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Rabinical Hamas: PoMas

"After 1400 years the Islamic Revolution in Iran… by offering a new method of social governance shone in front of secularism and liberalism that are the cause of all social problems and showed man the path to salvation.”

The night of 18 February was just as ordered before in the Mendejew New Russia. Some time ago they was joking that Abbass is licking ass of Ehud Olmert but what Hamas is doing these days is something that is shoking brothers of Mohamet faith all over the world. On that night they showed old Baath party face of this armed group. So similar to the NSDAP, mybe because they was founded in similar mood and for similar purpose. Well, Hamas is doing great efforts to commit mass suicide together with whole Palestine for what Ashkenazi and McChrystal is just waiting. I am not sure if people of Palestine want to make it too, but what choice they have. Anyway Hamas has prepared thier Festival of Resistance, so similar to the Danzing is Nazi one, festival in memory of thier bestial furer that was killed during his 'mission' to eradicate Mahomet tribe, Piast tribe, once and for all. Preapring the festival in the tune of old Horst Wesel Lied anthem. Just as ordered...

No, dear brother, no dear sister, he was not killed in Dubai hotel as they repeat in Lieberman lies. He was killed on the route 66, when he was comming to kill this unarmed polish pilgrim. When he waneted to showi is bestiality to the world, as the proud Hamas commander that is allowed to slain anybody. In this context making him a star, a Hamas saint is just a crazines, as the craiznes are calls for the revenge. Same calls that we hear after another such killings in the defense, from whatever United Kingdom, States or Israel. It was done in the defense of this poor polish pilgrim that has never did any harm to anybody. Why they are then trying to kill him? They will give millions of reasons, none of them true. It is just a bestiality, so similar to this one we had in pre war Danzing, when Adolf Hitler was performign similar dance, similar Teutonic crusade...

But when Israelis was looking at this horrific even i was looking a bit deeper and behind of the shalls of this Hamas fighters that was trampling the David Star. i had noticed something more The was trampling my star under i and my forefathers has been born (really this dates 24 December in case of Adam, 24 Febraury or March in case of Stanislaw and 24 April in my case are not accident, as the numbers matters in Kabbalah). Behind this shalls i had noticed faces, faces of Israeli cabinet. It is 10 months of Beniamin Netanyahu rules, ten months of unimaginable opression that has even increased after my story has made him Prime Minister and this clip was something like crowding. Darth Vader will be again nice guy and this Nazi from HAmas, they are so terrible. Lets bomb them. But the truth is different. It is Israeli efforts, it is Israeli opression and fight with Kaballah. Vader is cooking excelent. Such objectiv they has taked and none of video clips will change it. Look grandfather on Israeli bestiality. They call it Liquid diet, while in PRL was callign it 'polish diet'. This situation in which i am is just an effect of Likud rules and objectives...

Hamas threatens revenge for assassination

Hamas is threatening to avenge the assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh – a veteran militant allegedly murdered by an Israeli intelligence hit-squad in Dubai.

Hamas says Mossad agents lured al-Mabhouh to a hotel room, immobilized him with an electric shock and suffocated him.

During an anti-Israeli rally in Jebaliya, north of Gaza city, Hamas leader Khaled Mashal addressed the crowd by video link from Damascus.

“I say this is enough. The time of promising and talking about revenge is over. Today is the time for action,” he said.

More: Euronews

I do not know if they was trying to take 'revenge' but on the another day when i was beging for the money i has saw this Rabinical Hamas that was trying to achieve it. Why i say that it was Rabinical Hamas, PoMas? Well, when i had saw some Israeli from local synagoge i had greeted him as usual. Shalom. And as usual Israeli did not replied but instead has showed me hand gesture, showing a gun aimed at me. Some time later the police car has stoped at my place and one of them has showed me similar gesture. I was also treated at same time from the BBN, 'I will shock you' was thier message. They has tried some time later but thanks to God, assasin has not reached me and was taken by the local ambulance. That is why i had wroten 'Rabinical Hamas' because this group from longer time is operating just from the Synagoge. I will call it Likud PoMas...

Because of this events, today i had decided to write one more message to the Knesset. So called jewish parliament.

Israel fighting Kabbalah

Great Knesset Member

It is my second letter to you, a one that i am writing before arival of your Foreign Minister in our ville libre Brussels. After 10 months of rules of your Prime Miminister that has been made a ruler of so called jewish state by my story and his promise of 'return of the prince' i had experienced even more intesified opression and attacks that was lead by your Israeli Defense Forces or a plots driven by your diplomatic efforts.

I do not know then how you can call themself jewish state if your cabinet is doing nothing to change this situation and the conditions that can be compared to the Nazi concentration camps. How can call youreslf jewish state if you are constantly trying to destroy the Kabbalah?

Just few days ago the world has been shoked by the vido clip in which Hamas fighters are treading the David Star. My star under which i had been born and that is accomplishing us since we has left the shelter at the Beth Khoron at the Jurq, 5570 years ago. People has saw there a Hamas but i was looking deeper and after your Prime Minister visit at Kremlin i did not saw there a Hamas but just your cabinet that is constantly treading this star and the only son. I know that this words are shatering great efforts undertaken by your cabinet but it is you who are treading this star. What a wonderfull video clip. Congratulations...

After, your diplomatic services has just few minutes ago sent me a police car to arrest me i do not expect that your Foreign Minister will appologize me. Rather i expect that he will make a visit at the local Rabin to prepare yet another plot. I must once again congratulate your Prime Minister for his constant fight with jewish Kaballah.

Thank you for a reply on my previous mail. I understand that as beign born aboard and beign even worst that Beta or Gamma Israel, beign just an animal, a wild rabit of the Bethlehem Star i do not deserve for a time of dear Knesset Member to write a reply.

Klin into your asses

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