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Metro marriage

"We cannot allow for Taliban to regian the country"

Barack Hussein Obama
during first Afghanistan visit

Today world has been shoked not by the results of Italy elections but by the Metro explosion. I? I was suposed to be taken by 'Air Force One' in course of Vatican intervnetion in the Dziuwisz state of Israel. And the atack that has been comited in Moscow has come from very inside of the Russian Orthodox Church and Mendejew North Caucausus advisor that has been choosed in not usual for Russia, Teutonic contest. But now Kirill is trying to hide in smoke screen and is blaming group in BBN, as he has agreed before with Malta. It is just like on our 'script' story in the Belgium Metro that was inspiration for this act of terrorism. Kind of Benedictus Islamophobic teachings and act that was conducted like begining of Russian Fitna. It is a Bavarian technic that i had also observed with Bavarian inflirtation of Catholic Church and Soviet Regime himself in PRL time. A dangerous process that in effect has destroyed Soviet Empire. But with the sacrifice of my family and enviroment. Something that they are just trying to repeat, again. No, it is not only about David gene...

However on this comic script that as previous is inspiration to some, it is not me that is rescuring our blondie. I think it is rather my old antagonist from Gota Project and link between the Nazi and rest of this Bavarian group, Adam from Posen. I? I was converted just to the sperm and now our duo from Warsaw need to face both Medvedev and Putin that has announded that 'this animals will be destroyed' (animals from Merkly pharm). What then Obama is suposed to do? He, as the most Texan Democratic leader will rescue our heroine Pilsudzka and her lover Pilecki and will take them to the United States. To protect them from Russian bandits and... to make in vitro. I? I was yesterday on midninght exterminated and my sperm taken to create 'world first nuclear fuel bank' (article that in confirmation gesture has been removed from Gordon Reuters). Sounds like scenario from Holywood thriller? It is just Obama, our Pietaszek of Benedic XVI.

The 2 of April is comming and as you all know dead ones cannot speak. It could be crushing for some group in Bavaria and Buckingham. And the Church 'teachings' about the Jean Paul II. So, they has decided to 'make a euharistical homage to the Jean Paul II', as Benedict XVI has said today. To finish this Sanacja genocide. He and Dziwisz that was acomplishing him today was maybe just thinking about me, but i must worry them and you. Our 'Uncle' was defending me from this Teutonic sturms and opression to the very end. It was one of reasons why they has slained him (yes there was also number of bodies on his Teutonic account accumulated through decades of my life), while the other reason was just the reformation that this most Lutheran of the Popes wanted to conduct with my arival in Rome. He would never allow them to harm me, while they has tried not once. Since i was born. And the things they are doing to me since his death was simply not posible during his life. I know that they will lie a lot about him, it is for sure. When it comes to his teaching, you need just remeber that in our slavic culture words have only original meaning; you need to read it straight without looking for 'hidden evil', the second meaning. So tipical to Teutons and Bavaria that we hear with every word of Benedictus. I only hope that i will survive to comment thier lies...

But lets look at the Italian elections. Today Silvio has announced that after partial counting it seems that he has gained 'major boost'. Why he has did this? Just to provoke our Pietaszek to eliminate me, as the cause of his lose. Similar thing they has sugested at time of Greece elections, saying on begining that it was Kaczynski that has won ther over supported by us left. Tommorrow they will announce full count and i think it maybe will come out that it was actualy left that has scored victory against our Maltan Cavaler. While what Obama is doing is just terrifing and can be expresed by yesterday announcemt. You will better understand his 'strategy', if you will look at the support pool from Belgian political stage. Then just change the word 'Taliban' from his yesterday quotation, on the "PPS", then you will understand what kind of cretino he is: 'We cannot allow for PPS to regian the country'.

Now look at the today result, here there are two major winners of this Danzing. One is PS (Socialist Party) and the other is our Protestant Prime Minister block. Yes, people are realy on our side, what is very visible if it comes to loses of Ecolo that is just like King and Swedish Queen, divided by Malta (-10% in Brussels) and other agressors. In the Thora in book of Jericho it has been wroten: "Do not turn left. Do not turn right. Then you can be prosperius'. This days it is rather 'then maybe you will survive' but i am folowing this word of God, having two faces of Sanation and PPS Revolutionary Fraction. Shoutiong "Naprzod" (heb. Kdima) and "belive in God" (literaly from polish 'wierze w Boga' - "knows that in God"). Look at the effects here on the ground.


However you will be quickly disillusioned about true intentions of both. The true nature of Whie House and Chancellor Merkly is best ilustrated by what the Nazi did with the King Leopoldo III in 1944. Guarded by 70 members of the SS. They were given inadequate food and lived in fear of death - not without reason as one of their captors apparently tried to feed them cyanide disguised as vitamins. While course of our story is not comaprable as it is 4th generation going to be crucifixed and living since Israeli agresion in the mortification, as animals, wild rabbits from Postdamer square.

The source of his behavior and Teutonic play is partialy in Israel, as this White House is just puppet on of both Buckhingham (Malta Order: Hilary Clinton) and Likud (Rahm Emanuel) beign perfect example of Britihs Imperialism and reconolisation of the United States. While Israel wants to show you thier power and meaning of David Star (heb. Magen David) in Kabballah. But the true picture is just as in time of Jesus Christus. Thier powerfull cabinet is so corrupted and paralysed that behave just like during the ocupation by Roman Empire or rather Bavaria, in context of Benedictus achievments on the field of fighting with Sanacja. If Benjamin Nethanyhu is showing something it is just weaknes of Dziuwisz state and thier Nazi madnes and methods. Same we has observed on our soil in 1930'ths. Yes, Vader i know that it is insult (pol. obelga) or rather umbrage (pol. obraza - lit. painting).

