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Vote on list #0

The poster above is one from our Sanation for dumbs collection that shows clearly difference between modern Chrisitan Degeneration and the Sanation ideology. My role in this idelology thanks to my evil gene and forefathers is very central, thus the story you can read on this blog should show you who how badly the Chrisitan Democrats has degenerated in times of rules of Beniamin Nethanyau and spiritual guidiance of Benedictus Sieg Sin. Yesterday our Metz sportsmans has joked in the media that Artur have a status of legend. It is true, legend to some old map of the Europe of XXI centaury. With the Belgium beign one of last resisting piece. The poster on left is quite acctual here as it was with Upper Silesia Plebiscit but this time it is Likud Vichy that plays the role of Weimar Germany. Death and hunger is danger for us if we will stay with Likud. But is it anyhow different with Parti Stanleyi that continues thier march for holy sperm and deportations? Finishing our uprising even in worst style that Soviet Union...

The poster with my stryj above is quite symbolic. You can see on it him with the sword with chip that symbolises our line of sword of remains of Negro family and royal piast line. The eagel, well, it is just symbol of God. The slogan announces vote on list number 1. You will help to build powerfull Poland. But this days, my dear reader it is just Vote on list number 0, there is no such list on which you will find this legendary orphant. If you are Poles, just stay in home, do not listen to lies of Bronislaw Komorowski, Jaroslaw Kaczynski or Napieralski. They are saying this same: extermination. Stay in home, as you did during European Elections. What you are observing is just mockery from the nation, crack from the past.

To ilustrate it i will tell you short story about my meeting with diplomats from capral Tusk that has meet me on the street. They has asked first if i did not meet thier friends. It was just joke, as we both knew that they has sasked for friends that has lost thier lives on the Teutonic crusade, crossing Jordan. I replied if they was beagering, as in polish this word can be translated just to the famous Zebra. They has replied that maybe. Well, they did and after Kabacki flight it should not wonder you what a fate they has meet. They asked me then from what city i am. I replied that from Clari Montis. They was bit confused and asked where it is. I replied that in Czestochowa, that means in polish; often mournining. Well, with Teutons it is just that since generations. They asked why i do not want to return to Poland?

I told them that i do not want to go to General Gouverment, as they are waiting there for me with the gas chamber. Gas chamber to which they has in PRL sent my father. At that time in Israel during special Reichstag session, they has announced National Unity Goverment what was just very bad joke from my grandfather effort to restore independence just after the II World War. They should rather call it national betrayal goverment. Since this time in Israel instead of Judaism they are spreading just Hitlerism. They has been etead by Nazi just around 1979 and fortified on the Sanation genocide. The elections we have in Poland are just farsa like this 3xYes in 1948...

Provisional Government of National Unity

The Provisional Government of National Unity (Polish: Tymczasowy Rząd Jedności Narodowej or TRJN) was a government formed by a decree of the State National Council (Krajowa Rada Narodowa) on 28 June 1945. It was created as a coalition government between Polish Communists and the Polish government-in-exile. This was the agreement reached by the Western Allies and the Soviet Union during the Yalta Conference.

The TRJN was a result of the negotiations held in Moscow between the Polish Communists, the Soviet Union, and Stanisław Mikołajczyk's faction from 17 June to 21 June. The Polish government-in-exile didn't recognize the TRJN[1] . Only a few members, like the former Prime Minister of Poland Stanisław Mikołajczyk decided to trust the Soviets and enter into negotiations with them, only to be betrayed later.

In fact, the Communists had little intention of giving any opposition any real power, or carrying out the promised 'free and fair' elections. The members of the opposition that received any positions were kept in check by their deputies and staff, always loyal to the communists, so they had little real power.

More: Wikipedia

We has continued our indirect talks with acting president. They has told me that i am wrong, as Bor Komorowski was great patriot and commander of Warsaw Uprising. What i could reply while my grandfather was his commander. It is similar situation as with Ghandi family, after Mohatma school of Salt March only the name has left. Now the people that are bearing his name are just in direct oposition to his and my teachings. Corrupted by nazi ideology from litte kids, as they dream will do with my offspring. Prefferably eugenic ones. Bronislaw Komorowski is almost like Bor but the difference is in the standar that he and his army bears. He should be rather called Gaz Komorowski. They are 'insirgents' but Malbork insurgents forced by OPEC fence to defend me sometimes. Where are real insurgents, jewish resitance, also as then often in mockery acused for beign racial towards Nazi, you should already know.

