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Warsawianka Mistral


Boldly raise our banner high,
Even though foreign storms are flowing
Even though forces of darkness oppress us,
Even though nobody's tomorrow is certain.
Oh, this is the banner of the whole mankind,
The sacred call, the song of resurrection,
It's the triumph of labor and justice,
It's the dawn of the brotherhood of all peoples!

Forward, Warsaw!
To the bloody fight,(repeat)
Sacred and righteous!
March, march, Warsaw!

Today when the working people are starving,
To be deeply in joy is a high crime,
And damned be those among us, who in their young age,
Are afraid of standing on the scaffold!
Oh, we will never forget the deaths of those,
Who gave their life for the cause,
Because our victorious chant will make
Their names honoured by millions of people!

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Today they has gathered in Brussels but nobody of this people that has been made by this story and the people is going to pay what they should long time ago. Seems that Vader and his crowd counts on the French-Russian Mistral deal. For them it would be perfect if the Iran would shoot me off and whole diplomatic aparatus of Israeli regime is set only for this. Seems that Sarkozy has put such precondition and it is why Kremlin is singalising that they would not sent S300 system to the Iran, before they will eliminate me. It is also a reason why Kirill is so goodly recived at the Kremlin. If they want one day listen Warsowyanka song, it is best way forward. But it is Israeli regime that is pushing them for such insane moves that are not only complicating my existence but in effect security and thier position in the Middle East. They must rethink if they does not want to make suicide on whole of this chain...

Nobody is thinking about making the homage. Yesterday after my mail to the Knesset, "Netanyahu has urged the EU countries on Tuesday to disabuse the Palestinians of the notion that the international community will “deliver Israel,” saying this vain Palestinian hope has led to 10 “wasted” months". But it was he that together with Chancelor Merkel was sending me ambulance from Berlin and today he has did it again. Why then he has called me Israel? For first, because of growing criticism in the Knesset, for second because he counted on fueling antismeitism on the wave of traditional Iranian 'Down with Israel' slogans. What he is doing is trying to keep good face to the bad game. If someone is faulty of this situation it is he and his Likud party. That also has gained the power thanks to this story. They, together with Barak says that are thinking about second terms but what he is doing is just straight way forward to join many others similary minded Israeli leaders. He should beware on his actions, releaseing me will also release him. Steeping Nazi way in jewish state can be deadly road, especialy if he plays with such creature. It is not a threating him, it is just advice...

Today the day has started from blowing up one of Rumpuy Vans. I am very sad for this incident in which polish National Security Office has been involved. It was unnecesary act of Israeli terror that was counted on provoking the local police outrage. I am all the time with you. Do not listen to such lies, it is second such lose after Gustlik. I have nothing in common with such acts of terror and i join in paint with families of this brave carabinieros.

* * *

The night again was real battle between Darth Vader and his puppets. Vader still dreams about Anakin, eugenic bastard that will truly change the David Star into the nazi swastik. It was just an echo of the first meeting organised by the President of European Union. Meeting that has bringed literaly nothing. It is just Chrisitan Democrats that declare to belive in the God and is just pissing on the only son of the Piast tribe. Tribe of God. Chancellor Merkel, this same that we has made a Chancellor of Germany for the second term, has sent us chocolates. Yes, polish crown so badly damaged by the Nazi Germany was dreaming only about this. Today we has sent them following letter...

Radziwill invoice

Dear German MEP and Bundestag member

First, if you are a Christian Democrat i would like to congratulate your seat that you has gained thanks to my journey. I want to remind you that more that 6 months has passed and you did nothing to improve my situation and the conditions in which i am that can be only compared to the conditions of prisoners of concetration camp or just an animal, rabbit from the Postdammer platz. I want also remind me that as the inheritor of my forefathers you own me a debt that is so old as the II World War or even the partitioning of the Commonwealth of Both People.

20 years has passed since removal of Berlin War and your Goverment has did nothing to regulate it. They say that during the second world war Polish nation has paid a price of 6 000 000 people and over 40% of the national wealth. You can see this damages that your nation did to us on many movies, including this one. While i see your efforts in paying in the silverw what is just your obligationw i do not see it beign payed in the gold.

I do not know if you belive in the God but whatever you do or not you have some reminder of this debt put just straight before your eyes. It is the White Eagel on the front of speakers seat. When people look at it, they see my face there. When i look at it i see the picture of the column of Zigmunt on the front of completly ruined Warsaw.

When the Prime Minister of so called jewish state, Mr. Beniamin Nethanyahu has come he has asked publicly for a sanctions against my person. « If not now, then when » he has told sending me an ambulance, that thanks to God has been rejected by local authorities. I am asking, if not now, then when are you going to pay this terrible debt? No, do not think that be killing me you will remove it. You will but transfer the rights to your own enemies. What is better then?

