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100 into ten

When the elections in Germany comes, Chancelor Merkel is usualy runing with the naked torse around the Bundestag. We has supported her to become a Chancellor for the second time and she had enough time to regulate rental rate for our palace in Berlin. We has proposed a realy cheap rate and we was sure that we are living in the capitalism and finaly our property rights will be respected. But what the CDU and she personaly present is rather form of national socialism with the Sieg oder bolshewismus slogan, so much on front of it.

While the danger for our survival with the Israeli efforts and raists Camermoon taking over power in the United Kingdom, is growing she and her party did nothing to solve our property claim and improve both living conditions and the security. Instead their are laughting from Eastern jews and slavic nation offering 22,4 billion of cash to the Greece. We and her nations see quite good that they does not have a money to return at least part of what they has destroyed to thier Lutheran Furst. Instead our Christian Democrats are conductiong a move that is again counted on our extermination, this time by the hands of left wing. Such indulgence is so much in the spirit of Medival ones and the crucifixation propageted by the Teutonic Order that we will not comment. She laughts from us on the front of the Eagel that has been put there by our family dedicated friend Konrad Adenauer and founder of her party, to remember about my grandfather that was traped there by soviet authorities. Traped and humanilated but still far away from the concetration camp like conditions in which they has traped me and now they are doing everything to burn the heap that they has did themself. Heap that they did not only for my but, as in old times for the Templar Order. Again misstreated by the Holy See and blamed for kind of heresy...

Bavarian fete

Trying to get the German parliament to back an international rescue plan for debt-stricken Greece, Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned Europe’s future is at stake.

She said the aid package must succeed or the problem would spill over on to other euro zone countries.

“We’re at a fork in the road,” Merkel said in the debate on approving Berlin’s 22 billion euro contribution to the emergency loans for Athens despite hostility among the German public.

She also suggested there should be a kind of bankruptcy protection procedure set up so that in an emergency a country could freeze repayment of it debts while restructuring.

German lawmakers are due to vote on whether to support the Greek rescue package on Friday.

Some have criticised Merkel for delaying the vote for domestic political reasons.

Claudia Roth of the Greens said: “I’m don’t support those who are being anti-Greece in this, because they have not understood that Germany is one of those countries who benefited most from the EU.”


It is true that we would not discover many of things if she would instantly open up her chequebook. We would not discover things including guiltness of Benedict XVI and the nature of Wolfgang, leading architect of Creek shit we are now. But when she is now taking up her checkbook, she is missing correct address, sending money to Greece not to us and she has forgoten that the conditions they cooked are no different from the concentration camp. For almost 2 years. And so, we are just scared by the efforts of our dear Commissioner Barosso and Israeli, that such status quo cannot be accepted and the people of Germany feel this same. Feel the shame for such inhuman treatment, shame that is destroying the proudness from thier military achievments. Why I am are so scared?

Well, it is not only Cameron and Malta Kaczynska idea of foundation named after her criminal parents but mainly Israeli efforts to eradicate us and celebrate 65 anniversary of very our victory over the Nazism in so unique spirit. When i wake up in our tent on Mountain of Reich, i see gauze between me and normal world A gaze that was and continue to spearate me from the normal world through past 30 years. It is not joke, the situation has only detered after death of our uncle Jean Paul II but it was never as it should be, as Kazimierz Sabbat has never meet with me and my grandfather, not mentioning my father so heavily misstreated in soviet times and later. But today our Israeli, as the echo of Egyptan security talks has put there plywood marking anti drugs fence, discused in culuars. Kind of idea of zeoring polish history marked by move of remaining of Berlin Wall on the Eastern border. A wall that was separating us through decades from the civilised world and our stolen heritage but also dignity, just human dignity...

They are trying to do such thing in XXI century. When people in my country and all over the world are starting to discover my true face and my family background. They try to destroy Kabbalah on the eyes of all. There is not accident of this symbols you can see in Bundestag and caps of policesmans on the photo of Konrad and De Goule, that was playing a role of my grandfather in thier nations. As you can see on this poster from And what leader of Dziuwisz state is doing? Counting so much on the Sharik delivery? Moreover, so often shouting loudly on the whole world: Jude Messias GEDANKE, after leading us to such inhuman conditons in which we has spent past 2 years. Firing up the Reichstag and pointing their finger on Marinus. So differently to similar King David Hotel bombing that has leaded to establishment of Israel. How far they and their Republican friends are far these days from faith of their fathers? It is so visible on the background of 9 May. Again going to be marked without us. For 65 time while my shouts has already made a royal panic in the Netherlands. Maybe because it was my grandfather forces that has liberated Belgium and Breda, maybe because so many of them has died during the heroic Market Garden operation. They all had Eagle in the crown on thier caps. This was not Tusk or Kaczynski forefathers that has leaded this fight for independence not only during II World War but also in the PRL. It was very my grandfather, that has died in free Poland but has never been payed respect that we deserved...

Reichstagbrand or King David bombing?

Lech Kaczyński, President of the Polish Republic
Maria Kaczyńska, First Lady RP
Władysław Stasiak, Chief of Staff to the President of the RP
Aleksander Szczygło, Head of the Office of National Security
Jacek Sasin, Vice-Chief of Staff to the President
Paweł Wypych, state-secretary in the Office of the President
Mariusz Handzlik, under-state-secretarz in the Office of the President


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Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

I see that this panic has reached Germany just ahead of the tommorrow vote. I and the people of Germany see that it has put thier cabinet in difficult situation. Thanks God, the medeviev north caucaus forces has been captured by the local mehr. It is better Mr. Medvedev if you will not try to make russia fitna. It is better for you and your country.

And if it comes to the Merkel cabinet, i do not think that people would like to see her visit, as the post factum Libentrop Molotov deal. It is simply better to pay this rental rate that is symbol not only of the Holocaust era claims and the damages they did to us during the II World War but also symbol of our 300 years old struggle. Excus me, 301 years.

No, for nobody that did not lost thier mind in this Wall Street madness, waiting for another generation to see them mistreated as the Adolf Hitler would do is not an option. What i can do only sign after Bob Marley:

300 years, 300 years

Looking with Konrad Adenauer, called after my grandfather der patriarch. Looking from the street on which they has sent me after beign opressed and persecuted first by the STASI and then by BND Witkacy Group 85. What you will do with this Eagel, whoever will reach him, will be for sure remebered not only by your nation but whole word. The damages has been already made by many of world leader and it is better for them to change thinking and start repeir it. Instead of looking for easy solutions...