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Radosza Sabbat

It was my 31 birthday while in General Gouverment they are still celebrating effects of Presidential flight. Not by accident mostly in Krakow. I must admit that it is not my first such experience and merly nothing has changed whatever it was Rotunda explosion, flight LO 5055 - kabacki forest, CASA C-295 crash, Airbus AF 447 Rio-Paris flight or latest Smolensk journey leaded by Kaczorowski. The difference is that now i am just aware about what is going around my person and that there is no more Jean Paul II that has protected my through my 31 years of constant opression, humilitation and persecutions. For my wrong class orgin and this evil gene.

And while situtation in General Goverment is going to be even worst with the nation having in practice no choice but to strenghten revenge glowing Teutonic Platform, here is litte hope for something that my grandfather was appealing in also difficult time of simillar Negro sturm a revival of true Christianity. There is litte hope , as i just heard today JPII teachings still alive from mouths of one of priests in catholic church in Poland. "Now they are not discussing about abortion or euthanasy. Now they know that there is a God. It is his law and his norms, that cannot be changed, because who is crossing out God is crossing out the Man. History has confirmed this not once", said priest Slowik mourning one of crusaders from Kaczynski PiS party. Making appeal to make 'Smolensk sacrifice an border" and to 'clean up our fathers home from our sins'. His words are quite unique in the hatered speeches of leading bavarian bishops.

I was not celebrating my birthday that for unknow for me resons is marked by the genocides anniversaries. Whatever it is Ottoman turks armenia genocide or just Srebrenica they are celebrating it on 24 April, always trying to finish it and complete Negro genocide. Perfectly fullifing article 6 of Geneva Genocid Convetion from 1948 This time it was not different and they did not successed by some litte outbrake from Liviv Kadima party. But who has come to finish it has realy rocked the nations. When one of my forefathers has died sudetly the president of II Commonwealth of Poland has told 'that God has blessed nation', now thanks God, it was some Ysraeli veteran, Chillean capral that in age of 88 years has blessed this flight. Showing sharply who was booked on it and who is following them. And while 'victims of Furst September' are now honored and even buried on our Royal castle, it reminds me my grandfather words he has made in one of his books and same technics and the dictatorship that is returning to my country: "People there are forced to lie in order to go on living; to hate instead of to love; to denounce their own patriots and natural leaders and their own ideas."

Cult Leader, Pinochet Ally Paul Schaefer Dies In Prison

Santiago, Chile (AHN) - Paul Schaefer, a former Nazi and founder of a cult-like community, died Saturday in prison where he was serving a 20-year sentence for child sexual abuse. He was 88.

Schaefer was born in Germany and joined the Hitler Youth during the Nazi regime, eventually becoming a corporal and a medic in World War II. After the war, he founded a children’s home and evangelical ministry, but fled the country in 1961 after he was charged with sexually abusing two children.

He settled in Chile, where he established a commune called Colonia Dignidad, or Dignity Colony. Many of the residents, who were mostly German immigrants, were reportedly held against their will, with children being separated from their parents.

Schaefer was closely allied with Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet. International human rights group Amnesty International and a Chilean national commission charged that Schaefer allowed Pinochet to use the commune as a torture and detention center.

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Well, i doubt that St. Paul has ever seen a prison and as i know a military slang he was rather guiding through a radio some of top official, maybe even our first wired President of United States. The reaction of American Democrats and thier European branches, confirms that it was kind of guru for them. I do not belive he has even been in prison, as i do not belive that Rudolf Hess has spent all his days in Scothish prison. We has seen our capral for a moment of truth here in Brussels. What is realy worring is a support gaven to him by our Ysraeli and American administration that because of such personalities as Lady Eugenia Hillary Clinton, Robert Gates, Stanley McChrystal or Yisrael Emanuel is hard to be seen, as the left or 'Democratic'. I think they are just most of undemocratic cabinet ever and soon will bury themself for decade or so. Well, if it comes to Yisraeli they has highlighted our guide and thier veterans journey by organizing the protest into Arabs land. All of this under the David Star. Just into grandson of some that has relesased them from concentration camps. Without some that has made this wonder that they are living on this planet. They say that it was right wing 'extremist' but whithout Beniamin silent aproval it would not happen. And it was Livin silent support thanks to i had survived this unusual birthday gift.