We has heard same from mouths of Adolf Hitler, that this 'evil gene' is the 'insult to the German nation'. And the time of Ester or as we was sayning in times of my grandfather, an specialist from orthodox resurections that until times of Kirill through hundreds of years was just like DOGMAT in Russian Orthodox Church: Lord resurection (pol. Zmartwychwstania panskiego) is quite good to save this picture that will return to the end of your days, each year. What you did with this Eagel you are doing to the nations that he represents. And in this context the Obama Hellcare is just reintroducing of the slavery in the america. Under the cover of social insurance he has just puting a numbers on the arms of American people. With this Eagel just a trailer of such inhuman treatment, so goodly ilustrated by the Saudi movie: The Schizm. A Schizm that has already begun on 2 of April 2005...

Ghettoization of European Jewry


On October 23, 1941, S.S. head Heinrich Himmler issued an order down the Nazi chain of command which heralded a major change in Nazi policy with respect to the "Jewish problem." Until then, the Nazis worked vigorously to encourage Jews to emigrate. The Madagascar Plan was one example of strategies which were formulated to remove Jews from Germany and its occupied lands. As is described in more detail later, many countries refused to accept Jewish refugees. This shift in policy resulted in the deportation of Jews to camps and ghettos in the East. The policy to "resettle" Jews to these ghettos and camps was a significant step in what was to become the "Final Solution" the systematic murder of millions of Jews.

Ghettoization (December 1939 to March 1942)

Although the Nazis were successful in isolating Jews socially and economically, the actual physical isolation of the Eastern European population did not begin until December 1939. Jews had known the ghetto since the Middle Ages, although Jews were then permitted to leave the ghetto during the day and participate in the business of the general community. The purpose of the Nazi ghetto, however, was to create a total confinement for the Jewish population, turning entire neighborhoods into a prison unlike the ghettos of centuries past.


Why Chancellor Merkly will dissillusion supporters of both Prime Minister of Belgium and former Prime Minister of Netherlands? Well, i will help the investigator from ICC that is comming there this night. My case is just a core case to understand what the protestants faith is and why they has before the ages taked up the arms to fight in so called Protestan Reformation. The core of this issue is just crucifxation and thier protest against such inhuman Teutonic treatment. And to add more weight it is also issue of my testamento that some will call new thora. If it comes to the finance, well i am just alone preforming my salt march with the hope that our cenatuaries old claims and this Holocaust in particural, will be finaly solved. While she is going to pay rental for our palace in Berlin to the Greeks, just like indulgence or even Wermacht award for crucifixation of the Eagel on front of which she stands every day.

If it will happen, my testamneto will transfer all our rights (to the gold but also to the silver) to Russia and Iran. But if the hit will come from them, the beneficent would be just Catholic Church. I am alone, they are big powers that are able to execute this rights. So if it comes to the economy it is just better for them; if i am alive. But well, she is just offering me vitamines in prepariation to thier JPII Bavarian fest in May. No, it is not Bavarian Confederation, that we are facing every day and night. We has never observed such a break in jewish calendar even during the Tzarist reign or Soviet occupation. In the Orthodox Church it was always the Resurection (do not confuse with Baath, Nazi eugenic) that was in the center of life not the crucifixation. This cross is just in the hand not on the back...

Well, this post was intendet to be rather a description of the difference between jewish marraige to the christian one and the way that they wanted to obtain rigfull offspring to transfer my rights (agreed during Nethanyahu White House visit). But it could not work and you would obtain just a bastard, as i am not a moses faith follower and in times of invitro deviation i see such rites, as real danger not only to the jewish culture and traditions but at priori to the nobility. Instead i just want to comment yesterday Iranian incident. Well, i am just impressed not by Iran but rather Israeli, as what they want to obtain is something that Nazi was also trying to do in pre war Commonwealth of Poland (just look at our Supreme Leader and our gesture). While Americans would play a role of Nazi Japan hiting Teheran and shouting 'To ra, to ra, to ra' while they nation would never forget such solution to the jewish problem and such treatment. While Iran plays realy traditional nute, very sad one. Could be worst. Very much in the spirit of both Sanation resistance and the legend of 12 Imam, Mahdi. In Israel the jews that did not exctincted yet to the Uber Race Israeli look at me just as on Luther in Evian, while on the other side of the Wall, they realy see Abadan. In Nato they still see both faces...


Bav aryjskie

People of the Commonwealth

"Tonight our eternal enemy has began turculent actions against Polish State, what we are afirming under God and history.

In this historical moment we call all people of Commonwealth with deep certitutde that whole nation will stand in defense of our Liberty, Independence and Honor, that will gather around thier Supreme Leader and the Armed Forces and will give proper answer to the agressor, as it was not once in the histry of Polish German relations.

All lahs, blessed by the God, in fight for just and holy case, united with Army, will go arm to arm to fight and full victory"

Ignacy Moscicki
1 September 1939

Yesterday German diplomacy and not so polish army, army that still have a White Eagel in the Crown on thier caps, has stoned the world again. If this silent efforts in preparation to Bavarian fest will continue the jewish question will be solved, but by my testamento rather that me. It was very intense day centered around the old Maltan pattern that has been expresed long time ago, when another such Nazi sturm has been prepared by some old postal stamp. The pattern that is more know from the last announcment made by the Wermacht on the 8 May 1945. It is just codename Zebra, essence of Nazi sadism. Usualy victims survive only first Zebra, or in best case second one. In my case it was much better and i had breaken this Teutonic record. I had survived three, so far. This Eagel, the symbol of Almighty God; sometimes come out of the walls behind our officers. Just from our emblem. They should remeber about it, everytime they sit down behind computer or are talking a moonligh walk to 'pray'. They should remeber about it, everytime they look into the mirror. When they look on their military caps or badges.