Yesterday, Chancelor Merkel, that declare herself Protestant has come on the first conference organized by the President of European Union, that also has been elected thanks to my journey. I would just remind her that she would never be Protestant if not the intervention of the Polish Crown that has opened your country for this faith, that for so long has been persecuted there. It has been done during the Prussian Homage, something that i am expecting so much these days. They, mainly Christian Democrats, has painted me as the Greece, joking that we did not asked for financial aid and that they are expresing their solidarity. If you do so then please leave your office and go straight on the causeway. On the frost. It is very bad joke from the authorities of the nation that has did so deadly damages to the polish crown that i am representing...

No, we are not asking for financial aid, WE ARE CALLING UPON TO REGULATE THIS DEBT. We are calling you to pay for your ballet in II Commonwealth of Poland. We are requesting you to pay the reciept that is just like paying us the rental rate for the Radziwill Palace. Our Palace where your authorities, including Adolf Hitler, has organized Chancellory. We set a fine price of 20 euro per square metter. For 300 years of illegal rental.

Stop joking from the Polish Crown.


And the morning we has been waked up by the police car that using loudspeaker has announced outcome of the high level meeting. It sounded no differently that 'Arbeit macht frei' and was welcomed by us by the criticism shouted directly into the streets. 'Pay your debt. Homage, swines' was our message. If they are declraing solidarity with us then they should be throwed by the people on the streets. It is how Christian Democrats under Maltan Emperor and Lord Vader influence works. We has made both Likud and Christian Democrats to take majority not only in European Parliament but also in the Bundestag and other countries. We will not comment such a stance. Just look at this mad cow under the White Eagel and understand polish crown under this dark opression that is emmanating not only from the Malta but at priori from the Israel, ruled by the Likud party. They are not fighting for a jewish question but against it and i am asking them to who Simon Peres grandfather mentioned in his Bundestag speech was reciting his Kol Nider prayer when was deported by the Nazi? Was it Baal? Adolf Hitler or Jahwe, our forefathers? About who he was thinking reciting it? Was not just Stanislaw that was at this time organizing polish army to liberate our land and our people??? Shalom.

Today is just another day in this Israeli Concentration Camp. Yesterday they has signed some casefirer agreement between Kermit forces and the Saudi Kingdom but no armates did not was silenced on all of the fronts on the 11 houer, 11 minutes on 11 day, as thier false prophet has announced. They has sturmed here for another time misinterpreting this agreement styled so much on this one that has ended first world war. It is begining of Vancuver Olimpic games that in spirit are so much tp same they hold in 1936 in Berlin.

In Saudi Kingdom today they has for once again mobilised local security while in Islamic Republic of Iran ungodly President has announced 'end of era of atomic nukes' or rather wnuks, grandsons in polish. No, i am still alive and this great work of Adolf Hitler has not yet been finished. There is still Negro grandson, last and the only son on this world and he is congratulating degeneration of Islamic Revolution and this racial nazi ideology that is promoted by their officials, so excplicty. Yes, kill the tribe of prophet Mahomet, God tribe of the Piast to the end. It is your message of Islamic teaching? No comment, lick the asses of Israeli rabins, show them your bestiality and wait for Hurra. They will come but Ahmenidad is not the only one, more you will find here at the West and on this blog...

In Poland there is also no change. Kaczynski plays a role of the Maltatzar Namiestnik - Viceroy and the Tusk Sarkozy cabinet a role of the marionetes of the Regency Concil with Cardinal Stanislaw of Szepanow as the leading character with Tusk and Zdradzio Sikorski just like on this photo. No, we does not see the Austrio Hungarian partitioners on gret ball in Vienna. Opression continues, as the resistance. True resistance and true struggle of the liberation of people. The White Eagel is still signing our anthems and Rota. No, he does not look at the United States, we all knows that Hussein crowd is just Muppet Show of Israel Emanuel, they does not have anything in common with the true socialism. Nethier it does not look at the Christian Democrats. After such a meeting organized by somebody that has been made by him President of European Union. After wining over the Lisbon treaty. There is only death and opression and the Pope that is not loosing faith that will be able to drive this case to the happy end. But he, he is just like the Pius XII that is still ignored by the front runers of the Christian Democrats. Just as I am. The rejected...

Klemens and PPS

In 1892 Piłsudski returned from exile and settled in Adomavas Manor near Teneniai (now in Šilalė district). In 1893 he joined the Polish Socialist Party (PPS) and helped organize its Lithuanian branch. Initially he sided with the Socialists' more radical wing, but despite the socialist movement's ostensible internationalism he remained a Polish nationalist. In 1894, as its chief editor, he began publishing an underground socialist newspaper, Robotnik (The Worker); he would also be one of its chief writers, and, initially, a typesetter. In 1895 he became a PPS leader, and took the position that doctrinal issues were of minor importance and that socialist ideology should be merged with nationalist ideology, since that combination offered the greatest chance of restoring Polish independence.

In February 1900, after Russian authorities found Robotnik's underground printing press in Łódź, Piłsudski was imprisoned at the Warsaw Citadel. But, after feigning mental illness in May 1901, he managed to escape from a mental hospital at Saint Petersburg with the help of a Polish physician, Władysław Mazurkiewicz, and others, fleeing to Galicia, then part of Austro-Hungary.[12]

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