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Jha Pan Chilli Orphan

Today we has for once again saw the bestiality of Nazi ideology, this time from the New Russia. Netanyahu has realy good cooked up and they are sturming literaly from every side. Yesterday it was Israel that has sent here 2 IDF soldiers with blessing of local Synagoge. Thanks God they has been captured by my last fence, our duo Benedict and Mer and transported to the local police station. Today same was true for duo of Januszek of Netherlands. This is very special window that could not have a place without silent support of German Chancelor and local Prime Minister is just terrifing Protestant that has been forced by me to ask themself about the nature of thier faith. In Germany they are choosing new head of Lutheran Church and my forefathers Rudy, Czarny and Sierotka that once was strongly supporting thier efforts to counter growin Teutonism in Catholic Church and has opened Germany for them are looking at them now and thier Protestant Chancelor very closly. What she is doing with thier orphan?

They are just shoked, as in thier contest for next head of Lutheran Church they are going to choose rather a Teutonic Contur that real protestant. With all the damages they did in the past to us, old brothers of Jesus Christ and our nation. If you are interested how Jesus Christ looked you do not need to visit Turin, just visit our city. And if you want to know how it would look turning 60, just take a look below. There are many Jesuses here with black or red hairs. They was often leading the army and was not poor at all...

Mikołaj Krzysztof "the Orphan" Radziwiłł

Prince Mikołaj Krzysztof Radziwiłł aka "Sierotka" (The Orphan) (1549–1616) was a Polish-Lithuanian noble (szlachcic).

He was Ordynat of Nieśwież from 1586. He was also Court Marshal of Lithuania from 1569, Grand Marshal of Lithuania from 1579, castellan of Trakai from 1586, voivode of Trakai Voivodeship from 1590, voivode of Vilnius Voivodeship from 1604 and Starost of Šiauliai. After the treaty at Vienna in 1515 all Radziwills were Imperial Princes and he held a position as Imperial Prince of the Holy Roman Empire.

Mikołaj became famous for a vivid account of his eventful pilgrimage to the Holy Land published in 1601, entitled Podróż do Ziemi Świętej, Syrii i Egiptu 1582-1584 (The trip to Holy Land, Syria and Egypt 1582-1584).[2] During his voyage he visited not only Palestine, but also Syria, Egypt, Crete, Cyprus, Italy, and Greece. Robert Burton while on the subject of St. Elmo's fire wrote of this voyage in his Anatomy of Melancholy: "Radzivilius, the Polonian duke, calls this apparition, Sancti Germani sidus; and saith moreover that he saw the same after in a storm, as he was sailing, 1582, from Alexandria to Rhodes".

While in Rome, he met Piotr Skarga and Stanislaus Hosius, who convinced him to convert from Calvinism to Catholicism, as later did his other brothers, many upon his insistence. He was also known for his cultural and charity sponsorships. He was a founder of many cloisters, hospitals and churches. One of the chapels in the Jesuit church in Nieśwież, founded by Mikołaj Krzysztof, would became the family's mausoleum for the Radziwiłłs, serving them for the next two hundred and a half centuries. In Nieśwież, which became his seat, he also built a castle. He was a patron of artists and scientists; for example he supported the works of cartographers such as Tomasz Makowski.

More: Wikipedia

Mikołaj "the Black" Radziwiłł

Mikolaj Krzysztof Radziwiłł, nicknamed The Black (Lithuanian: Mikalojus Radvila Juodasis, Latin: Nicolaus Radvil also known as Mikołaj Radziwiłł The Fifth, 1515 – 1565) was Lithuanian noble of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, voivode of Vilnius, Grand Grand Lithuanian Chancellor and the Grand Hetman of Lithuania.

Mikołaj was able to gain much political influence thanks to the romance between his cousin Barbara Radziwiłł and King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania Zygmunt II August.[1] This made him one of the most powerful Royal advisers.[1] Mikolaj became Marshal of Lithuania, Grand Chancellor of Lithuania, as well as Palatine of Vilnius, gained immense wealth and became the most powerful magnate in the Commonwealth of that time.[1]

The growing influence of the Radziwiłł family was further bolstered when, during a diplomatic mission to Charles V and Ferdinand I, he and his cousin Mikołaj the Red received a hereditary title of Prince (Reichsfürst (SRI)).[1]

Mikołaj contributed to the ongoing Polonisation of the Grand Duchy, influencing other Lithuanian nobles to follow him in adopting Polish culture – its fashion, customs and language.[1]

He was known for his religious beliefs, as he was one of the most prominent converts and advocates of the Reformed churches faith in Grand Duchy of Lithuania.[1] He provided financial support for the printing of the first complete Polish translation of the Bible in 1563 in Brest-Litovsk, distributed works written in defense of the Reformed faith, financed a church and college in Vilnius, supported educated Protestants, and in various other ways fostered the Calvinist faith.[1] He is known to have exchanged letters with John Calvin and protecting religious exiles form Italy. Because Protestants supported usage of local languages, he is also believed to have funded Lithuanian churches and schools.[citation needed]

Mikołaj "the Red" Radziwiłł

Mikołaj Radziwiłł, nicknamed The Red (Polish Rudy, Lithuanian: Radvila Rudasis) also known as Mikołaj Radziwiłł the Sixth (1512-1584) was a Lithuanian noble (szlachcic), Palatine of Vilnius, Grand Chancellor of Lithuania and Grand Lithuanian Hetman (from 1576) in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and later in Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Together with his cousin Mikołaj "the Black" Radziwiłł and the Radziwill family were granted title and position as Reichsfürst Prince of the Holy Roman Empire.