But how this German diplomacy works was best illustrated by my visit done in Sisters of Mercy shelter. After our scandal exploded i was litte bit woried by the reaction. And i was quite shocked by what i had seen there when i had come to the shower in our Lager. Literaly, one of sisters was teaching some Muslim brother that he should split on me. But it was not antismitic at all. I was waching this stage quite shocked, watched together with other Muslim brother. He was shoked, as i was. The attack has come later, and has been prepared from the Egypt, to involved King Abdullah in it. It would be perfect Fitna, but thanks God, they did not successed this time. While this visit was ilustrating quite well the efforts of the German diplomacy and the way the Church is going these says. At least part of it.

In same time in the Berlin cabinet of Angela Merkel has announced a new initative to combat growing pedophill scandal in both Catholic Church and Lutheran community. Somebody is molesting their Bavarian youth on the camping. They say it is pastor Popieluszko. They say that someone is undermining confidence, not only in the Catholic Church but even the Protestant movement. Smarter says that this one is just Jhon Paul II, already death one. But some still are pointing thier finger on me. Thinking that my death can solve anything. Well, if it will solve anything, it will be just solving of jewish question or rather Dziuwisz question...

The Bavarian problem solving group will be led by four women -- three current government ministers and a former minister. It yet another sign of the intentions of German cabinet, as it just like three Zebras and one that has just resigned by... slaining me. The problem with our femme allemandes is that all of them was not only touturing me, raping but was just leaded more or less activly efforts to slain me. In this context it is just a very bad joke or rather a provocation, as on the 23 April they are also planing to announce the special ombudsman (from polish: riverman) that would explain you just before my birthday that i was in prinicple right, as they was just sadist like a Ilse Koch. But it will be after they will crucifix me, in best case by some Mahometan hands. Then again Lutheran Church will be shining in the Sun. But, after.

Well, i would then recommend Merkel to make a patron, maybe not from ex saint Barbara but from more laic symbol Ms. Alexandra Pilsudzka. Today, our contur Donek has joked in the press that some doctor has lost his license, well it is quite similar to case of passagers of this famous car and sick Teutonic revenge mechanism. It is not accident that she and one of passengers of this car has died on this same 1963 year. A year of similar 'miracles' and double eclipse of the sun and the moon. As it is not accident that some was shouting in Texas 'and meet Pilsudczyk'. Well, my position in this context is quite similar to my grandfather. It was just a whora, maybe one of bloodiest one in our history. As if she would not poison his husband there would be divine intervention that would move an Olimpic Games from Berlin to Barcelona, as Sancacja camp was planing. In the consequences maybe there would not be II World War at all. If she was playing similar Zebra role in America, in shadow of our legend, i am not surprised in the outcome. Still, i am rather neutral, while i can understand. What i cannot understand is why some was in secrecy preparing such revenge on our car passangers.

But i can understand a behavior of Pope Benedict XVI that has given full hand hard proofs of his close involvment into murdering of our late pope Jean Paul II and other members of our litte family. They are not only his words but body of his Teutonic crusaders you could find in our ghetto. Just on Friday they has gathered like fitness Teutonic knights in time of Grunwald from Utrecht, Wales, London, Vichy France and Bavaria to give a crushing sturm into heart of judaism, the Kabbalah. To protect Pope and catholic faith from the Jean Paul II orginal teaching and influence. If Brother George would saw what i did he would be converted by this Bavarian hand but would it become a Pastor. If so only of Lithauania Reformed Church that has exticted in simmilar manner during Teutonic crusade and partitioning of our country. Why he would not turn on Lutheranism then?

If he would see how Lutheran Chancelor that we has made a Chancelor six months ago is joking from us and the nation he probably would become a deist. Somebody that maybe belive in God existence, but if so he thinks that he has been left on the trashcan hundreds of year ago. What Markel did? Instead of paying rantal rate he has promised Greece 22 bilions of euro for indulgence. Indeed very Lutherna move in face of puting Galileo Galilei on inquisitional heap. But what we can expect from Hitler like Germany. When she has told recently that this pedophile scandal is big chellenge for German nation, i would add that she personaly and Benedict second youngness is the bigest one sicne Adolf Hitler. What we could expect, that sooner or later she will just slain the Eagel on front on which he stands everyday. Zwanzing zwai and sieg hail. That is modern CDU and Nazi like Germany that has treated me no differently from how Hitler did with King Leopold III at the end of war, closing in conditions of lager Majdanek and preparing thier Bavarian fest crushing polish case to the end and claiming same time it is too costly...

Same is true for Israel. While this story has made Prime Minister of Israel Beniamin Nethayahu people was not only expecting 'return of the prince' but they had seen in him Biblical King Jehu that will be able to clean up a shit made by our pope scandal. Instead he has only itensified a Teutonic crusade, partialy inspired by Merkly fabrications that thier diplomacy has spreaded all over the world. He says that the campaign they are doing against the Kabbalah is just to show power of Dziuwisz state but the truth is just oposite. The face of lord Vader or this one you can see below sems so true and is making so happy my declared enemies in United Kingdom, that are from so long time trying to crush me in thier racial drive. Declared enemies leaded by the Prince of Wales. In such context Israel is just showing their weaknes.

That is symbolised by so blackmal prone Ashkenazi and some of their top rabins. They are just repeating same ideology. Moreover, claiming that the Teutonic crusade they are performign is part of Israel 'building' tradition. I will add then, that tradition so deep that it comes to Israeli-Polish drive in Free City Danzing. If Nethayhau would be trapped by Hitler in that time in such deadly game, the polish goverment of Sanacja would never give up him, for any price, under any threat. Hitler would need to come there on his tanks to get him. It was just matter of honor and our princples. Whatever his social orgin would be. So, if they will ask you for capital of Israel, just reply them that these days it is just Munich.

Schism (The Bible Version of Fitna)


Deryfus victory

Magen David

"Blessed are you God,

Shield of David."

