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Bavarian fête

“I don’t think these measures will get us out of the crisis. There is no salvation for Greece,” said Vassilis Fragiskakis, common Greek

Today our chillean caprals has gathered in Athens to help Greece with the economic crisis. You can wonder then about the recations of international stock markets that has dumped heavily down. Well, maybe the ansewer is just OPEC fence and the way our Commissioner Kartofel and Likud IMF are trying to solve this crisis. The idea is truly devilish and it was intended to be way to change image of our Berlin Sionist in Ysrael but will it help or will rather make the crisis deeper? For usn European is just another sign of how far Likud Vader and Maltan Emperor (if not Benedict XVI himself) has come in conquering European Union, painting quite sharply this same infamous map.

The idea that they has come up is to litte change this Church fest, but not in the way that Jean Paul II has did making his Apostolic Penitentiary Decree, to prepare it in the way of Prussian Homage that would end this 70 years of feud or rather Sanation Genocide. In the propper manner, as he dreamed off. Instead our demiurg has come out with another idea changing this Greece indulgence into just Wermacht Award. Trying to feed the Socialist crusade for my life and at same time shooting to them, through next month or so. Taking revenge for his people that they has shooted out, what is maybe better idead that blaming me, like Nazi did with Marinus. But through this bestial way of martyring, our Vader counts on changing his image but the end for me is just same, as it was. It is just prolonged and calculated execution. Will it change anything for them? Not in eyes of jewish people, not after what he did through year of his rules. Did with heart of judaism. Judaism, not hitlerism in what this religion has changed...

When after our deciding support through radio brodcast has made Papandreou Prime Minister over his Maltan adversary i had come out of Gare du Midi i had seen one of Socialismus MP returning home from his voyage. He has come out the train to armored car, together with his bodyguards. While they are spreeding the blood directly, he thanks to unwriten rules and his immunity is free to move through Europe and the World. In conditions that are uncomparable to what i am facing everyday. I also had such chance and this was aim of my visit in Brussels. On the way i had even been able to get kind of recomendation of Kaczynski adversary Zbigniew Religa to get on board finaly. But how Religa has ended just two days after answering and leaving office (thanks to Lech) you know. I? The MEPs from my country was too affraid to meet with me or just under influence of this bootle incident, thinking about me, not as about this legendary grandson of Marshall of Poland but as the criminal that has murdered somebody on the way by this famous Ribentrop bootle...

The next elections are almost 4 years ahead, something that i just does not imagine to be able to survive, especialy with this Bavarian fete on the way. Likud chairman can be maybe happy from his today victory defeating Feiglin and securing a free breacht for 20 months but if it comes to Kaballah, damage that Likud has did are truly devastating. And thier policy, together with diplomatic efforts are best illustrated by Dubai incident in which they has killed somebody just to make bigger mess.

While they has been issued false identities and even false credit cards, i am treated just like animal, to be slain. Even cheapest hotel is just out of scope, while it could limit number of crusaders chellenging us every night. As i am living in animal like conditions under the open sky. They do nothing to change the status quo and even making situation harder throught thier Greek indulence. There is no explanation for such behavior. It is just Likud bestiality and nobody cares if it is Nethanyahu or Feiglin fraction. It is just Likud cabinet that is responsible for this situation and propagating false accusations. It is Likud that should repair damages they did. They did to the heart of thier religion. To the Kabbalah...

Instead they are puting more oil into fire and are fueling Socialismus wilde strikes just ahead of 1 May, that thus will be realy red one. While i am forced to face constant calls for my sperm from the american socialismus, every day. There is no single day when Washington spermbot is not sending police car or ambulance to get my sperm. It is unbelivable how bestial this people are but it is true. In this context elections in Belgium, if it comes to Parti Stanleyi are jus like march for my sperm. My sperm and deportations of others. But thanks to this Bavarian indulgence, we will get probably even more voilence. Likud and Malta are maybe happy, as they will have perfect occassions for revenge but i am not so. Already heavily devastated by Likud proof policy and Ashkenazi efforts to exterminate me. Therefore i am asking american nation, is not this David Cameroon that is ruling in America with this muppets just for decoration???


Flashke nazi pact

Media in General Gouverment has already informed that they has finnaly found body of chiffon Zielonka in the Vistual river. Thus once again trying to suggest my relationship with the Polish Wermacht or any other military organisation, while if there are any they are merly spiritual and while it comes to the Polish Wermacht, the opression from their side, as well from the authorities did not changed after fall of Berlin Aall and stayed same, as my grandfather has enjoyed after Jozef Stalin has sent him to 'America' in 1948. By the way sent in much better style. Anyway, if it is any river it is rather Oder but the photo they has prepared for this occasion is realy nice one. While i must admit that after over year of chillean governance a'la Leopoldo III, my body looks rather just like this one you could find in the Auschwitz Birkenuaen or Majdanek...

Today in Rome Putin and Berlusconi has signed some gas packt and the meeting between them has bringed usual echo in the Israel when one of my top opressors from the Israeli Defense Forces, somebody that has crashed my to the ground thanks to thier Holyland intrigue has made reprimende of Israel commanders for West Bank shootings. "The chief of staff determined that from a professional standpoint, the events could have ended differently". In other words if they would not defend thier standar and faith, then head of Roman legions that has humalitated me through past years in so bestial way, would have his Christ crucifixed by Mendejev SpecNaz that continue to pay back for the massacre done on 22 000 officers and intelectuals of II Commonwealth of Poland that i am, as my grandfather representing. Excusme, not crucifixed but delivered, as they would say in Likud. The Bavarian festival is comming with huge steeps and maybe because of this, the pact they has just agreed between Israeli occupied territories and Russian Federation is rather in the spirit of 17 September and the Libentrop Molotow one.