Mikołaj Radziwiłł spent many years as a military commander. While not the most famous of Commonwealth hetmans, under king Stefan Batory he was fairly successful in defending the eastern borders of the Commonwealth against the Muscovy.

He was one of the most prominent converts and advocates of the Protestant faith in Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and his line of the family became devoted members and defenders of the Lithuanian Reformed Church until its extinction.

In the Holy Roman Empire, the Trąby Coat of Arms was situated in the center of a Black Eagle in a golden Shield.

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While you has been just informed about top suicide from the Russia and can be once again shoked by the bestiality of Kirill New Russian Orthodox Church and his followers at Kremlin, others are also trying. Thier ideology and pseudo religious teaching are not different from this one of Adolf Hitler or just Baath party and you can hear this same scorn and Jude Mesiash Gedanke from mouths of Kirill and Ayatollah Khamenei.

The Baath ideology and Teutonic teaching has been realy adapted at so degenerated Iranian regime and such deviation cannot for obviously resons be called Mahomethan faith. It is same line of Baath party teachings, a party that Hitler would call founded by us in 1939. And we again hear calls 'into Satan' by some of thier insane clearics(?) and politicans. Look them brother Mahomet; for what they call ignoring everything religion and history. If it is a satan from seven class that has lead thier brave Hamas commander on temptation who they are then? They should first learn the history, especialy of Kornel Makuszynski our 'Stryj' (eng. great-uncle) that has wroten this provocative book to which they are refering. Trying to kill unarmed pilgrim into tune of Horst Wesel Lied. But same is going on here at the West and Israel, under unusual British FRA leaded Likud alliance. The Britons has already discovered true nature and intention of Caliph Cameron and his public support has droped dramaticly thanks to his 'cut debt objective' and it is now 35% to 37%. The people of Britain are just charmed by Klemens and the story of PPS but is Brown anyhow different from Cameron? I do not think so, observing him in the past...

How i am still alive then? Mainly thanks to Benedict XVI and the efforts of King Abdullah, so simillar to this one from 1946 undertaken by Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia. An efforts to create a coalition of Mahometan countries to protect the faith from the Baath heresy that is polluting it from both London and Moscow as in the past. But it is also thanks to some of insiders front in Kadima to form kind of PPS bis and many other wonderfull people that express thier solidarity everyday. Still, situation did not changed and observing it seriousnes Vatican has once again called "to protect and really defend the rights of man that... has a right to life which is a gift from God". They say in culuars that Benedict was signing Rota when called to make every effort to restore security to the population and, in particular, the most vulnerable religious minorities. Chancelor Merkel? She is counting the damages that Nazi Germany has did to us, thinking not about making the Homage but when they will kill him, finaly?

Pope Benedict calls for protection of most vulnerable

After the Angelus on Sunday, the Holy Father exhorted the international community to do “everything possible” to give Iraqis a future of “reconciliation and justice." His words against anti-Christian violence in Iraq were well received by Iraqi demonstrators in St. Peter's Square.

Pope Benedict XVI related the "profound sadness" he felt upon learning of the killings of Christians in Mosul last week. He added that he has followed the violent events perpetrated against unarmed victims with "great preoccupation."

The pontiff said that during the "intense meditation" of the spiritual exercises of the last week he prayed often for the victims.

"Today, I wish to unite myself spiritually to the prayer for peace and for the restoration of security, promoted by the Council of Bishops of Nineveh," he added.

The bishops of the Syro-Catholic, Syro-Orthodox and Chaldean Churches in Mosul made a plea for government protection for Christians and religious minorities in a letter to the Iraqi Prime Minister this week.

The Holy Father said that he is "affectionately close" to the Christian community in Iraq and urged them to continue to be a positive force "for the nation to which, for centuries, you rightfully belong."

While calling for Iraqi civil authorities to make “every effort to return security to the population and, in particular, to the most vulnerable religious minorities," he also expressed his hope that the authorities would not give in to the temptation "to make the temporary interests of a few prevail over the safety and fundamental rights of every citizen."

He closed by greeting a group of Iraqis demonstrating in St. Peter's Square, saying:

"I exhort the international community to do everything possible to give the Iraqis a future of reconciliation and justice, while I invoke with trust in God omnipotent the precious gift of peace."

CNA spoke with Bishop Philip Najim, representative of the Chaldean Patriarchate to the Holy See, who joined the formidable group of Iraqis who advocated their cause in the presence of the Pope on Sunday.

He said that the purpose of the Iraqi presence in St. Peter’s Square today was to provide "another call to the conscience of the international community to be able to intervene, to protect and really defend the rights of man that... has a right to life which is a gift from God."

"We want to put an end, through the international community to these discriminations, these persecutions against the Christian communities in Iraq and the Middle East, especially the Middle East, and we want a peaceful life," Bishop Najim added.

More: Catholic News Agency

Why Benedict was so scared? Well, today our Likud driven Nicolaus Sarkozy has announced that he seeks answers over French flood damage. "We have to find out how families in France in the 21st century can be surprised in their sleep and drowned in their own houses,” Sarkozy said. So we are repling you, Rybeńko. For first in old times they would say it was God that punished you for your evil. But was it Jahwe? No, it was again Ba'al and Israel Rahm Emanuel in particural, with thier Likud originated 'spectacular' plan to underline comming of new era in judaism. Thanks God and many brave people it did not successed but they has prepared true Armagedon to convice some leaders for thier beatifull spectacular plan of slaining the only son, to begin new era. Era of flowering of Teutonism. Vader in Israel, your master, Rybeńko, that has served this plan to Likud pawns in Washington, pawns as you, Rybeńko, was happy like a kid. Marking a signifant break in judaism...