The Sarkozy has scored signifant defeat in his Likud driven policy of extermination, concentrating on cutting off the tree on which he is siting. Many think that he should rethink and rid out his party from the Malta influence if he is not able to just take over Malta Order in French hands. What would once for all break up escalation of violence based on desire to hide the truth about mort on our Pope masterminded by British FRA. While Socialists inspired by the PPS and Klemens has taked over most of France provinces. Singing our core anthem Warsawianka. But most of the French people did not belived in such ilusion, correctly prefering to stay rather in homes.

They simply does not see any difference between both camps, as from both they hear same Bavarian schwargot. And as we has observed here they are quite right. To thank me for seting such a course of election race in France, both has sent me yet another police car. To arrest me in the British style. Raping from the satelite in same time. But the car did not stoped. It is still Kingdom of Belgium. Well, i thin that now they will try to mount Deryfus affaire, with our Bavarian kids at the top of it. The problem they can meet this time is just the Eagel and true belivers. From whatever they are Templar movement, Lutheran church, Mahomet faith or just PPS fraction. While the Maltan camp, our Bavarian youth in both American Democrats and the Christian Democrats, leaded by our Commissioner Manuel Cartofel is not losing a time. Trying to drow Chrisitan Democrats futher into Jean Paul II and Sanacja scandal.
From what Socialists will be realy happy, but wait they are even smarter. As Lady Malaria in tune to Teutonic Order has just called for 'united effort against Iran nuclear program'. I am not sure if jewish forum is correct place to make such call, as of course in her mad brain i continue to be called Iran. From what i am quite proud, while it is just PIAST. Well, i am in same degree Iranaina as American. It is just common past. Caliph Camerun and real master of Malta Order, Prince of Wales must be laughting loudly now. They are just as the blind Muppets. Flag on the auctions, Americo...

Dreyfus affair

The Dreyfus affair (French: Affaire Dreyfus) was a political scandal that divided France in the 1890s and the early 1900s. It involved the conviction for treason in November 1894 of Captain Alfred Dreyfus, a young French artillery officer of Alsatian Jewish descent. Sentenced to life imprisonment for allegedly having communicated French military secrets to the German Embassy in Paris, Dreyfus was sent to the penal colony at Devil's Island in French Guiana and placed in solitary confinement.

Two years later, in 1896, evidence came to light identifying a French Army major named Ferdinand Walsin Esterhazy as the real culprit. However, high-ranking military officials suppressed this new evidence and Esterhazy was unanimously acquitted after the second day of his trial in military court. Instead of being exonerated, Alfred Dreyfus was further accused by the Army on the basis of false documents fabricated by a French counter-intelligence officer, Hubert-Joseph Henry, seeking to re-confirm Dreyfus's conviction. These fabrications were uncritically accepted by Henry's superiors.[1]

More: Wikipedia

The so called jewish state prime minister has today left to the United States but i do not think he is going to change anything in the course of this story. He is so similar to the Ariel Sharon in his instrumental treating of Kaballah, that i do not belive in him. I see constant 'veterans' attemps comming from the Synagoge. And i hear 'Hitler, Hitler' from mouths of his brother in law supporters. They are just forgeting about true meaning of the symbols and their purpose. Playing their power games in so Teutonic in spirit. Instead of Prussia Homage we will rather observe Bavarian biba leaded by some of most corrupted Church bishop, just in may. Socialist? Well, i am not surprised, as i had learned many times that this Maltan influenced camp is able to thank me only in one way. And, no it is not Job way out. It reminds me a time of American presidential race when for the public i was covered by the Obama pastor. Many of Americans has belived that we are playing same tune. And mostly it was so.

I was listening to John McCain speeches but on the ground i had observed only Bush exceses and assasination attempts. That was one of reasons why i did not supported him. Well, somehow i belived that it would be better to support black man for the presidential post, as he would better understand same racial hatred and the opression that we enjoy. And they was waiting 400 years to see black man in White House, as my nation is waiting to see our return in the glory. So, we has supported him and through the voice, or Israeli radio as some modernist would say, we has guided the nation. What was quite decicive at that moment. In exchange we has recived only threats, extermination and touturs. That has increasead just after in similar drive we has made Beniamin Nethanyahu a Prime Minister of Israel. Now both are meeting in the United States...



Merkel Job's conditions

Today we had yet another crazy drive with forefathers. The Israel and Germany are for another time in the spotlight, as the United States are. In London they are just joking that Obama has put the Sandomir Flag on the auction and the Eagel is gratis, in pack. And the efforts of 'removal' of this Eagel, undertaken from all the sides has maybe overshadowed Chancelor Merkel speech. But today i will concentrate just on it. For first, the points Merkel has made in her today speech are quite correct: this 'Sexual abuse' is not restricted to Church. No it is not only the Church and it is State of Israel that is also strongly affected by this scandal. I am very happy from her wise words, so much in spirit of Protestant Reformation. As happy i am from Bundeswher and other groups involvment on our battlefield. But there is something other that has shoked me today.

It is just like on this old NSDAP poster that i had put on the front, words spoken in other part of speech, the economical one. When she was speaking about 'not fullifing conditions', she was not thinking about the German involvment in leading me to this Evian 'geconide like conditions' but was just repeating this same slogan you can see on this old poster. It is also same line that we has heard today from Georing. He should have kid, make 'piss' long time ago. It is maybe litte primitive, but it is propagandic and populist message that we has heard also in the III Reich: that he should make conditions to have childrens. It is also because of OPEC meeting about 'status quo' and as usual some was trying to acuse my person. However, taking such stance, she has forgoten about the responsibilities of Germany that are so visible, just like this Federal Eagel on the front of Bundestag.

