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Flashke nazi pact

Media in General Gouverment has already informed that they has finnaly found body of chiffon Zielonka in the Vistual river. Thus once again trying to suggest my relationship with the Polish Wermacht or any other military organisation, while if there are any they are merly spiritual and while it comes to the Polish Wermacht, the opression from their side, as well from the authorities did not changed after fall of Berlin Aall and stayed same, as my grandfather has enjoyed after Jozef Stalin has sent him to 'America' in 1948. By the way sent in much better style. Anyway, if it is any river it is rather Oder but the photo they has prepared for this occasion is realy nice one. While i must admit that after over year of chillean governance a'la Leopoldo III, my body looks rather just like this one you could find in the Auschwitz Birkenuaen or Majdanek...

Today in Rome Putin and Berlusconi has signed some gas packt and the meeting between them has bringed usual echo in the Israel when one of my top opressors from the Israeli Defense Forces, somebody that has crashed my to the ground thanks to thier Holyland intrigue has made reprimende of Israel commanders for West Bank shootings. "The chief of staff determined that from a professional standpoint, the events could have ended differently". In other words if they would not defend thier standar and faith, then head of Roman legions that has humalitated me through past years in so bestial way, would have his Christ crucifixed by Mendejev SpecNaz that continue to pay back for the massacre done on 22 000 officers and intelectuals of II Commonwealth of Poland that i am, as my grandfather representing. Excusme, not crucifixed but delivered, as they would say in Likud. The Bavarian festival is comming with huge steeps and maybe because of this, the pact they has just agreed between Israeli occupied territories and Russian Federation is rather in the spirit of 17 September and the Libentrop Molotow one.

With one fundamental for Russian Orthodox Church difference, my grandfather has not been killed on 17 September. Instead he has been 'ressurected' in usual for this Church way and his death has been fabricated. Therefore, after 1000 years of tradition, characteristic of this Church under thier Sprititual Leader Kirill has changed sharply into just Teutonic and what they are trying to achieve is same thing that has been illustrated in 1988 by another mistification and reburial of our litte prince together with mother. The problem is that Soviets was also trying to mourn his grandson with mother 'in compensation' to Kabacki forest flight. Something that has helped to mobilise pro western oposition in the Eastern Eueope and was propaganda tune in time of fall of the Soviet Union...

Pact Ribbentrop and Molotov

POLAND'S ordeal, now typical of the ordeal of each free nation swept over by the Communists, began as long ago as August 23, 1939, with the stroke of the pen that signed the German-Russian nonaggression pact.

By the wording of that pact, signed in Moscow by Ribbentrop and Molotov, Germany and Russia agreed first of all to refrain from attacking each other; not to help any third power that might attack either one; to exchange information; and to settle all problems by arbitration. The treaty, sworn effective for ten years, and possibly fifteen if neither denounced it, went into effect on its signature. But the invidious and sinister part of this agreement was an additional secret section, carving up Poland between the two aggressors and defining the "spheres of influence".

More: The Rape of Poland

The most happy from such a deal can by of course Pontifi as it would be main beneficient of the situtation that would not have place if Benedict XVI would take the Malta FRA to the justice that he should meet long time ago. And it would be also Likud and our robot Obama, that has recently lose on streets of Brussels his spiritual guide, to be blamed for thier bestiality and delivery target. Instead of changing course of this story and prepare real homage that should be done long time ago, they are just bestialy martyring thier own symbols. In best case trying to obtain eugenic fake, as in past was Henrich Georing. Just on the margin i would like to note that i was thinking for all time that it was Adolf Hitler that was genetic clone of my grandfather. An bavarian fake. Just untile recently, when on Rudolf Hess birthday in one of bookstores, i discovered our sign of the best on face of Georing, that on older photos is not visible...

Well, if it comes to sides of today nonagression pact, if Hamas is going to make such execution it would be realy crashing for them, as trying to explain it by the revenge for Dubai killing or base it on false accusations provided by Israeli would be just moral and religious suicide. In some sense today pact can be compared to Libentrop Molotov one, esepcialy if it comes to the bootle murder for what my grandfather was also accused before the war. And as the Ysraeli are doing these days by propagating such accusations is just what Libentrop was doing against my grandfather and II Commonwelath of Poland. And if it comes to Krmelin, well they bestiality on Russian side is just uncomparable to Soviet ones and is just like spliting on thier own coat of arms and faith of thier forefathers. It is just like both sides are driving by this same Nazi ideology and methods but in different colors. The calls for holly war or holly jihad sounds very badly in this context. And well if it comes to Ysrael, we already observed how our soil has been eated by them and how capral Tusk behaves. It will maybe take years but the nation will liberate themself from thier occupation. I would not be laughting from the nation, in thier situation. Bad thing that liberation would come but without Marshall. True and natural one.

It is 7 decades of our Holy War that started by Berlin jews invasion on our soil on 1 September 1939 and we are quite happy that they are paying back the debt that i am representing. At least if it comes to silver. But it is not 'credits' or borowing. From our point of view, view of Sanation camp, this war has nevere ended, as there was never a peace conference with our participation that would do so. The 9 May 1945 was just an episode, important but it was just episode. The people murdered in Nazi or Soviet concentration camps that amounts to more that 6 000 000 was not Ysraeli but citizens of II Commonwealth of Poland, mostly of jewish orgin but they was our citizens our flowers, polish flowers. And they will be paying this debt not only to me but to my sons, grandsons and grandgrandsons. If i will survive this Chillean satraps.

When i was watching Hamas announcment of thier cartoon video clip and Israel comment, I had seen some of thier official comming out of his luxury villa. I was looking at it and it reminded me Melanie father. He was comming to the bushes near the villa, a place where through almost year, including winter, i have my tent. He was shouting 'Sit down. Bureq.'. I am again repeating to our dear Metz and his friends from Likud that this dog that they has leaded to such genocide conditions, to anesthetize him forever or sent to General Gouverment gas chamber, is called Sharik. And if it comes to the bootle, then as you can see on the picture with my grandfather, it was something for what we was also falsly accused by Berliners before the II World War. I am happy, that my mole has helped to solve also this old case and has returned our good name or rather names showing once again Ysraeli methods. Most of people understand quite well what they did accusing me of something i would never do and stoorming with this bootle in the hand.

Your cabiner our dear Furer together with your robot from Washington, through whole year was and is continuing to do everythign to deliver me in the coffin. You are doing this just after placing fire under Reichstag. Ave, Beniamin, our Kaballah destroyer. It is perfect Yisraeli performance in your Majdanek. When you and your Foreign Minister Libentrop on this cartoon comment clip was walking a corridor with a portraits of pre Hollocaust Zionists i had seen there not them but our Berlin jewelry with such personalities as Adolf Hitler, Henrich Georing, Rudolf Hess and others. Your nations will be realy proud from your cabinet achievments and the delivery. Whoever will take such shame on his hands. If will take, what i and milons hopes that will never happen...

PS. We are happy that Gabi Ashkenazi term will not be extended but he should make his resignation faster, having left whole year to kill us. Intention that he has showed not once. At same time, we are surprised that Ysraeli court has sentenced Rawi Sultani to five years and eight months in prison for giving Hezbollah information on Ashkenazi. We are surprised and affraid, as never before. Do not ask if Israel can survive this coalition, rather wait for delivery. It is what Magen David means for them. An target for extermination just like in days of III Reich. Ave, Furer...

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