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Luther at Evian '38

"I wrote about the Evian Conference because I felt people should know the part the allies played in appeasing Hitler and giving him the green light to believe he could do whatever he wanted to the Jewish people as nobody wanted them and this resulted in genocide. By their refusal to take Jewish refugees the countries who attended the Evian Conference condemned them to torture, inhumane treatment and a horrible death. Let us hope and pray we never make the same mistake again."

Annette Shaw

Today Rabin and Kermit was trying to stop me again. Something that was motivating them so much was just in my pocket. It is truth that is dazzling Israel and United States leaders so much. It is a picture from New York Times from 1938 that shows exacly my situation and the real state of insanity of regim of Israel and United States puppet. Israeli has used to blame target of their operations for beign Nazi and hallow: 'Hitler, Hitler'. However this simple drawing shows the real staus quo and answers very sharply on the question: 'Who is who' in Europe and United States. Briging us just back to 30ths and reviving memory about previous Negro gencoide, founding stone of the Final Solution and racial segregation...

I was going to describe you night of museum seen from my eyes but at the night some pseudo lutheran group has come. They was in familiar to me Lieberman way just as the decoration, playing a role of beign sent by Chancelor Merkel. Minutes after they has left my camp, we has once again heard shot in the ghetto. Yet another crusader has been defeted. This time from the dangerous contest inside the Lutheran Church in Germany. This group of lutherans that has lost thier orginal faith due the curse of this inhuman contest for the next head of 70 milion strong Lutheran Church, this group was no different from the Hitler Jougen. In thier teaching, teutonic objectives and siprituality. It is again something that Israeli circles are trying to impose on yet another religious community. Poisoning it just with the Nazism prescribed by Yad Vashem Institute. It is some longer proceses of transforming Lutheran church into sub cult of Ba'al.. Process that has been started together with our Negro gencide some time ago by some of Israeli rabins and Malta Order. Something that has started on our soil together with the Minister Andrzej Zakrzewski suspected death. This same that has changed name of his ministry to the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Lutheran church transformed into synagogue in Germany

BERLIN (EJP)---A 300-seat new synagogue which opened Sunday in Bielefeld, in western Germany, was set up in a former Lutheran church.

Juergen Ruettgers, Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia state, where Bielefeld is located, said at the opening that the building project was a "sign of trust and hope" by German Jews.

"What the Nazis wanted has failed, “he added, hailing the revival of the Jewish culture in the country.

An earlier synagogue in the city was gutted by fire 70 years ago during the first wave of so-called Kristallnacht or Night of Broken Glass, when the Nazis started persecuting the Jews.

It is the first time in Germany that a Lutheran church is transformed into a synagogue.

Original article:

Such contest cannot be accepted and must be protested and the person that is driving force behind it cannot become head of such Church. It should be obviously to anybody that calls himself Lutheran. If such person will become the head of Lutheran Church, soon we will be facing 45 milions not of protestants but just Nazi. Such practicies and teachings are not only dangerous to Germany but to the whole world and must be rejected. I see today that Chancelor Merkel has made just in time Klin like visit to neighbouring Luxemburg. In same time some that we and this story has made a Prime Minister of Greece has visited the White House. Well, i had saw some effects here on the streets but i think that he will as we discover that this cabinet have nothing common with socialism and is just likud driven puppet goverment with Dick Cheyen people occuping front posts.

Jehu Eliminates the Baal Cult

Jehu had eliminated Ahab's heirs; now he was determined to eliminate his evil legacy — the cult of Baal worship. He secured the aid of his friend Jehonadab, and the two of them constructed an elaborate and devious scheme.

Jehu announced that he intended to sponsor a bigger and better Baal worship than Ahab ever had, and his innovations were to be inaugurated at a huge festival. Priests of Baal who failed to attend were threatened with capital punishment, and when roll was taken, not one was absent. These priests were marked with special robes made for the occasion. Jehu then ordered the priests to assure that no one who worshipped the LORD was present — only priests of Baal. This done, Jehu escorted the priests inside the shrine.

While Jehu officiated over the sacrifice, his 80 co-conspirators surrounded the building. At his signal, they entered and began the slaughter; not one priest escaped. They then demolished the shrine and desecrated altars and implements, converting the site into a garbage dump.

The LORD rewarded Jehu's obedience with the promise that four more generations of his descendents would be his heirs as king of Israel. This was the longest line of kings in Israel's history. By contrast, every king of Judah was from the line of King David.

Even though he destroyed Baal worship, Jehu never took action against the golden calf cult established by King Jeroboam. Even so, Jehu enjoys the distinction of being the only king of the separate kingdom of Israel applauded by God for his obedience.

