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Kholage Pruss

Today is 13 May 1981. The McCaine delegation has just day before come to the IV Reich and Benedictus Sieg Sin has at the shrine of Fatima explained us what a bullet, what a call has reached John Paul II in Anakara. The bullet that has been later by mistake placed at this cursed shrine in crown of Mary, symbol of General Franco Teutonism that by mistake and wrong advices has been accepted by Jhon Paul II. This bullet that has reached John Paul II, he has called a 'the 'bullet' of our anxieties and sufferings"', and of course Khol has also tried to hit me with similar one. I understand very well about what a suffering he and his Bavarian circle is talking. Thier efforts to complete Negro genocide and to erase Sanation continues...

Yesterday when Tusk was leaving Warsaw i was sure that after failed coupe de etat prepared by Helmut Khol, Chancelor Merkly will realise how it could end for her, after treathing this Reich Furst worst that you will treat a dog. I was thinking that Tusk will finaly lose a ground in Europe and his party and maybe this Reichstag fire will finaly turn into maybe not into King David bombing but just Poniatowski bridge, removing both corrupted officials President and Prime Minister. Well, i was also counting on the inter party criticism and the influence of PSL coalitiant insipred by the memory of my grandfather, Christ that was leading them also in most dificult time of II World War and the PRL.

This Christ that has overthrowed Hitler tyrany, as Benedictus has told some time ago, was leading our people of good will with the hope that Churchil with help of not the NAzi, as some say but his legend and religion will realise secret operation 'Unthinkable' operation, will defeat Soviet Union and will bring back Commonwealth of Poland in the old shape. It was an idea that has drived him back to my soviet occupied country. Instead he and the country has been raped, as he has wroten in his book. While in European Union of XXI centaury, Tusk has yesterday eated a diner with Merkly, i had come to sleep hungry and wet. Beign second year on Benedictus 'penitance' programe, with 'purification' on hold in the 'Prayer macht frei' concentration camp.

Penitence and purification that Bavaria has also served in 40ths to 6 000 000 of evil and dirty jews and other problematic citizens of II Commonwealth of Poland. I though that the reception she will give to him will be cold, because he has put everything on this coupe de etat but this neo Lutheran mother is supporting his Teutonic play and aims, even more. Is not this made thanks to propaganda and diplopatic efforts of the Berlin jewelry? It is not joke, dear Likud, both Hitler and Georing was also a jews and as now, the main target in racial segregation was at priori Eastern Jews, also because of financial gains (see video above)...

But lets go back to our Anti Prussian homage and the Charelmage award. The meaning of it you can read in my comments but let look into Germany of XXI centaury. For what Mr. Donald Tusk has received this award? In our difficult hisotry there was nobody that could bring so close such two hostile from centauries nations: German and Polish. But was it Mr. Tusk or rather this legendary Reich Furst? In my eyes they has awarded him but not for his efforts in European integration but just for the Reichstag brand. The Merkel is bit better if it comes to paying in silver but in my eyes she has been awarded for her Auschwitz Birkenauen camp, as he already proved that is able to send here thier troops to kill us and transfer our rights to some others. What the Tusk and his Likud firends has did to my person during his reign, is best ilustrated by this two video clips from my fight with narco nazism. Before and after Tusk. Is this something that should be glorified???

SuperStacja - Zakazany lisc

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Our pair has received this award that was also given to Konrad Adenauer other close friend of my grandfather but had it same meaning, as in days of der patriarch that has modeled Chrisitan Democratic Union after our Sanation and my forefathers? If somebody would look at this grandson that has been and continue to be treated by the Germany, with all the damages they did to him in the past, worst that you would treat a dog, it is rather rethoric question. The effects of Merkel social policy that can be simply described, as Sieg other bolshevismus is just devastating and she did nothing to change the status quo. Instead investing german taxpayers money into Isreali Ministry of Finance indulgence that is setup for our extermination. It is hard for her to say that the Germany does not have a money for us. If they will not pay us they will pay to some other power that will be able to executed this debt fully, as we has been already crushed by Buldozera Nethanyahu Likud cabinet. Is there too many of us that has survived Holocaust and continued hunt for the royalty in the Eastern Europe? There is only one...