With one fundamental for Russian Orthodox Church difference, my grandfather has not been killed on 17 September. Instead he has been 'ressurected' in usual for this Church way and his death has been fabricated. Therefore, after 1000 years of tradition, characteristic of this Church under thier Sprititual Leader Kirill has changed sharply into just Teutonic and what they are trying to achieve is same thing that has been illustrated in 1988 by another mistification and reburial of our litte prince together with mother. The problem is that Soviets was also trying to mourn his grandson with mother 'in compensation' to Kabacki forest flight. Something that has helped to mobilise pro western oposition in the Eastern Eueope and was propaganda tune in time of fall of the Soviet Union...

Pact Ribbentrop and Molotov

POLAND'S ordeal, now typical of the ordeal of each free nation swept over by the Communists, began as long ago as August 23, 1939, with the stroke of the pen that signed the German-Russian nonaggression pact.

By the wording of that pact, signed in Moscow by Ribbentrop and Molotov, Germany and Russia agreed first of all to refrain from attacking each other; not to help any third power that might attack either one; to exchange information; and to settle all problems by arbitration. The treaty, sworn effective for ten years, and possibly fifteen if neither denounced it, went into effect on its signature. But the invidious and sinister part of this agreement was an additional secret section, carving up Poland between the two aggressors and defining the "spheres of influence".

More: The Rape of Poland

The most happy from such a deal can by of course Pontifi as it would be main beneficient of the situtation that would not have place if Benedict XVI would take the Malta FRA to the justice that he should meet long time ago. And it would be also Likud and our robot Obama, that has recently lose on streets of Brussels his spiritual guide, to be blamed for thier bestiality and delivery target. Instead of changing course of this story and prepare real homage that should be done long time ago, they are just bestialy martyring thier own symbols. In best case trying to obtain eugenic fake, as in past was Henrich Georing. Just on the margin i would like to note that i was thinking for all time that it was Adolf Hitler that was genetic clone of my grandfather. An bavarian fake. Just untile recently, when on Rudolf Hess birthday in one of bookstores, i discovered our sign of the best on face of Georing, that on older photos is not visible...

Well, if it comes to sides of today nonagression pact, if Hamas is going to make such execution it would be realy crashing for them, as trying to explain it by the revenge for Dubai killing or base it on false accusations provided by Israeli would be just moral and religious suicide. In some sense today pact can be compared to Libentrop Molotov one, esepcialy if it comes to the bootle murder for what my grandfather was also accused before the war. And as the Ysraeli are doing these days by propagating such accusations is just what Libentrop was doing against my grandfather and II Commonwelath of Poland. And if it comes to Krmelin, well they bestiality on Russian side is just uncomparable to Soviet ones and is just like spliting on thier own coat of arms and faith of thier forefathers. It is just like both sides are driving by this same Nazi ideology and methods but in different colors. The calls for holly war or holly jihad sounds very badly in this context. And well if it comes to Ysrael, we already observed how our soil has been eated by them and how capral Tusk behaves. It will maybe take years but the nation will liberate themself from thier occupation. I would not be laughting from the nation, in thier situation. Bad thing that liberation would come but without Marshall. True and natural one.

It is 7 decades of our Holy War that started by Berlin jews invasion on our soil on 1 September 1939 and we are quite happy that they are paying back the debt that i am representing. At least if it comes to silver. But it is not 'credits' or borowing. From our point of view, view of Sanation camp, this war has nevere ended, as there was never a peace conference with our participation that would do so. The 9 May 1945 was just an episode, important but it was just episode. The people murdered in Nazi or Soviet concentration camps that amounts to more that 6 000 000 was not Ysraeli but citizens of II Commonwealth of Poland, mostly of jewish orgin but they was our citizens our flowers, polish flowers. And they will be paying this debt not only to me but to my sons, grandsons and grandgrandsons. If i will survive this Chillean satraps.

When i was watching Hamas announcment of thier cartoon video clip and Israel comment, I had seen some of thier official comming out of his luxury villa. I was looking at it and it reminded me Melanie father. He was comming to the bushes near the villa, a place where through almost year, including winter, i have my tent. He was shouting 'Sit down. Bureq.'. I am again repeating to our dear Metz and his friends from Likud that this dog that they has leaded to such genocide conditions, to anesthetize him forever or sent to General Gouverment gas chamber, is called Sharik. And if it comes to the bootle, then as you can see on the picture with my grandfather, it was something for what we was also falsly accused by Berliners before the II World War. I am happy, that my mole has helped to solve also this old case and has returned our good name or rather names showing once again Ysraeli methods. Most of people understand quite well what they did accusing me of something i would never do and stoorming with this bootle in the hand.