Source: 2 Kings 10:15-31

However, i see that this Israeli driven group has not stoped thier Teutonic contest and today we had two another failed attempts that has been also precesed by two lutheran grils saying to me that they are sorry. Passing very euthanastic message that is just in direct oposition to orgins of thier church and the faith. Oposite not only through my person, that often is refered just as the Lutheran's Prince born from the Hell, Hell of Holocaust, Hell of PRL and Teutonic New Poland. But what they are trying to do is also oposite to Martin Luther teachings, his anti Teutonic drive and the role that this religious community in the past has played in the fight against the Nazism. It can be expressed very easily by the Adolf Hitler slogan: 'Thora is your enemy'. In this context sometimes they say that i am just like Martin Luther but this time i am not atacking ungodlnes of the Pope but rather Malta Order, some of Israeli rabins and authorities . Pointing them just to the God Words and in particural to the Jehu solution prescribed in the Thora. And this time also Lutheran Church practices that i call New Lutheranism. Especialy when it comes to such insane contests, so Teutonic in his nature. Return to the orginal spirit of your Church. What you call is not even a schizm but rather bloody baptization that will switch the church to the Nazi heresy. Converting it through barbarian act of Nazi excecution. What a bestiality and against who???

Well, after all this evil that we has enjoyed from the German nation i was rather expecting kind of the Prussia Homage what should happen long time ago but with Israeli policy of clip producing it is still far way from me and rather i would be just slained by some of this ungodly puppets, misguided by Malta and Israeli diplomatic efforts. Living just like animal, wild rabbit in the concentration camp, long time ago crushed by the regim of Israel. When my family centauries ago has supported, also financialy Lutheran faith opening Germany for it, we could not expect such requite that i am observing. It is litte bit like with Lithuanian Church that i was dreaming of reopening here some day, joining all common past under the Eagel banner. But they and in particural Chancelor Merkel is not doing anything to pay what they should. Often they pay in silver but never did in the gold. It is you, dear Lutherans that in first line should found such project and compensate all the harms we has received from the German nation...

The Polish Reformed Church

The Polish Reformed movement goes back to the half of the 16th century when the teachings of Swiss Reformers like Zwingli and Calvin began to make their way to Poland. Earlier, Lutheranism had made way to Poland, especially in the cities. A great boost to the Reformation movement happened when in 1525 the devotedly Roman Catholic king Sigismund I the Old (1506-1548) accepted as his vassal in Prussia, the Lutheran prince Albert I, Duke of Prussia, thus creating the first Protestant country in the World. Though the king opposed "new thought", humanists all across Poland and Lithuania began studying Reformed theology. The most celebrated and influential group was found in the country's capital Kraków, where they flocked around the book printer and vendor Jan Trzecielski (Jan Trecy) grouping nobles, burghers, professors, priests. The first Reformed church service was held in 1550 in Pińczów, a little town nearby Kraków, where the local noble owner converted to the Reformed Faith, expelled the monks, ’purging’ the city church. Other nobles soon followed suit and the first Reformed synod in Lesser Poland was held in 1564 in Słomniki, close to Kraków. Thus the Lesser Poland Brethren (Jednota Małopolska) was formed.

The Reformation in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (today's Lithuania, Belarus, and Ukraine) date to 1552 when the local aristocrat Mikołaj "the Black" Radziwiłł received a Reformed preacher, although some of Reformation ideas were known in Sigismund II Augustus palace because of returned educated Lithuanian Abraomas Kulvietis, who had founded school and taught children in Lutheran manner. He was generally unpopular among the Catholic hierarchy because of his Lutheran beliefs, and when the queen was away in 1542 Abraomas was forced to leave the country.

Soon he (Radziwiłł "The Black") was followed by his cousin Mikołaj "the Red" Radziwiłł and other aristocrats. The first synod was held in 1557, and two years later the Lithuanians signed a Union agreement with the Lesser Poland Brethren. A huge number of converts were attracted from Orthodox nobility. While the nobles used Polish in church services, an effort was made to convert the Lithuanian-speaking peasants and serfs, but since Lithuanian did not have a written form till the second half of the 19th century[citation needed], Polish stayed as the official church language. Thus the Lithuanian Brethren (Jednota Litewska) came into being.

More: Wikipedia

While your former leader has almost smashed herself on my tree, somebody in her back has sent her in such suicidal mission. He sent her with a hope to induce Schzim in Kingdom of Belgium, he sent her just like Orlean Virgin to make her schizmatic act. Thanks God this effort has been blocked by the local authorities but this person is not giving up, organising such Teutonic contest he hopes to replace her thus will be able to spread his Nazi teaching to the Lutherans. It is something that must not happen and you should better look for another method to choose successor and ban this evil person from such a post! Lutheranism was always a purfing force, kind of the antidotum on the Teutonism that was often growing inside of Catholic Church and it cannot turn into the Nazi poison. What can occur if wrong head of it will be elected.