The Sanation

Sanation (Polish: Sanacja) was a Polish political movement that came to power after Józef Piłsudski's May 1926 Coup d'État. Sanation took its name from his watchword—the moral "sanation" (healing) of the Polish body politic. The movement rested on a circle of Piłsudski's close associates, including Walery Sławek, Aleksander Prystor, Kazimierz Świtalski, Janusz Jędrzejewicz, Adam Koc, Józef Beck, Tadeusz Hołówko, Bogusław Miedziński and Edward Rydz-Śmigły."[1]

Sanation preached the primacy of the national interest, contended against the system of parliamentary democracy, and supported authoritarian government. In 1928, in an effort to broaden its influence, Sanation created a "Nonpartisan Bloc for Cooperation with the Government," which existed until Piłsudski's death in 1935. Sanation then broke up into several factions, including "the Castle."[2]


Named after the Latin word for "healing" ("sanatio"),[3] the Sanation movement mainly comprised former military officers who were disgusted with the corruption in Polish politics. Sanation was a coalition of rightists, leftists and centrists whose main focus was the elimination of corruption and the reduction of inflation.

Sanation appeared prior to the May 1926 Coup d'État and lasted until World War II but was never formalized. Since Piłsudski disapproved of political parties, which he saw as promoting their own interests rather than supporting the state and the people, the Sanation movement never led to the creation of a political party. Instead, in 1928 Sanation members created a Bezpartyjny Blok Współpracy z Rządem ("Nonpartisan Bloc for Cooperation with the Government"), a coalition political party that denied being a political party.

Although Piłsudski never claimed personal power, he exercised extensive influence over Polish politics after Sanation took power in 1926. For the next decade, he dominated Polish affairs as strongman of a generally popular centrist regime. Kazimierz Bartel's government and all subsequent governments would first be unofficially approved by Piłsudski before they could be confirmed by the President.

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It would be great to repeat Klemens call but instead we see acting president that acts not in the name of national interest but just IMF and circle of our opressors, fueled by the Teutonic revenge. The nature of award that Donek has recived on the 13 May has changed since Konrad Adenuaer, as the ideology of Chrisitan Democratic Union is changing into some old tune of Horst Wesel Lied anthem, as the Chrisitan Europe is changing, therefore the course of action is heading just to the symbolic removal of our Eagle, Federal Eagle to complet a genocide done on us. To complete Reichstagbrand and takeover whole power. If it comes to the award, we need to remind you that such turning point was already observed by us in 1988 when it has been given to the author of another deadly flight i needed to face in Soviet Times. It has been given to our lifelong opressor Helmut Khol and Teutonic rival of Konrad Adenauer. Given in respect to the effect that it has did on the Soviet Regime that has then decided to kill me, as the debt has been to long since the Rotund explosion. We was very lucky because of the Jean Paul II that has decided to 'reverse' Khol Teutonic drive.

And instead has organized on the mood of our extermination an defense campaign in our region. Defense campaign that has seduced minds and hearts of the people and has leaded to crush of Soviet Emprie. That is why on the archival materials from 1989 you often hear 'Poraj' on mouths of millions of people. It was case of this Reich Furst that has pushed the people in our defense. While our role has never been appreciated by the West and we was continuing to live, as any common men. It is also true for my grandfather that has died in 'liberated' country but has never received a respect he has deserved. So old, as the II World War. Holy War that for us has never been ended, formaly or even unformaly.

There is also another taste for the schoolars of Kaballah if it comes to how this award has degenerated. It is both Saint Idzim and Charlesmage that has come from old brotherhood of Jesus Christ, and therefore had same rare blood in thier veins, as other members of royal PIAST line had. Line also of Muslims Prophet Mahomet. Therefore such anti prussian homage has been doubly shamefull, not only for Germans but for whole world. How it can be that while European Union and IMF has recently 'to solve economic crisis', that thanks to respect to my person by the OPEC members, we are in the center, has reserved 750 billions euro we are continuing to live not only uncomparable to Western roylaty but even common European.

Living in the genocide conditions, conditions in which you would not want to see any grandson. Not mentioning some that have such grandfathers, European and American ones. Stop telling your bullshit to the people, the bullshits that has stoped me from becoming member of european parlaiment, bullshits that has crashed me to the ground closing in kind of concentration camp. They are presecuting us since decades by distributing such lies. And it is not an accident that in english we has said that II World War was confrontation between allies and nazi. It continue to be same, even if flags are on first look differen. This same technics and targets, this same slogans and methods, you can observe this days. In the very heart of the European Union...


