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Romanish 1 May

"I don't see how the good work that the Legion and Regnum Christi do can continue without a definitive and unambiguous break with the past,"

said George Weigel, a biographer of John Paul II who had defended the Legionaries before learning of the scope of Maciel's crimes.

Here in Bruxelle people has just discovered new face of Parti Stanleyi, so well prepared by White House spermbot. If somebody did not yet found out what an ideology this party is serving this days the new logo and so well founded organisation should now understand what is driving thier march for sperm. No, it is not eugeny that as the Hitler National Socialit Party is driving them. He is so bad that does not have right to life, is something that is driving such solution. But there is something much more wondering me now. It is the announcment that the Vatican has did on this day.

When one of my forefathers was making his pilgrimage to the Rome, his story, our struggle and polish case and how he has been treeted by the Pius IX has made people of Roma so upset on this last that he has soon find in the conditions of 'prisoner of Vatican' and in efect thanks to same voice, voice of truth, has leaded to liberation of Italy. Adam was making his journey with idea of creation of Polish Legions. Something that he has seeded in Italy but that has come to life decades later in Zurich, to finaly liberate our land from the hands of opressor. Liberated, thanks to his grandson from our anthem: Rota. But this time another Legions and Legionaries are on mouths of everybody. With they leader Father Marcial Maciel playing me in the communicats of the Holy Father. While i do not have anything in common with this people. While the legion itself has been developed by Jean Paul II, as kind of my heritage. Under rules of his Bavarian successor it is changing in just another powerfull branch modeled after the Teutonic Order. Having Christ in the name but not in the heart and spirit...

Mickiewicz's Legion

Though the Polish insurrection in the Greater Poland Uprising of 1848 failed, many Poles had not lost sight of their longstanding dream of independence. To support the continuing revolutionary movements in Western Europe, Adam Mickiewicz outreached to the Polish community in Italy to form the Polish Legion which would serve the Italian initiative until the Austrians were completely driven out of the country. Though Mickiewicz was deeply influenced by Messianism, he believed this was a time when more than just spirituality was needed: it was a time for political action. The independence of Poland, Mickiewicz believed, started in Rome. On October 5, 1847, in a meeting of the Circle of God's Work, Mickiewicz announced, "The manifestation of the Christian spirit, the construction of the state for Christ, must originate in Rome, which is both church and state. Summoned to conquer for the spirit a state on earth, we must proceed on the earth, starting from Rome, which is our support."[1]

Hence, Mickiewicz and nine other compatriots traveled to Rome, where they summoned help for their mission. Mickiewicz had hoped to receive the support of Pope Pius IX, but many people rejected his proposals: even the majority of Poles living in Italy were unfavorable to the cause. Other opposers were the clergy because of his adherence to Messianism, and the aristocracy because of his strong social ideals and the threat to their wealth and power should Poland become independent again. On March 25, 1848, Mickiewicz pleaded with Pius IX for his moral support, but after several failed attempts, Mickiewicz proceeded independently to create the constitutional program of the Polish Legion.

The manifesto "Skład zasad, czyli Symbol polityczny Polski" (A collection of principles of a Political symbol of Poland) was composed by Mickiewicz for the legion and in fifteen short articles advocated freedom of conscience, equality of all citizens, equality of women, enfranchisement of peasants, solidarity and brotherhood of Slavic nations. The first struggle for the legion would be to remove Austria from Italy assisted by Slavic deserters of the Austrian Army. On May 1, Mickiewicz, now with eleven members, sent out to Milan where they were joined by a military detachment of Polish emigrants, led by Mikolaj Kaminski, to request the formation of the Polish Legion from the government of Lombardy. The agreement would make the Legion dependent on this government. Once granted, the company then appealed to expand the Polish Legion to 600 people, which the provisional government of Milan allowed as well.

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The case of thier mirror like beign called Legion of Jesus Christus (in the spirit of Templar Order) has comme just ahead Benedict XVI meeting with the Bavarian bishops. Some group of people that are opressing me since beign born, as they was doing with my father and i think also grandfather. Since that time they has produced so many false accusations, against our old lithuania church that i cannot simply count. The most charasterical is this Amsterdam bootle, so similar to this one that has 'made a II World War'. And well i am not surprised that just few days before this meeting somebody has stolen a coverlet. To later us it in some misitification probably using their favorite phedophile mood. Something that they was trying to do not so long ago, something i call 'Carter Blanche'. Somebody at Vatican seems to be realy out of his mind if is trying to repeat such thing now. But the Bavarian fest is comming with huge steeps. It is sad, that at same occasiont, they are also trying to defame my uncle, Jean Paul II. Saying that he was hidding such things, when he was just aware that they are nothing more but a lies, a false accusations...

False accusations that was with us since beign born, as they was with our spiritual protector Jean Paul II. While we do not know about this one that was presented against the unknow for us head of Legionaries of Christ, we are deeply woried by the style and the wording of Vatican statement. False accusations has leaded us to the margin of the society and in effect has destroyed our life and while Pope Benedict XVI is fully aware that they are nothing but the lies, he did not cleared us from it. Instead publishing such statement that in eyes of people is trying to paint us, as the founder of Legionaries of Christ. Moreover, Benedict XVI seems to be proud of his role in our humalitation. Stating that he has sent founder of Legionaries of Christ to time of prayer. What in our case, is just like sending to the concentration camp. We wonder why is doing such inhuman things. We are expecting correction of such stance and appology. Formal apology.