"It is like the end of the world" said one of survivors of Chillean quake. And indeed for the faithfulls all over the planet it could be end of some era, after 5770 years. To mark it Ba'al of Washington, the master of the thunder has executed Likud plan. It was a quake that has hit on this day Jhapan Okinawa (what a funny name, Clinton said). Then it was Chille that has shared same fate. The waves of it has hit even distant Australia in form of Tsunami. Then France has flooded and even here in Belgium we was feeling this 'perfect storm'. Congratulations to our Likud Muppet Show. Yes, we see that you are just starting and we all can read an announcment of another such Nixon suicide: "Obama prépare une "réduction spectaculaire" de l'arsenal atomique américain". So we can expect something like this again.

But you, Sarkozy are not a person that can ask such question, as you are one of front Likud clowns and the answer for it is just in the Israeli cabinet. Behind your back. Yes, it is true that United States have such power about which Chavez was saying recently. He knows about it very well as they was 'bribed' by choosing such a targets. It is a power of God that is accomplimishing us from begining of mankind on this planet, just as this voice. Voice of Truth. Voice of the Only God, JHWE. It is a power that has once almost destroyed this planet, frosting it and forcing us to come back underground to the shelter of Beth Khoron, as Avest is teaching us. True Beth Khoron on polish Jura. Where my grandfather has been burned, this time for real. In true one, not in fake Beth Khoron in this reek, Israel. It is force of JHWE that has been stolen from us, 300 years ago. A force used so badly nowdays, against us and innocent people. From what you are happy, Vader? You has turned a houses of God just into Nazi headquaters. You are praying but to the Ba'al. Just as Nazi did half centaury ago. Look at my Stryj, you ungodly bastard. Sharon.


Operation Heritage

In times when the Jews was barred from the Synagogues by the Israeli
Son of the Man has come on this soil to once again
recite the word of the God.
Words that from his mouth was sounding
just like the Jericho trumphets.

In the Synagogues they was praying at the this time.
Praying but to the Ball. False God, False religion.
Their rabins was blind for the Truth.

Battle of Jericho

After the death of Moses the servant of the LORD, the LORD said to Joshua son of Nun, Moses' aide: "Moses my servant is dead. Now then, you and all these people, get ready to cross the Jordan River into the land I am about to give to them—to the Israelites. I will give you every place where you set your foot, as I promised Moses.
No one will be able to stand up against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you.

"Be strong and courageous, because you will lead these people to inherit the land I swore to their forefathers to give them. Be strong and very courageous. Be careful to obey all the law my servant Moses gave you; do not turn from it to the right or to the left, that you may be successful wherever you go.
Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful. Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go."

I was long thinking why Belgian army is so often painting crosses over two sites, my camp and King Palace but Israel has quite clearly explained it in thier new Operation Heritage. When Vader was announcing this new costly plan some Israeli that did not ethier lost thier minds or jewish identity has asked him if the local synagoge of Jericho will also be included in this Israeli plan that reminds me another nationalisation that my grandfather has survived on begining of PRL. Fameous 3 times yes, criple yes, referendum that has formaly taked off the crown from the eagel. After it nothing has left from our legacy, beside coat of arms, honor and the rights. Merly virtual ones as we was living behind the Iron Curtein, banned from leaving the country.


The People's Referendum (Polish: referendum ludowe) of 1946, also known as the "Three Times Yes" (Polish: Trzy razy tak, often abbreviated as 3×TAK) referendum, was a referendum held in Poland on 30 June 1946 on the authority of the State National Council (order of 27 April 1946). The referendum presented an opportunity for the forces vying for political control of Poland following the Second World War to test their popularity among the general population. In a sign of things to come, the results, which showed a lack of support for the communist government, were rigged to show that communist policies had overwhelming support.

More: Wikipedia

The clear signal about Vader was talking has come just after failuer of Georing Turkish plan. You could wonder why on the Wensday there was almost no news on Euronews. Well, actually they was prepared, waiting as Israel was sure that he will finally success in their nationalisation. This time much more brutal that in time of my grandfather, maybe becuase he has won II world war and the memory of our forefathers was much visible. Anyway, Israel has decided to 'take revenge' for Hamas commander and has send thier squad that has killed him, this time to kill me. Do not wonder, it is Teutonism, litte bit like with Cheka and Lenin (to later eat him). They has been surprised and has come just on the Hamas itself, real one. Small, surprise from Russian Federation. They can be realy happy, they have Rigi and they has killed much of 'Dubai' squad. And on the next day they has repeated their sturm. The police has warned them stating that number of suspects has growed up by 15. Huge lose of IDF...

But it is not only effect of his Danzing is Deutch festival. Today people in Germany was surprised by the resignation of the head of The Protestant Church of Germany. Officialy authorities has stated that she was driving on the red having the blood-alcohol level three times higher that allowed. They has missed the point where and why she was driving. The word 'three' that sounds just like 'tree' is key one. And it is wisdom of Regional police of Walonie that they has turned her from her suicidal mission. If she would be killed it would eventualy lead to the unrest between Flamand and Walonie. If i would be killed by her, result would be same. The question is if Merkel was so perfid to take up such risk or was this an sabotage...

