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Destroying Drzymala camp

What you will destroy today, dear Israeli?

We was once again not invited to G20 meeting but again we and the bottle was in the centre of the discusion. Maybe we did not get on board of the meeting, as we has lost our 'legitymacy' in the course of Nazi Germany party that they organised in our country between 1939-45. But the one of most visible outcome of this meeting of G20+Radziwill group was beside standard assing and 'pure race' propaganda, an Admirall Muller visit at Kaboul pour rassurer Karzaï sur la poursuite de la mission Otan, as Sarkozy press serviced informed us. Probably trying to defame at least two players and organising his usual provocation a'la Shamir.

I had meet our litte 'Admiral Muller' on his way from Gare to some luxury car waiting for him there. He has come there with big suitcase full of money for BP leak 'victims'. He has come there to recruit another wave of such 'victims'. Of course our mistical bottle, same that you can spot in hands of my grandfather or Winston Churchil from Neo Zionist propaganda poster has became a dogma in thier Benedictian faith. Nobody was thinking what they did with it to the Pianist, nethier nobody was thinking about long term damages that Germany has did to us and our nations. Still, some are strugling to solve arab question in usual to our Israeli way. The Prime Minsiter of Israel was recently telling you about mounted attack of 'state Israel legitymacy' but he has forgotten to mention what he has did with it. Throwing this 'lgitymacy' on trashcan of history and shiiting on it, as they do every day since years...

Our 'litte admiral' has soon been named by U.S., as the hurrican Alex, probably in memory of one of Gota group member that is going to replace my broadcast. The overnight sturms he has bought has come together with loud car clacsons and shouting of 'Shamiraty' supporters. Anyway, when it comes to White House I do not think that recent resignation of one of my biggest military opponets General Stanley McChrystal will change American president thinking and aims. Maybe it will stop his idea for a war in Middle East, for a moment. But I still see Hilary Clinton and other 'ultra democrats' near him and i do not belive this White House can deliver something other that extermination of this symbolic Eagel or yet another horde of eugenic lawless bastards, in longer term. For now they seems to be in litte standby, waiting with thier thanks for help in elections for Japan. Where after droping on Buddah by four other Prime Ministers, the new one is promising to not 'cut' him before next Lower House elections. Trying to convice American counterparts that it is better for everybody to not cut this broadcast and this Pianist.

The effect of his promise is quite devastating for his opponets, as thanks to it he has boosted his party support from 20% to 60%. But it can be litte difficult to keep Godzilla out of me and to keep his word, not only in long term but as i know this idiots, that some of i supose of biegn just eugenic products of Henry Kissinger, even is the shorter term. Anyway, as the Israeli will do with our constant lier Nethanyahu, Americans will soon do with Hussein leader of Democratic Party. Having in moment of casting thier votes, straight before the eyes both Sandomir Stanadard and our symbolic White Eagel. And what they did with it with this mistic bootle and 'Alex suitcases'. The question and who has become Radosz, can be even deadly...

But our lier from Israel is not losing verve, he has defended me from the Shah police that at occassion of this month G20+1 meeting that was keep in one of his stronghold, was as ususal trying to 'rapt me' and has even organised interesting propaganda showcase in neighborning Vichy: calling Israel an Iran and targeting it badly. Well, partialy they was right, as it is 'Swiatowid' but only partialy. Vader has defended me from his main coalition partner, a partner that gives no hope for any positive move from them, as saying sorry for instance would be. However for what he is conting is just Tora, tora, tora opfen strategy. He has did on the day of Galid Sharit nice supporting propaganda paitning me as him but he was just counting on the Iranian aid ship. Ship that under pressure from Arabs they has canceled today. So he is again with huge shit on his hands. An effect of his whole year efforts that has devastated me so badly. I do not need to say that living conditions that Shah of Persia and jewish messiash are enjoying are just uncomparable and it is better to not ask Beniamin in which of his hotels or palaces a first thier jewish prince will spend tonight. No, it is not Radison.

