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Destroying Drzymala camp

What you will destroy today, dear Israeli?

We was once again not invited to G20 meeting but again we and the bottle was in the centre of the discusion. Maybe we did not get on board of the meeting, as we has lost our 'legitymacy' in the course of Nazi Germany party that they organised in our country between 1939-45. But the one of most visible outcome of this meeting of G20+Radziwill group was beside standard assing and 'pure race' propaganda, an Admirall Muller visit at Kaboul pour rassurer Karzaï sur la poursuite de la mission Otan, as Sarkozy press serviced informed us. Probably trying to defame at least two players and organising his usual provocation a'la Shamir.

I had meet our litte 'Admiral Muller' on his way from Gare to some luxury car waiting for him there. He has come there with big suitcase full of money for BP leak 'victims'. He has come there to recruit another wave of such 'victims'. Of course our mistical bottle, same that you can spot in hands of my grandfather or Winston Churchil from Neo Zionist propaganda poster has became a dogma in thier Benedictian faith. Nobody was thinking what they did with it to the Pianist, nethier nobody was thinking about long term damages that Germany has did to us and our nations. Still, some are strugling to solve arab question in usual to our Israeli way. The Prime Minsiter of Israel was recently telling you about mounted attack of 'state Israel legitymacy' but he has forgotten to mention what he has did with it. Throwing this 'lgitymacy' on trashcan of history and shiiting on it, as they do every day since years...

Our 'litte admiral' has soon been named by U.S., as the hurrican Alex, probably in memory of one of Gota group member that is going to replace my broadcast. The overnight sturms he has bought has come together with loud car clacsons and shouting of 'Shamiraty' supporters. Anyway, when it comes to White House I do not think that recent resignation of one of my biggest military opponets General Stanley McChrystal will change American president thinking and aims. Maybe it will stop his idea for a war in Middle East, for a moment. But I still see Hilary Clinton and other 'ultra democrats' near him and i do not belive this White House can deliver something other that extermination of this symbolic Eagel or yet another horde of eugenic lawless bastards, in longer term. For now they seems to be in litte standby, waiting with thier thanks for help in elections for Japan. Where after droping on Buddah by four other Prime Ministers, the new one is promising to not 'cut' him before next Lower House elections. Trying to convice American counterparts that it is better for everybody to not cut this broadcast and this Pianist.

The effect of his promise is quite devastating for his opponets, as thanks to it he has boosted his party support from 20% to 60%. But it can be litte difficult to keep Godzilla out of me and to keep his word, not only in long term but as i know this idiots, that some of i supose of biegn just eugenic products of Henry Kissinger, even is the shorter term. Anyway, as the Israeli will do with our constant lier Nethanyahu, Americans will soon do with Hussein leader of Democratic Party. Having in moment of casting thier votes, straight before the eyes both Sandomir Stanadard and our symbolic White Eagel. And what they did with it with this mistic bootle and 'Alex suitcases'. The question and who has become Radosz, can be even deadly...

But our lier from Israel is not losing verve, he has defended me from the Shah police that at occassion of this month G20+1 meeting that was keep in one of his stronghold, was as ususal trying to 'rapt me' and has even organised interesting propaganda showcase in neighborning Vichy: calling Israel an Iran and targeting it badly. Well, partialy they was right, as it is 'Swiatowid' but only partialy. Vader has defended me from his main coalition partner, a partner that gives no hope for any positive move from them, as saying sorry for instance would be. However for what he is conting is just Tora, tora, tora opfen strategy. He has did on the day of Galid Sharit nice supporting propaganda paitning me as him but he was just counting on the Iranian aid ship. Ship that under pressure from Arabs they has canceled today. So he is again with huge shit on his hands. An effect of his whole year efforts that has devastated me so badly. I do not need to say that living conditions that Shah of Persia and jewish messiash are enjoying are just uncomparable and it is better to not ask Beniamin in which of his hotels or palaces a first thier jewish prince will spend tonight. No, it is not Radison.

