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Prayer macht frei

Welcome of Prime Minister in exile, Stanislaw of many names, after his 'visit' in the Soviet Union.

From the left side: Adam Romer, Stanisław Mikołajczyk, Jan Kwapiński (born Piotr Chałupka), Stanisław Grabski, gen. Stach Zawierucha (born Marian Kukiel).

London 1944

When i was leaving the internet cafe at Staliningrad i was not wrong publishing my previous post. The police was waiting for me but did not arrested me, instead one of them, with jewish orgin has come on my back and splited to the trashcan. 'Zoolish' he said and everything has became clear. But it was not end of troubles. On the outside somebody has left the bootle with some potion. I wanted to drink it while i had discovered the taste. Somebody has pissed to it but it was maybe to late for me, as the content was rather something that could be defined by biological weapon. It was not first time and as you can see on the photo from Amsterdam with my famous mole i was not once poisoned. But if there was something inside, it has been neutralised by the National Security Beauro and the nanotechnology but it was once again strong signal about circumstances of Jean Paul II death and bavarian methods. It was just like insult for citizens of Brussels. Bavarian mockery from symbol of this city.

And today when Benedict XVI after ceding Legion of Christ to some of his pawn instead of rightfull one, he visited Turin. He had hope that there would be no longer Voice of Truth in the air. Whatever deported to General Gouverment or just killed by one of Mendejew emissaries that this time was creator of Stalin museums. Well, we wonder of how many he has sent to museums but in this context, what President of Russian Federation was doing on the eve of 9 May victory of soviet and polish army over the Nazi is just greates shame in the modern Russian history. But on the west it is not better and while Benedict XVI was visiting Turin we could only sign our Rota: Will not allow German to split in our face.

While Holy See has yesterday tried to defame us and wanted to sent us 'zurick' to gas chamber. After preparing through thier diplomatic effort a real concentration camp with the logo: 'Prayer macht frei' on the gateway to it. We will reply by reminding our dear Pius IX our forefather Adam Mickiewicz declaration of Polish Legions in Italy. We see their upcoming Bavarian festival that colides this time with 65 anniversary of the victory over the Hitler forces and we ask ourself and the world. Who has then won this war if they not only are not going to invite grandson of Polish Prime Minister in exile that has leaded our forces at West and the East to this victory to celebrate it with them. Moreover they has humalitated him completly and now are just waiting for his execution. We do not ask you to who should lead this Legion of Christ. Who is rightfull one and why he is persecuted in such bad way? We do not ask, instead we reply to the Holy Father, point after point...

Composition of the rules or symbol of Poland

1. Chritian spirit, in holy roman catholic faith, through free actions disclosed.
2. Word of the God, in Evangely heralded, through rights of nations, fathers and societies.
3. Church guard of the word.
4. Fatherland as field of life for the Word of the God on this earth.
5. Polish ghost as the servant of the Gospel, polish soil with thier society as the body. Poland is resurecting in body, in which she was suffering and has been burned hundred years ago (now 300). Poland in free and independent person is standing and is givin her hand to the Slavic nations.
6. In Poland freedom to the every faith of the God, every custom and chapel.
7. Word of the God, confess freely, from fruits by the law judged.
8. Every from nation is the citizen, every citizen is equal in law and by the authorities.
9. Every post freely elected, freely given and freely taken over.
10. To the Israel, an older brother, brotherhood and help on his road toward eternal and worldly good. Law equal in everything.


Adam Mickiewicz
Rome, 29 March 1848

More: Generation JPII

I wonder would say the polish soldiers that has died for this Eagel in Crown on all fronts of II World War observing how their old allies are preparing for 65 anniversary of victory over the Nazi. How they are treating grandson of somebody that was not only leading them to the victory in Berlin but also was brave enough to return to our soil to create first goverment. With aim to recreate old glory we enjoyed just for the moment, between I and II World War. If they will invite him, they will do this in the communist style to the graveyard or prison. In best case...

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Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

I feel Tusk Bydgoszcz friend that will become new head of Polnishe Wermacht alreay. Again pain the the tooth served by this bloody bastards.

You, capral Komorowski has thanks to Nethanyahu already taked huge revenge for death during your Teutonic crusade of your relative. He has throwed out all of Kaczynski BBN and heads of Polish Wermacht and him with his wife into the air.

God would say that it was good, but after your Reichstag like reaction, will say only that Nethanyahu does not have bools if he did this and is trying to hide behind me, sacrificing me. Then why he has fired up Reichstag?

Why you do not induce such pain on Merkel, Nethanyahu or Obama? Or next head of army that has also served nice team, to remind you our shooting on dobra street, that has been presented to the public as the CASA incident. Again, God would say that it was good, if not your reaction. So teutonic one.

You has taked so much of Kaczynski team that you should just shoot up instead of sending your stoorm troopers. And if his daughter is looking for revenge she should go straight to Tel Aviv to ask them why her father is in so big shame there and all over the world...

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