Well, today it will even not be my Drzymala camp. I had been waked up by some of Nethanyahu messenger, he has just come waked up me and was talking by phone to some that 'he need to be father'. In principle yes, even grandfather, but. Well, they has told them in defensive joke that he will kill me but instead has informed them about 'the expactation' that from my point of view is nothing but the soaping of jewish eyes. Nazi assing, as we was saying in Sanation time. The basic of this racial thinking, something that we could also hear from our loved Berlin jews is just that this one is blooded and we need some clear. It is quite funny to hear it from so clean IDF troops. This is too koszerny, they would say in Judha. It is just like same situation we had with another Negro, Mohatma Ghandi and British Imperialism that was imposing similar pressure and opression. If you will think deeply then you will discover why while he was under similar 'hormon therapy' he as i was keeping a sexual abstinence; to die withouth childrens in 1948. No, we are not equal even with Shah of Persia or Western European royalty but even with common people or just animals...

Anyway, just after our Nethanyahu messenger i was waked up more drasticaly by removing cover that was making my provisional tent. Some cleaning company has come and i think they was just expecting to find a dead body. They has been sent by some of Israeli in cooperation with 'secular' or rather 'schizmatic' Mher of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat. Same that has just aproved 'Razing of 22 Palestinian homes in E. Jerusalem' . Zwanzing zwai and sieg hail. Look dear Jerusalem citizen on the coat of arms of your city to understand what your mehr is actualy trying to do with his friends. Yes, it is same blooded Lion of Judha on it. Same that is writing to you but Israeli will cut it off. As they was trying to do with Jidish speakers in my land, as they was trying to do in German or Russian partition of Poland with Mickiewicz. With Pilsudzki. With Mikolajczyk and Witkacy. Silence, sha, there is no Mickiewicz and there is no Milosz, as we sign in Krakow. Ra? Radosz is under communist embargo since 1948. Cut him again, if will do National Betrayal Goverment just like did with my grandfather in 1984, founding Shah party. Dear Israeli prepare for new wave of Germanization or maybe just Russification. And backup this blog, if you can, if you fear not evil...

Drzymała's wagon

Drzymała's wagon (Polish: wóz Drzymały) was a symbol of Polish resistance to the official Germanization policy in Imperial Germany. During the Partitions of Poland, Michał Drzymała (1857-1937) with his wagon became a Polish folk hero in the Prussian- and later German-occupied sector of Poland.

In 1886, Prussia created a Settlement Commission to encourage German settlement in the Prussian partition of Poland. The Commission was empowered to purchase vacant property and sell it to approved German applicants. The Prussian government regarded this as a measure designed to counteract the German "flight from the East" (Ostflucht) and reduce the number of Poles. In Polish eyes, the establishment of the Commission was an aggressive measure designed to drive Poles from their lands.

The campaign against Polish landownership produced a strong opposition with its own hero, Drzymała. In 1904 he purchased a plot of land in the district of Wollstein (Wolsztyn) but found that the Colonization Commission's rules forbade him as a Pole to build a permanent dwelling on his land. To get around the rule, he set himself up in a gypsy wagon and for more than a decade tenaciously defied in the courts all attempts to remove him. The case attracted publicity all over Germany. It was typical of the conflict of nationalities in Prussia, where the Polish movement was dominated by peasants, while the state authorities confined themselves to legal methods of harassment.

The German Kulturkampf and the Colonization Commission succeeded in stimulating the Polish national sentiment that they had been designed to suppress.

More: Wikipedia

Well, this ordered workers has just destroyed my Drzymala camp completly. Moreover they has even cut the tree on which it has based. Well, they did not yet cuted me but tried many times today and will try at night. They did not damaged me rather they has damaged my litte cats that was living in it. I will find some other tree somwhere. Do not ask then in which of my hotels i am going to spend my night. In one of them, in Warsaw, currently lawlesly called Presidential Palace some group of polnishe wermacht officers is preparing to yet another round of touturs, insults and humilitation. They say that in this Palace know before the war as Radziwillow cousin of Kaczynski is living. Where i will? What you will destroy today, dear Israeli? Nothing has left beside my own body. Thanks to your Prime Ministers plots, thanks to American President that in so uniqe way has thanked for making him President. Thanked so beautifull in time of elections to Europarliament, elections that i was going to win. He was missguided but never appologied for his fatal mistake...



Pianist in Knesset

"Policies require tough decisions, and those will not be made without understanding that an agreement is not a gift for the Arabs or the president of the United States but rather is in our own interest."

