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Finishing Katyn

"We belong to a nation, whose fate is to shoot at the enemy with

Krzystof Kamil Baczynski

Likud of Tuska has prepared wonderfull ilustration of the planed revenge of Hamas, for what they has hoped so much on the Monday. For Poles it would be just like finishing bigest genocide done on Sanacja oficers after Soviet Army has enacted our country on 17 September. While we has survived this tragic page, survived mainly thanks to the 1000 years old tradition of Russian Orthodox Church, most of our officers has been just executed and please not compare thier Teutonic sturms to such genocide, as it is just insult to them and our past. Anyway, my execution, whatever they are publishing now in their propagandic efforts, would just be just percepted by the people as the finishing move of Katyn. Bestial slain of this Eagel in crown that has wroten so many letters from the past 70 years of martyting our family and enviroment. The process that thanks to Israeli efforts through past two years, since Teutnic Platform has taked a leading role on our political stage, has leaded me just to animal like conditions. Thanks God and wisdom this Hamas execution has turned to be just a joke from thier Empire. And for once again Islam was shining over the head of many spiritual leaders. To later spread islamophobia...

After surviving such a intensive Ester i was wondering what White House will prepare to mark lauch of Discovery. They use such space even always to mount an attack against me and this day they did it too. I was waked up by one of Hamas commander in same time Euronews has published news about attack on american military base in Pakistan. They was suposing that he will take a revenge for Mahmoud al-Mabhouh but instead they has just greeted me and comed out. Well, we are walking this resistance path since years and there is litte detail in al Mabhouh death. Anyway, empire was crushed, again. Thanks God we are continuing our common struggle over this Israeli provokation, what they maybe did not noticed and what has fucked up thier plans, again.

When it comes to the death of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh killed by brave 'Israeli', there is just one question, one detail. Why they has shoted him on the way if it was objectiv of Israeli to observe my death from hands of Hamas or Iran? The answer is qute simple, he was not going to kill me but instead to make a prank, joke from the Empire. But Israeli has not missed occassion to induce hatered between us in what they has almost successed. To have me killed by them, this time for real. They was aware that Hamas will joke from them but using such occassion they has painted themself as brave heroes defending me. While in reality most of attacks comes directly from them or thanks to thier diplomacy. It is how Beniamin Nethanyahu has used past year in his effort to destroy Kabbalah, already heavy damaged by previous cabinet.

But if it comes to the revenge, local rabin and Israeli diplomacy and ' Nixon veterans' has gave and continue to give them much better occassions to make it. With names on our Furst September list comming from the top of this inhuman machine and crusaders often involved in decision making of crucifixation of our pope and other heroes, like my cousinessa Benazir Buttho. It is just and holy. And again, they has made a fools from Americans and Israeli and for day they did not knew how to play this polish nute. Next day our muppet was going to announce their 'nuclear doctrine', ahead of signing it in Prague. Everything collapsed and i was wondering if they will try to realise Terreblanche dream of Eugenic eagel...

And they has of course tried showing that indeed thanks to Rahm Emanuel they are no different from Eugene Terreblanche SA group. It seems to be merly this same cancer of Nazism that is so well symbolised by Hitler like eugenic eagel, thanks to White House, just on both sides. Whatever they are white or black, they are fueled by same racism. But i was today realy stoned by some other events. When i was reading headline: that Teutonic Platform has seted up a plan and the game is up for high stake, seeing such worndings, as most of poles i was thinking about one of our old tv series: Stake higher that life. I was thinking how similar so called polish army is these days to the Wermacht. Not only because of our Maltan President but also thanks to the Israeli crew of our Majdanek watch tower.

The Bavarian Beuoro of the Nazi, BBN. I was thinking about voice of some of Sanacja officer hidden in this Israeli SS groupen. Voice that you could also hear during our regural brodcast from Brussels and the battle field. Young officer that like Hans Klos from this old movie was just stalwart to our Eagel in Crown and Sanacja, residing in the middle of BBN. Having bigger respect to our polish case and my curical survival that to the Nazi puppets in Belveder and Prime Minister palace. For this stake cooperating with the NATO, over our corrupted Prime Minister, President and the Army. He was just like on the movie, that so much marks our heritage and the culture. I am writing was because in this edition, they has executed him, just on the morning. Even not giving his name to the public knowledge. Name of polish hero.

On day of his murdering in Katyn style i was wakedup by the screem of wild duck. Somebody has inspired himself by the picture of Eagel hunting duck that i had published but this time it was rather Condor that hunted falcon. Some brave Sanacja officer has been executed for signing our family song: Rota. Fighintg with the stoormptroopers from the inside of Katynski Bawarian Burdelo of Nazi: BBN by 'profitelating' informations about incoming stoorms to the NATO. It is just like some executed my brother. It was how Beniamin Nethanyahu has sumarized year of his rules. But he did not executed him by his own hands...

