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Bav aryjskie

People of the Commonwealth

"Tonight our eternal enemy has began turculent actions against Polish State, what we are afirming under God and history.

In this historical moment we call all people of Commonwealth with deep certitutde that whole nation will stand in defense of our Liberty, Independence and Honor, that will gather around thier Supreme Leader and the Armed Forces and will give proper answer to the agressor, as it was not once in the histry of Polish German relations.

All lahs, blessed by the God, in fight for just and holy case, united with Army, will go arm to arm to fight and full victory"

Ignacy Moscicki
1 September 1939

Yesterday German diplomacy and not so polish army, army that still have a White Eagel in the Crown on thier caps, has stoned the world again. If this silent efforts in preparation to Bavarian fest will continue the jewish question will be solved, but by my testamento rather that me. It was very intense day centered around the old Maltan pattern that has been expresed long time ago, when another such Nazi sturm has been prepared by some old postal stamp. The pattern that is more know from the last announcment made by the Wermacht on the 8 May 1945. It is just codename Zebra, essence of Nazi sadism. Usualy victims survive only first Zebra, or in best case second one. In my case it was much better and i had breaken this Teutonic record. I had survived three, so far. This Eagel, the symbol of Almighty God; sometimes come out of the walls behind our officers. Just from our emblem. They should remeber about it, everytime they sit down behind computer or are talking a moonligh walk to 'pray'. They should remeber about it, everytime they look into the mirror. When they look on their military caps or badges.

But how this German diplomacy works was best illustrated by my visit done in Sisters of Mercy shelter. After our scandal exploded i was litte bit woried by the reaction. And i was quite shocked by what i had seen there when i had come to the shower in our Lager. Literaly, one of sisters was teaching some Muslim brother that he should split on me. But it was not antismitic at all. I was waching this stage quite shocked, watched together with other Muslim brother. He was shoked, as i was. The attack has come later, and has been prepared from the Egypt, to involved King Abdullah in it. It would be perfect Fitna, but thanks God, they did not successed this time. While this visit was ilustrating quite well the efforts of the German diplomacy and the way the Church is going these says. At least part of it.

In same time in the Berlin cabinet of Angela Merkel has announced a new initative to combat growing pedophill scandal in both Catholic Church and Lutheran community. Somebody is molesting their Bavarian youth on the camping. They say it is pastor Popieluszko. They say that someone is undermining confidence, not only in the Catholic Church but even the Protestant movement. Smarter says that this one is just Jhon Paul II, already death one. But some still are pointing thier finger on me. Thinking that my death can solve anything. Well, if it will solve anything, it will be just solving of jewish question or rather Dziuwisz question...

The Bavarian problem solving group will be led by four women -- three current government ministers and a former minister. It yet another sign of the intentions of German cabinet, as it just like three Zebras and one that has just resigned by... slaining me. The problem with our femme allemandes is that all of them was not only touturing me, raping but was just leaded more or less activly efforts to slain me. In this context it is just a very bad joke or rather a provocation, as on the 23 April they are also planing to announce the special ombudsman (from polish: riverman) that would explain you just before my birthday that i was in prinicple right, as they was just sadist like a Ilse Koch. But it will be after they will crucifix me, in best case by some Mahometan hands. Then again Lutheran Church will be shining in the Sun. But, after.

Well, i would then recommend Merkel to make a patron, maybe not from ex saint Barbara but from more laic symbol Ms. Alexandra Pilsudzka. Today, our contur Donek has joked in the press that some doctor has lost his license, well it is quite similar to case of passagers of this famous car and sick Teutonic revenge mechanism. It is not accident that she and one of passengers of this car has died on this same 1963 year. A year of similar 'miracles' and double eclipse of the sun and the moon. As it is not accident that some was shouting in Texas 'and meet Pilsudczyk'. Well, my position in this context is quite similar to my grandfather. It was just a whora, maybe one of bloodiest one in our history. As if she would not poison his husband there would be divine intervention that would move an Olimpic Games from Berlin to Barcelona, as Sancacja camp was planing. In the consequences maybe there would not be II World War at all. If she was playing similar Zebra role in America, in shadow of our legend, i am not surprised in the outcome. Still, i am rather neutral, while i can understand. What i cannot understand is why some was in secrecy preparing such revenge on our car passangers.