Tzipi Livni

After yesterday Tora, Tora show, Leader of Islamic Revolution has called me an arrogant and announced to the world that much "of their threadbare propaganda has been unmasked to the people of the world". Well, if i am really addressee, it is then rather demascation of pseudo islamic establishment. That is therefore no different to Israeli in propagating Nazi ideology and teachings, as once was doing Baath party followers. I was thinking that they has rather once again feeded the best in White House and Israel, as we was doing with Adolf Hitler regime. However if this words was addressed to me, i rather think that they has realy adapted Nazism, so intensivly advocated to them by Benedictus XVI and his arm making friends. Well, i had already saw flashesh of Wolfgang Jugend on thier soil, what has terrified me. I hope that it is just missunderstanding and he was rather talkign about White House and Israel.

The Israeli was making a joke from them and has allowed to Gaza a transport of Toilet paper to print Khoran on it but i must say they can do exacly the same with the Thora. Liviv was yesterday talking a lot about Israel national interest but what i had saw on the street from so called 'extreme left' was actualy opossite, showing just a face of National Socialism ideology. So hositle to the jews, jewish state and jewish interest. If it has realy orginated from Kadima then she should visit dr. Birmbraum before opening mouths. I think it was rather Straus from IMF that hopes to become leader of French Socialist. Straus and his dirty money. While our Israeli cabinbet has been once again traped in thier own trap. They has switched thier propaganda machine again in my favor, waiting for shoot from Iran, but it did not reached me; so it is again big shit in Knesset.

The people of once jewish state can therefore observe real intentions of his leader, that is sometimes defending me, mainly from Shah and Shamir but only because he is waiting for war opening shoot from the Iran or the transfer that has been recently voiced so loudly by Israel Foreign Minister. He Beniamin Nethanyahu has created this concentration camp drived by false accusations prepared by some in his cabinet and instead of realising the promise of Thora, the promise of return of the messiash, the prince that he was so sharply advertised during his election campaign, he is just trying to slain him by Iranian hands or obtain sperm to have a 'continum'. Whatever rightlees Nazi bastard or not, it is same racial thinking that we was facing in 1930. With same blooded lion of Judha in the center. It is thinking that will never be accepted by me. The second for sure not in such degenerated conditions that he has so activly co-created. With 3 trillions dollars on the table and soviet era museums in my palaces they are just joking. Trying to solve our 'arab question', as Nazi followers was trying. It is quite irony that such an opression and solution is comming from the people that my grandfather forces was liberating from the concentration camps. They are just blind or mad....

This is the reason, aim and objective of Likud cabinet and everything else is just illusion, is just like soaping the eyes of Israeli. And i am very affraid that if somebody will not break this Maltan pawn crazy drive, he will be successfull in his aims. Doing something like destroying jewish state, jewish identity, standar and anthem. Killing messiash, the unmeet promise. We have enough of his Nazi cabinet and the opfern policy, enough of his constant lies and doges. It is very true that what this man has did throught past year is just catastrophe for jewish state. It is very true observation that Livin has made yesterday "The only message you have is that the world is out to destroy us and there is nothing we can do about it till the danger is past."

"If one thing has been proven this year it's that the talks about being strong and that the entire world is against us have not made Israel stronger, but weaker", she continued. It something that you can observe every day in his concentration camp. If he does not understand what he has achieved and what he wants to finish or allowing to finish, maybe somebody should screen him polish-french movie 'Pianist'. If he does not come with any serious proposition to move this 77 years old peace process forward, he should make resignation. He has proven that is wrong person in wrong place and what he was doing last night in Knesset is just soaping and playing on time. With the hope that he will be able to form 'National Betrayal Goverment', as they did in 1984 when has slained my father and founded Shah party. A party of people that is living on properties that belongs to me and my family. A party that is living on our gold...

Netanyahu: State's legitimacy attacked

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday attended a Knesset session initiated by the opposition under the banner, "The Netanyahu government's failed conduct and the collapse in Israel's status in the world."

Netanyahu listed a series of operations undertaken by his government, and ruled, "I think we should take a long-range approach regarding the de-legitimization of the State. We are under repeated attacks on the State's legitimacy."

The prime minister explained, "We know this is about the State's existence because certain elements, not just the flotilla organizers, are saying: 'Go back to Poland and Morocco.' It comes out in moments of anger. What they are basically telling us is 'dismantle the Zionist enterprise.'