Well, i do not know if she was going here to pay her bill for our palace or maybe just to have a deep discussion about the nature of Protestants. In both cases she had very good address, as it was us that has opened the Germany for this faith. The close friends of Mikolaj and Rudy was both Kalvin and Luther, so she could not better choose her partner to dialogue. But was it realy a protestant one? The nature of this religion is best characterised by famous poem, so actual in Israel: 'First they came'. First they came for son of the man. When Merkel will pay what she should and will appologize for such behavior. Appologize in the orginal meaning of this wrod. How in such situation she can stand on the front of White Eagel in the Bundestag?

Today Likud was bit quiter but our Rabin has stayed active. It was mostly day of Ehud Omlert and the Malta again. When i had put in last post a photo of Hitler and Georing i was thinking about unusual British Israeli duo, of Malta Fra and our Israeli Foreign. While Netanyahu for me is just like Vader and i stay in state that i call Likud Birkenau, you cannot forget about role of the Malta FRA and his British masters from Buckingham Palace. With the polish army under commandment of Malta Cavaler it is so much in the spirit of this video clip attached. Red Army celebrating just before the famous 3xyes referendum. In Egypt Saudi Arabia is preparing coalition of Machometan Countries while in Israel they are starting riots as the Polish Film Archive commentator says on the video. For my grandfather that is there on the bal they are

It is even worse that at that time. In 1946 the referendum outcome, that was later used against my grandfather was 73% to 27%, now thanks to cripling Likud it is 81% to 19%. I am not Prime Minister that has just wone II World War so people realy does not have any reason to be envy. At this clip you can see him for a moment in the last moments of the old glory of Sanacja, as the PPS and PPR was just before their wedding and he and other members of our aristocracy humilitated. Treated by the soviet system, as the 'illegal aliens' and 'threats to security', same words that you can hear from the Israeli regime these days. The conditions in which Likud puppets has closed me are just like that in Nazi concetration camps, so maybe it is why even more people is expresind their solidarity with me that in time of my grandfather. But as you can see whatever they say, whatever they lie, for whatever they accuse me, my nation is standing behind me. My nation and faithfulls all over the world. Waiting for something like Prussian Homage and the return of the prince. Return to the Varsovia Duche. Screaming 3XNO to Israeli Heritage Plan. Roaring into Jericho triumphets from all sides. And asking about local synagoge in Jericho and state of minds of thier leaders...


Ole, Ole, Ole

I think that Georing has realy belived in his cocaine ilusion but yesterday Mahometans has realy kicked his ass, exposing his true nature and identity. At the end of day when i was comming to my place some important player was waiting on me on the way to salute to Georing. Just in last moment he was stoped by the police and he has missed with the truth. Now, world has been told that it was Rigi from Jundhullah that has arived to Teheran in course of this inteligence play, just as he dreamed of but in different role. Some there did not understood what Mahmud Ahmendiad that has told them when they has announced that Iran picks sites for 10 uranium. enrichment plants. In polish 10 means something like that 'he still is breathing' and the sites, well they has been mentioned in my Matter of honor post. Yes, in neighboring Kingdom of Netherlands. Some prison. Excelent action, my congratulations to true belivers.

But just today Ola our incercanation of Ilse Koch has returned. Why it so? Well, it is because of victory of Mr. Filon that during the recent visit in Damascus has secured release of our 'four armored', on what on beging Mali authorities did not agreed. In difference to Likud stoorm trooper Sarkozy, he that prefferes to stay closer to the Catholic Church that to Israeli regime, has started from releasing this four, instead of leading insane sturms to kill the dog what in same time Sarokzy was doing. Thanks God and Filon the exchange has been finalized without killing the dog, that is not called Burek but rather Sharik. Thanks to wisdom of Mr. Filon and his ambitious 'Oba live' target, Mr. Pierre Cammate is now free and i am alive, happy as well. My congraltualtions, Mr. Filon.

French hostage freed in Mali after al-Qaeda release

A French hostage who was being held by al-Qaeda's North African wing in Mali has been freed days after four militants were released from jail.

The group had threatened to kill Pierre Camatte, abducted from a hotel near the border with Niger on 25 November, if its four members were not set free.

Mali's authorities said the four had served their sentences and were due to be freed.

But their release sparked outrage in Algeria, which the group has targeted.

Mr Camatte is now in the hands of the Malian authorities, a presidential spokesman told state radio.

More: BBC

When i was today going to Renault. No, not to buy a car but just a coup of cheap coffe i has heard in radion some music track. "Lets get a jozef play" some pop star was signing. I was thinking about Oli and the yesterday call of Vader for 'Israel urges Iran oil embargo even without U.N. okay'. A call that has started their fameous festival in our city. It was just like Vader signing: 'Ole, ole, ole' and preparing yet another string of attacks against Kaballah. Well, after going to Midi, on our Enigma i had read another 'oli' styled message from Argentina with attacks against Britain and another Likud wisdom: 'the only thing you can’t do with a cannibal is to eat him'. Pierre has been freed, so Sarkozy needs yet another reason to his sturms. And this time, the reason is Ola...

Ola. Well, she was thinking that she lives in Israel. She was using unbelivable touturs against me and it has been described on this blog. Through months. They say that it was Jean Sarkozy that had romance with her and i was just proof of his love. Yet another reason for sturms. For me she was no different from the Ilse Koch that was using same technics to collect 'tatoos' from jews. She has been taked one day by the David Cameron to meet my forefathers. Then she has waked up in Free Poland where such practicies would be punished. I was warning her to the end and has showed her 4 times a mercy and even Pope was forgiving her stoorm from the BBN in his bathroom. But when she has continued i could not help her in any way. Do not ask victim if what Cameron and my forefathers has did was right. Rather ask Marshal Rydz Smigly, as we was observing same in pre war II Commonwealth of Poland. Same should meet anybody steeping same path. It should be obviousl, especialy in so called jewish state. But it is Vader that today is signing 'Ole, Ole, Ole'. And his stoorm troopers are just repeating like bloodthristy puppets.


