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Agnes Ballad of Reichsfürst

"You speak about so many important things, that i had completly forgotten about Agness. And it is she that is now most important. That is reason why we are flying on Mango."

Mr. Blot in Space, 1988

Before i will explain you recent Israeli mission in Bengin where they has again tryied to defame me and accusse showing to Mr. Hu well prepared set of documents, i will tell you something about 'virtual' rapes done on me by first STASI then Israeli. The things that Likud vice Prime Minister has prepared and is distributing are nothing new.

Before the fall of the PRL in 1987-88 thier propaganda has prepared similar defaming movie entitled "Ballad of Januszek". The lies that they are distributing are no different from things that you can find in this public movie. A movie that was merly a lie created just to defame my person in the eyes of public. While Likud defamign set under famous 'Jude Mesiash Gedanke' slogan is simlar and if they show something it is their methods of opression and provocations, that thanks to STASI aparatus are acomplimishing me at least since 1984. And are continued by this Israeli team, intesified since death of our Uncle, Jean Paul II. You can watch this movie at the end of the post. If you will filter thier propaganda, it will show you how life of the Reichsfürst was looking. After Soviets has taked his father in similar Israeli deal. And you can be sure that in China they know that it is nothing but a lie...

And if it comes to Agness, that it is in some sense similar to technics used by polish director Roman Polanski. Mainly raping from the satelite. Inducing sexual desire from the military radio. It is just bunch of lies, as nothing has happened. However, it is quite shoking that they are using such a technics against a childrens. Anyway, this lie has been used by them as real magness. You can find a reference to it in another polish movie "Mr. Blot in Space" in a part entitled 'Kindnaping of Agness. Quite famouse fragment in which some actor, posed on me, is stating '"You speak about so many important things, that i had completly forgotten about Agness. And it is she that is now most important. That is reason why we are flying on Mango.". And they did, whole Soviet Union. So repeat this trip. And you know; it is not accident that Agness is now working for one of Pharmateutical companies...

Israel says China attentive to Iran sanctions plea

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - An Israeli official voiced optimism on Monday China would not veto any new U.N. Security Council sanctions to curb Iran's nuclear programme, saying Beijing listened attentively to a visiting Israeli delegation.

China has given scant comment on its talks last week with the Israeli team led by Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Yaalon, and central bank governor Stanley Fischer.

Beijing has publicly stuck to its long-standing position that diplomacy and dialogue are the best approach to Iran, which rejects Western allegations that it is seeking atomic arms.

"There was openness, a willingness to listen," the official told Reuters in the first public comment on the talks in Beijing, where the Israeli delegation argued a nuclear-armed Iran would pose a threat to Middle East security and oil prices.

"If I had to give my assessment, it's hard to believe that they (China) will cast a veto. We should be seeing the results in the coming weeks."

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