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Mod Litwa

When they are asking me from which country i am coming, i am replying that i have been born in Jewish Zarki in Poland but i am from Lithuania. Why? Because there is no longer a Poland. Weel, it is but it is 3 x Likud, criple Likud, New Poland, as Contur Tusk has named it. You can vote on Kaczynski Likud or on Sikorski Likud or maybe on the Miler Likud. There is no difference and all are acting against me and throught this against national interest. Just like they was doing in the Polish Kingdom, a pseudo state made by the partitioning powers under thier control. So, I am in the mod lithuania, with the hearth in Vilno, already dead in the form of the ghost. In polish it sounds just 'mod litwa', a prayer. Kol Nidre prayer. Blamed for everything, as once was our 'lithuanian fasist' Adam called 'Mickiewicz'. Surrounded, as Klemes was, as my grandfather was and i am by similar cult, cult of the God Body.

Today, our NHS has replied to me, somebody has readed me a President Kaczynski letter to President of Beleurus. I would like to have it on the writing but what they has replied to my Bundestag letter, my de bill, as i call it is not surprising me. The point of thier reply is that my claims are 'obsoleted'. No, Mr. Viceroy of Malta, they will never be, as they are part of something called 'Holocaust', something that has been declared 'crime against the humanity'. Therefore they will last forever. Dening it is just like dening the Holocaust itself.

Stating such things is just like stating that our anthem is obsolete, that our emblem is obsolete. If Poles did not yet understand that you are just puppet of forces that has stolen almost everything from us, they should see it very clearly now. Instead of backing my claims you are constantly acting against me. You are patriot but the british one. And well, you should be aware that in Belgium they has paid what they should for their involvment in Holocaust. It has taked 65 years, but they compensated it finaly. Mainly thanks to this case, but well, for Israeli leader we, at the East, are just Gamma Israel. Something that complicate their relations with Germany, United States and United Kingdom, so much...

But lets go back to the "sanctions". When Darth Vader has come to Moscow he has stated that Israel will not go 'sweet' with Iran sanctions and indeed they was not 'sweet, what was expected from our Zebra from Samaritanes Palace in Paris. In same time in Poland Zdradziu Sikorski has visited Kaczynski Belveder to play something like Prussian anti homage. Well, he is expected to be winner of next year presidential palace and the people does not have any choice, so he has once again joked from the nation. My 'sanctions' or rather tit has left her European Comission affilated office and has come to greet me on the street, but to jsut leave me for another meeting. I was waiting for the outcome of it. Somethign was in the air as here in Belgium to garnish this theatral play, Malta has arranged some railway incident (what is very rare here). Two trains has crashed, when one was going on the red light. And it was suposed to be this same here, with me beign shoted out with the bullet in skull. But instead they has been taked by the secret police car. Thanks God! Look, yet another Zebra, yet another Vichy Stork...

Watch Czterej.Pancerni.I.Pies.-.S03E01 in Divertissement

Well, the objective of Darth Vader in solving this old 'jewish question' or rather Slavic jews question are quite clear. Yesterday after his visit wih Medvedev he was more that happy after hearing "harsh statements on the Iranian issue, the likes of which we've never heard from him", as one of his aidies observed. Kremlin has published even some bullshit about 'falsyfing history' and our 'facism' but everyone that remebers famous in PRL 'Hans Klos' or 'Four armored and dog' series will be just laughting in thier face.

The idea behind the attempt to silence this Ultra New Testamento, behind zeoring polish history once again is quite simple. Yes, we both are doing Nazism - so silence criticism said Netanyahu to Medvedev. Today, however, they has removed this article. But few houers later Vader has for once again sent me ambulance while on the Kremlin news agency you could read a bad joke full of Teutonic pride that Putin will open a museum of Holocaust and in echange Netanyahu will make monumentum of the Soviet Army. When this ambulance has been rejected by local authorities, they has removed this news too. But some brave journalist in Israel has noticed this too:
Netanyahu in Moscow: Israel not planning war
Earlier on Tuesday, Putin told netanyahu that Russia would build a Holocaust remembrance museum. In return, Netanyahu said Israel would erect a monument to the Soviet army, to be completed in time for Putin's scheduled trip to Israel next year to mark the 66th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe.
More: Haaretz

It is true face of Israeli Nazi regime. It is a truth about thier intentions and insanity of Likud leaders. Truth about Israeli Concentration Camp and thier answer to jewish question that is so burning in the East Europe. Do not look my dear jewish brother on this record of Netanyahu 10 months rules if you live in Israel, they can come for you throwing you on the margin of society. Do not read it my american brother because you will discover that you have puppet Likud clowns in power. Shalom. I am protesting but in the orginal mood, protesting against Teutons or Nazi, whatever you will name it. Maybe just Israeli...

First they came...

First they came for the communists,
and I did not speak out—because
I was not a communist;

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I did not speak out—because
I was not a trade unionist;

Then they came for the Jews,
and I did not speak out—because
I was not a Jew;

Then they came for me—
and there was no one left
to speak out for me.

Source: Wikipedia

When i was leaving our internet caffe, Tusk has wroten that he want to have Kaczynski accusations on the writing, immediatly. Because of the security of the state. On the street i had meet yet another police care (in total 2 ambulances, and 4 maybe 5 police cars sent from different Likud countires, to aresst me). Dear Contur, please buy yourself a printer and print this blog if you want to have the accusations against you and your Foreign Minister on the writing. If Klemens and Wladyslaw Sikorski would see what you are doing, they would just kick you in the ass from your Prime Minister seat. Same thinks common people, as they too see this Nazi dictatorship on our soil. Just like 100 years ago when Klemens has come to London to create Revolutionary Branch of Polish Socialist Party, PPS.But this time if he would not be killed by ruling Labour Party, Prince of Jura or rather jewish King of Beggers will be stabbed by the Prince of Wales. In name of forgivnes. In so called jewish state they will make him a monumentum. Monumentum of Four armored and the dog. Well, he was born aboard...

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