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Ratzinger Sabbath

Only God could create more unity among Christians because "a unity we negotiate ourselves would be human-made and as fragile as everything that humans make."

Benedict XVI
March 14 Celebrations

Once again i was going to finish my post about night of museums but once again i need to share with you some terrific picture. This weekend was realy unusual and has pushed deepest into my heart, ever. I was for long time a beliver of Pope Benedict XVI but after what i had experienced this weekend, after his meeting with head of German Catholic Church and after hearing what he has said next day on the March 14 meeting in German Lutheran Church in Rome; i am just terrifed. The story that you can read here is from one hand a journey from most dificult pilgrimage ever, from the another hand it is also kind of investigation into the death of our late Pope Jean Paul II. In this sense it is just like Umberto Eco famous novel the Name of the Rose. At same time a key to understand Kabbalah. And i am realy shoked by words of Bavarian succesor of Jean Paul II that has come ahead of 2 of April. Aniversary of JPII death and the European Day of Heroes in fight with totalitarism.

As you can read on this blog in my previous post, just before the arival of Bavarian Cardinal to the Holy See i had received a heavy blow from the Egypt. A blow after which the head of Arab League has declared that the Israeli peace talks are halted. A blow after which the Maltan driven deviants from Mahomet faith, as my grandfather was calling Muslim brothers and sisters, has started thier Fitna efforts. An efforts just in line to Geert Wilders expactactions. Well, i will write to Arab League later but they all should be and i see most of Mahometans are aware about intentions of this effort to bring a great wave of Islamophobia. What i need to note at this point is that this similar to Lutheran-Catholic shizmatic effort must be resisted and that the head of Arab League is speaking and acting only in his own name. Showing that he is nothing but the pawn of Western powers that should be replaced. The Arab League will meet in next week and i expect from them that will not fall into this Maltan plan and yet another Teutonic contest that we are chellenging every day and night.

Fitna (film)

Fitna (Arabic: فِتْنَةٌ‎) is a 2008 short film by Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders. Approximately 17 minutes in length, the film shows selected excerpts from Suras of the Qur'an, interspersed with media clips and newspaper cuttings showing or describing acts of violence and/or hatred by Muslims. The film attempts to demonstrate that the Qur'an motivates its followers to hate all who violate Islamic teachings. Consequently, the film argues that Islam encourages - among other things - acts of terrorism, antisemitism, violence against women, violence and subjegation of infidels and against homosexuals and Islamic universalism. A large part of the film details the influence of Islam on the Netherlands.

More: Wikipedia

But what has shoked me so much on this Ratzinger sabbath was so called 'German-French' indulgence that has been proposed by Wolfgang Schäuble and Christine Lagarde. Before it i had observed similar indulgence made by European Commission. It was 1 bilion euro proposed for Polish Goverment, that is just peeny compared to a claims that i represent. This time they has proposed 25 billion euros. You could think that it was part of the homage that Germany should do long time ago, as planed during reconcilation leaded by the John Palu II but no. It was just a indulgence, money to silence the left for my extermination. German way of solving jewish question. It was acomplished by the transport of my person to the Teutonic New Poland. The transport has come as was agreed, very loudly to honor my person. So loudly that when it was comming earth was quking because of police sirens. But it did not stopped. Why? This time it was Beniamni Nethanyahu phone call that he has made to German Chancellor. Probably just because of the elections, as nothing has changed in my Buchenwald like situation. Maybe they are just waiting for other maltan puppets?

In same time on the Holy See the head of German Church has arived and it seems that both Bavarian leaders has agreed that it would be better to 'save' this beautifull picture of Pope Benedict XVI made by me on this blog, as this transport has not meet thier resistance. Before the meeting Zollitsch apologised to victims, promising to cooperate with prosecutors. How? You has just readed. Through masterminiding this 'indulgence'. But what is of extreme importance to our Name of Rose or rather Name of the Magnolie investigation are the words he has said after meeting with the Pope: 'We want to unveil the truth and we want this to be cleared up honestly, free from any incorrect considerations'. What is in they opinion 'incorrect considerations' that needed to be 'cleared up honestly'. It is a claim already made in the popular movie 'Angels and Deamons', claim in which i simply did not belived until this Sabbath. That the Pope himself was involved in murdering his precedor.

To make thing worse such devilish indulgence is just rejection of the Apostolic Penitentiary Decree made by Pope John Paul II that was clearly definig the purpose of 'indulgence' and reverse historical injustice, as designed for prayers to the Lord, Jesus Christ puting Catholic Church back to the Martin Luther times and revesing Jean Paul II reconcilation eforts. Literaly destroying it completly in so Teutonic manner. It is just an reversal of Papal efforts from 2007 of reprieve the Knights Templar, the stormtroopers of the Crusades – from accusations of heresy. The core of it was our role, not only in the full name: Poor Knights of the Jesus Christ and the Temple of Salomon. And order that i was dreaming to resurect after more that 300 years of our constant persecution and rejection. Our Bavarian Pope instead in very clearly manner has resurected his own past and everything worst that is in the Catholic Church...

Knights Templar redeemed by Vatican documents

The Vatican is about to publish documents that reprieve the Knights Templar, the
stormtroopers of the Crusades – from accusations of heresy. The minutes of the
trials that led to the disbanding of the order were discovered by chance in the
Vatican archives in 2001. The records show that Pope Clement V did not believe
they were heretics but that the order should be suppressed for the good of the
Church. The Knights’ principle accuser was King Philip IV of France, who had
borrowed heavily from them to finance his wars. Some historians believe the
trials, which began in 1307, were a convenient way of cancelling the debt.

