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Ole, Ole, Ole

I think that Georing has realy belived in his cocaine ilusion but yesterday Mahometans has realy kicked his ass, exposing his true nature and identity. At the end of day when i was comming to my place some important player was waiting on me on the way to salute to Georing. Just in last moment he was stoped by the police and he has missed with the truth. Now, world has been told that it was Rigi from Jundhullah that has arived to Teheran in course of this inteligence play, just as he dreamed of but in different role. Some there did not understood what Mahmud Ahmendiad that has told them when they has announced that Iran picks sites for 10 uranium. enrichment plants. In polish 10 means something like that 'he still is breathing' and the sites, well they has been mentioned in my Matter of honor post. Yes, in neighboring Kingdom of Netherlands. Some prison. Excelent action, my congratulations to true belivers.

But just today Ola our incercanation of Ilse Koch has returned. Why it so? Well, it is because of victory of Mr. Filon that during the recent visit in Damascus has secured release of our 'four armored', on what on beging Mali authorities did not agreed. In difference to Likud stoorm trooper Sarkozy, he that prefferes to stay closer to the Catholic Church that to Israeli regime, has started from releasing this four, instead of leading insane sturms to kill the dog what in same time Sarokzy was doing. Thanks God and Filon the exchange has been finalized without killing the dog, that is not called Burek but rather Sharik. Thanks to wisdom of Mr. Filon and his ambitious 'Oba live' target, Mr. Pierre Cammate is now free and i am alive, happy as well. My congraltualtions, Mr. Filon.

French hostage freed in Mali after al-Qaeda release

A French hostage who was being held by al-Qaeda's North African wing in Mali has been freed days after four militants were released from jail.

The group had threatened to kill Pierre Camatte, abducted from a hotel near the border with Niger on 25 November, if its four members were not set free.

Mali's authorities said the four had served their sentences and were due to be freed.

But their release sparked outrage in Algeria, which the group has targeted.

Mr Camatte is now in the hands of the Malian authorities, a presidential spokesman told state radio.

More: BBC

When i was today going to Renault. No, not to buy a car but just a coup of cheap coffe i has heard in radion some music track. "Lets get a jozef play" some pop star was signing. I was thinking about Oli and the yesterday call of Vader for 'Israel urges Iran oil embargo even without U.N. okay'. A call that has started their fameous festival in our city. It was just like Vader signing: 'Ole, ole, ole' and preparing yet another string of attacks against Kaballah. Well, after going to Midi, on our Enigma i had read another 'oli' styled message from Argentina with attacks against Britain and another Likud wisdom: 'the only thing you can’t do with a cannibal is to eat him'. Pierre has been freed, so Sarkozy needs yet another reason to his sturms. And this time, the reason is Ola...

Ola. Well, she was thinking that she lives in Israel. She was using unbelivable touturs against me and it has been described on this blog. Through months. They say that it was Jean Sarkozy that had romance with her and i was just proof of his love. Yet another reason for sturms. For me she was no different from the Ilse Koch that was using same technics to collect 'tatoos' from jews. She has been taked one day by the David Cameron to meet my forefathers. Then she has waked up in Free Poland where such practicies would be punished. I was warning her to the end and has showed her 4 times a mercy and even Pope was forgiving her stoorm from the BBN in his bathroom. But when she has continued i could not help her in any way. Do not ask victim if what Cameron and my forefathers has did was right. Rather ask Marshal Rydz Smigly, as we was observing same in pre war II Commonwealth of Poland. Same should meet anybody steeping same path. It should be obviousl, especialy in so called jewish state. But it is Vader that today is signing 'Ole, Ole, Ole'. And his stoorm troopers are just repeating like bloodthristy puppets.

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