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Pianist in Knesset

"Policies require tough decisions, and those will not be made without understanding that an agreement is not a gift for the Arabs or the president of the United States but rather is in our own interest."

Tzipi Livni

After yesterday Tora, Tora show, Leader of Islamic Revolution has called me an arrogant and announced to the world that much "of their threadbare propaganda has been unmasked to the people of the world". Well, if i am really addressee, it is then rather demascation of pseudo islamic establishment. That is therefore no different to Israeli in propagating Nazi ideology and teachings, as once was doing Baath party followers. I was thinking that they has rather once again feeded the best in White House and Israel, as we was doing with Adolf Hitler regime. However if this words was addressed to me, i rather think that they has realy adapted Nazism, so intensivly advocated to them by Benedictus XVI and his arm making friends. Well, i had already saw flashesh of Wolfgang Jugend on thier soil, what has terrified me. I hope that it is just missunderstanding and he was rather talkign about White House and Israel.

The Israeli was making a joke from them and has allowed to Gaza a transport of Toilet paper to print Khoran on it but i must say they can do exacly the same with the Thora. Liviv was yesterday talking a lot about Israel national interest but what i had saw on the street from so called 'extreme left' was actualy opossite, showing just a face of National Socialism ideology. So hositle to the jews, jewish state and jewish interest. If it has realy orginated from Kadima then she should visit dr. Birmbraum before opening mouths. I think it was rather Straus from IMF that hopes to become leader of French Socialist. Straus and his dirty money. While our Israeli cabinbet has been once again traped in thier own trap. They has switched thier propaganda machine again in my favor, waiting for shoot from Iran, but it did not reached me; so it is again big shit in Knesset.

The people of once jewish state can therefore observe real intentions of his leader, that is sometimes defending me, mainly from Shah and Shamir but only because he is waiting for war opening shoot from the Iran or the transfer that has been recently voiced so loudly by Israel Foreign Minister. He Beniamin Nethanyahu has created this concentration camp drived by false accusations prepared by some in his cabinet and instead of realising the promise of Thora, the promise of return of the messiash, the prince that he was so sharply advertised during his election campaign, he is just trying to slain him by Iranian hands or obtain sperm to have a 'continum'. Whatever rightlees Nazi bastard or not, it is same racial thinking that we was facing in 1930. With same blooded lion of Judha in the center. It is thinking that will never be accepted by me. The second for sure not in such degenerated conditions that he has so activly co-created. With 3 trillions dollars on the table and soviet era museums in my palaces they are just joking. Trying to solve our 'arab question', as Nazi followers was trying. It is quite irony that such an opression and solution is comming from the people that my grandfather forces was liberating from the concentration camps. They are just blind or mad....

This is the reason, aim and objective of Likud cabinet and everything else is just illusion, is just like soaping the eyes of Israeli. And i am very affraid that if somebody will not break this Maltan pawn crazy drive, he will be successfull in his aims. Doing something like destroying jewish state, jewish identity, standar and anthem. Killing messiash, the unmeet promise. We have enough of his Nazi cabinet and the opfern policy, enough of his constant lies and doges. It is very true that what this man has did throught past year is just catastrophe for jewish state. It is very true observation that Livin has made yesterday "The only message you have is that the world is out to destroy us and there is nothing we can do about it till the danger is past."

"If one thing has been proven this year it's that the talks about being strong and that the entire world is against us have not made Israel stronger, but weaker", she continued. It something that you can observe every day in his concentration camp. If he does not understand what he has achieved and what he wants to finish or allowing to finish, maybe somebody should screen him polish-french movie 'Pianist'. If he does not come with any serious proposition to move this 77 years old peace process forward, he should make resignation. He has proven that is wrong person in wrong place and what he was doing last night in Knesset is just soaping and playing on time. With the hope that he will be able to form 'National Betrayal Goverment', as they did in 1984 when has slained my father and founded Shah party. A party of people that is living on properties that belongs to me and my family. A party that is living on our gold...

Netanyahu: State's legitimacy attacked

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday attended a Knesset session initiated by the opposition under the banner, "The Netanyahu government's failed conduct and the collapse in Israel's status in the world."

Netanyahu listed a series of operations undertaken by his government, and ruled, "I think we should take a long-range approach regarding the de-legitimization of the State. We are under repeated attacks on the State's legitimacy."

The prime minister explained, "We know this is about the State's existence because certain elements, not just the flotilla organizers, are saying: 'Go back to Poland and Morocco.' It comes out in moments of anger. What they are basically telling us is 'dismantle the Zionist enterprise.'

According to Netanyahu, "An unsacred coalition is being formed, particularly in the past decade with the rise of radical Islam and the strange cooperation with the radical Left, especially in Europe. This cooperation focuses on one thing only: The continued existence of the State of Israel.

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