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Baviarian scandal

'Shakespeare's lost play' no hoax, says expert

The Guardian,
16 March 2010

They say that it bigest historic crisis since decades. Crisis that is so much centered around so called polish case with the Jean Paul II and his murdered apostols of polish enviroment in the spotlight. Last night was a true night of the rage, an huge battle that we has won thanks to God and true belivers. It was litte bit like a battle betwen true belivers from many Abrahamic faiths united under the Sun on the armor of the later hetman of King Jagiello and Sarkozy Nazi groups. We has won, but today Vatican has tried again and to ilustrate thier 'decision' has published a news about Bavarian priest that after coming on camping trip with young people has been just suspended.

The King Jagiello Monument

The King Jagiello Monument is an equestrian monument of king of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania Władysław II Jagiełło, located in Central Park, New York City. Raised on its grand plinth it is one of the most prominently-sited and impressive of twenty-nine sculptures located in Central Park.

The sculptor of the monument was Stanisław K. Ostrowski (1879-1947), who created this bronze monument for the Polish 1939 New York World's Fair pavilion; it stood at its entrance at Queens' Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. His name is engraved in the front lower right-hand corner. On both sides of the plinth the word POLAND is inscribed as well.

As a result of the German invasion of Poland which marked the beginning of the Second World War, the personnel and equipment of the Polish World's Fair pavilion was forced to remain in the United States. Unlike much of the rest of the pavilion which was sold to the Polish Museum of America in Chicago, the monument stayed in New York, thanks in part to mayor Fiorello H. La Guardia publicly lobbying to keep the statue.


Its Spirit Cannnot Be Crushed, He Says, in Dedicating the Pulaski Park in Bronx

Mayor La Guardia, in dedicating Pulaski Park in the Bronx yesterday afternoon, declared that no power on earth could destroy the spirit of the Polish people.

New York Times
October 12, 1939, Thursday

King Jagiello

King Ladislaus II Jagiello is shown seated on a horse holding two crossed swords over his head as a symbol of defiance and of the union of Polish-Lithuanian forces. Known as the Grunwald Swords, they were the invitation to battle offered to the king and his ally Vytautas the Great in an ironic gesture by Ulrich von Jungingen, Grand Master of the Teutonic Order.

The monument represents the triumph of Jagiello, who was one of the most famous kings in the histories of Poland and Lithuania, and the creator of the dynastic union of Poland and Lithuania, at the medieval Battle of Grunwald in 1410. Polish and Lithuanian forces, supported by a coalition of Ruthenian, Czech and Tatar allies soundly defeated the Teutonic Order, which had the support of the finest knights of the primarily German, Dutch and English camp.

More: Wikipedia

My long time suspect in this Name of Magnolie case, Vatican’s Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone at this occassion has announced that 'The Church can count on special help from ‘above'". This 'help' has come just minutes after, but has been taken to the housing unit, in the ambulances. They was just as the confirmation, an evidence of my latest discoveries. Lost Sheeksper play is no haox, as they are joking today in british newspapers. It is no longer a secret, it is just a shoking scnadal. But do not forget that London is very much involved in it, and while it is quite clear that Benedict XVI is quite aware about it, the question of his role is still open as the question if he is able to purify Church from this evil corruption...

Vatican suspends German paedophile priest

A German priest convicted of molesting young boys has been suspended by the Vatican for breaching a ban on working with children.

Father Peter Hulllermann abused children when he served in the archdiocese of Munich and Friesing from 1980 to 1982.

He received an 18-month suspended jail sentence for his crimes in 1986 but was never dismissed.

Reports say Hullermann recently went on a camping trip with young people in his current parish in Bavaria, southern Germany.

The Vatican’s Secretary of State, Tarcisio Bertone, said the recent sex revelations were part of a plot to attack the Church.

“Believers still have faith in the Catholic Chuch, despite someone trying to undermine this confidence,” Bertone said. “But the Church can count on special help from ‘above’”.