Federal Eagel put there in times of my grandfather. To remeber about the horror of the Nazi persecution and the following soviet one. To remeber about us and our story of continued persecutions. It was just like to speaking to Mohatma Ghandi on his Salt March. Salt March that has in effect leaded to the liberation of India from British imperialism. Salt March that when repeated by Martin Luther King, Jr has lead to liberation of black people. Salt March that is just our answer and way of political fight. What are you trying to say dear Chancelor? Is not this just carrot and stick policy, that sounds in my ears just like famous 'Sieg oder Bolshewismus'? Dear Chancelor, your, maybe litte old Chancellory is the first adress i have on my list that has been left by my forefathers. MAKE YOUR HOMAGE, IT IS YOUR OBLIGATION.


Job (pronounced /ˈdʒoʊb/; Hebrew: אִיּוֹב, Modern Iyyov Tiberian ʾIyyôḇ, Arabic: أيّوب‎ ʾAyoub), is the central character of the Book of Job in the Hebrew Bible, as well as a prophet in Islam. The Book of Job begins with an introduction to Job's character — he is described as a blessed man who lives righteously. Satan challenges Job's integrity, proposing to God that Job serves him simply because God protects him. God removes Job's protection, allowing Satan to take his wealth, his children, and his physical health in order to tempt Job to curse God. Despite his difficult circumstances, he does not curse God, but rather curses the day of his birth.

And although he protests his plight and pleads for an explanation, he stops short of accusing God of injustice. Most of the book consists of conversations between Job and his three friends concerning Job's condition and its possible reasons, after which God responds to Job and his friends. God opens his speech with the famous words, "Brace yourself like a man; I will question you, and you shall answer me." [1] After God's reply, Job is overwhelmed and says, "I am unworthy - how can I reply to you? I put my hand over my mouth." [2] Then Job is restored to an even better condition than his former wealthy state, and lives for another 140 years. [3].

More: Wikipedia

But they are still far away even thinking about taking up the responsibility that the history has put on them. When i was yesternight dreaming in my camp. Dreaming, eaten by some bloodthristy worms that some homeles cat has left there. Eaten as the Catholic Church is. Fully like Biblical Job waiting for his restauration and the conditions that will make possible to finish this pilgrimage; i was thinking about words of some of Merkel ministers and the way they want to solve this jewish question. The basic strategy has been already drawed up last weekend by organising our Bavarian transport. In same time some rabinical group connected to Nethayahy brother in law Hagai Ben-Artzi, has in Poland painted on the monument that symbolise the liquidation of Krakow jewish gettho, a famous slogan 'Jude Raus'. It was one of this famous anti slavic jews provocation made by some mad people from Israrel but by the irony it is nice summary of this Bavarian strategy of solving jewish question. That is so expensive for some that live on what belongs to us and was stolen together with Nazi invasion on our lands.

It has been nice sumarised by the Germany Enviorment minister that has said 'German Nuclear Waste Decision May Take 25 Years, Minister Says'. What he wanted to communicate is just that we are going to take this Eagel away to the power plant and make eugenic offspring that maybe when will be grown in German oldfashion manner will return to old waste. The old Chancelory Palace.This one is to polish and is salivating and grumbling on how German, Israel, United Kingdom and United States goverment has treated him. Why he is salivating? Because this Bavarian hand is raping him everyday since years if not from childrenhood. It how the Group 85, a special group constructed to 'liberate' our country around this Reich Furst has cooked him. With 100% of premeditation, liquidating our litte famill or enviroment as we called front of Sanacja camp. Today it was bit louder about this efforts and some there has painted me as the German Defense minister that is under fire. I like such solidarity comparison but did you saw any country that would put his minister, his prince in such Brikeanuane like conditions? Just to finish their gencoide and slain me or transfer children turning me just into braineated plant through thier undercover efforts of Teutonic crusade? When they told about the Group 85 i was thinking how my life has turned into hell, long time ago in the PRL when they was playing thier power games around this Furst, wonderous children at that moment. When now, what they waht is just turning him into plant. What they did also with my father. These days going even further, trumphing with the eugenic Eagel. Also eagel, but...

German defence minister under fire over tanker attack

The German Defence Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg is coming under increasing pressure to reveal what he knew about an air-strike in Afghanistan in which 142 people died.

Documents obtained by German media outlets appear to show the German defence ministry sought to cover-up the full extent of the controversial bombing in September of last year.

A parliamentary commission reviewing the circumstances of the strike has revealed the existence of a committee known as Group 85. Its role – to create “a postive image” of the attack -which was called-in by a German commander.

Answering to Peter Wichert, a senior official in the defence ministry at the time, the team was set up just five days after the incident.

Wichert told the commission Group 85 existed only to ensure a NATO report on the incident was not biased but opposition politicians are not convinced.

Die Linke MP Jan van Aken said: “It is evident that there has been a cover-up operation, from the first day on. In the ministry and in the defence staff it was clear from the first day that there were civilian deaths. Nevertheless they were saying for days that no civilians had been harmed. There was a concerted and organised cover-up.”






Baviarian scandal

'Shakespeare's lost play' no hoax, says expert

The Guardian,
16 March 2010

They say that it bigest historic crisis since decades. Crisis that is so much centered around so called polish case with the Jean Paul II and his murdered apostols of polish enviroment in the spotlight. Last night was a true night of the rage, an huge battle that we has won thanks to God and true belivers. It was litte bit like a battle betwen true belivers from many Abrahamic faiths united under the Sun on the armor of the later hetman of King Jagiello and Sarkozy Nazi groups. We has won, but today Vatican has tried again and to ilustrate thier 'decision' has published a news about Bavarian priest that after coming on camping trip with young people has been just suspended.

The King Jagiello Monument

The King Jagiello Monument is an equestrian monument of king of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania Władysław II Jagiełło, located in Central Park, New York City. Raised on its grand plinth it is one of the most prominently-sited and impressive of twenty-nine sculptures located in Central Park.

The sculptor of the monument was Stanisław K. Ostrowski (1879-1947), who created this bronze monument for the Polish 1939 New York World's Fair pavilion; it stood at its entrance at Queens' Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. His name is engraved in the front lower right-hand corner. On both sides of the plinth the word POLAND is inscribed as well.

