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Wolfgang jugend sign Rota

When i had finished previous post i had left our Stalinigrad internetcafe thinking about often slogan propagated by our scouts from National Security Beauro. I had once traced it back to the local Synagoge, when one of folowers of new age judaism has shouted in my direction 'śpieg' what in english could be translated to 'spie'. Could be if not this slavic 'ś' that together with 'p' is a symbol put often on the polish graveyards. Something that thanks to Nazi Japan like strategy of Beniamin Nethanyahu cabinet, jews and other faithfulls can soon observe. Alternative seems to be just a Gas Chamber and following execution in General Nil style. The room, Sanation room in old chancelory in Berlin, for which four generations was waiting seems to not be an options for people that has crushed me so badly. Treating worst that you would treat a dog.

The thing about which i was thinking leaving our internet caffe was an article i had found. Article that similary to me was blaming Jozef Beck that for moment has appeared in my previous post and my grandfather for beign a spy. Well, Staszek before the war was blamed for beign KGB agent, after the war they has blamed him in this Israeli reveletations that this time has come from Moscow for beign British spy. While his compan and minister Jozef Beck ,that has suddetly died just year before another close friend Roosvelt, has been blamed for beign German spy. It is quite characteristic for this shool of defaming polish Sanation and in this context the accusations agains Wilston Churchil for his 'Unthinkable' cooperation with Nazi to liberate Poland are quite funny. Israeli has been grown from children hallow by 'Hitler, Hitler' and when they discover what Sanation is and how we has been treated by their leaders the problem begun. Who is colaborating with the real Nazi is heavy question in so called jewish state and the answer can be often deadly, even these days when they are calling hitlerism a judaism. This sanation phenomen could be even defined 'threat to national security', as we was often called during times of different occupations...

My thoughs has been broken near the Gared du Midi enternance when i had meet a three joung scouts from Tusk New Polad, scouts that has insulted me and provoked. Then observers has watched a scene like from our old PRL movie, with me shouting 'Szuflandia' and this three scouts from Wolf gang jugen trying to catch me and beat. Well, after 2 years in thier 'Auschwitz zone' i am psychicaly not able to punch anybody and even defending myself is quite hard, especialy when you need to face three jugend on the cocaine high. The mistreatment by Tusk administration and the racism they are beign teached was once again overvisible when they was beating me and kicking. With the fun that they are kicking Pilsudzki son. In last post i had put there our anthem like song called Rota. This is how they has signed it to me and my ancestors. Realy it is not my obsesion with Wolfgang but what i has just observed is same symphtom that i see in his home organisation. If you will listen to the Hitlerjugend song that i had put on the end of the post, you will hear their clear objectiv repeated many times: 'Jozef'. And if it comes to Pilsudzki, as you can see it has stayed same. I do not undestand why after his escapade in Brussels he has stayed in the German cabinet to play his 'middle east games' and futher poison it with the Teutonism...

Junge Union Deutschlands

The Junge Union Deutschlands (Young Christian Democrats) or JU is the joint youth organisation of the two conservative German political parties CDU and CSU.[1] To be a member one has to be between 14 and 35 years old.

In its manifesto the JU defines itself as an organization that aims at increasing awareness about the CDU/CSU's political goals among the youth. The JU also aims at representing the interests of the youth within the CDU/CSU parties. In its platform, it defines itself as a catch-all liberal, progressive, but conservative-leaning organization. Its policies are based on the Christian view of Man and his responsibility before God.

The JU advocates democracy and Social market economy. It supports the European integration and a strong partnership with the United States within the framework of the NATO. The Junge Union backs the modernization of the political agenda within its mother parties. One central objective is a consequent reform of the public social security system which is confronted by an increasing dependency ratio.

The JU upholds intergenerational equity in the areas of pension and health care system reforms, which shall aim at complementing them with capital-based private accounts in order to address fiscal problems such as Germany's debt-to-GDP ratio. Through labor-market liberalization, the JU aims at addressing unemployment. The JU supports university tuition fees, and the Center Against Expulsions in Berlin.

More: Wikipedia

Our scouts has leaved arena with smiles on thier faces. They was realy excited while i with pain was thinking about what they has presented. I had used to be disrespected since the PRL but this manifestation of our scauts was realy terrific. I was thinking about visit of Romanian Crown Prince Michall in 1937 and how different this scouts was. I had also observed some Likud people that was walking nerbly. It was very sad to observe thier happines. They was happy from such deutche manifestation, as they could then tell others: look how they are treating jews. I think it pictures well thier Japanes thora, thora policy. But it is also interesting to look how differently Prince Michal and I was treated by the West. Maybe it was big mistake of my grandfather that just after II World War he has takedup the fight for independent Poland...

Michael of Romania

Michael (born 25 October 1921) reigned as King of the Romanians (Romanian: Maiestatea Sa Mihai I Regele Românilor, literally "His Majesty Michael I King of the Romanians") from 20 July 1927 to 8 June 1930, and again from 6 September 1940, until forced to abdicate by the communists backed up by orders of Stalin to the Soviet armies of occupation on 30 December 1947. Beside being the current pretender to the throne of Romania, including the irredentistic claim to Moldavia, he is also a Prince of Hohenzollern.

More: Wikipedia

But there was also people that in difference to Likud ones was not watching this fight with happines on thier faces. At the end of day they has published a video clip from the recent flood in Poland. Stating that there are 9 dead and 3 missing ones. On the next day they has increased number of death to 12. But also stated that it can grown by using 'at least' phrase. In short they has been teached respect to the poor, respect to thier own past and that there is still a border between Tusk friend Vichy and the Kingdom of Belgium. But the question remians, what a scouting we had infected from the Germany?

And when it comes to the flood itself. It is not the first one, nethier last one. Whatever i will be wlaking this world or not, it will be not last one. And while i doubt in the natural cause of this flood. Having in mind my knowledge about something that in past was called power of God, something that has been stolen from us 300 years ago. I wonder about the message of General Gouverment. They has counted the damage done to Poles on 2 billions euro but at same time they has once again tried to pay to the 'Germans' for the damage that we has recieved, exterminating this squirel. Is not this just crazines? They say it is sum but it is very long one, counted at least since 1939. It was just like on this Silesia poster: 'Willst du nicht unter der Last', paying for damages that has been done to us.

It is part of dangerous mechanism developed by Barosso that pays 100 (a number that you can found on ambulances in Belgium) after some 'natural' catastrofe. This way, people like Hilary Clinton and leader of the left Stanley McNapieralski can kill anybody they would like. Something on what we cannot agree. Smart goverment would instead support my case and turn not only for the European Chrisitan Degenerats money but also take up something from the pool that White House has reserved for Stanley McChrystal invasion on Iran. It is just and holy case and what General Gouverment and some of thier European friends, most notably in France and Germany are doing is just acting against our national interest. To not mention honor, something that in Sanation Poland was just priceless...

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