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Auschwitz zone

Yestarday some has annunced thier protest against Swedish cartoonist that has painted Prophet Mahomet as the dog. Well, it is nothing nice to see but i wonder if my Muslim borthers and sisters should take him on the spot. I think that the message behind this cartoons are much deeper and they are just signalising you that the blood that is in Negro veins is same with the Prophet and that the West is treating my person even worst that a dog. When this Moon driven politicans has just put on the table three billions dollars. It is very about money and they are just showing thier bestiality, laughting from the masses. You should rather turn in your portests against them, as the source of such opression and inhuman treatment...

They has never treated my person, as they should. Always living with the stigm with false accusations spreaded in the air. In PRL it was just like on the famous movie Ballad of Januszek, then after 'liberation' it was litte bit easier. When some smart Rabins and politicans in 1995 has announced on the UN forum the Atom free initiative. That was also year on which they has made me a stigm on my right wirst, with destiny to crucifix. The years was passing and i was growing trying to put my legend behind fight for human rights, with quite success that esepecialy drug users can notice in this country but also many others including Czech Republic, Russian Federation, Mexico or Brasil, but not my. I doing so with the European Parliament on the mind. And everything was on the right course until the murdering of my protector JPII when the opression has intensified changing in past 2 years into something that can be compared only to the concentration camp. On the photo you see me with the coleague from the polish parliament. Just to compare before and after Tusk.

While they should treat me, comparably as the head of the state. They, Chrisitian Degenerates has imposed conditions similar to the concentration camp. And now, when this Kabballah destroyer Beniamin Nethanyahu speaks about 'peace', he is thinking about room what this word also means in the polish. A room that once Adolf Hitler was offering to the polish cattle. A gas chamber that they has once offered to my father. They has offered such peace, such rooms many times. Many times did this a German Chancelor, trying to send me to such gas chamber ignoring the damages for which Germany should pay.

We should then reply to this monster that is standing on the front of the White Eagel, set there as the German flag, to remeber what they did to us, we should reply quoting the Jozef Beck words for similar proposal made on 5 may 1939 by the Germany. We should reply to her and anybody that will come out with such inhuman proposal: 'Peace is vauable and desired thing. Our generations (as there are already four waiting for it), blooded in wars, for sure is deserving time of peace. But peace as almost all thing on this earth have it price, hing but rational. We in NATO does not know such thing like a peace for every price.'. We should but NATO itself is so close to rebrand that has forgoten the meaning of honor.

Making such insane proposal, Chrisitan Degenerates are just once again showing how low they has fallen. How true this legend and map is. They should remeber all of my names including Pilsudzki. They should remeber my heritage that i am bearing and damages they did to us. But instead of paying what they should, instead of paying my invoice, Germany has just announced another financial chellenge by providing EUR147.6 billion bailout package. An addition to the 110-billion-euro provided not to pay back for my palace in Berlin but to the Greece.

If they want to be treated seriously by the people they should stop talking about room in presence of the Gas Chamber from which Germany and our Berlin Jews are already famous. The should talk of the room i had showed them during the Night of Museum in the Musee Charlier. We can talk about the 'peace' but only about that for which four generations are waiting. A room in Secesion style. The German Cyancelor with her piggy face of Chrisitan Degenerats is so bloody one that should just shout up, if she comes with such insane proposal, as the GAS CHAMBER. Sieg Hail, Republicans. You did not only lost faith of your fathers but also minds. Lost to the cocaine. Sarko to Sekwana, Tusk za plot...

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