According to Netanyahu, "An unsacred coalition is being formed, particularly in the past decade with the rise of radical Islam and the strange cooperation with the radical Left, especially in Europe. This cooperation focuses on one thing only: The continued existence of the State of Israel.

More: ynet


Tora, tora, tora

When you see a generation ever dwindling, hope for him [the Messiah], as it is written, "And the afflicted people thou wilt save."[II Samuel 22:28]

When thou seest a generation overwhelmed by many troubles as by a river, await him, as it is written, when the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him; which is followed by, And the Redeemer shall come to Zion

Source: Wikpiedia

When i was today looking at the continued Kissinger like run of White House for my sperm or Euthanasia, what Kadima has surprisley advocated, i was thinking about what are my 'Camp David' godparents doing. The photo above is good example of the better way for this unique and common Piast dynasty. It is also example that Israeli-Arabs peace Oslo initatives can not only bring an evil, what some are trying to do these days but can also be something good. At least it was so in not so distant past. It is photo of people that has made an alliance that has succesfully defended us in one of hardest time, during the soviet occupation. An alliance formed just before my birthday. Something that adds a sense to the standards and symbols under which they stand every day, something that improves morale much better that Teutonic crusades do. How they has degenerated these days...

The Israeli cabinet is continuing thier soaping pla, pla, pla and jews are just shoked by my mistreatment what has been once again overvisible in television at the occassion of weading of swedish crown pair. What thier prince is doing and how he is living thanks to insanity of both White House and thier cabinet should force them to think. But it seems that in Likud they have yet another better idea, as the Lebanon humanitarian flotila has just departed.

Seems that they has gived up with provocations against Hamas in the Gaza Strip and now not only Turkey but at priori Lebanon is on the spot. The idea seems to be quite simple: yet another summer war. So B’nai B’rith will again raise some funds, just like during the Second Lebanon War. What is good ilustration of motivations of some of German politicans and weapon makers. After my last post Nethanyahu told Livni that he understands importance of peace process. However, I am not so sure if he realy do, in this sense the situation with him and Itzak Rabin is quite opposite. This time danger is emmanating from Israel cabinet for real. And again things on Middle East seems to be quite serious, so that even Sarkozy has made quite interesting comment on this German war machinery and Israeli 'Japanes' tactics...

Thora, thora, thora

Beirut, 19 Jun 10, 08:32

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has reportedly asked his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu for guarantees that the Jewish state would not launch war on Lebanon prior to informing Paris.

As Safir daily on Saturday quoted a source in Paris as saying that Sarkozy also urged Netanyahu to shield UNIFIL's French contingent during a possible aggression. The demand was made during their last meeting in Elysee on May 28.

The newspaper said the French request was a reflection of Sarkozy's declining confidence in Netanyahu despite recent assurances that Israel would not attack Lebanon.

Paris believes that the Israeli premier and his government have already made the decision to launch war but were awaiting the appropriate timing, according to As Safir.


The stance that Ashkenazi IDF commander supported by German diplomacy is presenting is just 'opfern' then strike with 'Tora, tora, tora' on mounths. Well, while he was just like on the photo observing tonight visitor: Mohammad Hassan Arabi that 'fought the last authoritarian monarchy in Iran' to the end, but has missed correct addreses. I must say that again, as in case of Klemens poisoning in 1935, that in fact has opened a way for II World War; our Japanes would be just like then quite right blaming America and in particural DuPont corporation for our common and personal tragedy that has claimed over 6 millions lifes of our citizens.

But would it change anyhting if it comes to the status quo of Israeli regime? What they has presented and achieved? What they would sacrifice? I will not comment Iranian regime, this body can be quite good example of how they are following Germany Nazi model or maybe it was again Rydz Smigly? I am just lacking words and Imam Khomeinin that was saying that he has been 'sent by God' to estabilish Iran, at this night has become bald, i hope for moment. Follow Wolfgang and our Nazi Tzar at Kremlin and wait for our Israeli shouting 'Tora, Tora, Tora'. Btw. Alatoylah Khomeinin was quite right and not joking, grandfather has sent him, as Shah was our deadly enemy since decades. What this people was trying to do with faith of thier fathers in spite of upcoming 'american congressional campaign' is just 100% bestiality and stupidity.



