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Birthday of Ysrael

"The way of El is perfect, The word of YHVH is pure. He is a shield (magen) to all who take refuge in Him."

Shemuel Bet (I Samuel) 22:31

This week is quite in birthday, as on 20 there was state of Israel birthday, on 24 is Radosza Sabbat, my birthday and two days later Rudolf Hess one. The nightlong celebrations was quite loud and it included some Jean Paul II Olimpic visit. Besaid it, attacks has come from almost all sides and i still wonder why i had survived. It was of course Malta Order, AlKity of Ysrael Metz, some Deutche-Turkisch Mickiewicz intervention, some shah of Perssia PKK fighter, lithuanian pedophile hunter Drasius Kedys and also Bon visit of some Eugeny Terry like sperm collector sent here by Merkly pharm to finish Israeli version of Kabbalah. So nice illustrated by the vodka picture above. 'With chrisitans infants' from Israeli Masterrace.

They say it was 62 anniversary of creation of state of Israel but in the context of thier interpreataion of Kbbalah and recent Raichstag fire incident i think it was rather 69 ones. As eugenic is something characteristic for Nazi Germany and well symbolised by thier leader and the sign. Something quite fundamental, something that would differate Israeli and jewish culture. Therefore it is more like 69 anniversary not of jewish state but just General Gouverment. Something that we again observe not only on my soil but also, even more visible in the Gaza strip, just change word German on Israeli and look at wikipedia.

General Government

The General Government (German: Generalgouvernement, Polish: Generalne Gubernatorstwo, Russian: Генерал-Губернаторство) refers to a part of the territories of Poland under German military occupation during World War II and that were a separate part of "Greater Germany". In August 1941, former Polish voivodeships (districts) of Eastern Galicia (with a majority of Ukrainians), were added to the General Government by decree of Adolf Hitler.

According to section III of the Fourth Hague Convention (1907),[1] accepted by Germany, all these acts were illegal from their inception, in terms of international and civil law. The area was not a puppet state and had no goal of collaborating with Poles throughout the war, regardless of their political orientation. Germans made a determined effort to avoid mentioning the word Poland in each and every document or administrative naming regarding the region, the only exception being the Germany-backed banknotes and coins (denominated 'zloty' and 'grosz') printed in 1940 where that word was used for propaganda purposes. The government and administration of General Government was composed entirely of Germans and the area was eventually to become a German province.[2] The only locals remaining would be those of German descent.

More: Wikipedia

Our infamous junkers flight in some sense is quite simillar to begining of the Zionist fight with Britons in the Palestine, that has been marked by the Hotle King David bombing. In this context the way that current cabinet has celebrated creation of so called jewish state is something that should give to think even most blind Israeli. It was just like Prime Minister runing around Jerusalem and shouting that Wojtyla has bombed King David hotel and blowed up his administration. Is not this just a madness or rather magness?

While the opression that they has prepared for me is no different that jewish people has get from the Britons. Why they are then marching arm to arm with the Romanove House? I was thinking for long time that the genocide that has been done on Sanation comes strictly from Britons and Shah of Persia but the picture that Israeli has painted in past months is making huge question mark. Is not this Israeli Prime Minister that has cooked this hell for me? Does not he is just trying to burn thora that he keeps in his hand? Aren they celebrating 'creation of Israel' under banner 'Thora is your enemy'? Why it is so? Is not this some anwerpen israeli group and top of thier rabins involved in murder of Jean Paul II and therefore so corrupted that just willess? What they did with Kabbalah??? Is this JUDAism or just a Nazism?

Just on the eve of Rudolf Hess birthday and suposed Scotish stoorm overnight, i want to recomend them to sit down for a moment and read a book done by some polish emigrants about the fight for jewish state. To sit down and think how far they are from the Zionism itself and how similar my quest for independent country is for thier fight with Britons in Palestine. How important was a religion in such process. And what both american and israeli leaders did already to Kabbalah. How they has degenerated...

'A Safe Haven'

The husband and wife writing team of Allis and Ronald Radosh assert that if President Franklin D. Roosevelt had not died in 1945 and had been faced with the controversial issue of a Jewish state in the British mandate of Palestine, there probably wouldn't have been an Israel.