Georing in Libre Ville

Today was a day of visit of Georing in our libre ville and i must thank him for all his entertainment efforts in our city. I do not wonder why both France and Germany decided to not to send thier Foreign Ministers on the meeting with his excelence Georing. Thanks God i had survived all this Israeli and Maltan plots. Day has started from ambulances but we has also observed three times intervention of Benedict and Mehr local police, last line of defense. In same time Ahmenidad has called Independent Countries to prepare themself of the fall of 'capitalism'. Was not he thinking about Wall Street? Was not this just a wise warning?

This three times the Holy See was intervening was connected to the recent call of revenge, for the proud Hamas commander that has also visited our town to slain me. If Imam Khomeini would be alive he would lose all his hairs observing how Baath party and thier ideology is trying to overtake Islamic Revolution. Milions of brave Iranians has gave their life in the fight against Baath party and thier ideology, fight that has taken 10 years. Now, we see same faces in Syria and same ideology in the Teheran comming from the mouths of some politicans. It is realy woring and maybe have a soruce at the Kirill and Medvedev New Russia§?

Iran–Iraq War

The Iran–Iraq War, also known as the Imposed War (جنگ تحمیلی, Jang-e-tahmīlī) and Holy Defense (دفاع مقدس, Defā'-e-moghaddas) in Iran, and Saddām's Qādisiyyah (قادسيّة صدّام, Qādisiyyat Ṣaddām) in Iraq, and the First Gulf War (حرب الخليج الأولى Ḥarb al-Khalīj al-'Ūlā) (the 1990–1991 Persian Gulf War being the Second Gulf War), was a war between the armed forces of Iraq and Iran lasting from September 1980 to August 1988.

The war began when Iraq invaded Iran on 22 September 1980 following a long history of border disputes and fears of Shia insurgency among Iraq's long-suppressed Shia majority influenced by the Iranian Revolution. Although Iraq hoped to take advantage of revolutionary chaos in Iran and attacked without formal warning, they made only limited progress into Iran and within several months were repelled by the Iranians who regained virtually all lost territory by June 1982. For the next six years, Iran was on the offensive.[1] Despite calls for a ceasefire by the United Nations Security Council, hostilities continued until 20 August, 1988. The last prisoners of war were exchanged in 2003.[1][2]

The war came at a great cost in lives and economic damage—a half a million Iraqi and Iranian soldiers as well as civilians are believed to have died in the war with many more injured and wounded—but brought neither reparations nor change in borders. The conflict is often compared to World War I,[3] in that the tactics used closely mirrored those of the 1914–1918 war, including large scale trench warfare, manned machine-gun posts, bayonet charges, use of barbed wire across trenches and on no-mans land, human wave attacks and Iraq's extensive use of chemical weapons (such as mustard gas) against Iranian troops and civilians as well as Iraqi Kurds. At the time, the UN Security Council issued statements that "chemical weapons had been used in the war." However, in these UN statements Iraq was not mentioned by name, so it has been said that "the international community remained silent as Iraq used weapons of mass destruction against Iranian as well as Iraqi Kurds" and it is believed[4][5][6] that "United States prevented the UN from condemning Iraq".[4]

More: Wikipedia

The attemps was not even comming from the Hamas, as the media are reporting about huge crackdown in the Turkey, so i guess it was mainly Ergekon invovled. But not only as on the stage also Pakistani agents has appeared. Thanks God and this brave people it has been stoped, three times what is huge record. And at this same time Israeli Foreign Minister has announced that he "needs 'proof' to break silence on Dubai hit".I know that they was waiting so much on the positive outcome of this Rabinical Hamas operation. Do not ask yourself dear Israeli if Israeli will survive this coalition. I think that it should be clear, he will not. Vader is just literaly crushing Kaballah after leading it to the streets and closing thanks to his friends from death squadron: Berlusconi, Tusk and Sarkozy in something that so much reminds death camp, Likud Birkenaune. Ask yourself rather if he is realy jewish then and what he is representing?

But what kind of proof Georing is expecting? My whole body is full of such proofs, wounds on it made by the bugs whith i am sharing my concetration bed. This time real bugs not 'virtual' ones from Oli. It is a proof itself on the bestiality of Israeli regime and thier 'liquid diet' and proof policy. Sometimes observing their horrific moves i feel very sorry for my grandfather that has liberated them from the concetration camps. Observing such evil from them i feel very sorry to the world, that we had won II World War. And when i hear that i am 'happy' and 'content' i think how happy was this jews in Majdanek awaiting their extermination. Yes, Mr. Netanyahu as you has told before, 'generations will learn from this crisis' but they will learn about YOUR BESTIALITY...