Your cabiner our dear Furer together with your robot from Washington, through whole year was and is continuing to do everythign to deliver me in the coffin. You are doing this just after placing fire under Reichstag. Ave, Beniamin, our Kaballah destroyer. It is perfect Yisraeli performance in your Majdanek. When you and your Foreign Minister Libentrop on this cartoon comment clip was walking a corridor with a portraits of pre Hollocaust Zionists i had seen there not them but our Berlin jewelry with such personalities as Adolf Hitler, Henrich Georing, Rudolf Hess and others. Your nations will be realy proud from your cabinet achievments and the delivery. Whoever will take such shame on his hands. If will take, what i and milons hopes that will never happen...

PS. We are happy that Gabi Ashkenazi term will not be extended but he should make his resignation faster, having left whole year to kill us. Intention that he has showed not once. At same time, we are surprised that Ysraeli court has sentenced Rawi Sultani to five years and eight months in prison for giving Hezbollah information on Ashkenazi. We are surprised and affraid, as never before. Do not ask if Israel can survive this coalition, rather wait for delivery. It is what Magen David means for them. An target for extermination just like in days of III Reich. Ave, Furer...


Radosza Sabbat

It was my 31 birthday while in General Gouverment they are still celebrating effects of Presidential flight. Not by accident mostly in Krakow. I must admit that it is not my first such experience and merly nothing has changed whatever it was Rotunda explosion, flight LO 5055 - kabacki forest, CASA C-295 crash, Airbus AF 447 Rio-Paris flight or latest Smolensk journey leaded by Kaczorowski. The difference is that now i am just aware about what is going around my person and that there is no more Jean Paul II that has protected my through my 31 years of constant opression, humilitation and persecutions. For my wrong class orgin and this evil gene.

And while situtation in General Goverment is going to be even worst with the nation having in practice no choice but to strenghten revenge glowing Teutonic Platform, here is litte hope for something that my grandfather was appealing in also difficult time of simillar Negro sturm a revival of true Christianity. There is litte hope , as i just heard today JPII teachings still alive from mouths of one of priests in catholic church in Poland. "Now they are not discussing about abortion or euthanasy. Now they know that there is a God. It is his law and his norms, that cannot be changed, because who is crossing out God is crossing out the Man. History has confirmed this not once", said priest Slowik mourning one of crusaders from Kaczynski PiS party. Making appeal to make 'Smolensk sacrifice an border" and to 'clean up our fathers home from our sins'. His words are quite unique in the hatered speeches of leading bavarian bishops.

I was not celebrating my birthday that for unknow for me resons is marked by the genocides anniversaries. Whatever it is Ottoman turks armenia genocide or just Srebrenica they are celebrating it on 24 April, always trying to finish it and complete Negro genocide. Perfectly fullifing article 6 of Geneva Genocid Convetion from 1948 This time it was not different and they did not successed by some litte outbrake from Liviv Kadima party. But who has come to finish it has realy rocked the nations. When one of my forefathers has died sudetly the president of II Commonwealth of Poland has told 'that God has blessed nation', now thanks God, it was some Ysraeli veteran, Chillean capral that in age of 88 years has blessed this flight. Showing sharply who was booked on it and who is following them. And while 'victims of Furst September' are now honored and even buried on our Royal castle, it reminds me my grandfather words he has made in one of his books and same technics and the dictatorship that is returning to my country: "People there are forced to lie in order to go on living; to hate instead of to love; to denounce their own patriots and natural leaders and their own ideas."

Cult Leader, Pinochet Ally Paul Schaefer Dies In Prison

Santiago, Chile (AHN) - Paul Schaefer, a former Nazi and founder of a cult-like community, died Saturday in prison where he was serving a 20-year sentence for child sexual abuse. He was 88.

Schaefer was born in Germany and joined the Hitler Youth during the Nazi regime, eventually becoming a corporal and a medic in World War II. After the war, he founded a children’s home and evangelical ministry, but fled the country in 1961 after he was charged with sexually abusing two children.

He settled in Chile, where he established a commune called Colonia Dignidad, or Dignity Colony. Many of the residents, who were mostly German immigrants, were reportedly held against their will, with children being separated from their parents.

Schaefer was closely allied with Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet. International human rights group Amnesty International and a Chilean national commission charged that Schaefer allowed Pinochet to use the commune as a torture and detention center.

Read more: All headlines

Well, i doubt that St. Paul has ever seen a prison and as i know a military slang he was rather guiding through a radio some of top official, maybe even our first wired President of United States. The reaction of American Democrats and thier European branches, confirms that it was kind of guru for them. I do not belive he has even been in prison, as i do not belive that Rudolf Hess has spent all his days in Scothish prison. We has seen our capral for a moment of truth here in Brussels. What is realy worring is a support gaven to him by our Ysraeli and American administration that because of such personalities as Lady Eugenia Hillary Clinton, Robert Gates, Stanley McChrystal or Yisrael Emanuel is hard to be seen, as the left or 'Democratic'. I think they are just most of undemocratic cabinet ever and soon will bury themself for decade or so. Well, if it comes to Yisraeli they has highlighted our guide and thier veterans journey by organizing the protest into Arabs land. All of this under the David Star. Just into grandson of some that has relesased them from concentration camps. Without some that has made this wonder that they are living on this planet. They say that it was right wing 'extremist' but whithout Beniamin silent aproval it would not happen. And it was Livin silent support thanks to i had survived this unusual birthday gift.

