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Sabbath Lwowski

You flew out as an eaglet from the nest
To experience the power of young wings [...]
You did not ceaselessly travel round the world
To live in orgies and bathe in ecstasies [...]
Yet you went on a long and arduous journey,
to bring back, for Poland, your wreath of honor [...]
Now the brightness of your star will not die,
Because your homeland is made famous through your fame.

They are contantly going on the wrong grave to make their tribut to the glory of my forefather. It was a man that has liberated them from the concentration camps and won II World War. Today in the Munich they did it again and instead of Stanislaw Krolik they has come to Stefan Bandera announcing at the same time creation of the new European Security Forces. Forces that are going to replace EUFOR. Our litte furer from the NSA, Minister of Foreign Affrais of IV Reich has called for their implementation, as something that expands Tusk Sarkozy vision of Wermacht. Calling Vichy France and General Gouverment, together with Greece, a pioneering countries.

Also here in our libre ville the seed of this new, elite 'SS Europe' has been established. They has come to my place and called me 'grandfather' while themself 'brood'. The problem is that i liked our 'EUFOR' arm that here was represented by our 'Gustlik' and i mistrus them very much. When i hear Germany today i am very affraid about myself, as their target is obviously my crucifcxation even if on the begining they will be maybe acting in my defense. Of course it is why we helped to make Chancelor Merkel a ruler of Germany for the second term. We has already observed 'good intentions' of Foreign Minister; NSA agent in presence of German ambassador from the Northern Irealand and we are sure it will be replied when the correct timing will come. They, in their Teutoni tradition will try to do make me Saint, as they was trying to do with our local hero that has keept his loyalty to the God case. To the very sad end.

But today i was shoked again by the brutality of some Israeli. When i was beging for money one of them was walking the street. When he has come to us he has put his finger in shape of a zero. Calling us, that we are nothing, a zero. Beign happy over our state and even insulting us. I had replied 'Shalom' to greet him. When he has heard this, he has turned into my direction with the agression. When i had replied: 'Do you know with who you are talking?', he was maybe litte surprised and did not answered. I just shouted him directly into his face: 'With grandosn of your liberator. Liberator from Auschwitz, Treblinka, Majdanek.' With every this name his furry was growing, he was looking for somebody. Just like on yesterday photo from Liviv, he was looking for somebody to help him, for some Wermacht soldier. But thanks God, he did not found anybody. When i had spoken the last name, his anger has exploded and he has tried to kick us into our face. What a bestiality of this Israeli termagant In what this uber jews, Israeli are different from the Nazi???

It was just like on this photo from Liviv. He has just left local Synagoge where they obviously are praying not to Jahwe but to Baal. But he was not alone. Just after him assasin was coming beign sent from Yad Vashem by hands and mouths of local Rabin. Thanks God this assasin also did not reached me but i was told that another will come at the night. I know that to some from Malta and Israel, the truth is very painful but if they will not be stopped they will make another acts of terror like today or yesterday. I saw some Israeli that was also at Synagoge, he has said to me 'Mach into Rabin' showing the 'fuck you' to the sky. Joining him, I would say even 'Yehu into Rabbin'. Sometimes in such moments i think that it would be better to us if my grandfather would not win II World War...

I was shocked again by the bestiality of this people that are praying under the Daivd Star. When i was thinking about the recent 'threats of even harder sanctions for Iran' from the Munich, some jewish girl has come. She has told me that he is from another member of this 'pro Israel block' that is so much into spirit of Nazi Germany. She asked me what i expect from the life. Well, before i told her that i am orthodox jew and she told me that she is also from orthodox family so i just told her straight that i am expecting that i will be no longer rejected, as has been promised by the God himself, before the ages in the Thora. Some says that what i am expecting is death but it is just homage to the memory of my ancestors. Homage similar to the Prussian one we had before the ages when our Prince of the Holy Roman Empire title has been gave to us. And it is also something promised, in the Thora. I am expecting similar investment that the Germany and other nations owns us, so much. However what i get, you can see on the yesterday photo.

Prussian Homage

The Prussian Homage or Tribute (German: Preußische Huldigung; Polish: hołd pruski) was the formal investment of Albert of Prussia as duke of the Polish fief of Ducal Prussia.

