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Metro marriage

"We cannot allow for Taliban to regian the country"

Barack Hussein Obama
during first Afghanistan visit

Today world has been shoked not by the results of Italy elections but by the Metro explosion. I? I was suposed to be taken by 'Air Force One' in course of Vatican intervnetion in the Dziuwisz state of Israel. And the atack that has been comited in Moscow has come from very inside of the Russian Orthodox Church and Mendejew North Caucausus advisor that has been choosed in not usual for Russia, Teutonic contest. But now Kirill is trying to hide in smoke screen and is blaming group in BBN, as he has agreed before with Malta. It is just like on our 'script' story in the Belgium Metro that was inspiration for this act of terrorism. Kind of Benedictus Islamophobic teachings and act that was conducted like begining of Russian Fitna. It is a Bavarian technic that i had also observed with Bavarian inflirtation of Catholic Church and Soviet Regime himself in PRL time. A dangerous process that in effect has destroyed Soviet Empire. But with the sacrifice of my family and enviroment. Something that they are just trying to repeat, again. No, it is not only about David gene...

However on this comic script that as previous is inspiration to some, it is not me that is rescuring our blondie. I think it is rather my old antagonist from Gota Project and link between the Nazi and rest of this Bavarian group, Adam from Posen. I? I was converted just to the sperm and now our duo from Warsaw need to face both Medvedev and Putin that has announded that 'this animals will be destroyed' (animals from Merkly pharm). What then Obama is suposed to do? He, as the most Texan Democratic leader will rescue our heroine Pilsudzka and her lover Pilecki and will take them to the United States. To protect them from Russian bandits and... to make in vitro. I? I was yesterday on midninght exterminated and my sperm taken to create 'world first nuclear fuel bank' (article that in confirmation gesture has been removed from Gordon Reuters). Sounds like scenario from Holywood thriller? It is just Obama, our Pietaszek of Benedic XVI.

The 2 of April is comming and as you all know dead ones cannot speak. It could be crushing for some group in Bavaria and Buckingham. And the Church 'teachings' about the Jean Paul II. So, they has decided to 'make a euharistical homage to the Jean Paul II', as Benedict XVI has said today. To finish this Sanacja genocide. He and Dziwisz that was acomplishing him today was maybe just thinking about me, but i must worry them and you. Our 'Uncle' was defending me from this Teutonic sturms and opression to the very end. It was one of reasons why they has slained him (yes there was also number of bodies on his Teutonic account accumulated through decades of my life), while the other reason was just the reformation that this most Lutheran of the Popes wanted to conduct with my arival in Rome. He would never allow them to harm me, while they has tried not once. Since i was born. And the things they are doing to me since his death was simply not posible during his life. I know that they will lie a lot about him, it is for sure. When it comes to his teaching, you need just remeber that in our slavic culture words have only original meaning; you need to read it straight without looking for 'hidden evil', the second meaning. So tipical to Teutons and Bavaria that we hear with every word of Benedictus. I only hope that i will survive to comment thier lies...

But lets look at the Italian elections. Today Silvio has announced that after partial counting it seems that he has gained 'major boost'. Why he has did this? Just to provoke our Pietaszek to eliminate me, as the cause of his lose. Similar thing they has sugested at time of Greece elections, saying on begining that it was Kaczynski that has won ther over supported by us left. Tommorrow they will announce full count and i think it maybe will come out that it was actualy left that has scored victory against our Maltan Cavaler. While what Obama is doing is just terrifing and can be expresed by yesterday announcemt. You will better understand his 'strategy', if you will look at the support pool from Belgian political stage. Then just change the word 'Taliban' from his yesterday quotation, on the "PPS", then you will understand what kind of cretino he is: 'We cannot allow for PPS to regian the country'.

Now look at the today result, here there are two major winners of this Danzing. One is PS (Socialist Party) and the other is our Protestant Prime Minister block. Yes, people are realy on our side, what is very visible if it comes to loses of Ecolo that is just like King and Swedish Queen, divided by Malta (-10% in Brussels) and other agressors. In the Thora in book of Jericho it has been wroten: "Do not turn left. Do not turn right. Then you can be prosperius'. This days it is rather 'then maybe you will survive' but i am folowing this word of God, having two faces of Sanation and PPS Revolutionary Fraction. Shoutiong "Naprzod" (heb. Kdima) and "belive in God" (literaly from polish 'wierze w Boga' - "knows that in God"). Look at the effects here on the ground.


However you will be quickly disillusioned about true intentions of both. The true nature of Whie House and Chancellor Merkly is best ilustrated by what the Nazi did with the King Leopoldo III in 1944. Guarded by 70 members of the SS. They were given inadequate food and lived in fear of death - not without reason as one of their captors apparently tried to feed them cyanide disguised as vitamins. While course of our story is not comaprable as it is 4th generation going to be crucifixed and living since Israeli agresion in the mortification, as animals, wild rabbits from Postdamer square.

