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Cavaler from Crypth

Today i had meet somebody from our NHS. It was a meeting just like from the Gomulka times that maybe my grandfather has also enjoyed. I meet some that reminded me so much agent of PRL era SB from the IV Department of fight with the Catholic Church. He is just like a drunker from the famous in PRL hut with beer. He has told me that i am saying stupid things. I replied that i do not say anything different from Adam called Mickiewicz and i dedicated him a poem called 'Mosquito' (hope to translate later).

I had left him without futher comments but when i passed few yards more. Some group of muslim people has stopped me. They has moved me forward into future, bringin memory of the Star Wars. It was just like stopping son of Luke Skywalker by the groop of imperial Stoorm Troopers: "Auswaise bitte'. One of them has asked me quite agresivly for zigareten. I had showed him cigarette-end and said but look what i am smoking. He was quite surpraised and allowed to pass me. I come inside and looked on Shoah news. New threats has come from the London and Paris. Fofana has informed us that U.S. court dismisses suit over Guantanamo suicides. In same time press services in New Poland has announced that Parliament, that is breaking historical records of unpopularity, has supported cripled project of extermination of the only son. They are disaproved by the 81 % of the polish nation.

Today is the day of the Order of Saint Mary of Yasna Gora but what we see is just Teutonic celebrations. Lord Vader must be proud of himself, as even in far lands they are licking thier asses, repeatind same ideology of forgivnes and emanating scorn. While his foreign minister is underlining the issue of racial segregation, with putting the accent on the 'born aboard' jews, legendary jewish king Wernyhora is going to be slain again. He is beging, as the Lenin did in Zurich. However, they instead of paying what they should are going to help him and slain him, in the name of the Teutonic deviation of mercy or rather just euthanasy. In same time in distant Israel, some another brave journalis is asking provocative question: 'Can Israel survive this coalition?'. He also, looking at the David Star is thinking about this not so 'Old Bloke with a lira' or rather his grandson that was born under soviet occupation. As But this grandson, if he would have anything to say, as his family was banned from departing country, he would not like to be born in the state of Israel. After observing such aparthaid and actions of their insane leadership...

At same time in Belgian newspaper, some other has published new cartoons entitled: "Templier: Chavialer de la Crypte". Well, of Wawel, they should add. The first strips are ilustration of my past years spent in this Israeli Concentration Camp, toutured and raped from the satelite. It is not accident that the King that looks at this jewish slave at the toutur rooms have a face of Nicolas Sarkozy. It is just as the look at the Yad Vashem's Children's Memorial. It is outlook of effects of Netanyahu 'Proof policy', effects of 'liquid diet' and the objectiv of his 10 monts rule, when opression and attacks from Israeli Defense Forces and thier diplomatic apparatus has increased to unimaginable levels. It is how Beniamin Nethanyahu is treating jewish Kaballah and the David Star, that is so much in the center of it. Klin in his fat asses, grandfather. The Templar Order, Order of Poor Kinghts of Jesus Christ does not longer exist and instead of it it is again Teutonic Sturm Abteilung (SA) that in France and in other places is celebrating. Celebrating the agreement between Vader and Mendejew on the 'Falsification of history and combating lithuanian fasism', combating Thora and polish history. The PoMass is preparing to the Festival: Danzing is Nazi, tonight. Preparing to another sturm and signing Horst Wesel Lied anthem, as our helmuts from Kremlin has ordered them...

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