Towards pure race

Palestinians 'would would be crushed like grasshoppers ... heads smashed against the boulders and walls'

Yitzhak Shamir
The New York Times
April 1st, 1988

On this sabbath it was again very loudly in local synagoge because of this famous Radziwill mole. In Israel our ubereffective cabinet has decided for 'easing of Gaza blockade', what Hamas has called a propaganda gesture. If it comes to our 'Gaza' that in this diplomatic dialogue is played by me, the way to solve this arab question that our Likud cabinet has propsed is merly a propaganda and nothing new. It is based on the claim that i am 'blooded jew' and the race need to be cleaned. By the offspring, in best case.

Well, i am, as my grandfathers, blooded since embryo and i am quite proud of this. Beign at least since the Judha and my grandfather in particural, jewish king from the King David line, on 24 March 1933 has declared a never ended war against the Nazi, the Lion of Judah, the old battle symbol of Jewish defiance. In this context, what Likud has proposed is what i could hear from the Adolf Hitler regime; racial purification. Literary. And this time it has also come from the Germany, as the way to move away our Shoah claims for another 25 years, another generation. Becouse, he is 'blooded jew'. Koszerny, some would say...

Judea Declares War On Germany

Below is a facsimile of the front page of Britain's Daily Express, March 24, 1933. Bear in mind that this was some six years before the start of WWII (1939-1945)!

The appearance of the Swastika symbol of a new Germany has called forth the Lion of Judah, the old battle symbol of Jewish defiance.

Fourteen million Jews, dispersed throughout the world, have banded together as one man to declare war on the German persecutors of their co-religionists. Sectional differences and antagonisms have been submerged in one common aim - to stand by the 600,000 Jews of Germany who are terrorised by Hitlerite anti-Semitism and to compel Fascist Germany to end its campaign of violence and suppression directed against its Jewish minority.

P l a n s F o r A c t i o n M a t u r i n g
I n E u r o p e A n d A m e r i c a

World Jewry has made up its mind not to rest quiescent in face of this revival of medieval Jew-baiting.

Germany may be called on to pay a heavy price for Hitler's antagonism to the Jews. She is faced with an international boycott in commerce, finance, and industry.

The Jewish merchant prince is leaving his counting-house, the banker his board-room, the shopkeeper his store, and the pedlar his humble barrow, to join together in what has become a holy war to combat the Hitlerite enemies of the Jew.

Plans for concerted Jewish action are being matured in Europe and America to strike back in reprisal at Hitlerite Germany.

In London, New York, Paris, and Warsaw Jewish merchants are waiting for a commercial crusade.

Resolutions are being taken throughout the Jewish business.

24 March 1933

The 'relaxing blockade' by our Deutche cabinet in the context of the genocide like living conditions is nothing more but bad pre election joke. The achievments of Beniamin Nethanyahu cabinet and the proposed solution can be only treated as the joke from the jewish nation and the faithfulls. They, Chrisitan Democrats leaded by the Israeli Monetary Fund has put almost 3 billions dollars on the table while in my palaces, nationalised in 1946 you can find a museums, created there in time when Sluzba Bezpieczenstwa was taking my father from me. Please, dear jew compare how are living British Princes and how your, jewish prince has been mistreated and demolished by your Deutche cabinet. It is effect of Beniamin Nethanyahu calamity policy - OPFERN. There are no explanation for it other that a lies...

The author and the source of this ideology in the Israel is our 'Hassidic' weeding specialist and my father gosser Yitzak Shamir. Yesterday i had found on the internet a beatifull photo of him with bride, very clear and symbolic one. But today i had spend over hour looking for it and cannot find it. The photo has been deleted over the night. And the problem with this 'Hassidic' weeding is that the bride is long time dead. Murdered by this same people that was accusing for such act bridegroom and trying to finish thier 'weeding ceremony'. I had wroten on this blog that some my friends has been poisoned. Some like Zbigniew Religa, Van Miert, Tedy Kennedy or many other that you can find on the list of Smolensk flight.

The point is that this 'poison' was just Nazi lies about what has happend in the Amsterdam and that they would never take up bootle in thier arms to 'crush me as the grasshopper', if they would be told whole truth about events in Amsterdam. And the source of this plot and mastermind of this 'transition' strategy is Yiztzak Shamir that sits down just behind Beniamin Nethanyahu observing how he is commiting suicide and using his influence and persons like Ashkenazi that has long time ago confused the Eagel he bears with the swastik and of course our cocaine lover, Israle Katz.