But i can understand a behavior of Pope Benedict XVI that has given full hand hard proofs of his close involvment into murdering of our late pope Jean Paul II and other members of our litte family. They are not only his words but body of his Teutonic crusaders you could find in our ghetto. Just on Friday they has gathered like fitness Teutonic knights in time of Grunwald from Utrecht, Wales, London, Vichy France and Bavaria to give a crushing sturm into heart of judaism, the Kabbalah. To protect Pope and catholic faith from the Jean Paul II orginal teaching and influence. If Brother George would saw what i did he would be converted by this Bavarian hand but would it become a Pastor. If so only of Lithauania Reformed Church that has exticted in simmilar manner during Teutonic crusade and partitioning of our country. Why he would not turn on Lutheranism then?

If he would see how Lutheran Chancelor that we has made a Chancelor six months ago is joking from us and the nation he probably would become a deist. Somebody that maybe belive in God existence, but if so he thinks that he has been left on the trashcan hundreds of year ago. What Markel did? Instead of paying rantal rate he has promised Greece 22 bilions of euro for indulgence. Indeed very Lutherna move in face of puting Galileo Galilei on inquisitional heap. But what we can expect from Hitler like Germany. When she has told recently that this pedophile scandal is big chellenge for German nation, i would add that she personaly and Benedict second youngness is the bigest one sicne Adolf Hitler. What we could expect, that sooner or later she will just slain the Eagel on front on which he stands everyday. Zwanzing zwai and sieg hail. That is modern CDU and Nazi like Germany that has treated me no differently from how Hitler did with King Leopold III at the end of war, closing in conditions of lager Majdanek and preparing thier Bavarian fest crushing polish case to the end and claiming same time it is too costly...

Same is true for Israel. While this story has made Prime Minister of Israel Beniamin Nethayahu people was not only expecting 'return of the prince' but they had seen in him Biblical King Jehu that will be able to clean up a shit made by our pope scandal. Instead he has only itensified a Teutonic crusade, partialy inspired by Merkly fabrications that thier diplomacy has spreaded all over the world. He says that the campaign they are doing against the Kabbalah is just to show power of Dziuwisz state but the truth is just oposite. The face of lord Vader or this one you can see below sems so true and is making so happy my declared enemies in United Kingdom, that are from so long time trying to crush me in thier racial drive. Declared enemies leaded by the Prince of Wales. In such context Israel is just showing their weaknes.

That is symbolised by so blackmal prone Ashkenazi and some of their top rabins. They are just repeating same ideology. Moreover, claiming that the Teutonic crusade they are performign is part of Israel 'building' tradition. I will add then, that tradition so deep that it comes to Israeli-Polish drive in Free City Danzing. If Nethayhau would be trapped by Hitler in that time in such deadly game, the polish goverment of Sanacja would never give up him, for any price, under any threat. Hitler would need to come there on his tanks to get him. It was just matter of honor and our princples. Whatever his social orgin would be. So, if they will ask you for capital of Israel, just reply them that these days it is just Munich.

Schism (The Bible Version of Fitna)


Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

As the Amos has told, they has returned after a year to the case of murdering somebody in the Amsterdam. They has told that have a video of me, but as i mentioned before it is fake one and some in Israel, United States and Netherlands have another one from same time, but the true one. The face you can see is not possible to identify and the only thing that connect me with this bastards is a cap that has been stolen just days before. There is also video from library from the time they has stolen it.

It is just like an explosion that can come from the Teheran, as this Estonia 'leak' with top NATO secrets, about which Tusk has told that he is affraid of will come out, but just later. To crush Flaske Nazi and Mofaza that has commited it and blamed me in the Ku klux klan style. Quite similar in their nature to the false accusations of JEan Paul II murdering Lefebre. I think that this Bavarian hand of our dialog master is visible even to litte childrens.

I do not understand why Aerial Sharon is still continuing this claims, as i do not understand why John McSzkuding is involving in it. If somebody will be hit bu it it will be he and Sharon...

Bravo Likud; Bravo Sarkozy, for comming up with this Lockderby case again...

Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

and many thanks to Markel for her yesterday ingulence efforts. It was just like a split into face of polish nation and Sanacja especialy.

I see that this Mars 500 affrai has been litte changed, as orginaly they just wanted to provoke my crucifxation to later on 23 April 'resurect me' to told you a truth about events in Amsterdam. I see that they has changed the strategy and instead are enforcing 'bribe' but this affair, the Aerial Sharon spraying of Kabbalah is to serious one and the truth will be revealed anyway. If not from Teheran then maybe from israel or just by Democrats. But it will be after you will slain me. That is 'Lutheran way' in Nazi Germany. Have a happy fest with Rakzinger...