In "A Safe Haven: Harry S. Truman and the Founding of Israel" (Harper, 448 pages, $27.95) the Radoshes, who live in Martinsburg, WV, examine the tug-of-war that resulted in President Truman's May 14, 1948 de facto recognition of the state of Israel, minutes after the Yishuv (Palestine's 600,000 strong Jewish community) declared sovereignty in Jerusalem. (De jure recognition came a year later, after Israel had fought off the combined Arab armies and held elections).

The British, who opposed the creation of Israel -- and the partition of Palestine into Jewish and Arab regions adopted on Nov. 29, 1947 by the United Nations -- were supported by the Arab and Muslim nations and Truman's own State Department, dominated by Arabists who said the creation of Israel would turn the oil-rich Arab nations away from the U.S. and into the arms of of the Soviet bloc.

Ironically, the U.S.S.R., ruled by the anti-Semitic dictator Joseph Stalin, voted for the partition plan and favored the creation of a Jewish state. This took place despite Stalin's fierce hatred of Zionism. Latin America was largely in favor of the partition plan, led by a diplomat from Guatemala who had visited the displaced persons camps and was horrified by the conditions there. The number of Jewish survivors in the camps rose from 100,000 at war's end to more than 250,000 a few years later as Holocaust survivors fled the postwar anti-Semitic pogroms of Poland and other eastern and central European countries.

Nothing was simple about the struggle from 1945 to that momentous date in 1948 and the horrid conditions of the Holocaust survivors in displaced persons camps in Europe, who wanted to emigrate to Palestine but were blocked at every turn by the British. Jews in Palestine and the U.S. were divided in their views on a Jewish state, with many American Jews opposing a state based on religion and equally vocal Zionists working hard to create Israel. The authors, using archival documents that have never been used in a book, exhaustively examine all points of view in an outstandingly researched and very readable work of history.

Truman was lobbied to support the creation of Israel by a variety of Jews and gentiles, including his World War I soldier friend and one-time men's clothing store partner Eddie Jacobson. Truman, who had been left out of the foreign-policy loop by FDR, later said that his acknowledgment of Israel was one of his proudest moments, while admitting that no issue was "more controversial or more complex than the problem of Israel." Truman told his advisers, including pro-Israel Clark Clifford that the attempts to resolve the Palestine issue left the World War I army veteran in a condition of "political battle fatigue."

Clifford especially drew fire from Secretary of State George C. Marshall and pro-Arab State Department official Loy Henderson, who argued that Clark Clifford was a domestic adviser, not a foreign policy one. Truman backed Clifford and endured sniping from the State Department and even the U.S.'s United Nations delegation, which are vividly described by the authors.

The Radoshes say that the pro-Arab forces in the State Department ignored the war combat experience of one million Jews -- including 35,000 Palestinian Jews who fought with the British Army against the Nazis -- while the Arabs, led by pro-Nazi leaders like the grand mufti of Jerusalem, Mohammad Haj Amin al-Husseini, sat on the sidelines or favored the Axis powers in the conflict. (For my Aug. 11, 2008 review of "Icon of Evil," a book examining the role of al-Husseini, who spent the war years in Berlin, see:

The authors imply that had al-Husseini (1895-1974) succeeded in heading an Arab-dominated Palestine, he would have continued Hitler's Final Solution in Palestine, a likely supposition given his virulent anti-Jewish views.

Truman's Baptist religion played a role in his decision to support the creation of Israel, the authors point out, noting that the vast majority of Americans, including his likely Republican opponent in the 1948 presidential race, New York Gov. Thomas E. Dewey, favored creation of a state to provide a "Safe Haven" for the Jewish DPs in Europe. Many American Christians, especially Methodists and Baptists, were on the side of the Zionists, even calling themselves Christian Zionists, the authors note.

Allis and Ronald Radosh in "A Safe Haven" have written an outstanding work of history that resonates to this day, 61 years after the creation of Israel.

About the Authors:

Ronald Radosh, born in 1937, is professor emeritus of history at the City University of New York and is the author of 14 books, including "The Rosenberg File." He is currently an adjunct fellow at the Hudson Insitute in Washington, D.C.

Allis Radosh holds a Ph.D. in American history and has taught at the City University of New York and Sarah Lawrence College. She is the co-author with her husband of "Red Star Over Hollywood." She was the founder and president of Historical Concepts Inc., a pioneering consulting firm designed to make history accessible to the general public.

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