This persons should be long time ago removed from the power, if the trust is going to be restored. Similary to Clinton or our Middle East specialist Stanley McCrystal in White House. If somebody should be punished in King Jehu style, it should be authors of this bootle plot not the victim, that is constantly hunted and false accused by them, from decades. And well, people like Shamir has already scored some of my brave defenders from Israel and all over the world, peoples like Yitzak Rabin or Jean Paul II. People that in difference to our infamous Lech Kaczynski was not killed on route 66 but has been just assasinated or poisoned for defending me and faith of thier fathers. And what our leaders from Knesset and White House are doing. They are continuing thier crazy Maltan dance that can end for them and world fataly. They say that it is Nethanyahu that is ruling but i as my father hear and feel rather Shamir and the Nazi ideology driving Israel and Likud. Driving in very Maltan style and aims...

The death of Yitzak Rabin was quite interesting one. Sometimes it is hard in this Israeli propaganda to find out if somebody was realy assasinated or has died on our route due to thier Nazi crusade. Yitzak seems to be really murdered and if you will listen to what he was saying, it seems that he was to end defending me. He has been assasinated Yigal Amir, a radical right-wing Orthodox Jew who opposed the signing of the Oslo Accords and believed he was saving the country from a dire fate. I do not think it was true, it was time of Jean Paul II and it is quite hard to belife that Rabin had similar intentions to Shamir that has also prepared such an accord in 1984 aimed at my father. What has happened was just false accusations and claims, rumor that has been used by Shamir to motivate some strong beliver. He was almost like this famous 'polish bullet' that has killed General von Frich, but this time it was shoot out not in the person it should be. And just few days before i had observed similar situation, here on Gare. This is how people like Shamir are using this religious, patriotic jews, misleading them and manipulating...

Yitzak Shamir is not only specialist from Nazi marriages but also from the divorces. In time of recent EU summit Israeli cabinet has prepared some joke that has almost come out of the control or maybe even was designed to be so by our Demiurg Nethanyahu. They has told them that will kill me in revenge what has induced very interesting comments or rather condolences, like this one that has been expresed by Van Rumpuy, somebody that we did the President of EU. When i had come there to watch the news i had noticed some young women siting down near the screen. On first i has tought that it is yet another 'manekin' from Shamir, yet another bride, separated on thier own wish, some Zebra from thier B'nai B'rith International artistic Community. She was looking exacly like this manecin that you see on the video clip, after words 'influential pair' on the video that Lyon has published just minutes after our incident entitled 'Usher releases “divorce” album'. After checking newses, I had come out for a moment and when returned some SS man from Nethanyahu was waiting for me. When noticed me he did not killed me or did anything but after a while has just left the stage.

The problem is that Yitzak Shamir and his friends has sent in meantime somebody that was going to hit me for real. He did not reached me, let say that it was Yitzak Rabin that has for a moment looked there and has just heavily hit him in the face. So instead of reaching me, he has been taken by the ambulance to hospital. The problem is that for first IDF was noticed about this action, as just after our agressor has been teached respect to thier own faith, they has hit me into eye from thier radio. Quite painfully and in quite clear declaration of the sides. For second Nethanyahu has not taked any steps to punish them and clear his cabinet from such threats that can be realy called a threats to Israel security. It seems he is quite comfortable from such 'solution' that could look just like sacrificing me by some Shamir followers just at the foots of his IDF troop. What a Likud perfidion, especialy that it could very quickly turn for him deadly...




Messiah on Błędowska desert

NATO "needs to cut fat, not muscle"

Anders Fogh Rasmussen
NATO Secretary-General

Today inspired by one of anti jews posters from the III Reich, that i cannot find at this moment, Israeli cabinet has announced that Israeli ministers weigh easing Gaza blockade. On this old poster you could figure out some jew that is weighting from one cage a mountain of gold on the other side somebody. The concept was that it is quite jewish behavior, some kind of escape from the raising accusation of the Nazi driven ideology. But the history has gave them quite clear answer and in contrast what they in Israel are promoting is just old Nazi slogan: 'Nicht spending. Opfern.', sacrifice. Somebody that was on this poster about which they was thinking, was just my grandfather that has been put in similar situation. The point is that the jewish resistance has never gave up him even under such pressure that they was experiencing in the time of Adolf Hitler. It was just matter of honor. Moreover, he has been able to lead our soldiers to the miltary victory over this Nazi regime for what they should be thankfull to him through centauries, becous otherwise there would be no one of them on this world.