In the aftermath of the armistice ending the Polish-Teutonic War Albert, Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights and a member of the House of Hohenzollern, visited Martin Luther at Wittenberg and soon thereafter became sympathetic to Protestantism. On April 10, 1525, two days after signing of the Treaty of Kraków, in the market of the Polish capital Kraków, Albert resigned his position as Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights to become a Lutheran and receive the title "Duke of Prussia" from his uncle King Zygmunt I the Old of Poland. In a deal partially brokered by Luther, the Duchy of Prussia became the first Protestant state, anticipating the Peace of Augsburg of 1555. Nevertheless investiture of Protestant fief of Duchy of Prussia was better for Poland for geostrategic reasons than Catholic fief of State of Teutonic Order in Prussia, formally subjected to the Holy Roman Emperor and Papacy.

Source: Wikipedia

The events of the next days has showed us that we was right, as the target of thier activities was just Nazi triumph, that will change the Eagel on which they are presenting themself in Bundestag (as in American Congress and other such places), forever. We has survived Monday and there is right now a diplomatic storm, as the Islamic Republic of Iran has asked for 'sperm plan'. Something that Malta circles has did with my father in PRL. Indeed, our dear Dark Vader and Chancelor Merkel has propsed Islamic Republic of Iran to create similiar 'power plant'. But they rather want to go thier own way, while signalising thier opens for geting 'on board of this sperma swap plan'. But thier recent provocative zwannzig announcment for once again was an enough for our pioneering countries to try to obtain our sperm. Markel wants to have a baby with us, by invitro. Thanks to local resistance this attempts has been rejected, so far. But where this block is heading us? Danzing is Deutch. Ja whol, of course. But we sing in Poland: "The German will not spit into our face. Not Germanize our children". They spited into it just two day after they kicked us into it...

We sign also 'We lift our heads proudly. Grandson will regain his forefathers land. So help us God! So help us God! '. Who was this grandson? Jozef, grandson of Adam Mxxx, as now Artur grandson of Stanislaw. After seven decads of constant opression, opression each generation. After so big damages done to us by Nazi Germany and Soviet Union we have a right to excpect kind of Prussia homage. That was intentions of us and the nations of both Merkel and Netanyahu, to make it reality. Instead they has turned into darkness of Nazi terror changing our life into life in truly Israeli Concentration Camp. It will be better to them and to forces they want to create if they would turn this swastik into the right direction. We are so badly mistreated by them that what they are doing can by only treated in category of very bad joke. But there is still a potential that can be use for good; while from them we gets only knifes...

* * *

The night was again loudly. Polish crown on exile was protesting Israeli plan to obtain our sperm. The Isreali girls, indoctrinated by the false ideology and the hatred was sturming whole night until late morning. Yes, of course we will fertilize them all, as my grandfather did with Adolf, that also was dreaming about Euginc offspring of Jahwe, fertilize by lead. We see face of Israel very sharply. They should first learn the history before engaging themself in sturm on always our Danzing. We understand that for this Nazi regime discovering our face is quite traumatic shock. Shout loudly Israeli: To RA is your enemy. Polish crown in exile is sending you our congratulations with many kisses to Israeli girls...

Polish banditen congratulations

Dear Knesset Member

You can be maybe surprised that such a Jew, as the one from the David Line is addressing you. Well, my letter thanks to activities of your Prime Minister and his Transport and Foreign Ministry is maybe in a spirit of letter written to the Reichstag by “polish banditen” from Holy Cross Brigade and maybe will land in the trashcan. But as the grandson of somebody that under the White Eagel together with the Soviet Army was bringing liberation to the concentration camps like Aushwitz Birkenauen, Majdanek or Treblinka, I must to congratulate your cabinet and Yad Vashem institute of this year celebrations of this liberation.

I understand that we are still under the communist regime embargo on my family and this story. Embargo that maybe for a moment have been broken by Mr. McCain in the phone call to Mr. Obama, during the presidential campaign. Phone call that was heard be the millions of Americans and the people all over the world. I understand that you did not feel obligated to invite offspring of some that liberated you and instead for once again your security services was trying to kill him.

I want to just congratulate you once again for a sanctions that was offered to me. I see that your Prime Minister is really determined to make his triumph and pay his honors to our family in surprising manner. We see his effort to make a triumph, as once somebody from the III Reich wanted to score and I wish him similar failure. Polish crown in exile want to congratulate you for your inaction in face of such bestiality that is emanating from the flag of the David Star and want to ask you a simple question. Which year we have?


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Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu urged the EU countries on Tuesday to disabuse the Palestinians of the notion that the international community will “deliver Israel,” saying this vain Palestinian hope has led to 10 “wasted” months.

nice change but is it true?