We and this story has made him Prime Minister of so called jewish state after true battle with Ehud Omlert. He has came to the power on the promise of the return of the prince. But the people behind the operation Cast the Lead that has lead us instead to European Parliament, as was expected to the nightmare of Israeli Death Camp, are now jumping from Kdima to the Likud (what will for sure clean the first one and maybe open up PPS Revolutionary Fraction, if Mofaza leaded Dutch Labor will not kill us on the way). And opression and agression from the Mossad and Israel Defence Forces has only increased. Yes, sometimes they are defending me but only awaiting deadly punch from Iran or just attacking directly. After casting thier lead, our life has changed into constant struggle for sruvival and Vader and his death squadron instead of fighting for jewish question and the Holocaust claims has closed us in this city just like in the Israeli Death Camp, awaiting pasivly or activly for thier 'proof'. Proof of thier insanity and bestiality.

In what this Israeli regime is different from the Nazi one? Did they appologized for thier misconduct of this story and mistreatment of Kabbalah when Georing has come to this city? No, this asshole from Israel is trying to kill me by bayonet using all the forces and all pawns he have in his command, not only diplomatic. This is true face of Israel and thier mad Hitler like rule. It will be he who will have our blood on his hands and he will be responsible for such inhuman and ungodly act. He and his Likud firends. Sieg Hail, Likud. Fight with Kabbalah, laught from people and faith and wait on 66 aniversary of liberation from Nazi camps. Beatufill festival Georing, so Israeli in spirit. Look grandfather on their bestiality and proof, look what THEY did with me. There was no more bestial ruler in Israel history, even including Izack Rabin, as you are and you are giving proofs on this, everyday. Wait for my funeral, you have reserved a first place in the SS row. Destroy Kaballah. Oh, yes it is so jewish...


Rabinical Hamas: PoMas

"After 1400 years the Islamic Revolution in Iran… by offering a new method of social governance shone in front of secularism and liberalism that are the cause of all social problems and showed man the path to salvation.”

The night of 18 February was just as ordered before in the Mendejew New Russia. Some time ago they was joking that Abbass is licking ass of Ehud Olmert but what Hamas is doing these days is something that is shoking brothers of Mohamet faith all over the world. On that night they showed old Baath party face of this armed group. So similar to the NSDAP, mybe because they was founded in similar mood and for similar purpose. Well, Hamas is doing great efforts to commit mass suicide together with whole Palestine for what Ashkenazi and McChrystal is just waiting. I am not sure if people of Palestine want to make it too, but what choice they have. Anyway Hamas has prepared thier Festival of Resistance, so similar to the Danzing is Nazi one, festival in memory of thier bestial furer that was killed during his 'mission' to eradicate Mahomet tribe, Piast tribe, once and for all. Preapring the festival in the tune of old Horst Wesel Lied anthem. Just as ordered...

No, dear brother, no dear sister, he was not killed in Dubai hotel as they repeat in Lieberman lies. He was killed on the route 66, when he was comming to kill this unarmed polish pilgrim. When he waneted to showi is bestiality to the world, as the proud Hamas commander that is allowed to slain anybody. In this context making him a star, a Hamas saint is just a crazines, as the craiznes are calls for the revenge. Same calls that we hear after another such killings in the defense, from whatever United Kingdom, States or Israel. It was done in the defense of this poor polish pilgrim that has never did any harm to anybody. Why they are then trying to kill him? They will give millions of reasons, none of them true. It is just a bestiality, so similar to this one we had in pre war Danzing, when Adolf Hitler was performign similar dance, similar Teutonic crusade...

But when Israelis was looking at this horrific even i was looking a bit deeper and behind of the shalls of this Hamas fighters that was trampling the David Star. i had noticed something more The was trampling my star under i and my forefathers has been born (really this dates 24 December in case of Adam, 24 Febraury or March in case of Stanislaw and 24 April in my case are not accident, as the numbers matters in Kabbalah). Behind this shalls i had noticed faces, faces of Israeli cabinet. It is 10 months of Beniamin Netanyahu rules, ten months of unimaginable opression that has even increased after my story has made him Prime Minister and this clip was something like crowding. Darth Vader will be again nice guy and this Nazi from HAmas, they are so terrible. Lets bomb them. But the truth is different. It is Israeli efforts, it is Israeli opression and fight with Kaballah. Vader is cooking excelent. Such objectiv they has taked and none of video clips will change it. Look grandfather on Israeli bestiality. They call it Liquid diet, while in PRL was callign it 'polish diet'. This situation in which i am is just an effect of Likud rules and objectives...

Hamas threatens revenge for assassination

Hamas is threatening to avenge the assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh – a veteran militant allegedly murdered by an Israeli intelligence hit-squad in Dubai.

Hamas says Mossad agents lured al-Mabhouh to a hotel room, immobilized him with an electric shock and suffocated him.

During an anti-Israeli rally in Jebaliya, north of Gaza city, Hamas leader Khaled Mashal addressed the crowd by video link from Damascus.

“I say this is enough. The time of promising and talking about revenge is over. Today is the time for action,” he said.

More: Euronews

I do not know if they was trying to take 'revenge' but on the another day when i was beging for the money i has saw this Rabinical Hamas that was trying to achieve it. Why i say that it was Rabinical Hamas, PoMas? Well, when i had saw some Israeli from local synagoge i had greeted him as usual. Shalom. And as usual Israeli did not replied but instead has showed me hand gesture, showing a gun aimed at me. Some time later the police car has stoped at my place and one of them has showed me similar gesture. I was also treated at same time from the BBN, 'I will shock you' was thier message. They has tried some time later but thanks to God, assasin has not reached me and was taken by the local ambulance. That is why i had wroten 'Rabinical Hamas' because this group from longer time is operating just from the Synagoge. I will call it Likud PoMas...

Because of this events, today i had decided to write one more message to the Knesset. So called jewish parliament.

