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Deryfus victory

Magen David

"Blessed are you God,

Shield of David."

The Sarkozy has scored signifant defeat in his Likud driven policy of extermination, concentrating on cutting off the tree on which he is siting. Many think that he should rethink and rid out his party from the Malta influence if he is not able to just take over Malta Order in French hands. What would once for all break up escalation of violence based on desire to hide the truth about mort on our Pope masterminded by British FRA. While Socialists inspired by the PPS and Klemens has taked over most of France provinces. Singing our core anthem Warsawianka. But most of the French people did not belived in such ilusion, correctly prefering to stay rather in homes.

They simply does not see any difference between both camps, as from both they hear same Bavarian schwargot. And as we has observed here they are quite right. To thank me for seting such a course of election race in France, both has sent me yet another police car. To arrest me in the British style. Raping from the satelite in same time. But the car did not stoped. It is still Kingdom of Belgium. Well, i thin that now they will try to mount Deryfus affaire, with our Bavarian kids at the top of it. The problem they can meet this time is just the Eagel and true belivers. From whatever they are Templar movement, Lutheran church, Mahomet faith or just PPS fraction. While the Maltan camp, our Bavarian youth in both American Democrats and the Christian Democrats, leaded by our Commissioner Manuel Cartofel is not losing a time. Trying to drow Chrisitan Democrats futher into Jean Paul II and Sanacja scandal.
From what Socialists will be realy happy, but wait they are even smarter. As Lady Malaria in tune to Teutonic Order has just called for 'united effort against Iran nuclear program'. I am not sure if jewish forum is correct place to make such call, as of course in her mad brain i continue to be called Iran. From what i am quite proud, while it is just PIAST. Well, i am in same degree Iranaina as American. It is just common past. Caliph Camerun and real master of Malta Order, Prince of Wales must be laughting loudly now. They are just as the blind Muppets. Flag on the auctions, Americo...

Dreyfus affair

The Dreyfus affair (French: Affaire Dreyfus) was a political scandal that divided France in the 1890s and the early 1900s. It involved the conviction for treason in November 1894 of Captain Alfred Dreyfus, a young French artillery officer of Alsatian Jewish descent. Sentenced to life imprisonment for allegedly having communicated French military secrets to the German Embassy in Paris, Dreyfus was sent to the penal colony at Devil's Island in French Guiana and placed in solitary confinement.

Two years later, in 1896, evidence came to light identifying a French Army major named Ferdinand Walsin Esterhazy as the real culprit. However, high-ranking military officials suppressed this new evidence and Esterhazy was unanimously acquitted after the second day of his trial in military court. Instead of being exonerated, Alfred Dreyfus was further accused by the Army on the basis of false documents fabricated by a French counter-intelligence officer, Hubert-Joseph Henry, seeking to re-confirm Dreyfus's conviction. These fabrications were uncritically accepted by Henry's superiors.[1]

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The so called jewish state prime minister has today left to the United States but i do not think he is going to change anything in the course of this story. He is so similar to the Ariel Sharon in his instrumental treating of Kaballah, that i do not belive in him. I see constant 'veterans' attemps comming from the Synagoge. And i hear 'Hitler, Hitler' from mouths of his brother in law supporters. They are just forgeting about true meaning of the symbols and their purpose. Playing their power games in so Teutonic in spirit. Instead of Prussia Homage we will rather observe Bavarian biba leaded by some of most corrupted Church bishop, just in may. Socialist? Well, i am not surprised, as i had learned many times that this Maltan influenced camp is able to thank me only in one way. And, no it is not Job way out. It reminds me a time of American presidential race when for the public i was covered by the Obama pastor. Many of Americans has belived that we are playing same tune. And mostly it was so.

I was listening to John McCain speeches but on the ground i had observed only Bush exceses and assasination attempts. That was one of reasons why i did not supported him. Well, somehow i belived that it would be better to support black man for the presidential post, as he would better understand same racial hatred and the opression that we enjoy. And they was waiting 400 years to see black man in White House, as my nation is waiting to see our return in the glory. So, we has supported him and through the voice, or Israeli radio as some modernist would say, we has guided the nation. What was quite decicive at that moment. In exchange we has recived only threats, extermination and touturs. That has increasead just after in similar drive we has made Beniamin Nethanyahu a Prime Minister of Israel. Now both are meeting in the United States...


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