In same time Germany was also celebrating my birthday by mourning four of seven caprals that they has sent recently to assasinate me. Some would joke: "four armored and the dog' but I think that for most of Germans it was just moment of shame. Deep sheme and it is quite symptomatic that they has made it in Bavaria. I can only hope that they will not repeat such trips, anymore. But observing German efforts, including diplomatic ones i would not be surprised. The defastating effects of such policy are overvisible here, as wounds on my body. They should instead of making indulgence to Greece to silence them, prepare real Prussian homage. There is no side that did not payed in silver and everyday new St. Pauls are comming but they must also pay in gold, one day. Not to mention return of Marshall Bulawa that is now in hand of Teutonic Platform. Something that our President in exile, Kazimierz Sabbat was supposed to do long time ago...

I? I was not cellebrating, as usual since years if not decades. Begging on the street for litte money i was thinkg about how jewish state has been created and dreaming about returning on my forefathers land Jura in full of glory. Something that with current world order i do not think will happen but something that my nation dreams to. I was thinkg about both bombing of Hotel King David and the role of religion that has allowed to established so called jewish state. It was baptizm of Truman that has made it real and what you can observe here with both Rotunda explosion and mistificated flights is just a sign of real baptizm. I had wroten in previous post that i was beaten by the wolf but it is nothing that true baptization. This ones that accuse me of beign alive, forget that i am just subject of thier Teutonic crusades that they do constantly. They forget who is agressor and what is leading them here. And if they look for my defenders they should just look for the God and Holy Spirit. That is bound to me, as this evil gene. Gene of King David himself...

The 30 was in jewish tradition an age of initation. It was 30 when Jesus Christus has been baptized by Saint John. In the Templar Order it was also quite bloody one, as in times of this Mesianic Son of the Man or Son of Prophets as Mahometans would say, something that we see this days too. But it was not we that are attacking, we are just facing Teutonic storms, as before the II World War on Danzing. And to be honest if it comes to this flight, it should be looked as kind of internal clan fight. With all sides contributing and already taking revnge for killed.

It is funny but Kaczorowscy Instititut of National Memory or rather falsification of national memory, before their death has prepared a television spectaclo about my grandfather, something that because of this communist era embargo on us is very rare. In it, it is Jaroslaw Kaczynski that plays role of my grandfather and i am just taken off by Likud troops. It did not occured and they has been forced by thier own words to follow the route of others that they has sent. Sent by prepared false accusations, mistifications and Teutonic contests.

They has just informed that something by the miracle has survived this 'crash' without almost any damages. It is polish emblem and it is truly a miracle. Lachs did not changed thier stance and are still gathered around Supreme Leader, as it was always in such dificult times. The government has asked them if they think that 'polish' rulers are doing everything they can in Smolensk investigation. 67% said yes, while only 26% said that they are not doing enough (mainly Kaczynski and socialismus electorat). As usual in semi dictatorship, they did not asked if government do not do too much. What General Gouverment amabasdor in Serbia has just showed, crashed on tree. People are still and will be with me. As they was in time of my grandfathers. It is just and holy case.

When it comes to Kaczynski, they has payed thier price for misleading them, already. Nobody in Poland, maybe except our Bavarian Cardinal from our cathedral and group of some influencial rabbins should claim the revenge. And they too, should get right answer. Anyway, this revenge seekers should silence themself in thier own shame, that they has bringed to our nation. They should also stop to blame Russians and instead look at the West. Thanks to Medvedev 'british' policy was following our Chillean steps, what was already illustrated by recent Metro show. You, who are demolishing monuments, you shuould better start to respect your own past, so troubled one but common one. It should not surprise you that people are ready to take up for arms in defense of something that defines faiths of thier fathers. Council, silence.



Zwanzig zwei

22 April was for unknow for me reasons, a day on which Partia Stanleya (PS) has showed true face to the world, again. It is quite interesting, as in 2008 United States has did same, announcing that United States Air Force retires the remaining F-117 Nighthawk. It has showed us how Simon Peress only solution to the Palestinian Israeli crisis looks. And it is quite nice ilustrated on the picture taken from one of Shoah News clip. He and Beniamin Nethanyahu is sending malaria into lud (eng. people). Something for waht Polish Crown at Exile is quite grateful, as it is hope for moral healing but at same time is trying to send Polish Crown into lód (eng. ice).

If you will take a look at the De Standard picture published some time ago, then you will understand both why Rudolf Hess that soon will celebrate his birthday is kind of Saint for some of homosexual organizations and for second, why my grandfather has called his book: "The rape of Poland: Pattern of Soviet agression". Maybe he was litte wrong, as this rape was not initated from Soviet Empire and well he at least survived. I think it was something that has poisoned Soviet Union, something emmanating from same Teutonic circles and just Nazi school of thinking, same that i am facing nowdays. After we has made this shame of black people, the president of United States. More that year has passed and nothing has changed for better.

And while he is quite aware how Israeli specialists has misleaded him producing false accusations, he and his team still is mounting attack on my persons using Amsterdam bootle mood. In this context, words of my grandfather sounds both ironic and quite fresh. Especialy if it comes to the Kingdom of Belgium that not by accident on this day has come out with another political crisis and a situation that can lead to faces fresh elections and real 'Afghanization' of this country. When St. Stanislaw was writing his post war book, he was Prime Minister of my country. While I am living just like animal, leaded to such conditions through thier power games, I am facing same 'removal' sheme my grandfather did. Thanks to constant efforts of both of my opressors. I do not mention Cameroon circles, as they are from long time openly enemy, mainly becaus of British FRA that long time ago should be punished.