Israel fighting Kabbalah

Great Knesset Member

It is my second letter to you, a one that i am writing before arival of your Foreign Minister in our ville libre Brussels. After 10 months of rules of your Prime Miminister that has been made a ruler of so called jewish state by my story and his promise of 'return of the prince' i had experienced even more intesified opression and attacks that was lead by your Israeli Defense Forces or a plots driven by your diplomatic efforts.

I do not know then how you can call themself jewish state if your cabinet is doing nothing to change this situation and the conditions that can be compared to the Nazi concentration camps. How can call youreslf jewish state if you are constantly trying to destroy the Kabbalah?

Just few days ago the world has been shoked by the vido clip in which Hamas fighters are treading the David Star. My star under which i had been born and that is accomplishing us since we has left the shelter at the Beth Khoron at the Jurq, 5570 years ago. People has saw there a Hamas but i was looking deeper and after your Prime Minister visit at Kremlin i did not saw there a Hamas but just your cabinet that is constantly treading this star and the only son. I know that this words are shatering great efforts undertaken by your cabinet but it is you who are treading this star. What a wonderfull video clip. Congratulations...

After, your diplomatic services has just few minutes ago sent me a police car to arrest me i do not expect that your Foreign Minister will appologize me. Rather i expect that he will make a visit at the local Rabin to prepare yet another plot. I must once again congratulate your Prime Minister for his constant fight with jewish Kaballah.

Thank you for a reply on my previous mail. I understand that as beign born aboard and beign even worst that Beta or Gamma Israel, beign just an animal, a wild rabit of the Bethlehem Star i do not deserve for a time of dear Knesset Member to write a reply.

Klin into your asses


Cavaler from Crypth

Today i had meet somebody from our NHS. It was a meeting just like from the Gomulka times that maybe my grandfather has also enjoyed. I meet some that reminded me so much agent of PRL era SB from the IV Department of fight with the Catholic Church. He is just like a drunker from the famous in PRL hut with beer. He has told me that i am saying stupid things. I replied that i do not say anything different from Adam called Mickiewicz and i dedicated him a poem called 'Mosquito' (hope to translate later).

I had left him without futher comments but when i passed few yards more. Some group of muslim people has stopped me. They has moved me forward into future, bringin memory of the Star Wars. It was just like stopping son of Luke Skywalker by the groop of imperial Stoorm Troopers: "Auswaise bitte'. One of them has asked me quite agresivly for zigareten. I had showed him cigarette-end and said but look what i am smoking. He was quite surpraised and allowed to pass me. I come inside and looked on Shoah news. New threats has come from the London and Paris. Fofana has informed us that U.S. court dismisses suit over Guantanamo suicides. In same time press services in New Poland has announced that Parliament, that is breaking historical records of unpopularity, has supported cripled project of extermination of the only son. They are disaproved by the 81 % of the polish nation.

Today is the day of the Order of Saint Mary of Yasna Gora but what we see is just Teutonic celebrations. Lord Vader must be proud of himself, as even in far lands they are licking thier asses, repeatind same ideology of forgivnes and emanating scorn. While his foreign minister is underlining the issue of racial segregation, with putting the accent on the 'born aboard' jews, legendary jewish king Wernyhora is going to be slain again. He is beging, as the Lenin did in Zurich. However, they instead of paying what they should are going to help him and slain him, in the name of the Teutonic deviation of mercy or rather just euthanasy. In same time in distant Israel, some another brave journalis is asking provocative question: 'Can Israel survive this coalition?'. He also, looking at the David Star is thinking about this not so 'Old Bloke with a lira' or rather his grandson that was born under soviet occupation. As But this grandson, if he would have anything to say, as his family was banned from departing country, he would not like to be born in the state of Israel. After observing such aparthaid and actions of their insane leadership...

At same time in Belgian newspaper, some other has published new cartoons entitled: "Templier: Chavialer de la Crypte". Well, of Wawel, they should add. The first strips are ilustration of my past years spent in this Israeli Concentration Camp, toutured and raped from the satelite. It is not accident that the King that looks at this jewish slave at the toutur rooms have a face of Nicolas Sarkozy. It is just as the look at the Yad Vashem's Children's Memorial. It is outlook of effects of Netanyahu 'Proof policy', effects of 'liquid diet' and the objectiv of his 10 monts rule, when opression and attacks from Israeli Defense Forces and thier diplomatic apparatus has increased to unimaginable levels. It is how Beniamin Nethanyahu is treating jewish Kaballah and the David Star, that is so much in the center of it. Klin in his fat asses, grandfather. The Templar Order, Order of Poor Kinghts of Jesus Christ does not longer exist and instead of it it is again Teutonic Sturm Abteilung (SA) that in France and in other places is celebrating. Celebrating the agreement between Vader and Mendejew on the 'Falsification of history and combating lithuanian fasism', combating Thora and polish history. The PoMass is preparing to the Festival: Danzing is Nazi, tonight. Preparing to another sturm and signing Horst Wesel Lied anthem, as our helmuts from Kremlin has ordered them...


Mod Litwa

When they are asking me from which country i am coming, i am replying that i have been born in Jewish Zarki in Poland but i am from Lithuania. Why? Because there is no longer a Poland. Weel, it is but it is 3 x Likud, criple Likud, New Poland, as Contur Tusk has named it. You can vote on Kaczynski Likud or on Sikorski Likud or maybe on the Miler Likud. There is no difference and all are acting against me and throught this against national interest. Just like they was doing in the Polish Kingdom, a pseudo state made by the partitioning powers under thier control. So, I am in the mod lithuania, with the hearth in Vilno, already dead in the form of the ghost. In polish it sounds just 'mod litwa', a prayer. Kol Nidre prayer. Blamed for everything, as once was our 'lithuanian fasist' Adam called 'Mickiewicz'. Surrounded, as Klemes was, as my grandfather was and i am by similar cult, cult of the God Body.