However such critical defection from the faith is not uncommon in other faiths, as such contest are not. In recent days we has noted similar one in polish catholic church. One of bishops emeritus has also joined such path of deviation from faith (in my eyes all this Abrahamic faiths are just different forms of judaism) under infulence of Bishop Stanislaw, so badly involved in poisoning of our Holy Father. Instead of finishing his journey to Christ grave, he has landed in one of housing units with big headache. Officialy reported with the 'stroke' or rather 'stork'. Such defection from faith must be always punished, especialy when it comes to the people that call themself priests. This bishop emeritus Goclawski journej on Route 66 is doubly sad, as it has come just after Pope has reflected on the meaning of priesthood. But it is good ilustration of the maltan patology that polish church and many others are facing. The child abuse problems of Irish church is nothing compared to thing that is emanating so much from the Wawel Cathedral. Cathedral builded by my forefathers. It is a problem hardly encoded in Catholic Miliatry Order of Malta and it is Pope Benedict obligation to solve it as soon as posible. It will be also better to his own security, as current Malta FRA has not once gave a proof that he is ready to kill yet another Pope...

But it is not end of my adventure with Maltan clerics and Cult of Ba'al. The other one has been just reported with 'heart attack' in the Saudi Arabia. This one i think is releated very much to Lutheran contest and is just effect of yet another schizmatic act. For all mahometans it should be clear that what he was doing was just barbaric act of deviation from the faith. But, as in Lutheran church we can expect (and i has already heard it in the air) Horst Wesel Lied styled jihadist attempts. I hope that wisdom of Saudi Arabia Kingdom will silence such attempts and that they will not choose Egyptan successor in such devilish way what is just on what Likud in his maleficiant Evian politics counts so much. It is yet another example of dangerous Maltan influence in religious community and in particural our Caliph Cameroon hand involved in it. This Maltan cancer is progressing on many religious fronts and we need to resist it, if we does not want to live in world dominated by Nazi and Baath party ideology. I can only pray to overcome yet another Teutonic contest. What would be great for me and the Egypt itself.

What cannot by omissed is the reason why this false priest, this Maltan worms has come on the route 66. The reson is as the sometimes say my 'drug distribution' (drugi in polish means second). It is my evangelisation by the truth of the 2 April 2005, cornerstone in Negro genocide. The truth about day that has been recently called in sacrazm: the European Day of Heroes of the fight against totalitarism. The day on which many of our brave brothers and sisters has been crucifixed. On the list of famous deaths on this day it is realy hard to find single case of natural death. It is a truth of bestial poisoning and the slaining, in the name of euthanasy, of our late pope Jean Paul II. This worms, priest of Maltan Cult of Ba'al was involved directly in the decission making of this bestial act of crucification of our Pope.

Famous Deaths on 2nd April

1118 - Boudouin I, of Bologne/Edessa, 1st crusader/king of Jerusalem, dies
1272 - Richard, 1st Earl of Cornwall, Holy Roman Emperor (b. 1209)
1502 - Arthur, English crown prince/husband of Catharina of Aragon, dies
1507 - Francis of Paola, Italian founder of the Order of the Minims (b. 1416)
1640 - Matthias C Sarbiewski, [Sarbievius], Polish jesuit/poet, dies at 45
1657 - Ferdinand III, King of Hungarian/Bohemia/German Emperor, dies at 48
1657 - Jean-Jacques Olier - French catholic priest, founder of the Society of Saint-Sulpice (b. 1608)
1791 - Mirabeau, French statesman (b. 1749)
1817 - Johann Heinrich Jung, German author (b. 1740)
1865 - Richard Cobden, founder Anti-Corn-Law League, dies at 60
1872 - Samuel F B Morse developer of electric telegraph, dies at 80
1902 - Esther Morris, suffragist and first female American judge (b. 1814)
1910 - Boyd Alexander, English explorer (Niger to the Nile), murdered at 37
1914 - Paul von Heyse, German writer, Nobel laureate (b. 1830)
1928 - Theodore Richards, US chemist (atomic weight, Nobel 1914), dies
1930 - Empress Zauditu of Ethiopia (b. 1876)
1936 - Jean-Baptiste Eugène Estienne, French general (b. 1860)
1937 - Nathan Birnbaum, Austria philosopher (Zionism), dies at about 72
1941 - Paul Teleki, premier Hungary, dies
1951 - Simon Barere, pianist, dies while perfoming at Carnegie Hall
1958 - Josei Toda, Japanese second president of the Buddhist association Soka Gakkai (b. 1900)
1974 - Georges Pompidou, French president, dies in Paris at 62
2005 - Pope John Paul II (b. 1920)