As a result of the German invasion of Poland which marked the beginning of the Second World War, the personnel and equipment of the Polish World's Fair pavilion was forced to remain in the United States. Unlike much of the rest of the pavilion which was sold to the Polish Museum of America in Chicago, the monument stayed in New York, thanks in part to mayor Fiorello H. La Guardia publicly lobbying to keep the statue.


Its Spirit Cannnot Be Crushed, He Says, in Dedicating the Pulaski Park in Bronx

Mayor La Guardia, in dedicating Pulaski Park in the Bronx yesterday afternoon, declared that no power on earth could destroy the spirit of the Polish people.

New York Times
October 12, 1939, Thursday

King Jagiello

King Ladislaus II Jagiello is shown seated on a horse holding two crossed swords over his head as a symbol of defiance and of the union of Polish-Lithuanian forces. Known as the Grunwald Swords, they were the invitation to battle offered to the king and his ally Vytautas the Great in an ironic gesture by Ulrich von Jungingen, Grand Master of the Teutonic Order.

The monument represents the triumph of Jagiello, who was one of the most famous kings in the histories of Poland and Lithuania, and the creator of the dynastic union of Poland and Lithuania, at the medieval Battle of Grunwald in 1410. Polish and Lithuanian forces, supported by a coalition of Ruthenian, Czech and Tatar allies soundly defeated the Teutonic Order, which had the support of the finest knights of the primarily German, Dutch and English camp.

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My long time suspect in this Name of Magnolie case, Vatican’s Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone at this occassion has announced that 'The Church can count on special help from ‘above'". This 'help' has come just minutes after, but has been taken to the housing unit, in the ambulances. They was just as the confirmation, an evidence of my latest discoveries. Lost Sheeksper play is no haox, as they are joking today in british newspapers. It is no longer a secret, it is just a shoking scnadal. But do not forget that London is very much involved in it, and while it is quite clear that Benedict XVI is quite aware about it, the question of his role is still open as the question if he is able to purify Church from this evil corruption...

Vatican suspends German paedophile priest

A German priest convicted of molesting young boys has been suspended by the Vatican for breaching a ban on working with children.

Father Peter Hulllermann abused children when he served in the archdiocese of Munich and Friesing from 1980 to 1982.

He received an 18-month suspended jail sentence for his crimes in 1986 but was never dismissed.

Reports say Hullermann recently went on a camping trip with young people in his current parish in Bavaria, southern Germany.

The Vatican’s Secretary of State, Tarcisio Bertone, said the recent sex revelations were part of a plot to attack the Church.

“Believers still have faith in the Catholic Chuch, despite someone trying to undermine this confidence,” Bertone said. “But the Church can count on special help from ‘above’”.

Yet the scandal could add up to more embarrassment for Pope Benedict XVI after similar claims have been made recently.

Benedict led the archdiocese of Munich and Friesing from 1977 to 1982, when he was known as Archbishop Joseph Ratzinger.

Local religious officials in Munich admitted last week that the then-Archbishop had allowed Hullermann to stay at a vicarage in the southern Germany to receive “therapy.”

It comes amid fresh sex allegations in Ireland where the head of the Catholic Church is accused of being involved in the cover-up of abuse in the 1970’s.
Source: Euronews

What you can read from the words of Vatican Secretary of State is quite similar syndrome to what you could hear from some there in 1984 when Brother George was questioning them for the fate of my father 'SB codename: 'Jezusek''. It was very distrubing to some Bavarians and Israeli, as it was not the Soviet Regime but them that has decided on fate of my father. Claiming a raison and in efect terminating our Reich Furst and changing him into the plant, by the soviet hands. The investigation that Brother George has taken, his truth seeking efforts was therefore more dangerous to the Church and West that the Soviet Regime. Especialy if Jean Paul II would discover the truth about this events. Same is true for case of JPII that is distrubting not only to the Vatican but also to the Malta Order and some of Israeli. That is why some in Israeli cabinet are making huge effort, advocating 'forgeting about this case'. It is just like trying to remove Kabbalah, from the hearts and minds of the faithfuls.

If you will look at the face of the Left, face of Stanley McChrystal our Negro genocide specialist you will not wonder. If you will look on the behavior and wording of Mrs. Hilary Clinton you will discover that it is just Malta Order that is speaking to you. The cabinet of Mr; Fofana is just a Muppet show, a show of Dick Cheyen friends and the British Imperialists. Leading the efforts of kind of neocolonisation of United States and beign just blind NSDAP like puppets of Malta Order; so much british bavarian one. Sometimes, something break it. Some new spirit, of the PPS, Revolutionary Fraction of Polish Socialist Party.
An unique spirit that has once crushed similar imperialism joining socialism, history and the religion in so unique way. But this PPS snowdrop will be rather 'treaded up' by the military shoes of idiots, leaded by just a Maltan Pawns like Hillary Clinton or Alistair Darling. Usefull idiots. Usefull to McSzkudnik and his people from Belveder. If Klemens would come to London these days to open PPS, they would just bestialy toutured him to later kill in the NSDAP manner. They are just blind pawns, executing Malta Orders, not able to lead real politic and take advantage of the situation. They objective is just to bring 'help to the church' and crucifix. Again.