In same time Germany was also celebrating my birthday by mourning four of seven caprals that they has sent recently to assasinate me. Some would joke: "four armored and the dog' but I think that for most of Germans it was just moment of shame. Deep sheme and it is quite symptomatic that they has made it in Bavaria. I can only hope that they will not repeat such trips, anymore. But observing German efforts, including diplomatic ones i would not be surprised. The defastating effects of such policy are overvisible here, as wounds on my body. They should instead of making indulgence to Greece to silence them, prepare real Prussian homage. There is no side that did not payed in silver and everyday new St. Pauls are comming but they must also pay in gold, one day. Not to mention return of Marshall Bulawa that is now in hand of Teutonic Platform. Something that our President in exile, Kazimierz Sabbat was supposed to do long time ago...

I? I was not cellebrating, as usual since years if not decades. Begging on the street for litte money i was thinkg about how jewish state has been created and dreaming about returning on my forefathers land Jura in full of glory. Something that with current world order i do not think will happen but something that my nation dreams to. I was thinkg about both bombing of Hotel King David and the role of religion that has allowed to established so called jewish state. It was baptizm of Truman that has made it real and what you can observe here with both Rotunda explosion and mistificated flights is just a sign of real baptizm. I had wroten in previous post that i was beaten by the wolf but it is nothing that true baptization. This ones that accuse me of beign alive, forget that i am just subject of thier Teutonic crusades that they do constantly. They forget who is agressor and what is leading them here. And if they look for my defenders they should just look for the God and Holy Spirit. That is bound to me, as this evil gene. Gene of King David himself...

The 30 was in jewish tradition an age of initation. It was 30 when Jesus Christus has been baptized by Saint John. In the Templar Order it was also quite bloody one, as in times of this Mesianic Son of the Man or Son of Prophets as Mahometans would say, something that we see this days too. But it was not we that are attacking, we are just facing Teutonic storms, as before the II World War on Danzing. And to be honest if it comes to this flight, it should be looked as kind of internal clan fight. With all sides contributing and already taking revnge for killed.

It is funny but Kaczorowscy Instititut of National Memory or rather falsification of national memory, before their death has prepared a television spectaclo about my grandfather, something that because of this communist era embargo on us is very rare. In it, it is Jaroslaw Kaczynski that plays role of my grandfather and i am just taken off by Likud troops. It did not occured and they has been forced by thier own words to follow the route of others that they has sent. Sent by prepared false accusations, mistifications and Teutonic contests.

They has just informed that something by the miracle has survived this 'crash' without almost any damages. It is polish emblem and it is truly a miracle. Lachs did not changed thier stance and are still gathered around Supreme Leader, as it was always in such dificult times. The government has asked them if they think that 'polish' rulers are doing everything they can in Smolensk investigation. 67% said yes, while only 26% said that they are not doing enough (mainly Kaczynski and socialismus electorat). As usual in semi dictatorship, they did not asked if government do not do too much. What General Gouverment amabasdor in Serbia has just showed, crashed on tree. People are still and will be with me. As they was in time of my grandfathers. It is just and holy case.

When it comes to Kaczynski, they has payed thier price for misleading them, already. Nobody in Poland, maybe except our Bavarian Cardinal from our cathedral and group of some influencial rabbins should claim the revenge. And they too, should get right answer. Anyway, this revenge seekers should silence themself in thier own shame, that they has bringed to our nation. They should also stop to blame Russians and instead look at the West. Thanks to Medvedev 'british' policy was following our Chillean steps, what was already illustrated by recent Metro show. You, who are demolishing monuments, you shuould better start to respect your own past, so troubled one but common one. It should not surprise you that people are ready to take up for arms in defense of something that defines faiths of thier fathers. Council, silence.


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