Yet the scandal could add up to more embarrassment for Pope Benedict XVI after similar claims have been made recently.

Benedict led the archdiocese of Munich and Friesing from 1977 to 1982, when he was known as Archbishop Joseph Ratzinger.

Local religious officials in Munich admitted last week that the then-Archbishop had allowed Hullermann to stay at a vicarage in the southern Germany to receive “therapy.”

It comes amid fresh sex allegations in Ireland where the head of the Catholic Church is accused of being involved in the cover-up of abuse in the 1970’s.
Source: Euronews

What you can read from the words of Vatican Secretary of State is quite similar syndrome to what you could hear from some there in 1984 when Brother George was questioning them for the fate of my father 'SB codename: 'Jezusek''. It was very distrubing to some Bavarians and Israeli, as it was not the Soviet Regime but them that has decided on fate of my father. Claiming a raison and in efect terminating our Reich Furst and changing him into the plant, by the soviet hands. The investigation that Brother George has taken, his truth seeking efforts was therefore more dangerous to the Church and West that the Soviet Regime. Especialy if Jean Paul II would discover the truth about this events. Same is true for case of JPII that is distrubting not only to the Vatican but also to the Malta Order and some of Israeli. That is why some in Israeli cabinet are making huge effort, advocating 'forgeting about this case'. It is just like trying to remove Kabbalah, from the hearts and minds of the faithfuls.

If you will look at the face of the Left, face of Stanley McChrystal our Negro genocide specialist you will not wonder. If you will look on the behavior and wording of Mrs. Hilary Clinton you will discover that it is just Malta Order that is speaking to you. The cabinet of Mr; Fofana is just a Muppet show, a show of Dick Cheyen friends and the British Imperialists. Leading the efforts of kind of neocolonisation of United States and beign just blind NSDAP like puppets of Malta Order; so much british bavarian one. Sometimes, something break it. Some new spirit, of the PPS, Revolutionary Fraction of Polish Socialist Party.
An unique spirit that has once crushed similar imperialism joining socialism, history and the religion in so unique way. But this PPS snowdrop will be rather 'treaded up' by the military shoes of idiots, leaded by just a Maltan Pawns like Hillary Clinton or Alistair Darling. Usefull idiots. Usefull to McSzkudnik and his people from Belveder. If Klemens would come to London these days to open PPS, they would just bestialy toutured him to later kill in the NSDAP manner. They are just blind pawns, executing Malta Orders, not able to lead real politic and take advantage of the situation. They objective is just to bring 'help to the church' and crucifix. Again.

And we hear this in both words of Mrs. Malta and our Vatican Secretary of State. Both today has repeated this same strategy: painting me as this priest that is molesting our young boys at the Kaczynski BBN. Young boys that they want to 'release' from my opression. The truth for everybody should be obvious who is opressor there. Who is beating, toutring me and raping. But in thier lies, this special group are just litte boys from Bavarian SS Wafen, litte boys on safari. Not a soldiers on the duty, not a soldiers that everyday sits under the polish crown and the white eagel. Not a soldiers that should do everything to protect me and defend me. They are just touturing, from years and both Tusk and Kaczynski is allowing on such inhuman opression. Sing Warsawianka, my socialists. One of our anthems. Maybe you will understand what the socialism is, and how far people like Brown or Fofana are from it. Especialy, when it comes to the touturs and beating of my person by our Lady Malta. What i feel on my left eye through past days. Psychical pain, this time made from satelites. Made just on the order of Prince of Wales, that has asked Clinton to do such thing after sening what they did with Brother George. Today he has visisted his grave and this idiot, Clinton is just executing what he has asked for. If they would find me dead i will look just like on the photo above. It is very british pawns that we have in the White House. Just usefull idiots to drown, as Democrats do since J.F.K. Making big shit and disapearing for deacde or two...

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