The Rape of Poland: Pattern of Soviet Agression

A raging question in Poland has become, "How long will it take them to communize us completely?"

To my mind, however, the question is badly framed. I am convinced that human beings cannot be converted to communism if that conversion is attempted while the country concerned is under Communist rule. Under Communist dictatorship the majority become slaves--but men born in freedom, though they may be coerced, can never be convinced. Communism is an evil which is embraced only by fools and idealists not under the actual heel of such rule.

The question should be phrased: How long can a nation under Communist rule survive the erosion of its soul?

Never before in history has there been such an organized attempt to demoralize men and whole nations as has been made in Communist-dominated countries. People there are forced to lie in order to go on living; to hate instead of to love; to denounce their own patriots and natural leaders and their own ideas. The outside world is deceived by Communist misuse of the organs of true democracy, true patriotism--even, when necessary, true Christianity.

Who rules Poland today, and by what means? The answer is as complex as the nature of communism itself.

The pattern of Communist rule in Poland goes back to 1939, when Molotov and Ribbentrop agreed to partition my country. After stabbing Poland in the back while Hitler was engaging the Polish Army in the west, the Communists established their iron rule in the cast of Poland. This de facto rule was tacitly recognized in the conference rooms of Teheran and Yalta.

Therefore it is important to recognize the real aims of the Communist, his methods, the pattern of Soviet aggression.

By October, 1947, the month in which I began my flight to freedom, the Communists ruled Poland through secret groups, open groups, Security Police--including special Communist units called the Ormo, the military, the Army, Special Commissions, and Soviet-patterned National Councils. A million well-armed men were being used to subjugate 23,000,000. Control of all top commands was--and remains--completely in the hands of Russians. Their orders, even some of the more savage ones, were and are now being carried out by Poles. These Poles are either Communists or men of essentially good heart whose spirit has at long last snapped. They are mainly chosen from among the 1,500,000 Poles transferred by Stalin to Russia in 1939. Stalin has "prepared" them thoroughly for their work.

The American reader who scans these words while sitting comfortably in a strong, free country may wonder at many aspects of Poland's debasement. He may wonder why the nation did not revolt against the Communistic minority which has enslaved it. On the other hand, he may wonder why Russia needed two and a half years to impose its rule. Or why Russia went to the trouble of camouflaging its aggression during much of that period.

But the Communist minority has gained absolute control simply because it alone possessed modern arms. History reveals instances where a mob of a hundred thousand, armed with little more than rocks and fists, has overcome despotic rule by one assault on a key city or sector. Today is another day.

If the despot owns several armored cars, or even a modest number of machine guns, he can rule. The technology of terror has risen far beyond the simple vehemence of a naked crowd.

More: The Rape of Poland

What they has did has not bringed any surprises but show to open eyes of the people, what the Socialist Party is these days. The morning has bringed a news of two rockets shooted from Jordan into Israel, that has landed in empty warehouse in... Jordan. Well, it was quasi joke but this time it was not Israel or Cameroon that has shooted them but... Capral Dimitri Medvedev that against his previous announcment has once again tried to shoot me off using his Northern Caucas advisor. Trying to get out of shame he and Kirill has produced in his country and at same time defame Muslim in eyes of Russian people. Thanks God this missle did not hit target. But we see same 'british' methods and people on backbone of Kremlin and we wish them happy 9th May day...

Then, we has observed Chancellor Merkel, that Bundeswera recently went on protest because of latest 7 'attempts' of our murder and shame that Berlin goverment want to bring on thier nation in thier 'lutheran window' scared tactics. Her people here are not proud of such attempts and well they has already signalised to our Chancelor that Bundeshwer is not equiped enough for our mission. But this time she has warned about consequences of early withdrawal and not by accident in the background they has showed SPD leader and Stanley McChrystal. They both has prepared 'Speedy boat' that thanks God has been captured by the Walonia regional police. We, see that in French Church things are going much better that in our Polish branch and they too seems to be dreaming about return of Templar Order. And on the margin, most happy from SPD acction was of course Iran, as they was just a step from swaping rights from my testamento and the glory. Is this a party of robots?

Then the ambulances and police cars has made thier usual dance for sperm. On Euronews Brown has commented that U.S. signals its nuclear arms stay in Europe for now. So we see that their march for our sperm has just began, as we are probably heading towards new elections. It was Prime Minister Letreme that so succesfully was blocking thier attempts to turn us into plants or just kick back to General Gouverment. To obtain a fake, something that Bavarian version of Catholic Church was trying to do in times of Benedict youngnes. The secreatary of NATO has said that there will be not quick retreat from Afghanistan but i see things differently. The problem is that there is no other place where i can survive. Soon i will need to flee as this Zombie has just began thier sturm for power and Georing like fake. The Prime Minister of this country has just been forced to make resignation by Open Antwerpen coalitional partner. Party that at this occasion has played so much in the spirit of Reichstagfire, that we now see quite clearly that some Western politicans like Tusk, Obama or Sarkozy and our East Star Dimitri Medvedev are playing just like this Furers from Raise of the Evil. Even using same wording about 'our fire'. Drawed like carbon paper. We wonder why it is so? Is not this Malaria that has infected also so called jewish state, so much?