But while he has lived almost 100 years, Israeli has never payed him a respect they should that they are obligued by the Thora and Word of the God. And now my dear Israeli ministers the historical weight has even growed, while my personal one is close to the inhabits of Auschwitz. Thanks to your errors and mistakes. Yitzhak Shamir has once criticised Beniamin Nethanyahu for ' being too indecisive in dealing with the Arabs'. In his wording he was thinking about our Arabs from Poraj, our aliens. Nowdays he can be more that happy, as you can see Beniamin cabinet through more that year has did even too much in solving Arab question. While final 'decision' is still up in the air and our 'british Napoleon' Sarkozy is continuing to explain Belgian people that he did not loose his Waterloo. And i must admit that he is quite successfull in this. Mainly thanks to White House.

Yesterday, when i was coming to my tent to sleep, President of the United States was assured that it will be Fidel Castro people that will help them solve this arab question. He was goign to make his afterward speech with the problem solved. He maybe has missunderstood Fidel rethoric and quite braight and correct criticism of Israeli policies or as some dainty Israeli says 'lack of policies' in this Middle East peace negotiations. Well, the policy of Israeli leaders is quite simple: 'Nigger will fix it' and i must say that they can be quite right in this. But is this making them anyhow better? We all see this fat errors and Maltan infection not only in White House but almost everywhere.

Some are resisting it, some are just falling to it. The Fidel people i had meet here was the first one. I meet them on my route 66, instead of killing me, as some has suposed they was there, as once the Warsaw uprisers, waiting on the barricades. We has exchanged greetingz and they has even gived my a bit of hashish. They was waiting there for yet another wave of your Maltan furry. You in Israel in reply to Castro criticism has said that "Che Guevara must be spinning in his grave”, acctualy it is rather Nathan Birnbaum but also founding fathers of United States that are spinning there. Well, formaly there is still david star or rather magen david as you call it in Hebrew, that you bear but you do everything to change it for swastika. Jews are nethier blind nor stoopid, what you has saw already in Antwerpen during elections.

The planed blown has not come and Obama needed to say something to Americans. Many has taken his word for good coin but was it so? Listen: “Make no mistake. We will fight this spill with everything we have got for as long as it takes. we will make BP pay for the damage that the company has caused. The tragedy unfolding on our coast is the most painful and the powerful reminder yet that time to embrace the clean energy future is now.” Yes, our innovative President of United States has once again tried to kick me to Kobierzyn Mental Home to obtain his 'clean energy'. What can be clearly seen by the locals, as realisation of Sarkozy 'annexation'. We and social democrats are facing a real error there.

Sarkozy can only laught from thier cretinism, while he is nothing different beign just a Maltan poodel realising his British Orders, as they do in Israel and White House. No, it is not the time for paing a swasitka on the Eagel it is rather time to kick somme asses in both houses, especially if it comes to our Rassial Tzarica Clinton, our Nixon daughter. It is time for moral healing. At least, it should be...





Babylon is burning, Babylon is burning
faithfuls are happy, rings are ringing joufully
Babylon is burning

Izrael, 1984

The election day was full of plots but this time i will focus on the American one. It has started when i was baging on the street as usual. It was some heroin junki that has come to me. He has invited me to his squot but the life has teached this wild rabbit what he can expect from the people. I had replied that it is simply to dangerous for me and i prefer to stay in my camp. I told him that for some peole i am like somebody that bears on neck heavy gold chain, while i do not have even single penny. I cannot remove this chain, it is just like this mole he can spot on my face. And they, they are trying constantly to grab this chain from me to enrich themself. Therefore i am expecting such situation in his place. I am like magness for them, since the day i was born and even before, i warned him.

I was affraid, as i had already at the elections in France observed how White House is thanking for help in the election race. But we was talking. I asked him if he is doing methadone, he told me that yes, a lot around 100. I had replied him that in my region it is still a problem for heroin addicts and that i had spent a lot of my life trying to improve drug policy in my and other countries. In Russia they still have a problem with methadone but the drug use in difference to my has been depenalised. We has changed the status of most marginalised in many country, but not in my. I had presonaly spent over the month in prison for smoking a single joint. Most of it on hunger strike to change this Swedish American way of 'helping' drug users...