What they has meet was just an petit justice for which they has asked taking such a route. There is nobody to cry after and it can be considiered as the kind of reformation. However, the people like British FRA that has masterminded this crucifxation are continuing every day and night to give thier 'testimony' of involvment in such bestial act. Each day and night they are continuing thier crusade against my person. Recently they was trying to brand it 'genocide' but it is actualy they that are agressors, it is they that are trying to finish this Negro genocide, that has been started years ago. This effort to crush a hearth of judaism, the Kabbalah. It is they that has crashed me to the ground bringing a conditions that by the Geneva Convention are just called genocide themself. What they are performing is just a TEUTONIC CRUSADE, Romanov Crusade and thanks God they are meeting RESISTANCE. Just as Nazi did in Danzing in 30ths past centaury. Teutonic crusade that they was doing also against Luther and many other our friends through past hundreds of years.

Teutonic crusade that because of our nobility and blue blood of King David, we are meeting every generation. From father to son, just like this two eagles - symbol of God, on Norman Davies: Poland, the God playground book. One born in PRL without the crown, the other, well... Under similar Teutonic sturms, since beign born till death. From grand grand father to grandfather. And in XXI centaury, there was a second, that was bigest obstacle behind my persecution but there is also Furst. By irony, Reich Furst of Lutheran House, Radziwill house. House that has been buried by Nazi together with second world war and has been never resurected, rebuilded. What should be a shame to both German goverment and German nation in first place...

European Parliament resolution of 2 April 2009 on European conscience and totalitarianism

1. Expresses respect for all victims of totalitarian and undemocratic regimes in Europe and pays tribute to those who fought against tyranny and oppression;

2. Renews its commitment to a peaceful and prosperous Europe founded on the values of respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights;

3. Underlines the importance of keeping the memories of the past alive, because there can be no reconciliation without truth and remembrance; reconfirms its united stand against all totalitarian rule from whatever ideological background;

4. Recalls that the most recent crimes against humanity and acts of genocide in Europe were still taking place in July 1995 and that constant vigilance is needed to fight undemocratic, xenophobic, authoritarian and totalitarian ideas and tendencies;

5. Underlines that, in order to strengthen European awareness of crimes committed by totalitarian and undemocratic regimes, documentation of, and accounts testifying to, Europe's troubled past must be supported, as there can be no reconciliation without remembrance;

6. Regrets that, 20 years after the collapse of the Communist dictatorships in Central and Eastern Europe, access to documents that are of personal relevance or needed for scientific research is still unduly restricted in some Member States; calls for a genuine effort in all Member States towards opening up archives, including those of the former internal security services, secret police and intelligence agencies, although steps must be taken to ensure that this process is not abused for political purposes;

More: European Parliament

Unfortunately, today for once again our Templars and Benedict XVI has intervened showing once again on what Chancelor Merkel politics is designed and how they are going to solve jewish question. They too defend me but sometimes she leaves 'Lutheran window' and it is when Benedict and mehr are often intervening, catching her at hand. It is Israel and in particural Teutonic Platform that has crushed me to the ground. It is Likud that has showed already in Berlin how they want to solve 'jewish question' in East Europe. It is Likud that has leaded me to this Evian'38 state and now is awaiting their 'bad ... video clip'. It is Likud and in particural German System of help for Orphans from Poraj. Designed to kill after touturing me through years from Kaczynski BBN and making me no different from this children from the Armenian genocide picture.

Using Geneva Genocide Convention language, they has just 'deliberately inflicted conditions of life calculated to bring about physical destruction;'. And they did nothing to change the status quo. Status quo of Evian'38. The 'outstretched hand' about which German Foreign Minister is talking today is raping, beating and toutring me. It is just hand of Nazism, same that Marshal Rydz Smigly has described in past. Look how German goverment headed by Israeli is treating me, Lutheran Prince after 7 decads of constant opression and persecution of my family. They are no different from Adolf Hitler that did so much damages. See their bestiality and madness. When Georing has visited our libre ville he has told that 'you had watched to many of James Bond movies.' Maybe, but he should just watch The Pianist to see our Israeli - Slavic Jews relations, through my eyes. Quo vadis Germany? Quo vadis Lutheran Church?

Continuing my defense at Diet of Worms. Just and Holy. Signing the Songs of Innocents.

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