The story, that i am recording by my crown feather, these days is quite similar to the one from our motion made in Soviet times and the Kabacki forest incident. My person and this incident is quite brightly illustrated by our movie for kids: 'Academy of Mr. Kleks' that you can watch belowe. Yes, it is truly King David but we are missing even hotel, while crown has been taked away decades away and this one you can find on our emblem is merly a fiction. Made gold of fools. On this movie, I was hited by wolf again, with deadly blow again. While in same time the Parti Stanleyo has just started thier march for the only solution and the power. Scaring the people by thier true face and puppet like behavior. Puppets of Buckhignham Palace...


Birthday of Ysrael

"The way of El is perfect, The word of YHVH is pure. He is a shield (magen) to all who take refuge in Him."

Shemuel Bet (I Samuel) 22:31

This week is quite in birthday, as on 20 there was state of Israel birthday, on 24 is Radosza Sabbat, my birthday and two days later Rudolf Hess one. The nightlong celebrations was quite loud and it included some Jean Paul II Olimpic visit. Besaid it, attacks has come from almost all sides and i still wonder why i had survived. It was of course Malta Order, AlKity of Ysrael Metz, some Deutche-Turkisch Mickiewicz intervention, some shah of Perssia PKK fighter, lithuanian pedophile hunter Drasius Kedys and also Bon visit of some Eugeny Terry like sperm collector sent here by Merkly pharm to finish Israeli version of Kabbalah. So nice illustrated by the vodka picture above. 'With chrisitans infants' from Israeli Masterrace.

They say it was 62 anniversary of creation of state of Israel but in the context of thier interpreataion of Kbbalah and recent Raichstag fire incident i think it was rather 69 ones. As eugenic is something characteristic for Nazi Germany and well symbolised by thier leader and the sign. Something quite fundamental, something that would differate Israeli and jewish culture. Therefore it is more like 69 anniversary not of jewish state but just General Gouverment. Something that we again observe not only on my soil but also, even more visible in the Gaza strip, just change word German on Israeli and look at wikipedia.

General Government

The General Government (German: Generalgouvernement, Polish: Generalne Gubernatorstwo, Russian: Генерал-Губернаторство) refers to a part of the territories of Poland under German military occupation during World War II and that were a separate part of "Greater Germany". In August 1941, former Polish voivodeships (districts) of Eastern Galicia (with a majority of Ukrainians), were added to the General Government by decree of Adolf Hitler.

According to section III of the Fourth Hague Convention (1907),[1] accepted by Germany, all these acts were illegal from their inception, in terms of international and civil law. The area was not a puppet state and had no goal of collaborating with Poles throughout the war, regardless of their political orientation. Germans made a determined effort to avoid mentioning the word Poland in each and every document or administrative naming regarding the region, the only exception being the Germany-backed banknotes and coins (denominated 'zloty' and 'grosz') printed in 1940 where that word was used for propaganda purposes. The government and administration of General Government was composed entirely of Germans and the area was eventually to become a German province.[2] The only locals remaining would be those of German descent.

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Our infamous junkers flight in some sense is quite simillar to begining of the Zionist fight with Britons in the Palestine, that has been marked by the Hotle King David bombing. In this context the way that current cabinet has celebrated creation of so called jewish state is something that should give to think even most blind Israeli. It was just like Prime Minister runing around Jerusalem and shouting that Wojtyla has bombed King David hotel and blowed up his administration. Is not this just a madness or rather magness?

While the opression that they has prepared for me is no different that jewish people has get from the Britons. Why they are then marching arm to arm with the Romanove House? I was thinking for long time that the genocide that has been done on Sanation comes strictly from Britons and Shah of Persia but the picture that Israeli has painted in past months is making huge question mark. Is not this Israeli Prime Minister that has cooked this hell for me? Does not he is just trying to burn thora that he keeps in his hand? Aren they celebrating 'creation of Israel' under banner 'Thora is your enemy'? Why it is so? Is not this some anwerpen israeli group and top of thier rabins involved in murder of Jean Paul II and therefore so corrupted that just willess? What they did with Kabbalah??? Is this JUDAism or just a Nazism?

Just on the eve of Rudolf Hess birthday and suposed Scotish stoorm overnight, i want to recomend them to sit down for a moment and read a book done by some polish emigrants about the fight for jewish state. To sit down and think how far they are from the Zionism itself and how similar my quest for independent country is for thier fight with Britons in Palestine. How important was a religion in such process. And what both american and israeli leaders did already to Kabbalah. How they has degenerated...

'A Safe Haven'

The husband and wife writing team of Allis and Ronald Radosh assert that if President Franklin D. Roosevelt had not died in 1945 and had been faced with the controversial issue of a Jewish state in the British mandate of Palestine, there probably wouldn't have been an Israel.

In "A Safe Haven: Harry S. Truman and the Founding of Israel" (Harper, 448 pages, $27.95) the Radoshes, who live in Martinsburg, WV, examine the tug-of-war that resulted in President Truman's May 14, 1948 de facto recognition of the state of Israel, minutes after the Yishuv (Palestine's 600,000 strong Jewish community) declared sovereignty in Jerusalem. (De jure recognition came a year later, after Israel had fought off the combined Arab armies and held elections).

The British, who opposed the creation of Israel -- and the partition of Palestine into Jewish and Arab regions adopted on Nov. 29, 1947 by the United Nations -- were supported by the Arab and Muslim nations and Truman's own State Department, dominated by Arabists who said the creation of Israel would turn the oil-rich Arab nations away from the U.S. and into the arms of of the Soviet bloc.