Today, our NHS has replied to me, somebody has readed me a President Kaczynski letter to President of Beleurus. I would like to have it on the writing but what they has replied to my Bundestag letter, my de bill, as i call it is not surprising me. The point of thier reply is that my claims are 'obsoleted'. No, Mr. Viceroy of Malta, they will never be, as they are part of something called 'Holocaust', something that has been declared 'crime against the humanity'. Therefore they will last forever. Dening it is just like dening the Holocaust itself.

Stating such things is just like stating that our anthem is obsolete, that our emblem is obsolete. If Poles did not yet understand that you are just puppet of forces that has stolen almost everything from us, they should see it very clearly now. Instead of backing my claims you are constantly acting against me. You are patriot but the british one. And well, you should be aware that in Belgium they has paid what they should for their involvment in Holocaust. It has taked 65 years, but they compensated it finaly. Mainly thanks to this case, but well, for Israeli leader we, at the East, are just Gamma Israel. Something that complicate their relations with Germany, United States and United Kingdom, so much...

But lets go back to the "sanctions". When Darth Vader has come to Moscow he has stated that Israel will not go 'sweet' with Iran sanctions and indeed they was not 'sweet, what was expected from our Zebra from Samaritanes Palace in Paris. In same time in Poland Zdradziu Sikorski has visited Kaczynski Belveder to play something like Prussian anti homage. Well, he is expected to be winner of next year presidential palace and the people does not have any choice, so he has once again joked from the nation. My 'sanctions' or rather tit has left her European Comission affilated office and has come to greet me on the street, but to jsut leave me for another meeting. I was waiting for the outcome of it. Somethign was in the air as here in Belgium to garnish this theatral play, Malta has arranged some railway incident (what is very rare here). Two trains has crashed, when one was going on the red light. And it was suposed to be this same here, with me beign shoted out with the bullet in skull. But instead they has been taked by the secret police car. Thanks God! Look, yet another Zebra, yet another Vichy Stork...

Watch Czterej.Pancerni.I.Pies.-.S03E01 in Divertissement

Well, the objective of Darth Vader in solving this old 'jewish question' or rather Slavic jews question are quite clear. Yesterday after his visit wih Medvedev he was more that happy after hearing "harsh statements on the Iranian issue, the likes of which we've never heard from him", as one of his aidies observed. Kremlin has published even some bullshit about 'falsyfing history' and our 'facism' but everyone that remebers famous in PRL 'Hans Klos' or 'Four armored and dog' series will be just laughting in thier face.

The idea behind the attempt to silence this Ultra New Testamento, behind zeoring polish history once again is quite simple. Yes, we both are doing Nazism - so silence criticism said Netanyahu to Medvedev. Today, however, they has removed this article. But few houers later Vader has for once again sent me ambulance while on the Kremlin news agency you could read a bad joke full of Teutonic pride that Putin will open a museum of Holocaust and in echange Netanyahu will make monumentum of the Soviet Army. When this ambulance has been rejected by local authorities, they has removed this news too. But some brave journalist in Israel has noticed this too:
Netanyahu in Moscow: Israel not planning war
Earlier on Tuesday, Putin told netanyahu that Russia would build a Holocaust remembrance museum. In return, Netanyahu said Israel would erect a monument to the Soviet army, to be completed in time for Putin's scheduled trip to Israel next year to mark the 66th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe.
More: Haaretz

It is true face of Israeli Nazi regime. It is a truth about thier intentions and insanity of Likud leaders. Truth about Israeli Concentration Camp and thier answer to jewish question that is so burning in the East Europe. Do not look my dear jewish brother on this record of Netanyahu 10 months rules if you live in Israel, they can come for you throwing you on the margin of society. Do not read it my american brother because you will discover that you have puppet Likud clowns in power. Shalom. I am protesting but in the orginal mood, protesting against Teutons or Nazi, whatever you will name it. Maybe just Israeli...

First they came...

First they came for the communists,
and I did not speak out—because
I was not a communist;

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I did not speak out—because
I was not a trade unionist;

Then they came for the Jews,
and I did not speak out—because
I was not a Jew;

Then they came for me—
and there was no one left
to speak out for me.

Source: Wikipedia

When i was leaving our internet caffe, Tusk has wroten that he want to have Kaczynski accusations on the writing, immediatly. Because of the security of the state. On the street i had meet yet another police care (in total 2 ambulances, and 4 maybe 5 police cars sent from different Likud countires, to aresst me). Dear Contur, please buy yourself a printer and print this blog if you want to have the accusations against you and your Foreign Minister on the writing. If Klemens and Wladyslaw Sikorski would see what you are doing, they would just kick you in the ass from your Prime Minister seat. Same thinks common people, as they too see this Nazi dictatorship on our soil. Just like 100 years ago when Klemens has come to London to create Revolutionary Branch of Polish Socialist Party, PPS.But this time if he would not be killed by ruling Labour Party, Prince of Jura or rather jewish King of Beggers will be stabbed by the Prince of Wales. In name of forgivnes. In so called jewish state they will make him a monumentum. Monumentum of Four armored and the dog. Well, he was born aboard...