The mockery of most of european Chrisitan Degenerates and american Republicans is not only visible with thier 3 000 000 000 000 dollars indulgence package but also by the level of diplomatic contacts that i hold with them. In times of John Paul II and sometime later this level was realy ministerial and at least members of parliamnets. Nowdays when the opression has since two years achieved the level of just the concentration camp, they are emanating with just the scorn making bad jokes from both my forefathers and me and the level of 'contacts' has reached 'ditch'.

What they has did with me i will simply leave without comment and what the Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski is doing is merly same what Komorwski is doing with his name. Calling Shah of Persia friends to once again martyr Wladyslaw Sikorski. What you has did to me is just shame of the nation. Is this for what they was fighting, having on thier caps eagel in crown? No comment. It is just Teutonic pride. Even Hitler had more honor towards Warsaw uprisers. You can put your speclaw into ass with the nation that is pissing on your parliament of Israeli clowns, you are just a Nazi dictator, Mr. Pinochet with big band of pigs. You wanted to sent biblical and historical squire to real gas chamber to repay a German debt and execute Israeli RAPT plan? While Israeli Ministry of Finances, or just IMF with Christian Degenerats has put 3 trilions of dollars on the table. What shame to the nation. Volksdeutches...

Tadeusz Bór-Komorowski

General Count Tadeusz Komorowski (Korczak Coat of Arms) (June 1, 1895 - August 24, 1966), better known by the name Bór-Komorowski (after one of his wartime code-names: Bór - "The Forest") was a Polish military leader.

The Uprising

After taking part in the fighting against the German invasion of Poland at the beginning of World War II in 1939, Komorowski, with the code-name Bór, helped organize the Polish underground in the Kraków area. In July, 1941, he became deputy commander of the Home Army (Armia Krajowa or "AK"), and in March, 1943, gained appointment as its commander, with the rank of Brigadier-General.

In mid 1944, as Soviet forces advanced into central Poland, the Polish government-in-exile in London instructed Bór-Komorowski to prepare for an armed uprising in Warsaw. The government-in-exile wished to return to a capital city liberated by Poles and not seized by the Soviets, and to prevent the Communist take-over of Poland which Stalin had clearly set in train.

The urprising has started on the Furst August...


After two months of fierce fighting Bór-Komorowski surrendered to the Germans on October 2, on condition that Germany treat the AK fighters as prisoners-of-war, which they did. Bór-Komorowski went into internment in Germany (at Oflag IV-C). Despite pressure from Germans, he refused to issue orders of surrender to Home Army units in German controlled Poland who continued fighting [1]. Liberated at the end of the war, he spent the rest of his life in London, where he played an active rôle in Polish émigré circles. From 1947 to 1949 he served as Prime Minister of the Polish government-in-exile, which no longer had diplomatic recognition from most Western European countries. He wrote the story of his experiences in The Secret Army (1951). He died in London aged 71.[1]

More: Wikipedia

What this Israeli Furer has did with core of Kaballah and the Likud bestiality will be told from generation to generation. You will not throw out YHWE out of the fence that John McCain is advertising. And you american people, you should beware on this neonazi and first take a look on the Republican Europe of gas chambers and extermination before you will cast your vote on such terror he is representing. On the clip above you will see him sending his Sherif to finishe the fence, sending him based on false accusations so tipical for Teutons. I had welcomed many of them, many of this racial sherifs that was going to kill unarmed pilgrim. Pilgrim crushed to the ground by Chrisitan Degenerats, living in conditions of just animals. He has once wroten book 'faith of my fathers', read about my fathers and compare. What his faith is. What they has did to me after 71 years of opression, putting 3 trilions of dollars on the table and trying to send me to gas chamber, laughting from all i represent. Laughting from Estern Europe and 6 000 000 penitenced and purified. Is not this just racism???


PS. Did not our slave in White House just sent Sherif Clinton here or maybe Sherif Rice? They say that nobody reply phone calls in Chinees embassady in Shanghai, as they call Department of State. They are talking something about Korean ship or rather in this context Korean sheep and some afghan contractor killed in latest sturm on famous NATO base that identity and sex they does not want to reveal. Something heavy is on the horison, and i will tell you that it would be better if you would listen to your advisor, he seems be quite smart and advice White House to not reply Smolensk flight. Better think about this as about liberation from slavery, at least partial. There are some in our ghetto that can take thier jihad on you for Smolensk flight if you will go with this Pentagon 'investigation'. If Lech would continue such a Holy Jihad i will not only allow him to stay at our Royal castle but maybe even announce him saint of old lithuania church. It would be great if they would understand what Kabbalah and Holy Jihad is. And do not wonder about our effectivnes, as 86% of Europeans likes our finanical regulation. They dream about Sanation in thier own countries but in my, it is more like Reichstagbrand. Thanks to our republicans and thier faith. So far from faith of thier fathers...

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