At night, as we could expect, the Saint Idzim and Charelmage car has come and meet same fate as many others from this Mercedes Benz parade. In General Gouverment in the style that older readers will remind lies that the PRL aparatus was feeding them, press services of our caprals has informed about crash in Bialograd. Two crusaders has died on spot while thrid one in the hospital. We has heard the explosion but not in Bialograd but here in Brussels at the night. Again Ra spad skaya, as they has already feeled also in Medvedev Russia. In same PRL spirit acting President was speaking about using polish history and polish case to personal gains.

Well, it is just our case, our common past with us, as the Supreme Leaders on the very front. It is I personaly that are representing this 6 000 000 citizens of II Commonwealth, it is I personaly that represents the financial claims of the damages that has been counted on 40% of national wealth and my personal loses. The claims that because of servant or even slaveric nature of the current and past goverments of III Republic of Poland has never been put on the agenda of European Union. When last year capral Sarkozy as representat of Paris Club has asked capral Donek for almost 1 billion euro for a debt made in PRL, you has paid it without waiting. If this would be independent country you will first make a condition of resolving our Holocaust era claims, before paing back any single polish zloty to the West.

This claims has never been resolved and what you and this SS Waffen capral is doing is just acting against the national interest. They, especialy Germany should pay this debt in gold and silver and saying that my 'cost of live', cost that has been strated to generate since i was just embrion and that are growing thanks to your idiotic policy of extermination, saying such thing that i am living too long, that this debt is to big already is just a inclination of the racism. You in Germany should, as your people do on the streets, understand that this debt will be paid even to my grandchildrens. IT IS SO TERIBLE DEBT MADE AGAINST OUR PEOPLE DURING THE HOLOCAUST AND LATER. IT IS SUCH EXTERMINATION THAT NEGRO FAMILIES ARE FACING FROM TEUTONS SINCE CENTAURIES. You has never returned bulawa to the rightfull hands of my grandfader, as Mr. Kazimierz Sabat has meet sudently death. One of many deaths in the longest genoicde ever, deaths that has started to taked top of our 'polsheviks', as soon as in 1943 with sudetly death of Wladyslaw Sikorski, then our Foreign Minister Jozef Beck in 1944 and close friend of my grandfather Mr. Franklin Delano Roosvelt on the 12 April 1945...


Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

We; see that now Germany says that they have nothing against the European Central Bank, that if it comes to my person is just a sperm bank. It is announcment that Tusk and Merkly has made during receiving the Charlemage award; established also because of need to support fight of my grandfather and dengerated by Khol people so deeply.

The Khol has himself received this award in 1988, the year on which they was reburing my grandfather and in acomplimance wanted to kill me and my mother. But what Merkly is doing is nothing better. Merly same. It is just disgusting, as he is full of blood on herself. Blood that could not be spreaded if i would for instance be living not on Ysraeli openair, accessible by everybody but just as normal European 'not saying aristocratic' in the hotel. The price for night is just 79 euro, when they own me so much...

The announcemnt of European Sperm Bank has come also with the ambulance to take me to General Goverment. For spermbank, something they already did with my father in erly 80th. That is why i say they should just go to his gas chamber. BTW. Komorowski has realy good name, as in polish gas chamber is Komora gazowa.

I wonder if without German support i will survive this night. Tusk is convicin her with his talk about 'revenge' for Ewa Tusk. What i have in common with this? Did he has taked a sperm from Barosso that has provided poison? Did he has killed her daughter that has poisoned her? Does Danuta Hubner that has bringed poison from EU Portugal doctors is in such condition or just makign buisness as ususal? What is Tusk doing with his mother is just wieping his ass. Just as Nethanyahu with thora. Just look at the Auschwitz playboy pictorial in my flick galery to understand what i mean...

And what is most funny or rather tragic in this. Is a person of Charlesmage himself and the St. Idzim that both have same blood in her vein. Beign last male survivor of Negro genoice is not fun in Christian Demograts Europe (before Hitler and his Teutonic followers we was living and often ruling in such countires like Pakistan, India, Ethiopia to mention few). They has treated me worst that dog and are looking only for my extermination or eugenic clone. No comment. Sieg hail...

Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

It was almost anti prussian homage, as Merkel and NEthanyahu could be just kicked out in this Khol coup de etat. But what she is doing with this SSman Tusk is just unbelivable. So shamefull for Germans, that you will crash yourself, just as the Soviet Union did with similar Kabacki forest flight.

pay your rental, realise your promise of solid financing, Ms; Merkel...