Having in mind his false accusations against us, accusations that they was trying to prepare and propagate in past years, to defame me and my protector Jean Paul II, we doubt in the honesty of Pope Benedict XVI. Observing his bavarian miscalculations and technics that reminds us so much of his youngess, we do not belive that this accusations are true, also if it comes to founder of Legionaries of the Christ. We doubt in it, as they has been presented after the suspected death of it founder in line of Ku Klux Klan saying: dead ones does not speak, so they will not defend themself. The suspected death of founder of Legions of Christ and his humalitation by the Pius IX that ordered Maciel in 2006 to lead a "reserved life of penance and prayer".It is just one of many suspected deaths that marks road of Ratzinger to become the head of the Catholic Church. It is our pope Jean Paul II that has shared such fate but also somebody that has started it: Monseigneur Marcel Lefebvre and the previous head of Malta Order: Andrew Bertie. All of them also falsfifly accused by our bavarian bishops. Just as they are trying from longer time with me...

Vatican Statement on Apostolic Visitation of Legionaries of Christ

(01 May 10 – RV) Below we publish a Vatican Radio translation of the Press Office Statement released Saturday May 1, at the conclusion of a two day meeting in the Vatican on the outcome of the Apostolic Visitation of the Congregation of the Legionaries of Christ:

1. On the days April 30 and May 1, the Cardinal Secretary of State chaired a meeting in the Vatican with five bishops in charge of the Apostolic Visitation of the Congregation of the Legionaries of Christ (Bishop Ricardo Blazquez, archbishop of Valladolid, Msgr. Charles J. Chaput OFM Cap., Archbishop of Denver, Mgr. Andrella Ricardo Ezzati SDB, Archbishop of Concepción, Mgr. Giuseppe Versaldi, Bishop of Alexandria; Mgr. Ricardo Watty Urquidi, M.Sp.S., Bishop of Tepic). It was attended by the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life and the Substitute for General Affairs of the Secretariat of State.

One of the sessions took place in the presence of the Holy Father, to whom the Visitors presented a summary of their report, which had been previously submitted.
During the visitation over 1,000 Legionnaires were met in person and hundreds of written documents were examined. The Visitors have visited almost all the religious houses and many of the works of the apostolate directed by the Congregation. They heard, orally or in writing, the opinion of many diocesan bishops of the countries where the congregation operates. The Visitors also met several members of the "Regnum Christi" Movement, although it was not the subject of the visit, especially men and women religious. They have also received considerable correspondence from laity and family members of the Movement.

The five Visitors testified to a sincere reception and a constructive spirit of cooperation shown them by the congregation and individual religious. While acting independently, they have reached a widely convergent evaluation and a shared opinion. They testified that to having met a large number of honest and talented religious individuals, many of them young, who seek Christ with genuine zeal and offer their entire lives to spread the Kingdom of God

2. The Apostolic Visitation was able to ascertain that the behaviour of Fr. Marcial Maciel Degollado has caused serious consequences in the life and structure of the Legion, so much so, to require a journey of profound re-evaluation.
The serious and objectively immoral behaviour of Fr. Maciel, supported by incontrovertible evidence, at times constitutes real crimes, and manifests a life devoid of scruples and of genuine religious feeling. The large majority of Legionaries were unaware of that life, particularly because of the system of relations created by Fr. Maciel, who had skilfully managed to build up an alibi, to gain the trust, confidence and surrounding silence and strengthen his role as a charismatic founder.

Not infrequently the lamentable disgracing and expulsion of those who doubted his upright conduct, and the misconception of not wanting to harm the good that the Legion was doing, had created around him a defence mechanism which made him untouchable for a long time , thus rendering knowledge of his real life difficult.

3. The sincere zeal of the majority of the Legionaries - which also emerged from the Visitation of the congregation houses and their many works, and which is appreciated by many - led many in the past to believe that the charges, which gradually became more insistent and widespread, could only be slander.

Therefore the discovery and knowledge of the truth about the founder resulted in surprise, dismay and deep sorrow among members of the Legion, as clearly evidenced by the Visitors.

4. From the results of the Apostolic Visitation it has emerged clearly, among other elements:
a) the need to redefine the charism of the Congregation of the Legionaries of Christ, preserving the core truth, that of "Militia Christi", which characterizes the apostolic and missionary action of the Church and which is not identifiable with efficacy at any cost;
b) the need to review the exercise of authority, which must be conjoined to the truth, in respect of conscience and to develop in light of the Gospel as an authentic ecclesial service;
c) the need to preserve young people's enthusiasm of faith, the missionary zeal, the apostolic dynamism, through appropriate formation. Indeed, disappointment about the founder could call into question the core of this vocation and charism that belongs and is specific to the Legionaries of Christ.

5. The Holy Father would like to assure all Legionnaires and members of the "Regnum Christi" Movement that they will not be left alone: the Church has a strong desire to accompany them and help them in the path of purification that awaits them. It will also mean sincere confrontation with all those who, inside and outside the Legion, were victims of sexual abuse and of the power system devised by the founder. It is to them, at this time, that the thoughts and prayers of the Holy Father go, along with his gratitude to the many who, even in the midst of great hardships, had the courage and perseverance to demand the truth.

6. The Holy Father, in thanking the Visitors for the delicate work which they competently carried out with generosity and deep pastoral sensitivity, assured them that he will soon indicate the modalities of this process of accompaniment, starting with the appointment of a Delegate and a Study Commission on the Constitution.
The Holy Father will send a Visitor to the Regnum Christi Movement, in response to insistent requests from consecrated members thereof.

7. Finally, to all Legionaries of Christ, their families, committed lay people in the Regnum Christi movement, the Holy Father renewes his encouragement during this difficult time for the Congregation and each one of them. He urges them not to lose sight that their vocation, which originated from Christ’s call and is animated by the ideal to witness his love to the world, is a true gift from God, a treasure for the Church, the indestructible foundation on which to build their personal future and that of the Legion.

Source: Radio Vatican


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