And we hear this in both words of Mrs. Malta and our Vatican Secretary of State. Both today has repeated this same strategy: painting me as this priest that is molesting our young boys at the Kaczynski BBN. Young boys that they want to 'release' from my opression. The truth for everybody should be obvious who is opressor there. Who is beating, toutring me and raping. But in thier lies, this special group are just litte boys from Bavarian SS Wafen, litte boys on safari. Not a soldiers on the duty, not a soldiers that everyday sits under the polish crown and the white eagel. Not a soldiers that should do everything to protect me and defend me. They are just touturing, from years and both Tusk and Kaczynski is allowing on such inhuman opression. Sing Warsawianka, my socialists. One of our anthems. Maybe you will understand what the socialism is, and how far people like Brown or Fofana are from it. Especialy, when it comes to the touturs and beating of my person by our Lady Malta. What i feel on my left eye through past days. Psychical pain, this time made from satelites. Made just on the order of Prince of Wales, that has asked Clinton to do such thing after sening what they did with Brother George. Today he has visisted his grave and this idiot, Clinton is just executing what he has asked for. If they would find me dead i will look just like on the photo above. It is very british pawns that we have in the White House. Just usefull idiots to drown, as Democrats do since J.F.K. Making big shit and disapearing for deacde or two...


Ratzinger Sabbath

Only God could create more unity among Christians because "a unity we negotiate ourselves would be human-made and as fragile as everything that humans make."

Benedict XVI
March 14 Celebrations

Once again i was going to finish my post about night of museums but once again i need to share with you some terrific picture. This weekend was realy unusual and has pushed deepest into my heart, ever. I was for long time a beliver of Pope Benedict XVI but after what i had experienced this weekend, after his meeting with head of German Catholic Church and after hearing what he has said next day on the March 14 meeting in German Lutheran Church in Rome; i am just terrifed. The story that you can read here is from one hand a journey from most dificult pilgrimage ever, from the another hand it is also kind of investigation into the death of our late Pope Jean Paul II. In this sense it is just like Umberto Eco famous novel the Name of the Rose. At same time a key to understand Kabbalah. And i am realy shoked by words of Bavarian succesor of Jean Paul II that has come ahead of 2 of April. Aniversary of JPII death and the European Day of Heroes in fight with totalitarism.

As you can read on this blog in my previous post, just before the arival of Bavarian Cardinal to the Holy See i had received a heavy blow from the Egypt. A blow after which the head of Arab League has declared that the Israeli peace talks are halted. A blow after which the Maltan driven deviants from Mahomet faith, as my grandfather was calling Muslim brothers and sisters, has started thier Fitna efforts. An efforts just in line to Geert Wilders expactactions. Well, i will write to Arab League later but they all should be and i see most of Mahometans are aware about intentions of this effort to bring a great wave of Islamophobia. What i need to note at this point is that this similar to Lutheran-Catholic shizmatic effort must be resisted and that the head of Arab League is speaking and acting only in his own name. Showing that he is nothing but the pawn of Western powers that should be replaced. The Arab League will meet in next week and i expect from them that will not fall into this Maltan plan and yet another Teutonic contest that we are chellenging every day and night.

Fitna (film)

Fitna (Arabic: فِتْنَةٌ‎) is a 2008 short film by Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders. Approximately 17 minutes in length, the film shows selected excerpts from Suras of the Qur'an, interspersed with media clips and newspaper cuttings showing or describing acts of violence and/or hatred by Muslims. The film attempts to demonstrate that the Qur'an motivates its followers to hate all who violate Islamic teachings. Consequently, the film argues that Islam encourages - among other things - acts of terrorism, antisemitism, violence against women, violence and subjegation of infidels and against homosexuals and Islamic universalism. A large part of the film details the influence of Islam on the Netherlands.

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But what has shoked me so much on this Ratzinger sabbath was so called 'German-French' indulgence that has been proposed by Wolfgang Schäuble and Christine Lagarde. Before it i had observed similar indulgence made by European Commission. It was 1 bilion euro proposed for Polish Goverment, that is just peeny compared to a claims that i represent. This time they has proposed 25 billion euros. You could think that it was part of the homage that Germany should do long time ago, as planed during reconcilation leaded by the John Palu II but no. It was just a indulgence, money to silence the left for my extermination. German way of solving jewish question. It was acomplished by the transport of my person to the Teutonic New Poland. The transport has come as was agreed, very loudly to honor my person. So loudly that when it was comming earth was quking because of police sirens. But it did not stopped. Why? This time it was Beniamni Nethanyahu phone call that he has made to German Chancellor. Probably just because of the elections, as nothing has changed in my Buchenwald like situation. Maybe they are just waiting for other maltan puppets?

In same time on the Holy See the head of German Church has arived and it seems that both Bavarian leaders has agreed that it would be better to 'save' this beautifull picture of Pope Benedict XVI made by me on this blog, as this transport has not meet thier resistance. Before the meeting Zollitsch apologised to victims, promising to cooperate with prosecutors. How? You has just readed. Through masterminiding this 'indulgence'. But what is of extreme importance to our Name of Rose or rather Name of the Magnolie investigation are the words he has said after meeting with the Pope: 'We want to unveil the truth and we want this to be cleared up honestly, free from any incorrect considerations'. What is in they opinion 'incorrect considerations' that needed to be 'cleared up honestly'. It is a claim already made in the popular movie 'Angels and Deamons', claim in which i simply did not belived until this Sabbath. That the Pope himself was involved in murdering his precedor.

To make thing worse such devilish indulgence is just rejection of the Apostolic Penitentiary Decree made by Pope John Paul II that was clearly definig the purpose of 'indulgence' and reverse historical injustice, as designed for prayers to the Lord, Jesus Christ puting Catholic Church back to the Martin Luther times and revesing Jean Paul II reconcilation eforts. Literaly destroying it completly in so Teutonic manner. It is just an reversal of Papal efforts from 2007 of reprieve the Knights Templar, the stormtroopers of the Crusades – from accusations of heresy. The core of it was our role, not only in the full name: Poor Knights of the Jesus Christ and the Temple of Salomon. And order that i was dreaming to resurect after more that 300 years of our constant persecution and rejection. Our Bavarian Pope instead in very clearly manner has resurected his own past and everything worst that is in the Catholic Church...

