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Bandera night

Yesternight it was a day of Stepan Bandera, leader of the UPA and the close ally of the IRGUN operatives acting on our land. This same people that has recently profanated polish monumentum of the Lviv proffessors by painting there a swastika (what in this context is just a sign of mental illnes) and wroten on it 'death to the lachs', was also loudly celebrating in the Brussels. The closenes of some of IRGUN memebers to the UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army), should not surprise you, as the IRGUN was colaborating with the Adolf Hitler regime. What was stimulating this cooperation that officialy lasted until 1943, until Warsaw gettho uprising, was not only a fight with the british occupant of the Palestine but also fight with the polish crown.

By irony UPA members was also participating in fight with jewish upraisers under the ranks of infamous SS-Galizien. As my opression is comming from the generation to generation, same is true for IRGUN bestiality and Nazism. When the father of Israel Rahm Emanuel was 'pediatrist' of Jozef Klemens Pilsudzki, his son is same for me, polish banditen. Yes, of course Americans and Israeli has voted for this, that is why both of thier leaders will not risk such crowdy meetings, as during inaugurations. In difference to me that is still walking the streets...

Massacre of Lviv professors

The murder of the Lviv professors was an organized execution of approximately 45 Polish professors from various tertiary educational establishments in Lviv ('Lwów' in Polish and 'Lemberg' in German) along with their families and guests. It took place in July 1941, when the city was occupied by Nazi Germany during World War II. The organized murder of the civilian population was a continuation of the AB Action, or Ausserordentliche Befriedungsaktion, started in 1940.

Methodology of the crime

There are accounts of four different methods used by the German troops. The victims were either beaten to death, killed with a bayonet, killed with a hammer, or shot to death.

The professors themselves were shot to death, although it is highly probable that some of them were buried alive.[2]

More: Wikipedia

This swastika sicnes and painting me as the Nazi is nothing unusual. It could be even correct but only if they would paint this swastik in opposite direction, as on one of our coat of arms called Boreyko or Borzym. It is like with moon and the sun, like with agression and defense, like with truth and the false, like with good and evil, extreme evil and bestiality. If you would listen video records from the Danzing festival you would also hear 'cultu ra', if you would bare and look on the Georing before the inauguration you will see him as the knight of the light, with thora in the hands. They, as this days, was also posing, painting themself as us, while beign our bigest, deadly enemies doing exacly oposite to us, trying to change original meaning of the words. But who was rightfull and who was false, who was evil and who was good? The history is giving unequivocal answer. Nothing has changed, also the methods and i countinue to be beeten by bayonet from the National Security Office, every day and night; also including this Bandera night. Just like this polish proffesors from Liviv that before beign killing also was under similar bestial persecution. I would not commet what soviets did to man that has won II World War. I would not commet what they did to his only son. But look what Israeli and London is doing to his grandson. In what they are different from the Nazi???

Two night ago it was a day of Israeli security conference on which Prime Minister of Jewish State Israle under the David Star was explaining us an innervorking of their proof policy that the best example is Ilan programe. "We commonly ... say that it takes two to tango. In the Middle East it sometimes takes three to tango, at least to begin to tango". I think that his brother Yonathan would eleborate more on this if he would not be shooted out as the storke. And obstacle to Wyspianski like 'Weeding'. Later he has announce that futher Palestinain peace talks will be held 'without precondition'. Why the grandson of thier liberator, liberator from such concentration camps like Auschwitz Birkenauen, Majdanek or Treblinka is such precondition, is still an open question. I know that this Banera people, often call our enviroment 'sleepers' and have a pretension of not breaking the front during the Warsaw uprising, but if we would do such favor for the Nazi making rebelion and breaking the front, all this jewish and other people imprisoned in concentration camps would never left them, beign exterminated. But what Bandero commando what doing at this time of Warsaw uprising, that was unnecesary and expensive provocation prepared by Priest Kaczynski from the London goverment on exile and his Irgun masters? I see that Isrealis have still pretension for their liberation, trying to trade me, crucifix me in various 'prisoner exchange deals'. Each generation. I see this every day and night, on our neverending Danzing...

At this night of Israel security conference BBN was also raping me and touturing, beating on whole body, beign sure that soon police car will come and will take this precondition. It has come, it was first time when i had meet Gustlik. They has come and asked what to do if Israel is still sending them. No, they even was not thinking about taking me to the prison. I was not able to answer them. I could only bless this brave carabinieros. They has left into dark and dangerous night.

The next night i was listening to the Katynski National Security Office, as the judge Witkacy would listen to Rotmistrz Pilecki. They was touturing and raping, as usual. There was many sturms, as usual at the morning. But around 4 am i had heard loud explosion. Just before, Ilse Katz has sent me powerfull message 'You are harmed into arm'. Just as Jonathan, what a Israeli joke. It was our Gustlik beign executed by Israeli commando. I had meet him only once and even does not know his name, but he was risking his life defending me on the battlefield. You just cannot imagine what i feel in my heart. And what the polish officers was doing at this night? Under our Eagel in Crown and under our flag?

At the morning they was trying to blame Hamas for this execution. Some of them has bought it beign in their arogance proud of 'taking revenge'. No, they was not able to do this, rather able to kill unarmed jude messiash. It was 'Israel' that new rocket 'shield 'Gustlik' was not going to Gaza front'. 'Gustlik' was not going to Gaza front, as he was 'detonated' at the morning this day. By the Israel. At the end of the day Hamas stoped to fall into such arogance, as i explained them that IDF is just waiting for this and their moles has prepare 'Palestinian resistance' demo, that thakns to God has changed their message. Israel? They was trying to make Gustlik their saint (while they have his blood on hands) and taking revenge on the Gaza, just like in Cast the Lead. Bravo LIKUD. KATZ ON PRESIDENT. BRAVO BENIAMIN JUST LIKE DARTH VADER STURM ME AND TOUTUR EVERY DAY AND NIGHT. GENERATIONS WILL LEAR ABOUT YOUR BESTIALITY. AND YOU? JUDE, DO NOT ASK THEM WHAT YEAR YOU HAVE AND WHY YOU HAVE SUCH A BREAK...

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