Well, today it will even not be my Drzymala camp. I had been waked up by some of Nethanyahu messenger, he has just come waked up me and was talking by phone to some that 'he need to be father'. In principle yes, even grandfather, but. Well, they has told them in defensive joke that he will kill me but instead has informed them about 'the expactation' that from my point of view is nothing but the soaping of jewish eyes. Nazi assing, as we was saying in Sanation time. The basic of this racial thinking, something that we could also hear from our loved Berlin jews is just that this one is blooded and we need some clear. It is quite funny to hear it from so clean IDF troops. This is too koszerny, they would say in Judha. It is just like same situation we had with another Negro, Mohatma Ghandi and British Imperialism that was imposing similar pressure and opression. If you will think deeply then you will discover why while he was under similar 'hormon therapy' he as i was keeping a sexual abstinence; to die withouth childrens in 1948. No, we are not equal even with Shah of Persia or Western European royalty but even with common people or just animals...

Anyway, just after our Nethanyahu messenger i was waked up more drasticaly by removing cover that was making my provisional tent. Some cleaning company has come and i think they was just expecting to find a dead body. They has been sent by some of Israeli in cooperation with 'secular' or rather 'schizmatic' Mher of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat. Same that has just aproved 'Razing of 22 Palestinian homes in E. Jerusalem' . Zwanzing zwai and sieg hail. Look dear Jerusalem citizen on the coat of arms of your city to understand what your mehr is actualy trying to do with his friends. Yes, it is same blooded Lion of Judha on it. Same that is writing to you but Israeli will cut it off. As they was trying to do with Jidish speakers in my land, as they was trying to do in German or Russian partition of Poland with Mickiewicz. With Pilsudzki. With Mikolajczyk and Witkacy. Silence, sha, there is no Mickiewicz and there is no Milosz, as we sign in Krakow. Ra? Radosz is under communist embargo since 1948. Cut him again, if will do National Betrayal Goverment just like did with my grandfather in 1984, founding Shah party. Dear Israeli prepare for new wave of Germanization or maybe just Russification. And backup this blog, if you can, if you fear not evil...

Drzymała's wagon

Drzymała's wagon (Polish: wóz Drzymały) was a symbol of Polish resistance to the official Germanization policy in Imperial Germany. During the Partitions of Poland, Michał Drzymała (1857-1937) with his wagon became a Polish folk hero in the Prussian- and later German-occupied sector of Poland.

In 1886, Prussia created a Settlement Commission to encourage German settlement in the Prussian partition of Poland. The Commission was empowered to purchase vacant property and sell it to approved German applicants. The Prussian government regarded this as a measure designed to counteract the German "flight from the East" (Ostflucht) and reduce the number of Poles. In Polish eyes, the establishment of the Commission was an aggressive measure designed to drive Poles from their lands.

The campaign against Polish landownership produced a strong opposition with its own hero, Drzymała. In 1904 he purchased a plot of land in the district of Wollstein (Wolsztyn) but found that the Colonization Commission's rules forbade him as a Pole to build a permanent dwelling on his land. To get around the rule, he set himself up in a gypsy wagon and for more than a decade tenaciously defied in the courts all attempts to remove him. The case attracted publicity all over Germany. It was typical of the conflict of nationalities in Prussia, where the Polish movement was dominated by peasants, while the state authorities confined themselves to legal methods of harassment.

The German Kulturkampf and the Colonization Commission succeeded in stimulating the Polish national sentiment that they had been designed to suppress.

More: Wikipedia

Well, this ordered workers has just destroyed my Drzymala camp completly. Moreover they has even cut the tree on which it has based. Well, they did not yet cuted me but tried many times today and will try at night. They did not damaged me rather they has damaged my litte cats that was living in it. I will find some other tree somwhere. Do not ask then in which of my hotels i am going to spend my night. In one of them, in Warsaw, currently lawlesly called Presidential Palace some group of polnishe wermacht officers is preparing to yet another round of touturs, insults and humilitation. They say that in this Palace know before the war as Radziwillow cousin of Kaczynski is living. Where i will? What you will destroy today, dear Israeli? Nothing has left beside my own body. Thanks to your Prime Ministers plots, thanks to American President that in so uniqe way has thanked for making him President. Thanked so beautifull in time of elections to Europarliament, elections that i was going to win. He was missguided but never appologied for his fatal mistake...


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