Knights Templar redeemed by Vatican documents

The Vatican is about to publish documents that reprieve the Knights Templar, the
stormtroopers of the Crusades – from accusations of heresy. The minutes of the
trials that led to the disbanding of the order were discovered by chance in the
Vatican archives in 2001. The records show that Pope Clement V did not believe
they were heretics but that the order should be suppressed for the good of the
Church. The Knights’ principle accuser was King Philip IV of France, who had
borrowed heavily from them to finance his wars. Some historians believe the
trials, which began in 1307, were a convenient way of cancelling the debt.

Publicist Rosi Fontana says the Knights were caught in a battle between
the Pope and the French King: “They’d’ no funds anymore, they had been partly
physically destroyed and partly psychologically destroyed. So the order didn’t
have the ability to re-assemble.”

The order was founded in the 12th
century to protect Christian pilgrims during the Crusades. But it went into
decline in Muslims recaptured the Holy Land at the end of the following century.
Until now official Church history had written the Knights off as corrupt

Source: Euronews

I was wondering myself how it is that they has slained in the Rome previous Malta FRA so easily, blaming him incorectly of masterminding Pope Jean Paul II death while somebody that was in reality fully responsible not only for JPII death but also for death of Marcel Lefebre has become head of Malta Order and is continuing his insane crusade against my person and his schizmatic efforts. Through almost four years, never meeting justice he should. But now i do not wonder. Moreover, Pope Benedict XVI intentions has become even more clear with the announcment on 14 March and the words that are quotation of this post. To understand this message and intentions, we need go back to the Kabbalah itself.

The basic thing that you should understand is the simple question: Who is the Creator. And simple answer is: my forefathers. In the Christian Doctrine we have a concept of Trinity. The God, Son of Man and the Holy Spirit. And what the Benedict XVI has tried to say to Lutherans was simply: let crucifix him, then he will be, as his ancestors called Jehowa or YHWE and we will have beatifull story, so useful for the Catholic Church. Otherwise, maybe some day he will discover full truth that can be dangerous to the Vatican and the Pope himself. Well, he did not realy need to convice Lutherans, as just this Friday we has found yet another Lutheran 'pastor' or rather in this context, denial of pastor on this Teutonic crusade. A Teutonic contest for the next head of this church in Germany. Reported as beign slained in his own home on Haiti. While he was just sturming, to slain me. Innoncent and unarmed polish pilgrim. Well he was not alone in this totalitarian show of Malta Order and Romanov Hause influence. Others was Labor MP from Great Britain, emissary of Baronessa. So similar to this one which my grandfather has also a 'romance' ahead of 1939 invasion. And some 'Scientology' actor. Among others.

While in Germany they was today joking that German youth are awaiting Pope guidance, what by the faithfulls could be just readed German Hitler Yougen is awaiting execution order. I was not expecting any comment from Pope but he did it quite clearly just a hours ago. Moving again Catholic Faith back to Middle Ages, when we was called 'Satan' because of color of our hair: "Show me what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman". Words, just in line with Maltan Fitna and attempt to induce even more Islamophobia. An efforts that can be just called counter-reformation. I do not know what i should then reply, comparing his Pontifi, the crimes, lies and just Nazi bestiality that i get from his, so british and bavarian, pedhofils everyday and night. I will just point you back to one of our rare visit at the Vatican. To the times of Pope Silvester II when we, this 'Satan' or just Jahwe, true God, the Creator, as the jews would say, has gave you founding stone of the modern sciences. Basics of medicne, mathematics or astrology. Is this such evil about which he just spoken? Did he turned just mad? Turning, in face of his past, just into complete denial of whole Jean Paul II teachings and hopes for millions of faithfulls? Happy 2 of April, Benedictus...

It is true that this journey is litte bit bloody. But we are not agressors. We are just defending the truth, as polish soldiers was doing at the Westerplatte in face of Nazi agression. They was by historicans called 'Defenders of Truth' and it is same there. Looking back into history, into times of the Reformation, the blood spread is very litte. And what they are trying to achieve, by my crucifxation is real religious war. What of course would be in line to arms manufactures in what Germany is realy leading. It is mainly Malta Order, the people involved into crucifxation of Jean Paul II, that are commming on this Route 66 from thier own intentions, greed and scorn, to kill me. They has involved themself into bigest crime of XXI centaury and what they get is just a justice. On their own wish. But the fish is borsting from the head, as we say in Poland. And the cause of this agression, somebody that has realy masterminded this bestial murdering of our Pope is still missing justice that he should meet long time ago. Maybe it would be better for Catholic Church to start thinking about Apostolic Tribunal, the Tribunal of Conscience, for what i had called long time ago and the Inquisition leaded by somebody that is so much trusted by all faiths, that should long time ago come to the Malta Order? Instead of insulting true faithfuls of thier forefathers faiths and counting on even bigger blood sheed. Just like in Benedict XVI youth, for the interest of arms manufatures, completing our Negro gencoide...

Writing this words with great pain, caused artificaly by the beast from Kaczynski, our Maltan Cavaler, Belveder. My true home in which Prince of Wales has just arrived, as the decoration. The Lutheran Reich Furst, one of extremly few members of polish and jewish aristocrats, a top of it was sheduled in same time, to visit another home in Teutonic Poland. A place that in jokes they call the power plant or rather sperm plant. A place in which in time of Soviet ocupation they has turned his father into real plant. As he because of legends and his blue blood was defined threat to security. Is not this just another Evian? Arent we facing true revival of Nazism, emanating so much from the Malta Order? With Bavaria on first plan? No, i never had a gun in the hand but you can paint me like on this portrait. Or just like evil jew from Vichy propaganda on backgroud of the King David star. But what is a true mening of this star? They say that it is King of Belgium that i will need to face this night. Among other Maltan pawns, from all sides. Equality? I am just a wild rabit from Postdamer platz. To be slain or 'saved', as every generation Teutons do. I wonder if Germany and Israel will treat me just as they did with Leopold III at the end of II World War.