The source of his behavior and Teutonic play is partialy in Israel, as this White House is just puppet on of both Buckhingham (Malta Order: Hilary Clinton) and Likud (Rahm Emanuel) beign perfect example of Britihs Imperialism and reconolisation of the United States. While Israel wants to show you thier power and meaning of David Star (heb. Magen David) in Kabballah. But the true picture is just as in time of Jesus Christus. Thier powerfull cabinet is so corrupted and paralysed that behave just like during the ocupation by Roman Empire or rather Bavaria, in context of Benedictus achievments on the field of fighting with Sanacja. If Benjamin Nethanyhu is showing something it is just weaknes of Dziuwisz state and thier Nazi madnes and methods. Same we has observed on our soil in 1930'ths. Yes, Vader i know that it is insult (pol. obelga) or rather umbrage (pol. obraza - lit. painting).

We has heard same from mouths of Adolf Hitler, that this 'evil gene' is the 'insult to the German nation'. And the time of Ester or as we was sayning in times of my grandfather, an specialist from orthodox resurections that until times of Kirill through hundreds of years was just like DOGMAT in Russian Orthodox Church: Lord resurection (pol. Zmartwychwstania panskiego) is quite good to save this picture that will return to the end of your days, each year. What you did with this Eagel you are doing to the nations that he represents. And in this context the Obama Hellcare is just reintroducing of the slavery in the america. Under the cover of social insurance he has just puting a numbers on the arms of American people. With this Eagel just a trailer of such inhuman treatment, so goodly ilustrated by the Saudi movie: The Schizm. A Schizm that has already begun on 2 of April 2005...

Ghettoization of European Jewry


On October 23, 1941, S.S. head Heinrich Himmler issued an order down the Nazi chain of command which heralded a major change in Nazi policy with respect to the "Jewish problem." Until then, the Nazis worked vigorously to encourage Jews to emigrate. The Madagascar Plan was one example of strategies which were formulated to remove Jews from Germany and its occupied lands. As is described in more detail later, many countries refused to accept Jewish refugees. This shift in policy resulted in the deportation of Jews to camps and ghettos in the East. The policy to "resettle" Jews to these ghettos and camps was a significant step in what was to become the "Final Solution" the systematic murder of millions of Jews.

Ghettoization (December 1939 to March 1942)

Although the Nazis were successful in isolating Jews socially and economically, the actual physical isolation of the Eastern European population did not begin until December 1939. Jews had known the ghetto since the Middle Ages, although Jews were then permitted to leave the ghetto during the day and participate in the business of the general community. The purpose of the Nazi ghetto, however, was to create a total confinement for the Jewish population, turning entire neighborhoods into a prison unlike the ghettos of centuries past.


Why Chancellor Merkly will dissillusion supporters of both Prime Minister of Belgium and former Prime Minister of Netherlands? Well, i will help the investigator from ICC that is comming there this night. My case is just a core case to understand what the protestants faith is and why they has before the ages taked up the arms to fight in so called Protestan Reformation. The core of this issue is just crucifxation and thier protest against such inhuman Teutonic treatment. And to add more weight it is also issue of my testamento that some will call new thora. If it comes to the finance, well i am just alone preforming my salt march with the hope that our cenatuaries old claims and this Holocaust in particural, will be finaly solved. While she is going to pay rental for our palace in Berlin to the Greeks, just like indulgence or even Wermacht award for crucifixation of the Eagel on front of which she stands every day.

If it will happen, my testamneto will transfer all our rights (to the gold but also to the silver) to Russia and Iran. But if the hit will come from them, the beneficent would be just Catholic Church. I am alone, they are big powers that are able to execute this rights. So if it comes to the economy it is just better for them; if i am alive. But well, she is just offering me vitamines in prepariation to thier JPII Bavarian fest in May. No, it is not Bavarian Confederation, that we are facing every day and night. We has never observed such a break in jewish calendar even during the Tzarist reign or Soviet occupation. In the Orthodox Church it was always the Resurection (do not confuse with Baath, Nazi eugenic) that was in the center of life not the crucifixation. This cross is just in the hand not on the back...

Well, this post was intendet to be rather a description of the difference between jewish marraige to the christian one and the way that they wanted to obtain rigfull offspring to transfer my rights (agreed during Nethanyahu White House visit). But it could not work and you would obtain just a bastard, as i am not a moses faith follower and in times of invitro deviation i see such rites, as real danger not only to the jewish culture and traditions but at priori to the nobility. Instead i just want to comment yesterday Iranian incident. Well, i am just impressed not by Iran but rather Israeli, as what they want to obtain is something that Nazi was also trying to do in pre war Commonwealth of Poland (just look at our Supreme Leader and our gesture). While Americans would play a role of Nazi Japan hiting Teheran and shouting 'To ra, to ra, to ra' while they nation would never forget such solution to the jewish problem and such treatment. While Iran plays realy traditional nute, very sad one. Could be worst. Very much in the spirit of both Sanation resistance and the legend of 12 Imam, Mahdi. In Israel the jews that did not exctincted yet to the Uber Race Israeli look at me just as on Luther in Evian, while on the other side of the Wall, they realy see Abadan. In Nato they still see both faces...

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