Publicist Rosi Fontana says the Knights were caught in a battle between
the Pope and the French King: “They’d’ no funds anymore, they had been partly
physically destroyed and partly psychologically destroyed. So the order didn’t
have the ability to re-assemble.”

The order was founded in the 12th
century to protect Christian pilgrims during the Crusades. But it went into
decline in Muslims recaptured the Holy Land at the end of the following century.
Until now official Church history had written the Knights off as corrupt

Source: Euronews

I was wondering myself how it is that they has slained in the Rome previous Malta FRA so easily, blaming him incorectly of masterminding Pope Jean Paul II death while somebody that was in reality fully responsible not only for JPII death but also for death of Marcel Lefebre has become head of Malta Order and is continuing his insane crusade against my person and his schizmatic efforts. Through almost four years, never meeting justice he should. But now i do not wonder. Moreover, Pope Benedict XVI intentions has become even more clear with the announcment on 14 March and the words that are quotation of this post. To understand this message and intentions, we need go back to the Kabbalah itself.

The basic thing that you should understand is the simple question: Who is the Creator. And simple answer is: my forefathers. In the Christian Doctrine we have a concept of Trinity. The God, Son of Man and the Holy Spirit. And what the Benedict XVI has tried to say to Lutherans was simply: let crucifix him, then he will be, as his ancestors called Jehowa or YHWE and we will have beatifull story, so useful for the Catholic Church. Otherwise, maybe some day he will discover full truth that can be dangerous to the Vatican and the Pope himself. Well, he did not realy need to convice Lutherans, as just this Friday we has found yet another Lutheran 'pastor' or rather in this context, denial of pastor on this Teutonic crusade. A Teutonic contest for the next head of this church in Germany. Reported as beign slained in his own home on Haiti. While he was just sturming, to slain me. Innoncent and unarmed polish pilgrim. Well he was not alone in this totalitarian show of Malta Order and Romanov Hause influence. Others was Labor MP from Great Britain, emissary of Baronessa. So similar to this one which my grandfather has also a 'romance' ahead of 1939 invasion. And some 'Scientology' actor. Among others.

While in Germany they was today joking that German youth are awaiting Pope guidance, what by the faithfulls could be just readed German Hitler Yougen is awaiting execution order. I was not expecting any comment from Pope but he did it quite clearly just a hours ago. Moving again Catholic Faith back to Middle Ages, when we was called 'Satan' because of color of our hair: "Show me what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman". Words, just in line with Maltan Fitna and attempt to induce even more Islamophobia. An efforts that can be just called counter-reformation. I do not know what i should then reply, comparing his Pontifi, the crimes, lies and just Nazi bestiality that i get from his, so british and bavarian, pedhofils everyday and night. I will just point you back to one of our rare visit at the Vatican. To the times of Pope Silvester II when we, this 'Satan' or just Jahwe, true God, the Creator, as the jews would say, has gave you founding stone of the modern sciences. Basics of medicne, mathematics or astrology. Is this such evil about which he just spoken? Did he turned just mad? Turning, in face of his past, just into complete denial of whole Jean Paul II teachings and hopes for millions of faithfulls? Happy 2 of April, Benedictus...

It is true that this journey is litte bit bloody. But we are not agressors. We are just defending the truth, as polish soldiers was doing at the Westerplatte in face of Nazi agression. They was by historicans called 'Defenders of Truth' and it is same there. Looking back into history, into times of the Reformation, the blood spread is very litte. And what they are trying to achieve, by my crucifxation is real religious war. What of course would be in line to arms manufactures in what Germany is realy leading. It is mainly Malta Order, the people involved into crucifxation of Jean Paul II, that are commming on this Route 66 from thier own intentions, greed and scorn, to kill me. They has involved themself into bigest crime of XXI centaury and what they get is just a justice. On their own wish. But the fish is borsting from the head, as we say in Poland. And the cause of this agression, somebody that has realy masterminded this bestial murdering of our Pope is still missing justice that he should meet long time ago. Maybe it would be better for Catholic Church to start thinking about Apostolic Tribunal, the Tribunal of Conscience, for what i had called long time ago and the Inquisition leaded by somebody that is so much trusted by all faiths, that should long time ago come to the Malta Order? Instead of insulting true faithfuls of thier forefathers faiths and counting on even bigger blood sheed. Just like in Benedict XVI youth, for the interest of arms manufatures, completing our Negro gencoide...

Writing this words with great pain, caused artificaly by the beast from Kaczynski, our Maltan Cavaler, Belveder. My true home in which Prince of Wales has just arrived, as the decoration. The Lutheran Reich Furst, one of extremly few members of polish and jewish aristocrats, a top of it was sheduled in same time, to visit another home in Teutonic Poland. A place that in jokes they call the power plant or rather sperm plant. A place in which in time of Soviet ocupation they has turned his father into real plant. As he because of legends and his blue blood was defined threat to security. Is not this just another Evian? Arent we facing true revival of Nazism, emanating so much from the Malta Order? With Bavaria on first plan? No, i never had a gun in the hand but you can paint me like on this portrait. Or just like evil jew from Vichy propaganda on backgroud of the King David star. But what is a true mening of this star? They say that it is King of Belgium that i will need to face this night. Among other Maltan pawns, from all sides. Equality? I am just a wild rabit from Postdamer platz. To be slain or 'saved', as every generation Teutons do. I wonder if Germany and Israel will treat me just as they did with Leopold III at the end of II World War.

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