Ironically, the U.S.S.R., ruled by the anti-Semitic dictator Joseph Stalin, voted for the partition plan and favored the creation of a Jewish state. This took place despite Stalin's fierce hatred of Zionism. Latin America was largely in favor of the partition plan, led by a diplomat from Guatemala who had visited the displaced persons camps and was horrified by the conditions there. The number of Jewish survivors in the camps rose from 100,000 at war's end to more than 250,000 a few years later as Holocaust survivors fled the postwar anti-Semitic pogroms of Poland and other eastern and central European countries.

Nothing was simple about the struggle from 1945 to that momentous date in 1948 and the horrid conditions of the Holocaust survivors in displaced persons camps in Europe, who wanted to emigrate to Palestine but were blocked at every turn by the British. Jews in Palestine and the U.S. were divided in their views on a Jewish state, with many American Jews opposing a state based on religion and equally vocal Zionists working hard to create Israel. The authors, using archival documents that have never been used in a book, exhaustively examine all points of view in an outstandingly researched and very readable work of history.

Truman was lobbied to support the creation of Israel by a variety of Jews and gentiles, including his World War I soldier friend and one-time men's clothing store partner Eddie Jacobson. Truman, who had been left out of the foreign-policy loop by FDR, later said that his acknowledgment of Israel was one of his proudest moments, while admitting that no issue was "more controversial or more complex than the problem of Israel." Truman told his advisers, including pro-Israel Clark Clifford that the attempts to resolve the Palestine issue left the World War I army veteran in a condition of "political battle fatigue."

Clifford especially drew fire from Secretary of State George C. Marshall and pro-Arab State Department official Loy Henderson, who argued that Clark Clifford was a domestic adviser, not a foreign policy one. Truman backed Clifford and endured sniping from the State Department and even the U.S.'s United Nations delegation, which are vividly described by the authors.

The Radoshes say that the pro-Arab forces in the State Department ignored the war combat experience of one million Jews -- including 35,000 Palestinian Jews who fought with the British Army against the Nazis -- while the Arabs, led by pro-Nazi leaders like the grand mufti of Jerusalem, Mohammad Haj Amin al-Husseini, sat on the sidelines or favored the Axis powers in the conflict. (For my Aug. 11, 2008 review of "Icon of Evil," a book examining the role of al-Husseini, who spent the war years in Berlin, see:

The authors imply that had al-Husseini (1895-1974) succeeded in heading an Arab-dominated Palestine, he would have continued Hitler's Final Solution in Palestine, a likely supposition given his virulent anti-Jewish views.

Truman's Baptist religion played a role in his decision to support the creation of Israel, the authors point out, noting that the vast majority of Americans, including his likely Republican opponent in the 1948 presidential race, New York Gov. Thomas E. Dewey, favored creation of a state to provide a "Safe Haven" for the Jewish DPs in Europe. Many American Christians, especially Methodists and Baptists, were on the side of the Zionists, even calling themselves Christian Zionists, the authors note.

Allis and Ronald Radosh in "A Safe Haven" have written an outstanding work of history that resonates to this day, 61 years after the creation of Israel.

About the Authors:

Ronald Radosh, born in 1937, is professor emeritus of history at the City University of New York and is the author of 14 books, including "The Rosenberg File." He is currently an adjunct fellow at the Hudson Insitute in Washington, D.C.

Allis Radosh holds a Ph.D. in American history and has taught at the City University of New York and Sarah Lawrence College. She is the co-author with her husband of "Red Star Over Hollywood." She was the founder and president of Historical Concepts Inc., a pioneering consulting firm designed to make history accessible to the general public.


Hitler, Hitler

I had survived this week of national shame, so i am sharing with you another rare photo of my grandfather to show you what we mean to the polish nation. On the previous one i had published, that was done at the end of our rule in 1948 when Stalin has gave us an option hide or die. On photo that was marking an end of dream of independent polish nation and the Eagle in crown, something for our soldiers was fighting on all fronts of II World War, there is one important detail. It is something that is sometimes called mark of satan or mark of the God. It is just beatuy spot or mole, as you call it in english. Because of our troubled past and 300 years of occupation, we has changed names many times but this mark is something that you can easily spot on the old photographies and drawnings (on mirror photo they are on oposite side). Same was bearing by my forefathers, as it is by me...

What is also important when it comes to 'false accusation' package distributed by Isreali Vice Prime Minister, especially when it comes to Ehud Omlert 'Holyland affair' from last year is that on the video they have from this forget incident, while suspect bears my stolen cap, he did not have this beauty mark. The point is that all materials in this 'Lodz akademicka' defaming pacakge are nothing but a falsification. False accusation against the old lithuanian church, same thing that was propagated by Adolf Hitler regime against the Catholic Church. It is doubly sad that this time we hear such lies from the mouths of bavarian bishops, leaded by Cardinal Dziwisz. To what a cross you are 'saluting, where it stands and where and why these crussaders was comming? Did not they just wanted to change the meaning of this cross into famous 'V' that has been put there during Nazi occupation? Wake up Poland, see Reichstagbrand, how the evil is going to bee raisen, again. By and thanks to the Israeli. How far are you from faiths of your fathers...

