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Benjhamin in Paris

Yesterday Israeli scouts has once again ended without too much success, yet another military drill. In whole Israel they was driving jews to the shellters what was acomplished by the sound of sirens heard in whole land and even here in Brussels. The prince was suposed to be delivered to one of old PRL era gas chambers, wher they has also sent his father. Through almost 2 hours, each 10 minutes they was sending to me police cars and ambulances. Ordered from all over the world, including Rassial Federation. Thanks God and faith of your fathers, none of them has taked me. It was en effort to made huge homage to the British Queen that has on this day opened new British Parliament.

Today, two of German kholages has meet in Paris, assured by Israel cabinet about the release of my soul in echange for hundreds of Hamas prisoners. It is just like throwing Pilsudzki to Sekwana, once again, as they did in 1918 when we was negotiating Wersal treaty that has established II Commonwealth of Poland, leaded by his brother. They was just laughting from the people in our face. Laughting and at same time ordering crucifixiation of last survivor of this unfinished Holy War from the royal piast line. I know that there are too many of jewish princes and rivals to the King David crown. So you needed to send last of them to something like concentration camp to martyr him at the end...

Bronisław Piotr Piłsudski

Bronisław Piotr Piłsudski (2 November 1866 – 17 May 1918), brother of Józef Piłsudski, was a Polish cultural anthropologist who conducted outstanding research on the Ainu ethnic group, which then inhabited Sakhalin Island but now live mostly on the Japanese island of Hokkaidō, with only a small minority left on Sakhalin.


Bronisław and Józef Piłsudski lived in Vilnius in 1874, where they continued self-education for three years. After their mother's death in 1886, they left for Saint Petersburg. Bronisław Piłsudski passed an examination at a local university.

Bronisław, for his involvement with an undercover socialist in a plot to assassinate Alexander III of Russia in 1887 together with Vladimir Lenin's brother Alexander Ulyanov, was sentenced to fifteen years at hard labor on Sakhalin island (Ulyanov was hanged). He used his time there to conduct research. While on Sakhalin in 1891, he met ethnographer Lev Sternberg. He was then sent to the southern part of the island. The rest of his prison sentence was changed to ten years of internal exile because he had settled without permission of the Russian authorities.

Three years later, he was given a grant by the Imperial Academy of Sciences to study the Ainu. That year he settled in an Ainu village and had a son with an Ainu woman. In 1903 he recorded the Ainu language. From these original recordings an Ainu dictionary of over a thousand words was made, which was translated into over ten languages. Piłsudski also wrote down the myths, culture, music and customs of the Ainu.

In 1905 he arrived in Kraków, Poland, after traveling from the United States and Japan. When there was upheaval preceding World War I, he escaped to Switzerland. In 1917 he left for Paris, where on 17 May 1918 he drowned in the Seine River. His death was thought a suicide.

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Yesternight, Hamas had made a dangerous almost deadly mistake and as we say in Poland, haste is wrong advisor. The two commanders has been thanks to wisdom not stoped by the bullets but by Letrem police forces. But it will be better for us if they would just wait in patience, as i do not belive that our Israeli leader will be able to defend himself from the intercriticis and will change the conditions. They bad smear that was accomplamishing his Paris visit was feel even in Antwerpen.

You need also remeber that on the other side of this coin is the Stanley McChrystal waiting to use such occassion. He thinks that he will be able to ignore the source of such crucifixation order and boost his troops morale before the pre election offensive against Iran. He is just Nazi robot and nothing will change his character but he thinks otherwise. And in the american congres democrats are waiting with 33 billions Iran war proposal, after rejecting an proposal that was intended to stop this war efforts and Obama sperm or Iran strategy. Such act will boost thier efforts and war preparations. You should be more cautions about your moves, if you do not provoke them. We are still able to avoid such dark scenarion. And well, at the end, i think it will be rather our robot in White House that will help you release this prisoners, if our Nazi Japan cabinet will not change thier minds...



Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

I see great effort undertaken to bring 'humanitarian relif' to me in name of revenge for somebody that was opressing me since i was born. For somebody that was involved in murdering of our uncle Jean Paul II. It is again Malta Kaczynska and cancer that seems to have eaten minds of not only Israeli cabinet but also some in Turkey if they are bearing Turkish flag...

Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

I feel again pain made on my tooth from the Belveder, they are assured once again about success of thier humanitarian aid. They should be just throwed out of the NATO and disconected for what they are doing with me...

The New Poland is just no different from the Pinochet dictatorship and the people are just left without any real choice.

It is British Emperialism that has eaten thier inds, so Teutonic that never before. Sieg hail, Bronus and Jarus...