’s going to be painful for a lot for folks. Folks are going to be frustrated and some folks are going to be angry but I promise you this: that things are going to return to normal". Thanks God they has been arrested by the Mher but it is another symptom of yet another Nazi move. Obama has allowed them to perform such deadly blow having in mind an removal of some of his 'pupils', reshaping of the cabinet. I think that he would probably would remove some, but even not this ones that he should. As they has used to do in a move that i simply call 'Zaolzie syndrome'; something that in Israel has meet Iccak Rabin that was in silence wrongly accused of ordering my father extermination. In fact some former Israeli PM that has did it is still ploting my extermination. Anyway, would such negligence be forgiven by the Americans or Israeli or any other affected nation? I think it is rethoric question...

Well, the events of rest of day was quite shoking and i hope i will describe you later, how, our Napoleon through his Maltan connection was trying to prove that he has won Waterloo but i want now explain some how Obama, knowing it or not, was going to remove not this ones that he should. The key incident was General David Paterous questioning in Congrees. He has sudetly falen down and correctly has identified a cause as 'dehidrilation'. I wonder if it is enough for our Russial Tzarica Katherina or our 'nigger' will wait when they will prepare something for him? For everybody it should be clear that for first it is not incident and for second that he is a problem for Stanley. I was on begining thinking that the outcome of this incident could be a dath but maybe our litte slave was just making a show on board of his powerfull, once ours, Air Force One.

It was not accident what i could observe in our war theather on my eyes. They has also tried to poison me. When i was entering gare i had meet one of local rabbin Israeli that when has noticed me has put his hand on his bear. In polish it is 'broda' what can be also translated, as 'brother'. Well, i am not sure if Israeli, that has ececuted him are realy side to claim such a revenge. I do not think that anybody is in such position having in mind a way he has died and his past achievments. Lets say that he has come to Teddy Kennedy that he has be the way killed. Well, i hope i will elaborate in future on this but Lets go back to our Gare du Midi. Yes, our Maltan Rabbi has once again tried to kill me and i was also suposed to fall on the ground. And never wake up. His friend has once again left poison somwhere. And it is once again God or just good luck that i did not drinked it. Somebody elese did it. I had found him death just near enternance...

In Israel they has just started thier Festival of Light and even blind ones are starting to discover nature, aims and effect of this deadly and devastating Likud cabinet. Enlighted by this Belgian prometheus, as once was Tzarist in Moscow and later Nazi in Berlin. Babylon is burning, again. As my friends are signing in my country and all over the world. Silence Sarkozy, you could screm if not this british slave in White House. When they was signing this song in 1984, Sluzba Bezpieczenstwa ordered by Malta and Prime Minister of Israel Yitzhak Shamir.

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