This false accusations has never been presented to me and i never had occassion to defend myself, because they are all just a lies. And some of people that has booked thier Junkers flight was just acting as the Ku Klux Klan members, driven by this lies. In this context words that bishop Tadeusz Pieronek has said at the occasion of mourning of Zbigniew Wasserman are doubly sad: 'He was brave enough to treat private and public cases, rather according to norms of conscience, instead of law'. My conscience is just clean conscience, what Jean Paul II, my spiritual uncle was always and would now confirm. They are just prepared by German BND that is accomplimishing me through whole life to destroy me and my Holocaust era claims. While Chancellor Merkel at same time is offering Greece goverment 22 billions of euro, as indulgence. This is how polish goverment is acting against the national interest, futher propagating this false accusations. It is how Israeli goverment is fighting with Eastern Jews because it is mainly Goldman Schahs that is living on what belongs to us.

The Bavarian festival is comming, as the Rudolf Hess birthday, traditionaly loudly celebrated by this unusual British Israeli group. The Rudolf Hess birthday do not by accident collide with Chernobyl incident and by good luck some of military and politicans that has booked thier flight was also connected to this incident. In this sense Ukrainians and other nations affected by it can be happy of justice that this infamous personel has received. But, as Isreali are growed hallowed by 'Hitler, hitler' accusations again yesterday i had been attacked by Lublin bishop Zycinski that has painted our Furst september 'victims', as Soviet army officers that has died on the way to Berlin. We, the nation and faithfulls all over the world, see this Bavarian festival preparations, as we see efforts driven by Israeli officials and some of rabbins involved in true continuation of Katyn; that is just intensified effort to eradicate Sanacja, our enviroment. To the last or rather to the Furst.

But who then plays Hitler role? I think my forefathers are giving clear answer, as it is now clear for many who is this famous grandson from the Polish rota. So popular last days. When some of Israeli has painted Benedict XVI, as the Adolf Hitler pope Pius XII, the irony is that it is Melamine Nethanyahu that plays the role of Furer. Sending Mendeyew to aport. But this year celebration of 9 May anniversary, will be nothing compared to the 66 one, next year. 66 is so special number in Kabbalah that calling Israeli efforts to erradicate it, to 'deliver somebody' in this context is just insanity of Israeli aparthaid and thier marrionetes.

Melamine Nethanyahu is well aware that all this false accusations are just a lies. Whatever they come if it is Amsterdam, Melanie or my cousinessa Agnessa it is just a lies. But still is propagating them and through his diplomatic aparatus mounting my crucifixation. The clow Obama is just a clown, an Demoluds are just so infiltrated since decades that nothing will change thier NSDAP character. They both has caused such damages to my life, they both have blood of many on thier hands. Still are blaming me spending all time to kill me through Ysrael Metz AlQuada or rather AlKitty, as true belivers call this Israeli Nazi group. In this context, it is interesting that group that SS Group has killed many of this crusaders on this Junker flight is directly opressing me. But as the case of Reichstag fire has already show, it is nothing surprising in Nazi dictatorship in which my country has turned together with comming of our Contur on the stage. What has now just been cemented.

And when it comes to this last ala Polanski accusations. It is Pope Benedict XVI that was at this time leading our group 85 efforts to mount a real pedhopille case. In fact raping me and my cousinnessa, through the radio trying to rouse us to conduct sexsual activity. But in difference to Roman Polanski, they has failed and there was never a sex between us. I do not remeber a year on which they was trying to produce such case but we both was very litte childs. But I remeber exacly a day on which our our Bavarian Bishops has started to molest me. Using such methods by our bavarian 'Solidarity' sub-group on kids is just terrifing and the role that Benedict XVI and our Bavarian bishops has played must be shoking for faithfulls. They call it phedohpile scandal in Catholic Church and it is all true. Moreover, while this false accusations comes from Lodz akademicka pharm company in which Agness is working, it is Benedict XVI that has been personaly involved in this failed attempt and he is quite aware that it is nothing more but a lies. Probably thinking that he will reveal the truth but afterwards...

Lies that has been a cause of this Romanov crusade, lies under which they has crashed me and therefore Kabballah to the ground. Lies that they are trying to sell to the others. Just as Fofana is now trying to sell 'missile frigate' to Pakistani goverment. Trying to sell 'Negro frigate Benazir Buttho' and me on board, just as Likud was trying with Mistrall. This should open eyes of Pakistani people on the truth about rivalty in thier party and the role of Pakistani Minister of Defense and our Negro specialist General Stanley McChrystal in this racial fight. Something i has already mentioned in the past. And the american nation should open eyes on this clown effort and slave tradery that he is making. They has understood our Iranian 'prankster' game and our sanation gesture. And now just after Putin intervention seems that finaly Medvedev will resign from my crucifxation efforts, as they has announced that there will be no beluorussian list from Katyn and they are resigning from investigation but our Real America is not stopping thier removal efforts. Driven by just a lies and Reichstag fire. Fithgthing with Sanacja. To the last...

You are shouting 'Hitler, Hitler' dear Israeli but the real one is just siting on the front of not jewish Knesset but just Israeli Reichstag. That he and his SS Einsatgroupen, not Marinus, has just fired up. You have something wrong with your optics, just see us, 70 years ago. Nothing has changed except the conditions, it is even worse as they are now just truly gencoide ones. Staying at lowest since months if not years. Years of Kaczynski and Likud Platform persecutions that has started together with death of our late pope, our uncle...