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Victory Day

Route 66

My unacidential address

Maybe not everybody is aware but on the eve of so called Victory Day we are celebrating the name-day of my grandfather. In 1945 the Wermacht on this occassion has transmited thier last message with the fameous codename Zebra put there as the sign that one day they will return. It was day of thier capitualtion to the United Statets, and on the next day to the Soviet Union. At the night in his name, i had received many congratulations. Including one from the White House. In my eyes they was just like a revenge for the death of thier political, military and religious leader, Adolf Hitler. I would not be surprised if it would so also in your eyes...

Next day they has prepared, historical as they has said, victory parade in Moscow. It can maybe surprise you but we has never participated in any of them, through 65 years. While, as the Nazi has told in thier message it was 'jewish forces from East and the West' that has defeted them military. This year they also has not invited me to thier 'historical parade' that was so controversial for the Russians. They even did not thinked about inviting us and the way they has constructed it was more like a parade of the return of the Nazi ideology, also at the Kremlin. With United Kingdom, Polish, French and American troops puting down thier standard at the Vicotry palace. It was so, mainly to blindness and foolishnes of Dimitri Medvedev and the Archibishop Kirill, that has put Rusian Orthodox Church so close to the Teutonic Catholic flawor that he indeed should be called archibishop of Russia. Through the 1000 years, the resurection of Christ was in the center of russian orthodoxy. Ressurection that my grandfather has experienced so many times. But nowdays, the Gospel ends at the crucifixation. And there is nothing more, not only in Catholic Church but also in Russian Orthodox Church.

The resurection that they has provided was simply change of identity and fabricated death. Something that for instance Israeli Likud has provided for thier SS officer called Meshdu. But it is for Nazi not for Sanation. They will deliver me in coffin or just to gas chamber. Same to which they has sent my father in times of PRL. What the Polish Wermacht has did in Moscow, was just changing the standar, also for the one with Eagel but the Eugenic Eagel. Sieg hail, Likud Waffen. Sieg hail, grandfather from Wermacht. Look at the faith of my fathers, Chrisitan Demograts and Jhon McCain. It is just racism and nazism itself. It is visibly so clearly, as the changed eagel on thier flags and in Congress...

65 Victory parade

Nato troops have marched for the first time across Moscow’s Red Square as Russia marks the 65th anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany.

While surveys suggest the majority of Russians support the celebrations, the opposition Communist party has spoken out against the break in tradition.

President Dmitry Medvedev addressed the crowd in the Russian capital.

“The lessons of WWII teach us solidarity. The world peace is fragile. Only together we can face current threats, only by being good neighbours can we solve problems of global security,” Medvedev said.

Officers from across the Nato alliance took part: Polish, British and American soldiers all marched through the Russian capital.


There was many congratulations on this day. At the morning was some signifant one, as it was a day when Chrisitan Demograts has announced thier wolfpack. Teutonic indulgence with the pool of 750 billions euro. The Germany has sent thier financial minister to pay for the damages that they did in my country during the second war. Damages to my nation and family that the experts are counting on the 40% of national wealth. Total wealth, not the GNP, so called gross. Well, i was counting just on the symbolic rental for our palace that is occupied by them since 300 years. I was not expecting such gesture.

However, Wolfgang has not reached my camp, as his car has been shoot out on the way. Instead has landed in the hospital. While Merkly has found herself under fire for her indulgence efforts, treatment of this eagel they see every day in the Bundestag. Treatment that can by compared only to Auschwitz Birkenuane and that is itself defined by the Geneva Convention as the genocide. Well, it could be worst, if Wolfgang would success and today it would be my liftime opressor Helmut Khol that would replace her. And if it comes to the lost elections, well German people has belived in her promise of 'solid finance' and aims on the financial speculators and CDU has almost won thanks also to my support on the broadcast but you can see this days that she is not going to realise it at all. While Isreali has opened on the 65 anniversary luxury palace in Antwerpen i am continuing to dying like animal under anti drugi fence of Buldoger Nethanyahu luxury ranch. Well, rather anti jahwe fence. Do not ask them to who they are praying to Jahwe or to his eugenic clone Georing. It is overvisible, as they efforts to crash Kabbalah. Just change your Eagel, symbol of God, change the Magen David to swastik...


Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

Well, faith of my fathers should be clear to you, but what you will say about John McCain then? Does his message is not just repeat of Bavarian lies and the idea of anti drugi fence?

What is the faith of your fatheres, Mr McCain? What do you want to do with your own symbol. Throwing him out of the Ysraeli fenece???

Look america on Christian Democrats and thier spiritual and political leaders...



Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

For all Ysraeli and Americanz:

Smolensk for dumbs

Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

We would like to remind Chancellor Merkel that next time there will be nobody to give her surge during the elections and it is she that will be called to resign after our fall. While he has promised to her nation, just before the elections: 'solid finances' instead has prepared real indulgence. While we has been treated by her worst that the dog.

We thanks God that her minister of finance, sometimes refered by Israeli an Iran, as the orginator of Nazi ideology at the Middle East and most of attack on our person, has landed in the hospital. We would like to see him in the cementery, to be honest. As he does not do anything oder that runing in Bundestag and shouting to remove the Eagel, put there by Konrad Adenauer.

If they will win, it would be compared to change of the flag, that also has been set by Konrad. Back to this one with swastik, that some of thier 'financial dictator' has put on our Palace in Berlin.

How such open Nazi that thier financial minister is, can return to goverment after giving such parade he did in our gettho?,german-finance-minister-back-in-hospital.html


The Charlesmage prize that Contur Tusk is going to recive is quite symbolic for us, because of blood. He was one of the brothers of Christ and this prize is quite symbolic and should be so not only for Germans but for Christians in general. The degeneration to just a Nazims is not acceptable to anybody with common sense, as it is not the status quo and how Germany has treated my person...