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Proof politics

"From long time he is living past the people and usualy knows what to expect from them. Keeping necesary cautions generally settles in the cities. Just near us. Wild rabbit. Oryctolagus cuniculus."

Rabbits a'la Berlin

I was thinking that today i will write you some story about Prophet Daniel that has put his head into lion jaws but Hamas and our Israeli leader has wroten another chapter that i want to share with you. Showing true face of Nazism under guise of Islam, prepatring for their Danzing is Nazi 'resistance' festival, first sending their cofounder to slain me and now signing Horst Wesel Lied. Our Maltan Cavaler Silvio Berlusconi after leaving Tel Aviv has come directly to talk with Contur Tusk and today Teutonic Platform by mouths of Komarowski has announced that is giving full support for Katynski plan of crucifixation. The truth about National Security Office is that the most bestial members that we hear everyday has been promised that they will keep their posts if Komorowski will win elections. Bringing even more terror and opression to the polish nation. The other member of goverment, PSL having in mind the history of the PSL Piast is announcing that they are still against plans of Teutonic platform but Tusk at this same time is again making joke from the nation and says that his upcoming visit to Katyn will be 'signifant steep'.

Polish People's Party "Piast"

Polish People's Party "Piast" or Polish Peasant Party "Piast" (Polish: Polskie Stronnictwo Ludowe "Piast", abbreviated PSL Piast) can refer to two parties, one from the interwar period of the Second Polish Republic (1913-1931), and a recent once founded in 2006. Piast refers to the medieval Piast dynasty, Poland's founding royal house.

More: Wikipedia

Katynski, malta lover seems to be in illussion that they are his friends and instead of throwing them out in the defense of polish reason of the state is blindly following them. Including our Zebra start that has already gived a proofs of thier evil intentions and direct colaboration with Israel Katz. They are just makign saboutage and Katynski is following them blindly; as Yuszczenko was doing. In such course of action, he can just forget about II Term. Polish nation will never forgive them such a lose, such funeral. With the damage, terror and opression he and this Nazi Security Office has did to polish crown, such stance will be not acceptable to the nation...

While i am beging for money people on the street of our libre ville Bruxell the crew of National Security Office, that not by accident bear the crown in their logo, are paid every month from the polish budget. For what? For constant threats and insults but also rapes, beatings, jabings, broilings by iron and bugging from the satelites provided by the European Space Agency. It is my common night and day that i am enjoying since at least past 3 years thanks the technology they had stolen from my ancestors and 'improved' during Nazi experiments in famous Barack X in Auschwitz Birkenaunen. Toutured and raped, day after day. Night after night. In same scheme as the poles was before II World War and what people like Ilse Koch was doing with prisoners of Buchenwald. Exacly this same scheme. Also for their good, for 'romance' or correctional purposes. This is what this people has did with the Solomon Temple and the power of God. Did Kaczynski has lost his mind completly???

For them we are just animals, just a rabbits that in polish means 'królik' a word created from 'król' what means King. Yes, rabbits from Soplicowo or rather from Postdam plaz. Rabbits that are just slained, crucifixed every generation. That is what they was doing with us since past 300 years. In partitioned Commonwealth, in II Commonwealth in PRL and now. That is how they are treating a top of polish nobility. The biblical line of Piast tribe. Yes, beside this terror we has survived everything. Everything to this days. Hidding our true identity under the masks and different names. Hidding it in meanders of Kabbalah. It is just like with arabic story from the 1001 Nights, a story of the Prince that became a begger but in this version he has never switched back, beign humilated since Hitler has invaded our land. Beign rather the story of 25 915 nights. And now, for once againe we are facing threat of be once again exterminated in the Free Europe, in the New Poland. To the end, as Hitler was wishing this God tribe. Treating us in the meantime just as the Erziehungshäftling, correctional prisoners.

This programes that has envolved from UN sponsored American Japanes Super BIRT project are nothing different from the opression that Nazi was serving to the people. To correct their 'bad habbits' or giving other false excuses. And it is a part of strategy that is served through this 'broadcasting' technology in many countries. Not only in Poland. They say that is for correctional purposed but it is designed in such a maner that usualy ends with the brutal death of the subject. I had survived two such 'correctional romances', beign exploited and abused to the maximum and i does not even want to listen about thrid time of this insane programe Ilan. I am not slave of anybody...

This inhuman programes, part of Israeli proof politics, must be stoped and redesigned in a proper manner. I see that similar criticism has been today given to the Saudi Royal family. It is worth to listen to it and rethink it. It is how some Israeli are trying to poison orginal teachings using religious mood exacly like the Nazi was doing. It is served by some of Israeli to dunk a world, especialy Muslim word, into Nazism. To later say but look at what this barbarians are doing with the people. It is no different from the Nazism. Listen to this criticism do not throw it out. It is good advice. It is human thing to be mistaken but it is also human thing to learn from past mistakes for the common good of your own people. We are the people not animals, as the gaudy was scanding in Lepzig when the Berlin Wall was colapsing.

And if comes to this group criticism. Yes, King Abdullah, listen to the for the seeds of nazism. Yes, do the investigation they are asking for, themself. But what they define as the 'touturs' is not this Tautur himself? They call themself a human rights defenders and it is maybe a true if you will think about me as about animal, as about this wild rabit. Do what they want but aim not on your interior ministry but at them. They are nothing more but the Israeli provocators promoting euthanasy and stating Thora is your enemy. Trying to kill God tribe, to the last, as their prophet Adolf Hitler was teaching them. No it is not enemy of anybody. Beware on this people...

Saudi Interior Ministry accused of torture

A Saudi civil rights group has called on King Abdullah to launch an investigation into alleged abuses the Interior Ministry committed under the guise of "fighting terrorism."

In an open letter to the King, the Saudi Civil and Political Rights Activists accused the ministry of torturing prisoners, saying that the practice was now in use on a larger scale, Reuters reported.

"[We call for] establishing a fact-finding committee in order to protect political rights against potential abuses under the pretext of fighting terror, maintaining security, and defending Islamic faith," read the letter.

"The Interior Ministry [has] insisted on tarnishing the reputations of activists who ... [reject] oppression and injustice because they called for political reform," the group said.

The group also criticized the lack of reforms and restrictions on freedom of expression, which has provoked violence and extremism in the country.

More: PressTV

When i was yesterday starting this post i was going to give you yet another examples of betrayal from both side of the Palestinian wall but this blog is already full of such examples. What i can say them is just that the wisdom that has been wroten by our ancestors in the holy books that define our Abrahamic faiths is something worth of drawing and if they want to show wisdom to their people, they should sometimes look for the answers there instead of failing into arogance calling for revenge in the spirit of Horst Wesel Lied. There you will find many of answers on the most difficult situations that sometimes happens in the lifes of the rules. There are not empty words, this holy books should be to them like a guide to overcome traps set by some very evil forces. Today i had interesting meeting that maybe is something like comming out of Gomulka times straight into Gierek (always when they mention rabbits i have in my mind this Gierek-Carter meeting that they hold on begining of Jimmy presidency). Anyway, this sweet meeting and talk has ended by giving back by somebody a copies of DVD to the rental. I think Vichy Prophet was one of them. Do not put such Holylwod movies, so contaminated by Teutonic culture; above the words of the Lord, the Creator...


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