Well, after geting noticed that he will be not able to invite me on the squot, he has started to ask me about my place where i am going to spend a night. For me his intentions has been quite claer so i just replied evasively and has left him. I think he has joined our Route 66 at the night. And well, it was not accident, as just on next day NATO has reveals new command structure in Afghanistan.

I think that the way that our British General Stanley McCrystal group that was going to mark it was just my slaining in thier squot. To try to defame NATO, just like communists was trying to do during the Soviet occupation. While the alliance since beign enacted has put our survival, as the point of honor. That is why i am on this planet, survived even on the hostile occupied territory during PRL. The good example of such ressistance was so called Rapacki Plan - nuke free zone - that PRL side has presented to Western leader but that has been rejected by the NATO. Similar proposals has been also made at this time by Soviet Union, Sweden, Finland, Romania, and Bulgaria. They was frightening us by famous 'German military mission', but so far it was only propaganda and i hope they will never change thier uniforms. Expanding this German Group 85 submission of changing Bundeswhera and remove Federal Eagel from Bundestag or eventual put there a swastika. Mission that in fact exist will never be expanded to the whole alliance...

Today firends of our 'new command structure' leader was going to take thier revenge and the words that Obama has told to the people of America, having in mind the White Eagel that some of them need to face everyday was not a joke: "There is going to be a harmful effect on many local businesses and it’s going to be painful for a lot for folks. Folks are going to be frustrated and some folks are going to be angry but I promise you this: that things are going to return to normal". Thanks God they has been arrested by the Mher but it is another symptom of yet another Nazi move. Obama has allowed them to perform such deadly blow having in mind an removal of some of his 'pupils', reshaping of the cabinet. I think that he would probably would remove some, but even not this ones that he should. As they has used to do in a move that i simply call 'Zaolzie syndrome'; something that in Israel has meet Iccak Rabin that was in silence wrongly accused of ordering my father extermination. In fact some former Israeli PM that has did it is still ploting my extermination. Anyway, would such negligence be forgiven by the Americans or Israeli or any other affected nation? I think it is rethoric question...

Well, the events of rest of day was quite shoking and i hope i will describe you later, how, our Napoleon through his Maltan connection was trying to prove that he has won Waterloo but i want now explain some how Obama, knowing it or not, was going to remove not this ones that he should. The key incident was General David Paterous questioning in Congrees. He has sudetly falen down and correctly has identified a cause as 'dehidrilation'. I wonder if it is enough for our Russial Tzarica Katherina or our 'nigger' will wait when they will prepare something for him? For everybody it should be clear that for first it is not incident and for second that he is a problem for Stanley. I was on begining thinking that the outcome of this incident could be a dath but maybe our litte slave was just making a show on board of his powerfull, once ours, Air Force One.

It was not accident what i could observe in our war theather on my eyes. They has also tried to poison me. When i was entering gare i had meet one of local rabbin Israeli that when has noticed me has put his hand on his bear. In polish it is 'broda' what can be also translated, as 'brother'. Well, i am not sure if Israeli, that has ececuted him are realy side to claim such a revenge. I do not think that anybody is in such position having in mind a way he has died and his past achievments. Lets say that he has come to Teddy Kennedy that he has be the way killed. Well, i hope i will elaborate in future on this but Lets go back to our Gare du Midi. Yes, our Maltan Rabbi has once again tried to kill me and i was also suposed to fall on the ground. And never wake up. His friend has once again left poison somwhere. And it is once again God or just good luck that i did not drinked it. Somebody elese did it. I had found him death just near enternance...

In Israel they has just started thier Festival of Light and even blind ones are starting to discover nature, aims and effect of this deadly and devastating Likud cabinet. Enlighted by this Belgian prometheus, as once was Tzarist in Moscow and later Nazi in Berlin. Babylon is burning, again. As my friends are signing in my country and all over the world. Silence Sarkozy, you could screm if not this british slave in White House. When they was signing this song in 1984, Sluzba Bezpieczenstwa ordered by Malta and Prime Minister of Israel Yitzhak Shamir.