Kaczynski was happy and just after has sent me over our Polish radio, an video message on which some of his Bavarian officers informed me that i has just lost a friend. He has departed with the package of cocaine, they told me. Then he has read me one of his poems, beatifull poem of some brave polish hero thah they has just murdered. The poem has started from the words: 'Hey, Saviour, wiat...'. That was just a game of words that from polish 'Zaczekaj' can be translated: 'For cheque? Aj...'. I has never meet this soldier that realy was feeling what i mean and what means Sanacja for the polish nation. He was just like my brother that was saving me not once and after such a lose i am affraid that there will be nobody that could replace him in this Bavarian Burdelo that they has made from Belveder Palace. Because of his poems they has reffered him as Staff, Leopold Staff but he was just like Krzysztof Kamil Baczynski that has died during the Warsaw Uprising. The state of my country is merly this same. I was crying first time since years. Beign here in exile, not sure about tomorrow. Now, Sharon or Fofana will be realy able to hit me, when they will want...

Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński

Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński, (code-name Jan Bugaj) January 22, 1921 – August 4, 1944) - Polish poet and Home Army soldier, one of the most renowned authors of Generation of Columbuses - young generation of Polish poetry, many of whom perished in the Warsaw Uprising.

Baczyński was born in Warsaw in the family of renowned literary critic and soldier of Polish Legions in World War I, Stanisław Baczyński and school teacher Stefania Zieleńczyk. His mother was a zealous Catholic but with Jewish roots, and as such was treated by the Germans as a Jew. His uncle, Dr. Adam Zieleńczyk, escaped from the Warsaw Ghetto and was killed by Germans in 1943.[1]

After the Warsaw Uprising broke out, he joined the "Parasol" battalion. He was killed in action by a German sniper at approximately 4 pm of August 4, 1944, in Blank Palace (Pałac Blanka) in the Warsaw Old Town area. He is buried in the Powązki Cemetery, together with his pregnant wife, who was killed on September 1, 1944.

In his poems and short novels, Baczyński demonstrated both romantic traditions and catastrophism. His poems depict the brutality of war, and suggest that love is the only force that can effectively defend a human being against it. His talent was highly appreciated by his contemporaries, Stanisław Pigon, upon hearing news of Baczynski joining the Szare Szeregi, said to Kazimierz Wyka: "We belong to a nation, whose fate is to shoot at the enemy with brilliants".

More: Wikipedia

When i had come on the Gare i had readed on Brown news service that 'Rice has killed 31' birthday. Well, he has wroten Rain but when you read headlines you need sometimes read 'between the lines'. It was Pentagon that has ordered this death on top of our Afrikaner: Mr. Robert Gates that later has send threatning message to NATO collaborators or rather 'proliferators'; as Gates called them. He told them that such cooperation will be not tolerable by Pentagon. Just look at this terror we are facing also from the America. Is not my country under occupation? What we are facing then?

Well, at the occassion of slaining our poet, slaining Sanacja officer in the Katyn style, they has even published Pentagon video from one of operation against 'staffers', that was catched in our fire during thier midninght sturm in our gettho. If you call this people 'journalists' i think you should better visit psychiatrist. And when it comes to Brown, i think he was as shoked as i am, shoked by this insane execution, so much inspired by the Israeli opressors that has put my life on the edge, as never before. My bigest declared enemy, Caliph Cameroon was more that happy, as it seems that after removing our 'proliferator' Baczynski i am completly exposed to thier attacks. He has told that he is ready for the battle. Just after moving from Gare i had meet some Bavarian guy that was looking at me and speaking by telephone has sid 'so into weak'. The sturm this day was very intense but thanks to our combined effort it was defeted.

They say that our Iranian Moscicki was not nice, when after observing such move has called Obama cowboy, that is unexperienced for his post and to often is taking gun when unable to solve problems. Well, i am even more unpolite, calling him just an idiot that plays like blind Likud puppet. There was no more stupid move that fulify this British Israeli dream and order execution of our brave hero. But i see that people in my country did not been fooled by this idiots in Pentagon and they see real source of this execution order. It is visible in dramatic drop in support of Likud Platform candidate on President. They also has saw Tusk during next day Katyn celebrations, martyring yet another Sanacja officer. When they celebrate this tragic day for my family and the nation, they often go not to Katynski forest but to the Kabacki forest. An prototype of CASA mistification. The way they has celebrated this anniversary, trying to 'finish it' was just like spiting in the face of our nation. So tipical to Teutons...

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